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Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by ShadoeMayari, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Zein followed Malik down the stairs, hands in her pocket. Her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, her hands were in her pockets, and a bored expression on her face. She let out a low whistle upon seeing the many tables stacked with all kinds of foods. "Special occasion?" she wondered aloud. She spotted Marcus first, and everyone else from their little group was nearby. Some kid with an emo haircut was talking to them, showing off his Flow which appeared to do be flame serpents. Another girl walked in, looking rather timid. Zein glanced at Malik, who indicated an open space away from the crowd. She followed him, scooping every type of food she saw on her plate. After having relied on wild rabbit and squirrel for months, real food was almost too good to be true.

    She was in the midst of stuffing her face when she realized that Malik was trying to write her notes. She read it while stuffing a piece of meat in her mouth, glancing up at him and giving him a thumbs up and nod of agreement. Once she was finished chewing, she answered him. "I didn't see anything either, that's why I've been wary this whole time. The way they greeted us, it's like they were expecting us, so I don't think people show up, more like they're dragged here," she spoke somewhat hushed so nobody would overhear her. "You're right though, we need to be ready to run. Just stay in my room for the time being. If it's not safe we'll make a break for it, and if it is we can find you another room. That is, if you want to stop sharing a bed with me." Her last comment was laced with sarcasm, and she winked at him with a slight smile playing across her lips.
  2. Marcus hummed curiously and leaned back in his chair with a kabob sticking out of his mouth. Nothing, huh... What the hell was this place? There were way too many unanswered questions. He was too deep in thought that he didn't notice the timid-looking girl approach by the main entrance until Abal was already there helping the poor lass out. He plucked the kabob out of his mouth and leaned over the table in order to get a good look of Riley and the twins. "'m guessing that y' guys didn't fin' anything 'bout ths place, either."

    "Are you okay, miss?" Soon after Abal got to her, a very young girl approached Claire. She had a flower in her hair, given to her by one of the newer residents of the tower just a bit earlier when they met in the elevator. "Are you tired? If you're hungry, there's plenty of food here. O-oh, you're shaking..." Without waiting for Claire's reply, the little girl grabbed her hands, as if she was trying to help warm her up. Her touch would've felt like electricity to Claire, as if she was "recharging" her like a battery.
  3. "Marcus, I was asleep," Roxanne frowned. "I agree, however, that there are several unsolved mysteries in this place. The adults, the fact it magically appeared, why the hell they just handed a bunch of kids weapons and said 'go have fun now~' like it was no big deal. All of it, really. While I appreciate the food and a nice bed, something's up. There's a catch to this. I'm not sure any of us are going to like it. I may do some exploring later. I don't know. Or maybe I'll continue to appreciate the warm bed. Holy shit they're so soft. After sleeping on the ground and taking watches with Dick, that was amazing. I swear I woke up on a cloud."

    Richard paid more attention to the girl, and the return of the little girl in white. He went over and joined the pair. "Oh hey. You're back. You should get some food too. All of you should. It's really good, this coming from a cook," he laughed before turning to the new girl. "Are you okay? We have some space at our end if you'd like to join us. My sister and I won't bite."
  4. Malik winked back at Zein before polishing off the last of his meal. He had developed a habit of eating fast over the last year and it still stuck with him now. After looking around at the unfolding events he picked up his notebook and wrote again. "We need to come up with some kind of set of signals to make things easier for us because writing so much is really annoying me now. Screw you for making me do this. I can whistle. We can discuss that tonight. On a different note, we should go talk to the rest of the group. That one girl still needs a shirt by the looks of it and she may be injured by the way she was going when we left the room earlier. Let's go fix that." After placing the notebook in front of his friend, Malik stood up and walked towards the main group. He had to wait for Zein to bring his notebook with her before he could say anything to them.
  5. Malik offered Zein the notebook again, then went towards the other group. She watched him walk a few steps away before reading. Without a word, he got up and followed Malik over, pushing the notebook into his hand and slipping away. She broke into a jog once she was away from all of the tables and kids, then a run once she was on the stairs. She quickly retrieved the tank top from her room and headed back down, joining up with everyone again. She tossed the shirt on top of Sydney's head. She eyed the emo looking kid carefully. "What's emo kid's story?" She leaned in close to Marcus, her eyes switching between the girl that just walked in and the emo. 
  6. Malik offered Zein the notebook again, then went towards the other group. She watched him walk a few steps away before reading. Without a word, she got up and followed Malik over, pushing the notebook into his hand and slipping away. She broke into a jog once she was away from all of the tables and kids, then a run once she was on the stairs. She quickly retrieved the tank top from her room and headed back down, joining up with everyone again. She tossed the shirt on top of Sydney's head. She eyed the emo looking kid carefully. "What's emo kid's story?" She leaned in close to Marcus, her eyes switching between the girl that just walked in and the emo. 

