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RPH's (ZEJ's Affiliate) Status

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by RecAgenda, May 13, 2014.

  1. I hope it's okay with the ZEJ staff for me to post this here; but as I understand it, a few of our members may be temporarily floating around here during RPH's downtime.

    What happened, basically, is that our data was sapped by a few particular IPs, and our host cut us off without much of a warning. Sai Rhavan and I are now in the midst of moving as many files as we possibly can over to a new host (someone that understands what year we're in and that putting a cap on data/bandwidth is like the Church placing Galileo under house arrest) with the preservation of existing data being our top priority.

    We will need to finish the installation and attempt a full recovery process, which will take several hours at most. Please be patient during this time. If you're not already following Role Play Hell on Facebook or Twitter, please do so to stay in the loop. I'll update through those networks when I can.
  2. That's perfectly fine. In fact, I will gladly move this into Announcements for you. We are most happy to house our affiliate friends here, and if you see anything that happens to catch your eyes in the time being, well, the more the merrier! Could I ask that you update your first post with links to the pertinent social media, Rec? That would make it easier for us to give you a follow!
  3. Terribly sorry to see this happen; I hope it can start working again soon!
  4. Links added. Thank you, Eebit. I appreciate ZEJ's support during this crises.
  5. Thanks for all your hard work, Rec.
  6. Oh gosh, that's awful! I hope you get it all and have it up and running soon. Meanwhile, we'll gladly host any and all of you!
  7. After a couple of days of constant, hard work, RPH breathes again and the doctors have cleared us from triad!

    This announcement post will explain everything: http://www.roleplayhell.com/index.php?threads/rph-3-0-laying-the-ground-work.1/#post-1
  8. Rest in peace RPH. We'll miss you dearly.

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