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Quirenyun's Imprinted [RP]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. -Book One: Pauion` of Lightning-
    "Luck arrives in waves. Strikes punish in storms."-Mantuanese Proverb.


    A bright strike of lightning split in between two majestic mountains just as the darkened skies of the world granted a severe gift of natural proportions- Rain. It’s bright flashes and magnificent patterns illuminated, birthed a new picture with each strike, revealed the silhouetted outlines of stall-standing trees and the inhabitants bellow looking above with curiosity. As a gift from Pauion, this season's rainfall was successful, but dangerous.  It brought forth a curtain of sharp, liquid daggers, followed with dangerous winds that had no mercy to those who were crossed paths with. And as the god of luck and electricity blessed the land with his powerful display, the resonating beats of thunder echoing throughout the land roared on.  Roaring in announcement, in a fanfare of the arrival of yet another strike of pure energy. Lightning. Another one of it’s own..

    The sun did not dare to peak through the morning hours of the Zhennka Shi basin that morning. To everyone within this storm, it remained hidden away for more than 3 days already. That was just typical during the Sinchuanese fall. However, the land bellow the storm did not shy away from view. Vast wilderness engulfing every living inch bellow the mountains like an endless parade of verdant wonder dominated the surface world proudly. Braving the pounding strong drops of crystal clear water coming down furiously with no end in sight. Over to the west past the wild forest-line stood the lake, the river, and just ahead, Zhennka Shi Base-- and it’s visitors riding in line towards the entrance.

    Within the line of visiting vehicles plowing through the rain peered out bright brown eyes through the window just before a lightning strike illuminated the towering building itself and the black line of vans driving through in order to surprise them with a much sharper detail of the entire facility ahead. Four looming watch towers overlooking the main two-story building as a high wall connected each tower to the other like a stronghold. Above within the mighty watch towers stood guards- armed and looking ahead despite the rain reducing their view, glaring, observing. Within the walls was a series of smaller living facilities- their roofs poking through ever so slightly. A gush of pouring water falling of the edges of the smaller living facility roofs reminded the soldiers of how severe the storm was like. Rough, powerful, frighteningly amazing. But they couldn't do a thing about it, they had already arrived. And the way they were welcomed into the facility's territory was far from kind. Suddenly,  each soldier shifted in their seats uncomfortably once their eyes spotted the infamous red dots of the facility's sniper rifles pointing at each of their comrades' heads , feeling an overwhelming sting of anxiety and paranoia towards this semi-hostile display. With this eerie atmosphere surrounding them all, it didn't help neither of them keep their focus up. Especially as they inched closer and closer to the main road and eventually, the main gate.

    With the visitor's vans finally driving up a slippery road towards the main gated entrance, each and every one of the occupants in each van immediately withdrew themselves from the windows and placed their hands carefully on their tactical rifles. One voice broke through the silence shortly after the vehicles began to slow via radio intercom built in the vessels themselves. It’s tone rather stern, calm and collected,

    "This one's a real tricky bull. I want you all to mobilize: keep your eyes only ahead of you, and do not look back or anywhere else. Get him in there, and get him inside the infirmary cell at once. And if he regains full mobility...do what you can to eliminate this one. Don't hesitate to fire like the others did."

    "Affirmative, Sir. Lets get this over with."

    "Also-- Don't tempt the snipers. They do not side with anyone. Good luck, and hopefully they will love their gift."

    Immediately, everything faded into darkness. The sounds...the thunder, all gone and replaced with a yell from a young man.​

    And that is where the dream came to an abrupt end. ​

    Outside the dream was a different story, thankfully. The skies shined brightly in presence of a warm morning sun, flicking it's strands of light down bellow to a freshly-dewed grass just outside the room in which the yell from the young man had originated from. It had rained just the night before, he thought, giving a slight scratch on his brown hair just before sitting up to crack his fingers carefully. However, that was the only sound he heard. Normally by this time the soldiers within the base would have been running laps around the living facilities as part of their daily routine. But where were they? The morning brought forth an unsteady amount of silence, prompting the young man look around with curiosity and push him out of bed in order to figure out the source of the problem. And so his tired turquoise eyes began to scan the room around him, then moving on to the open window just a few feet away. And there it was-- the famous mountain "Skyline" of the base surrounded by beautiful lofty clouds. Picture perfect as most would call it.
    5th of T’eshǎji, 6:49am
  2. A shot rang out in the training yard, the last in a flurry of thunderous explosions of gunpowder. Another new soldier had challenged Tatsuo to a shoot-off. For whatever reason, it seemed that all the soldiers that came challenged him. He could not imagine why, of all people, they would pick him. Even if his reputation wasn't well-known outside the base, he felt as though he was rather easily looked over. Whatever it was, he felt obliged to the "challenges," although he had never lost. Even if he had felt a tad abashed in front of the watching eyes of a fair amount of soldiers, that emotion never got strong enough to diminish his ability to judge trajectories so well...

