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Quirenyun's Imprinted [RP]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Everything had happened so quickly.  While Tatsuo was silently awaiting the arrival to Zurika, he closed his eyes -- not sleeping, but rather in a sort of trance.  He knew that he would have to be up quick when ordered.  Finally, the time came.  With the small packs that were on the backs of the given suits, he knew that that was either the coordinators being far too careful with the mission, or that they would have to jump to get on the island.  So when the hatch was opened, and Lucea ordered to jump, he wasn't very surprised.  In fact, he nearly laughed when Raiden spoke his disagreement with the major.

    He watched as first Lucea jumped, rather admiring the way that she simply followed orders, then as Raiden prepared to jump, holding Xanadu close to him with those psychokinetic limbs of his.  Ever since Tatsuo first saw them in action, he had been somewhat careful around Raiden, but now, seeing them used in such a way, it could even be described as spectacular, despite its rather unspectacular visual at the moment.

    Then something went wrong.  

    Very wrong: first, Raiden's parachute  did not open.  One could see him and Xanadu freefalling, until, amidst the panic, they seemed to simply disappear into some red barrier.  One could only assume -- and hope -- that this was the work of Xanadu.  However, just when minds would be calmed about this, the next horrible event came -- sabotage.

    The sound of explosions filled Tatsuo's ears, light from the blast blinded him.  And right away, if one were to be looking at Tatsuo, he would see a change in the marksman's demeanor.  What was once an awkward boy of a man seemed to steel himself, standing straighter than ever.  His pupils constricted, making his eyes seem to be plates of red and blue.  The moment the explosions cleared, he looked toward the ripped side of the plane chunk he was standing on, and began running.

    If one were to see like Tatsuo, they would see the trajectories of the two halves.  Already feel the drag that the wind would cause.  Already see the footprints leading him on, maybe even without realizing that all of this was merely in his minds eye.  Like some great mathematician, his mind automatically went through the necessary calculations without him even needing to think about it.  Then his stride reached the burning edge of the halved out plane.

    He jumped.

    Contorting his body in a way that would make him reduce the drag upon his body, just as he saw it in his mind's eye, he neared the other half of the plane.  the wind cut at his wild hair, yet his face was calm, almost disturbingly so, for if one really looked, he might even say that Tatsuo had a smirk on his face.  Righting himself at just the last moment, like some miracle, he landed perfectly on the edge of the front half of the plane.  Taking out his guns from their holsters, he walked forward, each step with a sharp clack on the heated metal.

    It was then he saw them: the saboteurs, looking -- no, sneering at him -- as if in contempt for his bad luck.  Staring at them for a moment, Tatsuo raised his guns toward them, blue energy emitting from the revolver, Shèng, and red energy emitting from the semiautomatic pistol, Yuànhèn, he looked at them, as if in pity.

    Then, in a smooth voice that defied the situation, one that was simultaneously proud, dripping with bloody intentions, and pitiful, he spoke the following words: "You know what?  Fuck.  You."  Pulling the triggers simultaneously on his two guns, blasts of searing red and blue energy came out of the barrels, twirling with each other, combining and separating on their way, until, upon reaching an area near the saboteurs, they exploded in a flash of opposing colors.  Searing skin with all the beauty of a glorious firework, the explosion ripping apart their bodies, their white blood splattering everywhere.

    Wait.  White blood?  Tatsuo recoiled when he saw it splattering towards him.  At first, he pinned it down to merely reflexes, but then he remembered the Major's words, warning about the viral substance.  Perhaps Tatsuo wqould have considered this event more if he hadn't remember yet one more very important thing: he was in the wreckage of a plane falling rapidly towards the ocean.  Running back towards the open area behind him, Tatsuo saw that at this height, his parachute would be useless.  Was this the end?

    No.  It can't be.  His mind working quickly, he saw a chance.  A chance that with an inch of error, he would most likely die.  What was an inch, however, to someone who can feel and see to the level that Tatsuo could?  Waiting a few moments for the altitude to dip to a safe level, he took a deep breath -- a breath that may very well be his last.

    Once again, he jumped.

    Freefalling towards the water, he began to move his body in various ways.  For a long while, he simply did his best to be parallel to the ground, reducing his speed as much as possible.  Closer, closer the waves came, and when he could just see the breakers in detail, he moved again.  This time, he put his hands in front of and below him, nearly touching, with his body facing diagonal and down. He could now hear the waves crashing against each other.

    Then, as if in molasses, time seemed to slow down.  In Tatsuo's mind, he couldn't hit the water soon enough, yet everything, including his own fall, seemed to nearly stop.

    Then he hit.

    First, his hands broke the surface tension of the water, stinging and cutting his hands while some blood dripped down to the ocean's floor.  Then, the rest of his body hit, though softer, due to his hands breaking the water's surface first.  That was what he was worried about.  When he found himself amidst a black, liquid void, only broken by the various bubbles of light that his movements in the water had created, he turned his body upward, swimming to the top of the waves.  The water chilled him to the bone, but his adrenaline was strong enough for him not to notice -- or maybe merely not care.

    Slower than he might under better circumstances, he began to swim towards the island.
  2. She fell.

    Wind whipped and tore at Ziera's hair and jacket as she freefell, causing such an exhilarating feeling that she had previously only experienced through the mind of a hunting bird. The feeling of diving at such an incredibly high speed to the ground, when the slightest mistake could mean death. Ziera wasn't much of a daredevil, but nobody could experience this sort of thrill without enjoying it somewhat. In fact, if she wasn't in a hostile area, she would have cried out in joy.

