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Suggest Plugins!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebulon Ranger, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Here's where you can suggest possible additions to or removals from ZEJ's massive plugin list.
  2. Could I make a suggestion of fixing up the ZEJ Mobile plugin? I'm not sure what happened, but the interface changed drastically when we did one of the updates a while back, and I'm really not a fan of the new interface of it at all. I'm not sure if it was the plugin itself that was changed or not, but could you look into it, whatever it is? Thanks!
  3. Ditto what Eebit said. The interface has changed drastically, and not necessarily for the better. I know that it's not necessarily imperative to fix or anything, given that the system on mobile is still fully operational and everything, but things just seem... off, like, everything is juxtaposed too far to the right, and the logo is missing.
  4. Maybe something to bring back would be the username changes field in the profiles, if that's a possibility? That was invaluable for people who make name changes, and I'm not sure why it went away from the profile pages when we changed formats.
  5. Bumping this to bring the issue of the 'Likes' system back to the forefront because ZEJ needs to become Facebook
  6. Postbit like counter has been restored, but Username Changes is being a PITA to reimplement. I'll see if putting it on the postbit works.
  7. Wicked, thanks Dark! I don't suppose you have figured out a way for us to search through our likes/display them in the Classic Postview, yet, by any chance?
  8. Is there a way we could get bright colours outlined on the brighter themes (and possibly dark text outlined on ZEJ Dark), so that the text is legible in RPs? It's tough to read things on ZEJ Default/Metallic like Guardian Angels, and some of ARKNET when the font selections are bright yellows and whites.



    Yes, I know that it's possible to highlight when on a computer, but that isn't always the case (ie browsing from a mobile, which doesn't reveal the text when it highlights). It sort of inhibits the readability of the RP, and I'd rather that not be the case, especially if the choice of colour is for a reason. And in the event that I'm told to simply start browsing in ZEJ Dark, well... you wouldn't want me doing this sort of thing, would you?

  9. I agree with the above post. Wholeheartedly.
  10. I'm not entirely sure that's possible, but I'll look into it. Might just be as simple as some Fancy Javascript, might not.
  11. http://gyazo.com/823e8b384df0d37f7682651627e45b0f

    Using a new word filter and an override for , this has been completed!
  12. Is there a way to do this for all the colours, and not just pure white? And is there a way to disable it? Sorry to be a bother, just trying to make RPs accessible to all themes...
  13. Can we add a tag system type thing in Interest Checks, so instead of typing we use the tag "Freeform", "Statplay", etc.?
  14. A tagging system would actually be fantastic in my opinion. I second on this.
  15. Core feature of MyBB; can be done with Thread Prefixes. However Tags would be more elegant as it'd be a PITA to set up millions of prefixes. Will look into it.
  16. Can we get a cute little flag icon to put near our usernames/in the postbits? I think it'd be cool seeing where people are from and such.
  17. A long while later, can there be an update on this? It would be awesome for Rose's idea to be instituted, especially seeing as we have thread tags now.
  18. Would it be possible to include a plugin which would allow for making an actual grid on the forum? I think it would probably be beneficial for some people. (especially those who run statplays, as it would allow for a simpler/easier to read grid for battle layouts)
  19. I would add this to the thread in "Dark's Test Zone" if the permissions allowed it, but can we have some way of distinguishing normal text from text that has a tooltip attached to it? Perhaps a broken underline to denote that there is a tooltip associated with that text?
  20. This would be really convenient.
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