    She glanced back at Malik, trying to guess what he was thinking about. Maybe it was something about being mute, but the kid was talented at masking his emotions. She had absolutely no idea what he was thinking about. Her eyes scanned across everyone again; Marcus, Roxanne (who didn't die of a heart attack), Richard, Riley, and Sydney. For the most part, they all seemed preoccupied with the two newcomers. I  guess I'll find out about them soon enough, she thought to herself, once more trying to gauge Malik's emotions.
  7. Claire's knee-jerk reaction to stab the girl that touched her would have ruined her entire rouse. Luckily enough she managed to force the violent instinct into a breathy noise––hopefully it played off as a gasp. Whoever this small girl was she seemed to have some sort of recharging ability. Although not as tired as she led the others to believe, Claire could feel the unknown girl's power coursing through her instantly. It was not the most comfortable feeling in her opinion, but she immediately stopped shaking as the energy filled her body.

    "I-I... thank you," she responded with a small smile, removing the girl's hands gingerly. Claire glanced over in the direction of the boy who had offered her a seat. You may not bite, but that doesn't mean I won't.

    It did not seem that any of these people were hostile. Did that mean she was safe here? For now, she decided, it seemed she was. The thought did not, however, keep her hand from itching to grab the knife from her boot. So desperately did she want to wield it and take control of this situation––to get some answers about what the hell had happened to get her here and why the wind had just suddenly stopped. But that would have blown her cover, and she was doing so well with it at the moment.

    Sliding into a seat next to the boy, she put on a small yet friendly smile. "My name is Lara," she lied with the sweetest, quietest voice anyone had ever heard.
  8. As he observed, Abal's eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze catching the twitching of muscles and interperating them correctly. He shrugged and walked over, nodding to Richard. "Rick." he said, adding another nickname to the list before settling down on the other side. "You're not what you seem to be." he murmured, gathering a small plate of food. "Who are you?"
  9. Richard smiled at the girl. "I'm Richard. Ignore the crude nickname my sister gave me." He pointed at Roxanne. "That's her. Roxanne. Next to her is Riley, and on the other side, Sydney. Then there's Marcus, and Zein, and then the guy over there with the notebook is Malik I think? He can't talk."

    He looked at Abal. "What? I haven't done anything. I'm not lying about anything either. Ask Roxanne anything, I'm 15 and not doing anything out of the ordinary." Richard looked incredibly confused. What the heck was this boy talking about? This better not be a pattern. "My name is Richard Brightwood. I like smooth jazz music and cooking."
  10. "You're welcome! I just want to help you all, that's all!" The little girl's eyes lit up. "Oh, and I already ate. I have to go now! They're planning something big for you guys. I can't wait!" The girl turned to leave, but then she had a look on her face like she just remember something. She stationed herself in front of Claire and pulled out of her dress the same kind of bracelets Vanthus gave to the others earlier. She wrapped one around the newcomer's wrist and it locked in place. (And if anyone else didn't have one at that point, she gave one to them too.) "You'll need this, too! Alright, I'm leaving forrealzies now. Bye!" She waved to the group of teenagers, before running off with outstretched arms towards the stairs.