    In the corner of her eye and mind, she saw the streamlined golden-brown shape of Miyoku hurtling down alongside her, matching Ziera's freefall speed in a much more controlled manner. The treetops approached with almost alarming rapidity, and knowing what was to be done, the avimperist reached out with her arms. Miyoku gave a screech, moving out of Ziera's sight just long enough for her to be mere meters from death. A sudden, sharp tug on the rim of her jacket, however, slowed her down and moved her just enough to fall between two branches, grab one without pulling her arms out of their sockets, and drop to the ground relatively unharmed.

    Miyoku landed easily on the branch Ziera had just grabbed, looking at her master intently. Rolling her shoulders to limber them up and get rid of the pain, the girl looked around, barely able to see in the shelter of the trees. This was a problem.

    "Alright, let's see..." She muttered, pacing a few steps. She paused for a moment, then jumped up to grab a tree branch before quickly scaling the tree in question, popping out among the leaves at the top. Not seeing much of anything- and not expecting to- she pulled out her katana and moved it slightly, a silver glare reflecting off of it in the moonlight. She did this for several seconds, an effort to signal her teammates, or at least Tatsuo. She put her sword away as Miyoku flew up to join her.

    Looking idly at the eagle, Ziera suddenly snapped her fingers. "Got it. Miyoku, fly back to where the plane should have crashed and try to find Tatsuo." Miyoku screeched and flew off towards the shore, leaving Ziera's sight quickly. With little more to do, the avimperist dropped back to the ground and waited.
  3. Tatsuo swam furiously towards the island of Zurika for a few minutes, before slowing down.  The adrenaline that had fueled him at first was nearly gone, and the cold ocean and entire previous situation had completely sapped him dry.  Now he swam slowly, letting the tide do most of the work of pulling him to the island.

    Gradually, the island became larger in his view.  There were times that he would close his eyes for what seemed like a second, but from the distance he progressed by the time that he opened them, it was obvious that he had passed out for a few minutes, with the tide pulling him that entire time.  His mouth tasted solely of salt -- bringing with it that numbing sensation that made him feel sick to his stomach.  It wasn't very much farther now to the island; he could --just barely-- even hear the nightly sounds of the nocturnal, over the sound of his furiously beating heart.

    As he neared, he lowered his legs, which would no doubt slow his swimming down, but he wanted to start walking as soon as possible.  Closer, closer... He could even make out the separate trees amid the jungle ahead.  Suddenly, his foot hit something, making him almost fall over into the water.  Bringing his other leg forward a little, he realized that he finally could touch the ground.  Swimming forward another few feet until it was more comfortable, he finally started walking in the water -- waves still making water occasionally go over his head.

    As he neared the sand of the beach, his shakiness was evident.  In fact, he could barely walk anymore, but he still continued, making sure to get to where he wouldn't simply be pulled back into the sea.  He kept going until he got to where the sand was merely damp -- he simply couldn't go any further.  He fell down to his knees, legs shaking.  "D-Dammit." he muttered, his more agreeable personality obviously having come back.

    He could feel himself slipping out of consciousness.  Putting his hands on the damp, yet hard, sand, he tried staying awake for as long as possible.  With a final grunt, he fell onto the beach, out cold.  In his final moments of consciousness, he hoped someone on the team would find him before an enemy did.
  4. Tatsuo's hopes were answered quickly; a winged shape framed against the sky for a moment shortly after Tatsuo fell unconscious. From the sky, even in the dark, Miyoku could easily tell that the man was exhausted to the point of losing wakefulness, but the eagle landed to ensure that her master's teammate had not expired. Claws hit the sand, and the bird tilted her head as she looked upon the fallen Tatsuo. She hopped forward, tilting her head again, before sharply pecking at his hand twice. She waited, both for further orders from Ziera and for a reaction from Tatsuo.

    Noting Miyoku's findings, Ziera pushed through the flora growing on the island to make her way towards the sand where the bird had found Tatsuo. As she walked, several birds that had formerly been sleeping or watching warily for predators took to the skies, allowing Ziera's mental sight to stretch a good radius away. Most of it was useless with the dense tree cover and the darkness, but it was better than nothing.

    The cries grew louder, the sniveling turning into fading yells of agony...

    In an undisclosed location where even the moonlight did not hit, the only form of light came from a massive stream of electricity dashing madly to a helpless figure. This sensory-deprived holding cell hidden under a massive amount of floors held a beautiful young woman littered with her own blood staining the concrete floors and marks painting her back black and blue from her repeated beatings. The woman coughed and spat out saliva, gasping for air until she opened her blood-shut eyes to look up without any avail. Her hands shook violently and ticked from the dose of voltage she had just received, yet, she still held her ground and tried her best not to fall. It took the woman quite a while to say anything. Whatever she attempted to say came out with a shaky groan. However, she did manage to say something. 

    "...N-No. You...filthy a-animal...y-you....what...wha...what did you...do to m-my part....ner..." She groaned and waved her head around as if she were about to faint. "....where...is he...?"


    The sound of boots clacking down the hallway were heard. Then a bright flash of white light assaulted the woman's eyes to the point where she fell to the ground completely. There under the magnificent light stood two figures. One bulky man holding what seemed to be a large rifle contraption, and a much slimmer figure standing right besides him. 

    "She will not budge. All she does is ask for the other accomplice."

    The door closed shut, echoing. 

    "Don't be discouraged. Remember her heratige...she may have been trained to not talk. By the way, did you tell her it's dead?"

    The woman shakily looked up at the abysmal darkness and let out a weak [but agonizing] squeal. She was crying once again. "....Hhaaaaa-aah...."

    "Heh, no.... Well that serpent certainly came out of the basket, didn't it?" The bulky man chuckled. "How long should I keep pestering the woman?"

    "Until it's spirit is completely dead and shattered. There musn't be any trace of hope left in this creature. That way she will be of no condition to be saved by those second generation peons."

    "However, sir.....you're telling me this in front of the fair lady."

    Silence. "..Let it know. The Professor deserves to listen to her fate. I'll have you know, professor....that even if you know how we will run things, there isn't a drop of hope left for you."

    "....l-lies.....I thought...I thought you--"

    And then every sound faded to nothing. 

    "Get the command ready to move into the Kyuwan Forest lines. We need the western communications tower as least occupied as humanly possible for our fine Quiyon leader to...perch upon." 
    Kyuwan Forest, 30 minutes after deployment.

    A large, thundering bang echoed from far away as the last bits of the cargo plane landed on a shoreline much more far off to the north than the two teams could have ever seen. 

    Nightfall had made it hard for anyone around the vicinity to see for the time each team had remained in the Zurikan territory; the dense vegetation provided by an infinite amount of bushes and large leaves weighing down to the ground wasn't much of any help for them. With each inch of land there were 10x more branches and leaves blocking movement, but to a certain group it was no big deal at all. The vegetation was perfect for an ambush. Up above in the highest of trees, silhouettes of leaping men gracefully pushed off each branch and propelled themselves from tree to tree. The grim night provided a natural shroud of shadows to each of them, making it almost impossible to spot them if anyone could actually have an opportunity to look up without anything in the way. White eyes tracked each inch as their black gloved hands carried strange plasma rifles strapped onto their arms with metallic tendrils. Their breathing was almost non-existent behind their typical Cycler-like helmets. One of the men in a small group of three leaped onto a tree branch away from his group and allowed his hand to grasp upon another sturdy branch. The branch itself pulsing with a strange white color upon being touched. The other two stopped a few meters away, looking at the man in front of them looking down, then looking back up and pointing his finger down below. 

    Both of the men nodded and leaped right down to the forest floor. Right next to them were fresh footmarks made by a small set of feet. And as the two soldier's began to feel upon the imprints made by the mud and dead leaves, one looked up at the soldier who alerted them of it. He seemed to be the leader by the way he had his uniform was notably different; especially his helmet having no possible way to allow him to see, and his weapons...lacking of any presence whatsoever. [disarmed] 

    "Well." The man softly said. "Do come back alive, soldiers."

    And with those words the other two men quickly vanished without a trace. The tree branches rustled with each leap all around the Kyuwan forest line to the point where even Raiden's finely-tuned senses picked up the peculiar noises. The rough and rapid sounds were easily distinguishable to the Diclonius, whom of course was warily walking around below them.

    As the two soldiers hunted down the source of the tracks, one of them dove into the the myriad of leaves and branches and landed on the forest floor. Unfortunately, up ahead of him behind a loose patch of bushes was a slender feminine figure. 

  6. It wasn't too long after falling unconscious that Tatsuo felt a small prodding on his hand. He didn't want to move. The sea had sapped all of the strength that he had left after even such a short time his adrenaline had run high enough to trigger his other personality. He knew he needed to get up, even as barely-conscious as he was.

    He laid there, not willing to even react to the repeated sharp pecking at his hand. No, not yet. Please, not yet. As Tatsuo got ever-more lucid, he began to think about the situation at hand. Not fully, perhaps, as it would have been fairly obvious in a more wakeful state that what he felt was too sharp and had too small of a presence to be anything but a bird.

    Without looking towards where he felt Miyoku's pecks, he ever-so-slowly moved his other hand to the gun at his side. When his hand ran over the slick surface of Yuànhèn, he grasped it with a shaky grip. 3, he thought to himself, counting down if only to trick his body into thinking it had more energy than it actually had, like someone who had to wake up in the morning to go to work, but had a late night the night before. 2, it wasn't coming to him. No surprise, really. That trick never worked, but he still continued. 1... It was make or break time. With his body telling him at every movement to just go back to sleep, he awkwardly brought his legs to a point where he could get up, much slower than he would have liked. Then he slowly, and very awkwardly, arose, drawing Yuànhèn up, unable to keep the barrel straight at all, and looked around. At eye level, he saw no trace of any people, which was strange to him, as he was sure he felt something poking at his hand...

    Just barely, he noticed some movement below his line of sight. Looking down, he saw a familiar face and breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh..." he said quitely, with a hint of a groan, "hello Miyoku. I take it Ziera's coming soon? I guess I should get my energy up..." Putting Yuànhèn back in its holster, he reached into his pack and took out a small amount of the rations inside. Unwrapping them, he took a bite of the dry substance inside. Immediately, he coughed, but at least the salt from his little swim coating his mouth covered up the flavor. That was probably the only good thing in the situation.

    Looking at the probably-distraught Miyoku with a tired eye, he couldn't help but make a joke of what had just happened. "'Guess I forgot how to eat for a second there," he said quietly through a half-hearted chuckle. Now he just had to wait for Ziera to come, so he continued to nibble at the ration in his hand.
  7. A snap of the neck was heard.

    Atop an open canopy tower overlooking the vast expanses of the barren sea, a heavy thud echoed, only to be drowned by the clashes and frightful sounds the sea made with it's massive waves. Acting upon instinct, another soldier standing on the edge of the watch tower spun on his heel and met gazes with the cold gray eyes nobody would even dare to see at the moment. One cut running across the man's cheek bled as his piercing gaze narrowed at the cautious soldier. Eyes scanning, looking at the armed masked man slightly shaking with fear while he looked down at his fallen comrade and back at the mysterious intruder with uncertainty. Just as the soldier began to raise his rifle up to aim, the man wiped the blood from his cut across his face with a mere thumb, then smirked.