    "Weird kid," Marcus muttered as he watched the little girl climb the stairs. He turned his gaze to Richard. "You know her? Seems prett' odd, for a kid." What did he mean by that? Who knows. He shrugged and turned to the newcomer. "Yeah, 'm Marcus. 't's nice t' meet ya, Lara." He leaned back, balancing precariously on the hind feet of the chair. "From what've seen so far, this place seems prett' safe. But we just came 'ere just this afternoon ourselves, so I can't really say tha' much."
  11. Riley and Sydney glanced at the new girl. Sydney, caught up in her meal, almost didn't notice her. Riley of course had elbowed the girl to get her attention. Riley seemed OK with the new girl, as she was with everyone, and twirled a spoon in her hands (as Sydney was currently human) while smiling politely to the girl- as energetic as she was, the mass of food she had stuffed herself with was making her a little drowsy. She did muster the energy to wave at her young friend with a huge grin, glad to see the flower in her hair- it looked cute. Sydney's reaction to the new girl on the other hand...

    She was just like Sydney- back when she was young. The older girl found herself glaring at her plate and toying with a fork-  she seemed weak and frail and a sad excuse for a human. Before she had forced herself to get stronger and push her legs to work, Sydney had been just like that. But she had changed for Riley, who's hand she discreetly reached for now with her own shaking hand. she would not let herself be affected by such old memories twice in a day.

    "She's me." Sydney whispered faintly.
    "She's old you." Riley quietly comforted her friend as she ate "Sydney B., not Sydney De Sangue."
  12. Abal shook his head at Richard. "Not you." he said, his voice not quite as friendly as it had been. The other kid could tell, however, that it wasn't directed at him. Abal's gaze focused on the newcomer and he quirked an eyebrow at her.
  13. Richard shrugged off Abal's comments then, and looked to Marcus. "Yeah. Riley and I met her when I brought Rox upstairs. She was the elevator operator." He watched her run off after snapping bracelets on everyone. "It was weird because she said she'd been here a long time. But she can't be much older than 6, and this tower can't be that old either. She knows more than we do though. I wonder why. And I wonder what they're planning."

    Roxanne smiled at the new girl. "I'm Roxanne. Nice to meet you, Lara! You already met my brother, Dick, and I guess he's pretty cool for a brother. Sit! Eat! You look like you're starving! I sure as hell was when I got here. My brother is a good cook, but there's only so many ways you can prepare meals in the woods, and with limited quantities. It's different when you're cooking for two." She seemed to really like her. Lara seemed really nice. "And later I can show you where the rooms are. I think there's some open on our floor. I kind of got lost on my way down here and ended up just going on each floor to try and find everyone," Roxanne laughed.
  14. Abal watched the girl for a few more minutes, then shrugged minutely, huffing to himself. You're slipping, old boy... He thought, concealing his thoughts behind a pleasant mask.
  15. "Uh..." Riley tried to get everyone's attentions "Sydney's kinda-"
    She felt it before she saw it. She turned to see Sydney shaking. Crying even "I don't wanna go back."
    "No, no- Sydney it's ok! I- I'm sorry guys. Sydney has... um... Lara's giving her memories? She was... weak back then. And uh. Her legs didn't work. And then she forced herself to be better. And now she's great at kicking and walking and swimming- But she really hates her old life? And uh-" She lifted Sydney from the chair "I'm gonna' take her up to rest?"
  16. The new bracelet bothered Malik more than it should have, he felt like it was a way to keep a track of everyone's exact whereabouts. Wasn't there some kind of story about that from way before the storm? He brushed that thought away as he watched the scene unfold before him. Way too chaotic and not enough reason to pay attention. The new girl was also way too clothed compared to the other girls that had joined the tower recently. The Sydney girl started crying over her past weakness and brought up her legs again. Crying was something he really did not enjoy hearing, and seeing as how they lived together in a weird way, would probably be hearing more of it in the future; that wasn't a good outlook on the future for him.