    It was the Major. The man out for blood. ​

    "Hup!" The Major phased out of view even before the soldier had his finger on the trigger. Without any warning the man came into view again and angrily pushed the rifle up with his palm as it began to fire off rounds. The soldier's eyes widened, then went white as an echoing impact between fist and stomach overtook the entire scene. If it wasn't enough humiliation, the soldier then felt a piercing force impacting the side of his neck-- the major's hand, completely stiff, causing the final blow that sent the soldier collapsing on the floor. The man spat to his side, kicking the rifle away from the struggling soldier's grasp. "Alright, maggot, this is where you tell me the information I am seeking." He slammed his foot down on the soldier's head, making him squeal in pain. "WHAT INFORMATION?!"

    "You're pinned on the ground and I've got a clear advantage over you. I think you have no fucking choice but to tell me the answer to the following. And don't try to be the hero and give me false information. I know too damn well about your maggot race to have you believe you can lie to me with a straight face. I'm well-trained and old, kid. " He snorted, then applied more pressure to the soldier's head with his foot. "Where is your communications network tower? One of the 2 towers that keep you and your friends 'in the loop.' Do you know where it is?"

    "T-The tower?! You fucking think I'd know?! I'm just a grunt--" The soldier replied in a half-teasing way. The Major narrowed his eyes. "Communications.network.tower. Think, kid. Think. You and I know one exists in these islands. Don't make it hard on yourself. The best outcome of this is that you come out of this and wake up in a hospital bed instead of never waking up again."


    "Let me ask you again, and I want you to give me a fucking worthy response. Where....is.....it?"

    "...Northwest...." The soldier took a breath and groaned. "Northwest from here..." Snorting, the agitated man looked to his side and began to retreat his foot. "Hmph. Thats all I needed to hear..."

    "..Really? Don't you want to hear something else.....?..." the soldier's voice lingered as the man's brow rose. Unknown to him, the soldier's hand was gripping what seemed to be a knife handle from the side of his leg. In a flash, a metallic blur phased past the major's view and as an act of instinct, his foot rose and knocked the knife to the side, causing it to land and stab into the floor just a few feet away from the two. The soldier didn't even have enough time to react before his attacker's foot landed on the back of his head with such an incredibly brute force. It was the only sound, the only sensation the soldier experienced until everything went dark.

    Teeth with chunks of raw, white "bloody" gums scattering all over the floor as the soldier's face was literally crushed under the weight.

    Silently looking down at the dead soldier remained in place, the Major felt the intense heat of the ceiling lights switching on to reveal his form. He scowled.

    "The sound of your skull being crushed? No." The Major's wings released after a moment of silence, then expanded as his body inched closer to the edge of the platform. His eyes, burning with such an incredible ire, closed as he then leaped off to fly to his next destination, the communications network tower.

    "I've heard that one already."

    Coastline of the Hira Range, 32 minutes after deployment

    "I heard gunshots! The intruders must be around here!" One soldier called out to a group of 7. The group of men furiously ran and jumped over exposed tree roots with their rifles at hand. One Cadette pulled out a strange black phone and looked to his sides before pressing on a side button to speak. "Gunshots fired south east from Hira coast, I repeat gunshots fired south east from Hira coast."

    Miles away within a tower tucked away in the forest, the communications specialists furiously pressed keys, eyed radars, and documented the reported incident. The operator who heard the report narrowed his eyes and responded to the soldier back in the coast.

    /"Understood. All units on high caution for the Hira Coastline. Search for any intruders and do not hesitate to kill them on si--"/

    A hand slammed next to the operator. "Idiot. We're supposed to keep them alive! Arsenic and Vermillion ordered that."

    /"Ah. All units, refrain from using excessive force and capture the intruders if found."/

    As soon as the orders were given, each mobile soldier moved from their stations within the natural foliage of the forests and began scanning all immediate areas thoroughly.Sounds of machetes cutting off branches and vines echoed into the open night air, boots clacking and tossing up dirt as they ran began to give the Zurikan Island some true, human life. The men, determined as can be, kept their eyes peeled as they inched closer to the sandy beaches of the coastline.

    ~Ambiance: !Mission|Caution
  8. Across from the beach, Tatsuo heard a soft rustling.  That was all he needed to snap out of his slight stupor, even if just enough to gauge the situation.  Taking a deep breath, he steadied himself enough to stand up, wobbling ever so slightly, but still able to walk closer to the edge of the jungle inconspiculously.  He looked back to see Miyoku. "Try to stay out of sight," he told the bird, feeling a tiny bit silly for doing so, "I'm gonna investigate a little bit."  walking as quickly, yet as quietly, as he could toward the treeline, he hid behind a tree, trying to discern where the sound was coming from.

    He stealthily followed the sounds of rustling, eventually hearing low talking interspersed with it.  After a little while of tracking, he eventually saw the source -- a group of soldiers seemingly patrolling.  Why would they be patrolling here? Tatsuo thought, unless... Concluding that something must have happened, Tatsuo trailed the group for a while, eventually hearing talks of gunshots and an intruder in some base.  Was this someone on the team?

    After trailing a little longer, Tatsuo was beginning to think he had a good grasp of the situation at hand.  However, he had no idea what to do now.  No doubt Ziera was still trying to find him, but they did have a mission to complete.  And while things had certainly not gone right, maybe it was for the best.  Tatsuo decided that he should act when he had the chance.

    And that chance came extremely soon, as one of the soldiers, who Tatsuo assumed was a green recruit, from his speech, the way that he was lagging behind the others, as well as many minute details such as the equipment he had on hand, spoke up to the rest.  "Hey guys, I need to take a piss.  I'll be right back."

    One of the higher-ranking soldiers grunted.  "Hiroshi, keep quiet.  Do you want to alert any of these intruders to our presence?  Just do what you want."

    "Isn't that against protocol anyway?" came another soldier's voice, "we can't just go take a piss anytime we want."

    "It doesn't matter," the first of the two said. "Just let 'im go.  Won't be any more trouble out there than he would be with us."

    With that, the green soldier, Hiroshi, separated from the group and walked a short way into the woods, and Tatsuo followed him.  Once the man got behind a tree, Tatsuo snuck up behind him, and quickly grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth.  He grabbed around the man's arms legs and brought himself incredibly close, so as to prevent the man from doing anything to alert the others.

    "Sorry to disturb you," Tatsuo whispered, genuinely apologetic, "but I'm going to have to borrow those, if you don't mind." bringing an arm up the the man's shoulder, he squeezed until Hiroshi passed out.  Tatsuo worked as fast as he could to take off his boots and pants first, so as they wouldn't be stained at all, then took off the rest of Hiroshi's clothes.  taking off his own and folding them small, Tatsuo took the man's pack and put his clothes in there, then began to put on the other man's uniform.

    Luckily, everything was a fairly good fit.  Tatsuo took all the absolutely necessary supplies from his own pack, as well as his own two guns, and put them in the new pack.  Leaving his own behind by the now-stripped man, Tatsuo fitted the mask over his face, finishing his disguise.  Hopefully the others wouldn't be able to pick up on Tatsuo's deception -- the hardest things to get right would be the overall demeanor of the green soldier.  It was extremely different to Tatsuo's own, but he would have to make due.

    With Tatsuo's pack in order, he walked up fast to the group of patrolling soldiers.  "What took you so long, Hiroshi?" one of the men sneered.

    Inside, Tatsuo panicked slightly.  Already he had to put this disguise to the test.  "You know how these damn uniforms are," Tatsuo said in a disguised voice, trying to make himself sound as vulgar as he could, though he noticeably accentuated any of the more unsavory words, as they were unnatural for him to say, "they're hell to get undone and put back."

    "That's because you aren't supposed to take a piss on duty," one of the other soldiers gruffed.

    "Hey, I couldn't hold it," Tatsuo said with a slight whine, "Do you expect me to do it in my pants?"  Tatsuo felt as though the other soldiers were glaring at him through the backs of their masks.  of course they would, Tatsuo thought.
  9. As Tatsuo walked away, a very subtle rustle of feathers arose behind him as Miyoku vaulted back into the air. The night air didn't make for very good soaring, but she managed to stay airborne, keep Tatsuo in her vision, and keep from framing against the moon. Though without the night vision of an owl, the eagle was still able to see reasonably well- enough to keep her attention on the group of soldiers Tatsuo was in the midst of infiltrating.

    A quick mental poke from Ziera served as the primary communication between bird and avimperist- simple queries and responses that acted as unspoken are you okay?s and where are you?s. Upon affirming the condition and location of the other, Miyoku dipped slightly in altitude- still keeping herself from silhouetting against the moon- and Ziera readjusted her path to intersect with the group of soldiers.

    She grew near enough to just hear their voices without being seen, and Miyoku served as an aerial viewpoint to keep her on track. Slowly and silently, she edged ever closer to the group, ready to draw a weapon if she needed to; as she listened carefully, Ziera could make out what was unmistakeably Tatsuo's voice, despite his efforts to disguise it. Being in the same team as a particular person had that sort of effect.

    The birds she had arbitrarily recruited still flew at varying distances from her, though a smaller black songbird perched on a branch slightly away from the group's path. It looked at Tatsuo directly, only briefly, but long enough to hopefully give the man some sort of signal that Ziera was nearby.
  10. Northwest of Hira Range--Daccomaro Shinjuhue Sector

    Wings flapped powerfully against the humid winds just as the night progressed into a deeper and most uncertain darkness. Keeping out of sight from any land soldiers and towers perched nearby in the oceans and cliff passes was a priority for the winged Major. Any spotting chance they got would mean trouble for him and trouble for the entire mission, which made him swallow hard at the thought of it. Though he knew that they knew about the ZSU being in Zurikan territory, sneaking was a must. They had to be shadows behind each and every soldier. Present and observant. Following. The Major's hands swiftly dashed forward, carrying along a shroud of darkness that veiled his entire being just before he dipped lower in altitude. The dark silhouettes outlined by the moonshine combined with the Major's form, seeming to look like the man had simply vanished in them, but that was not true. Under a technique he had learned long ago, he was simply Shadow Traveling; the act of using shadows to shift positions without being spotted.

    Dashing to and fro, from outlined shadows of trees and towers, the Major thought to himself while his senses detected a petty amount of land soldiers scouring through the jungles. Because they traveled in such close ranges, his senses reached a vast amount of territory in a web-like network of shadows.

    Hira Range Forestline

    "Don't worry, kid, it happens much more than you'd expect to beginners like you." One soldier spoke up and pulled up the strap of his automatic machine gun to his collarbone. One by one the scouting soldiers began to dissipate into different directions while the soldier with the semi-useful remark remained next to Tatsuo. His rifle's tip, adorning a sizable knife, cutting off vines and branches while he trailed on. The knife itself wouldn't even make contact with the shrubbery, making it somewhat questionable. "Genome soldiers experience far less inconveniences than non-genome soldiers do. Pissing included." He paused for a moment and lifted up his mask slightly to wipe off some heavy sweat from his upper lip. "Haven't had the need to do that or eat for three days now. That's the wonders of the injections we get, right?"