    As he walked towards Sydney he began to write in his notebook, "If you stop crying and tell me what's wrong with your legs/you, I might be persuaded to fix them. I hate it when people cry. My powers let me fix people's physical wounds, so I might be able to fix your dank body. And please put on a shirt. There are children and Dicks present here." Malik placed the notebook in front of Sydney and waited to see what she would say about that. He also gave Zein a nod of approval for bringing down the tank top. I appreciate the nakedness, but damn girl, let me eat in peace.
  17. Now that thye were all gathered, Abal sat back and watched from where he sat, steepling his fingers. His gaze flicked over each one of them, seeming to analyze them and move on till he finially finished, looking down at his left hand with a small smile. Shrugging, he stood up, quietly walking out of the room and heading upstairs.
  18. Zein drummed her fingers on her arms, staring back at Mr. Emo with the coldest, sharpest gaze she could muster. He was trying really hard to put on the mysterious anti-hero act, and she didn't like it. She felt like he tried a little too hard. After he got up and left, Zein directed her gaze to Sydney and Riley. Sydney was upset about a past injury, shaking and crying slightly.  "Yeah, well the past is gone. You need to move forward. If you can walk now I don't know why you're making it a big deal," she said, her voice somewhat hard. She ran a hand over her arms, over the many scars that marred her flesh. "I don't bust out into tears when I see someone with a scar or cut. Yeah, maybe I wasn't crippled like you, Sydney, but you honestly just need to get over it."

    She sighed, leaning against Marcus's chair. "Anyways, I'm off. Come find me in the training room when you're done, Malik." She left without another word, jamming her hands in her pockets. Hopefully her harsh words would strike a chord with Sydney, otherwise Zein was just going to be known as a bitch. Whatever, she thought, it isn't like I haven't been called a bitch before. 
  19. Claire almost hissed as the girl suddenly came back around and latched a bracelet onto her wrist. Now she was most definitely trapped here––not a single doubt in her mind that this unwanted accessory was Trouble. With a capital 'T'. True, she had no real way of knowing just what the damned thing did, but that did not mean that it was good news either. Probably had a tracking device or some other fucking instrument of death hidden within its chic frame.

    But Claire did not show the slightest discomfort outwardly. No. No complaints from her. After all, Lara was just a scared young girl who needed help and comforting. How could she possibly complain about a piece of jewelry? Bingo. She couldn't. Resigned to that fact, Claire turned her head to face Roxanne and offered another horrendously sweet and thankful smile. Complete with a head nod.


    That was the first thought that crossed Claire's mind as Roxanne began to prattle on about herself and her twin brother, Dick- er, Richard. The tone of her voice, although not particularly awful, grated against Claire's nerves like nails against a brand new chalkboard. The knife in her boot seemed like a really good option at the moment. Instead, she chose to relinquish all such thoughts in favor of continuing to smile and hold onto the peace she had managed to obtain. Claire might have wanted this girl's tongue outside her mouth, but Lara would never believe such a thing possible, much less want it to happen.

    "That would be very nice of you," Claire offered in response in the same sweet manner. "Maybe we could even hang out later––just you and me––I'm sure you could use some girl time." She wanted to barf. The very idea of spending time alone with Roxanne (despite not knowing her at all) practically sickened Claire. She would have cried uncle if this facade was not already so incredibly important! That one boy who had disappeared from her side had somehow seen through her rouse––had he not given up so easily, she might have had to break her cover. As amazing as it would have been to stop coming off like a pansy, Claire knew that playing helpless and afraid would pay off. It was only a matter of time.
  20. Roxanne scooped herself some seconds of food. "Oh god. I need girl time so badly," she laughed as she started to chow down. "I've been spending too much time with Dick and I don't think that Zein likes any of us very much. Riley and Sydney... I think they like us. They seem nice." She shrugged. "But I'll let you get some rest first. We can do it tomorrow or whenever you want. Just let me know when you're comfortable!"

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