    "Say," the soldier pulled his mask back down and began walking again, occasionally checking and fiddling with the controls of his radio strapped on his belt. "Hm. How many times have you visited Vermillion for your shots, anyway? Highly doubt you're caught up with us with that sluggish posture you have there."

    Kyuwan Forest 37 minutes after deployment

    Wiping off a heavy amount of sweat from his forehead, the young Diclonius thought he'd never get anywhere at this rate. This punishing wave of humidity was unbearable, rending him unable to move on for a minute or two in order to seek relief by leaning onto the strange trees of the forest. Despite the setbacks, Raiden kept a careful eye around him and his ears listening to anything that may not fit in with the natural, grueling cries of birds and other animals plaguing the area. It didn't take long to push Raiden back to moving on his way just as a sound among Kyuwan's own stood out a little too much. Footsteps, light but definitely noticeable. Blinking, the Diclonius gave off a slight exhale. His body slowly and carefully moved behind the tree to avoid being spotted by the soldier coming inching closer and closer. Then with even more caution Raiden crouched down and peered from behind the tree to spot anything amiss. It appeared that one of the soldiers tracking down a set of footprints embedded onto the forest floor had been following Raiden's trail all along. And just when he began to inch closer to a collection of trees where Raiden just only a moment ago was at, He stopped.

    With the help of moonlight shining brighter into the vicinity, Raiden caught a good glimpse of the man. He seemed fully protected with a sleek black jumpsuit-like outfit, heavily padded on the neck, shoulders, legs, and chest. Right above his outfit was a black helmet. Raiden slowly retreated his head away from the side of the tree and leaned back while he slowly slid down to sit. Thankfully he was out of view...for now.

    I can't believe they're already on my tail this quickly....this wont make things easier for me. He thought to himself. Almost immediately, he could hear the soldier pull something out. It seemed to click quietly. That's when it hit him. Raiden turned his head to the side and slightly peaked from the side of the tree again to observe. If the soldier was fixated into finding him, then creating a mild distraction to throw him off course would be wise. At least it would buy Raiden some time to either get away or surprise assault him. His mind began to assess the situation in detail, studying the soldier's position, the location in space he was in...even the things around him that could play a factor in a possible retaliation in case his position is given away by a minor beginner's mistake. There were loose tree branches dangling from a tree just on the opposite side of Raiden's position. In his mind, he gave it a little thought just before shifting his gaze back to himself and taking a look of his surroundings.

    Branches, mostly sturdy ones, touching upon other branches from other trees for quite a distance. In case I need to get out of here...I think these branches will make perfect hand grips for my vectors. I can swing off these easily...judging by their thickness they should be able to withstand some weight by me.

    Now then...time to risk this... Raiden peaked again and carefully released one vector. On a whim, Raiden willed the psychokinetic limb to become intangible, allowing it to phase through foliage and the towering trees standing between Raiden and the soldier until it reached the other end of the area directly to the soldier's left side. Raiden smirked as he solidified the phantom limb and them proceeded to manifest two more vectors.

    As all his vectors were now in position, Raiden willed his now solidified phantom limb to knock on the surface of the tree, causing the soldier to snap his attention to his left and grip his weapon strongly. The choice of weapon the soldier had was neither a rifle or...anything recognizable by Raiden or anyone who could see it. It was a sort of sickle, but with a horrible space-distorting aura to it. Steady....like the Major said, the enemy should never know your whereabouts...take them by surprise... he mentally reassured himself and repeated as he then allowed his vector to slightly tap the tree a bit harder, causing some leaves to fall. Like a hungry animal approaching a trap filled with food, the soldier inched closer with his weapon in front of him. Just as he did so, Raiden latched his vectors onto branches above him and pulled himself up.

    At that point he had an advantage and a clear vantage point view of the soldier from atop the tree. He only had a little over 5 seconds to decide what to do next; either run or assault.
  11. Tatsuo stood in silence for a moment, completely unprepared for this question.  How could he be?  There was no way he could know about this kind of information.  He had to make something up, and fast. "I've, uh, gotten a couple now.  I probably do need another." In his surprise, Tatsuo came close to forgetting about disguising his voice, but managed to keep it up, if a little shakily.

    If only in the hope of getting more information, Tatsuo continued.  How about you?" he asked, partly to organically get to a point with better information, vut also because, if they were indeed getting injections of a superdrug on the levels the man implied, the regiment would be fairly important to know.  If there was some kind of schedule involved, such information could be very handy.
  12. A piano and a violin played along the background in a room with nothing but glass for walls. One figure's reflection faintly overlapped the view of a beautiful valley painted with glimmering bio-luminescent trees that pulsed in unison. A man, it seemed, was sitting upon a piano bench. The slender and curved shape of the violin aligning with his arm as the bow gracefully slid upon various strings in a slowed tempo. But who was playing the piano? It seemed as though it was playing by itself. However, beyond a mortal's sight was two ethereal arms hovering above the keys. Both arms traced back to the man dressed in a white combat jumpsuit and helmet. He kept on playing, and playing, and playing. A glorious euphony of a depressing yet beautiful melody emanating all throughout the building he was in. It was hypnotizing, blissful, pleasing....

    A Nocturne's influence is as deep and beautiful as it's own soul is.
  13. The sound of rustling. In a split second, it became the most dangerous noise Lucea could hear, and as soon as it reached her ears she snapped into a state of alertness. Crouching low and putting her hand over her flashlight's beam, she stared wide-eyed in the direction of the disturbance. A skulking figure became apparent within seconds, mere yards from her position. They couldn't be friendly; Raiden or Xanadu were the only allies she had in the forest, and this person was certainly neither of them. The photoimperist gradually recognized she couldn't take this stranger on her own-- the bulk of padded clothing became distinct as her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, bulk which she couldn't shear through quickly enough with her present powers. Stealth was the only option, and an option Lucea frankly didn't excel at, of all reconnaissance techniques.

    Observing and calculating for a moment longer, Lucea hesitantly began creeping backwards, eyes constantly active and on the look-out for anything that might make a noise and give her away, as well as keeping track of the stranger. Step by creeping step, she made her way in the direction opposite this person, this unknown variable. Rounding a tree, a gleam of light from the soldier's form caught her attention; a weapon of some sort, attached to the soldier's forearm by way of metallic coils. Lucea narrowed her eyes and scrutinized the object, curious as to what exactly it was. An instant too late she processed resistance under her foot, and the smallest, yet most deafening crack split the forest scene. The slightest turn of the head from this strange threat and Lucea knew there was no choice.

    Bolting up, she tore away from the place, ducking behind trees whenever she could in her escape, taking the utmost caution against the threat of the rifle this soldier bore. She looked for a chance-- a change in the setting that might allow her to retaliate. She had only her flashlight, with her most likely advantage being its usefulness as a whip of light, to catch the soldier around the neck or ankle as he pursued, in hopes of... what? Slowing him down? The photoimperist groaned as she realized she couldn't do enough harm in this situation. Eyes set forward, not risking the glance backwards, Lucea sprinted through the forest, mentally scrounging for a bright idea or ingenious strategy she could use to save herself in this conflict.

    There was nothing. The best she could do was hope that if the soldier got into combat range she could defeat him, but by her calculation the factors simply weren't in her favor.

    Slipping behind another tree, however, she encountered another variable. Quickly taking stock of the scene and the copy of her pursuer, she brandished her flashlight and flicked it on, moving her arm in an arc simultaneously. A beam of light flashed through the area, which quickly solidified into long tendrils and then took the shape of a whip. The moment it wrapped around the soldier's leg, she yanked back on it, successfully tripping the man. Snapping her gaze upward at her unexpected comrade, she motioned at the vulnerable target and stated, "Now."
  14. Kyuwan Forest, 39 minutes after deployment.

    With unparallelled concentration, the Diclonius was inching his vector closer to the soldier's neck in a decision to incapacitate him until he registered the sound of footsteps nearing close to his location. He immediately retreated his phantom limb with surprise, keeping still while he felt the fading pulsations emanating from the soldier's sickle blade moving away. The soldier was more than alerted by the presence of another one of his comrades in the chase. Daring to run the risk of revealing his location above on the canopies of leaves and branches, Raiden inched his head closer to where the solider once was-- and was heading at in a rush. A single beam of light, only a split second of spotting such a dim illumination was enough to give Raiden a feeling of surprise...but also a feeling of concern. He quietly muttered to himself "The light--....Lucea! " until the Diclonius leaped off to another branch to close in the length between him and the soldier heading towards Lucea's way. Raiden launched one vector towards the unsuspecting man, swiping forcefully under his feet to trip the man, but it was not enough. The soldier tumbled under the surprise attack but soon flipped back on his feet, turning on his heel sharply to spot the young diclonii up among the foliage. Suddenly, the soldier vanished. Raiden blinked in surprise but then felt a sudden ripple crack the air right beside him. His vector did all the thinking for him, intercepting the soldier mid air as he released a spacial laceration from his sickle towards the boy. The force between psychokinetic limb and the laceration provided a huge backlash upon contact-- a forceful "explosion" of sorts, causing Raiden and the soldier to both get tossed down by the force of the collision. Raiden grunted and quickly stumbled to his feet, letting out two more vectors to hover near his body, ready for combat. The soldier dashed right towards the boy but then took a sharp right turn. The sound of the sickle blade cracked the serene night sound with a vile metallic noise, causing some trees around Raiden to fall right towards him. The diclonius growled and willed his vectors to morph into blades, slashing them in arcs in order to intercept the falling trees and slice them into pieces. As the pieces fell, one additional vector manifested and struck away at the sliced tree trunk pieces, causing the projectiles to fire away at the soldier and hitting him. The soldier jumped back and got struck many times, then feeling his own body disorient as the projectiles kept coming. As he looked up and began using his sickle to slice away at the objects, Raiden was no longer there.

    Only one whisper was let out by Raiden's lips just before he connected the fingers of his vector on the soldiers neck. "Stop." and as quickly as the battle begun, it ended. A sharp bladed sound was heard just before Raiden's vector clenched onto the soldier's neck tightly, then twisting to the side until a crack manifested. Then everything became semi silent. The soldier's body slopped down as Raiden then retreated the vector and looked ahead at the source of light. He couldn't help but feel something warm dragging down his shoulder and a severe tinge of pain. "Shoot....Lucea!" he spat out and ignored the pain. Raiden looked back at the body momentarily, letting a vector slip out to grab it and toss it up at the branches, then ran towards Lucea's supposed location.

    Kyuwan forest was dense by nature. The amount of mana following through its various networks of vines and roots provided the old forests with trillions of years to thrive, making it seemingly hard for such an outsider like Raiden to dash through without bumping into everything and tripping. Raiden, with the help of two vectors, did not plan to run through the forest grounds for long. One psychokinetic limb dashed upwards to grab hold of a sturdy branch. Raiden gave a heavy exhale and used the vector to pull him up, allowing Raiden to swing forward while the other vector to dash ahead to grab another branch to continue. Upon arrival, the diclonius caught a glimpse of a light tendril of sorts down below. Phthalo eyes connected with Lucea's for a moment just before the woman motioned to the fallen soldier and commanded a "Now" towards the young man. He jumped down from the branch, using his vector to slam right down on the soldier. Such force caused the fallen enemy to cease moving, making Raiden step back with some sense of shock but overall felt paranoid about it. Is he actually dead..? He waited for a moment, then retracted his vectors and turned his head to Lucea. "You don't know how glad I am to find you, Lucea." Raiden sighed. The diclonius seemed glad...but in the back of his head he knew for a fact that this assault was only the beginning of something bigger...

    Hira Range Forestline

    The soldier shrugged and took his radio in hand just before answering Tatsuo. "I'm not nearly as done with my shot regimen as the other guys on the main island. The solution, so I've heard, takes time to change a person's physiological properties. So its important for us to get shots bi-weekly to you know, speed up the process." Suddenly, he begins turning a small knob on the radio, then muttering some words in Grenian until he received a response.

    "Ah, great. Looks like the veterans are taking care of the intruder up north. That means I can retire for the moment back at camp." Taking another good look at Tatsuo, he still cannot help but observe the man's odd posture and slack. He threw out his hand to connect on Tatsuo's shoulder just before nodding. "You can come along too. Hell, If we're lucky we might see Vermillion stop by the camp. Then you can get a quick advancement on your shot since.....no offense, you pretty much /need/ it."

    The soldier let go and hefted his rifle on his arms, then walking off rather quickly while tossing his arm back to signal Tatsuo to follow. "Hurry it up, though, newbie."
  15. 'That's more like it,' Lucea thought, relieved as she observed the silence. By sense of sound alone she could tell her pursuant had been taken care of, and by none other than the Diclonius comrade she had just found again, she presumed. Acutely aware of her sympathetic nervous system as her parasympathetic began to intervene, she took a deep breath and brushed a hand across her forehead, putting her hair back in place. "Likewise," she replied sincerely to Raiden, stepping forward and crouching down next to the defeated soldier. Placing two fingers to the soldier's neck, the photoimperist located the man's carotid artery and paused, contented when no signs of a pulse emerged after several seconds. Her flashlight having returned to projecting a simple beam of light, Lucea redirected her attention and began scrutinizing the weird weapon attached to the soldier's arm. "The weapons these men carry," she said aloud, "do you have any idea what they are?" Peering closely at the metal, she scowled at the sickle blade as it shone silver in the light. Once again, she found herself wondering what purpose the coils connecting blade and body served. The faint, warping aura that she had previously made out surrounding the weapon had gone.

    Sighing and putting on an anxious expression, she stood and turned to Raiden, switching her flashlight off and folding her arms. "More importantly, what of Xanadu? I don't see her with you." A fact that, in honesty, worried Lucea. Not out of concern for the girl's well-being, either, but out of concern for the safety of those around her, be it her allies or her enemies. She wanted Xanadu to have some freedom, evidently, but only with supervision. If she was wandering the forest unrestricted, there's no telling the chaos she could cause... to whichever side fit her whim.
  16. Raiden kept his eyes glued to the sickle blade that Lucea kept in her hands with intrigue. He recalled back to his encounter with the other soldier just minutes ago. The slick silver weapon seemed different when it was in the hands of it's previous owner. It was as if the soldier himself in his very own grace made the weapon a powerful tool to kick Raiden down from his secretive advance. Smooth slashes, flawless execution and freedom of maneuvering it however the soldier wanted it. Picturing the battle scene,  his mind brought up the image of the ominous distortion it caused around its area. It twisted space and almost seemed like it extended in length when willed. Raiden knew well that the sickle blade was capable of cutting through things as thick as tree trunks with ease-- even without ever making contact with them. He narrowed his eyes as Lucea asked what the blade was. "They don't look like the blades we have back in Quirenyun... these blades look distinctively different from the one I encountered a while ago, though." Raiden crouched to take a closer look of the weapon. " This one has a soft edge...and the other one had a very jagged structure." The coils that were attached to the handle pulsed a very dim light, almost as if it were an individual heart beat. Raiden had no clue about the weapon at all. He had no clue about the entire area. Nor the weapons he and Lucea may potentially encounter as they move in deeper through Kyuwan. The uncertainty choked his mind and projected slight doubts in the back of Raiden's mind. The sheer sensation of surprise and the unknown. /So this is what being an operative here is like/. Raiden mused for a moment before getting up. "Hmm...is this what we're really up against, Lucea?" He asked while the young man manifested a psychokinetic limb to graze the surface of the blade. Frequencies that gave his vector a solid structure momentarily broke off, making it's form unstable enough to cause the vector to completely phase out for a second. The young Diclonius blinked with surprise but then felt an intense twinge of pain interrupt him.

    "Tch--" Raiden looked over to his shoulder to marvel at a sizable laceration to his shoulder. Its fresh outpouring of sanguine liquid melded with the fabric of his now torn black sneaking suit which upon touching with his bare fingers stained with a deep colored crimson. He tightened his fingers around his shoulder and looked up at Lucea at the most inconvenient time:


    Raiden heard the sound of wood cracking a few feet away from him after Lucea asked him on her whereabouts. Various slick leaves fell down among other things, making the Diclonius drag his eyes slightly to spot a vector that had manifested--and trusted-- into a tree. The young man gulped down with hesitation. If there was one thing he'd regret in life, its allowing a psychotic vampire to run around during a mission. All Raiden could do was mutter out a silent "Shit." before looking to his right at a canopy of vines hanging above a narrow pathway of trees. "When my parachute didn't open, Xanadu did something...strange." He glanced at Lucea before moving towards the path. The Diclonius tossed an arm back to signal Lucea to follow. "I didn't have enough time to see what it was, but I heard something break just before I passed out. Next thing I knew..she was absolutely nowhere in sight."

    As he stopped at the path's opening, he sighed. "These turn of events are almost out of a nightmare."

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