    There was one hole in the target, dead in the center. It took only a few seconds for the other soldier to finish firing, and the young man -- a few years older than Tatsuo -- laughed at first when he saw Tatsuo's target. The man, with his semi-automatic pistol, had a fairly precise run, with all the bullet holes within the first two rings of the target.

    If you only counted the guns, Tatsuo had a huge disadvantage. A revolver against a modern pistol seemed to be a completely one-sided competition. However, that would only be if skill was discounted. Ttatsuo's revolver had only half as many bullets, and lacked the small piece atop the gun to help with aim. However, even with reloading once, Tatsuo not only finished first, each of his bullets had hit the bulls-eye despite the larger recoil on his gun. Not that the newbie realized that fact.

    When both sides were finished, the man had gone to the targets to see how "badly" Tatsuo had done -- after all, one bulls-eye and thirteen off-targets had to be worth fewer points than one bulls-eye and several within the next few higher-point rings. The man's face when he saw what had actually happened was priceless when he realized what had actually happened. His mouth opened incredibly wide and his eyes nearly just so when he saw fourteen bullets stacked onto one another behind the hole.

    With a dismissive wave, Tatsuo decided to walk back to the mess hall once the man had stood in awe for a few seconds. He was rather uncomfortable in front of so many people, and he was somewhat hungry anyway. Just as he was about to leave, he saw the soldier he faced off with put some money in another soldiers hand. ... Was Tatsuo just the center of a bet? Thinking about this for only a moment, he continued off to the mess hall.
  3. Two snipers stood upon a watchtower, generally at ease, one of them cleaning his rifle and the other watching the distance, vigilantly. Aside from one of the soldiers below challenging Tatsuo to a shoot-off, the morning had thus far been uneventful. The one watching for threats covered his mouth in a yawn, closing his eyes for a moment--

    -- and then something fell on his head, causing the man to jump slightly, almost dropping his rifle. A blur of a shadow passed beneath him as he used a hand to knock off something gray and furry from his head. The sniper cleaning his gun looked up as his companion looked at the small animal. A dead squirrel. The man made an exasperated sound as he searched the skies. "Alright, where's that damned eagle?"

    The other sniper rolled his eyes and went back to cleaning his rifle. "Alright, relax, it was only a squirrel. I think dropping a dead rodent on you is supposed to be a gift, anyway." This last was said with a chuckle. The other man glared at him with angry blue eyes.

    "Yeah? Last time it was a rock," He grumbled, looking upwards again. This time, the sniper spotted a large bird's shape against the sky, and gave a sadistic grin as he aimed his rifle. His companion looked at him, wide-eyed, about to protest, but the sniper fired. The eagle swerved out of the way, and another shot rang out, which missed again. Cursing, the shooter took another, more stable stance, to avoid shaking the rifle, but his companion forcibly lowered the rifle.

    "Hey, look, if you're so upset about it, take it up with birdgirl. You know that eagle's hers," The sniper admonished. "Sure, she'll be able to find another bird, but she'll still have your head in a handbasket if you kill that one." The shooter grumbled and was about to retort, but a flash of gold-brown feathers shot by his face and caused him to fall straight onto his hindquarters. Once more he shouted a curse and shot a couple times at the apparently retreating eagle, but his bullets missed severely and the rifle clicked on empty. The sniper reloaded quickly, but when he looked back up, the bird was out of sight. The other sniper sighed and went back, once again, to cleaning his rifle. The first remained sitting, glaring in the direction of the eagle.

    "Goddamned bird."
  4. "... zero, nine, three, eight, four, four, six, zero, nine, five, five, six," and she pauses, lips parted slightly and fingers halting in their act of pushing the button through the corresponding slit at the top of her shirt. "Six... wasn't right. It's zero after nine, five, five." With a small huff, she pushes the button through, smoothing out her black blouse afterwards. "Error at the one-hundredth, forty-second digit. Still an improvement from yesterday..." she reports to herself, staring into her own purple eyes. It's a new test of memory she's assigned herself: reciting digits from that one list of numbers which is said to stretch on forever every morning while she dresses and brushes her hair and generally prepares herself for the day.

    'Nothing mandatory today as of yet,' she reminds herself. Free time. One of her worst enemies. 'Hopefully the kitchen will have some waffles made...'

    Exiting her living quarters, she's walking down the hallway when she notes passively in her mind 'The soldiers have either neglected their morning routine of making laps around the grounds, or they've suddenly become well-trained in stealth movements...'
  5. Rising over the horizon, the celestially blazing sphere of Quirenyun's sun had successfully banished the haunting night, previously assaulted by the wrath of a seasonal storm, and graced the heavens above with the morning daylight which also reached the region below in a display across the land. It, too, reached the base of operations of Zhennka Shi, casting an ominous silhouette displaying a foreboding authority its imposing form created, whilst inspiring a certain sense of what could be best described awe to onlookers. In truth, the heavily guarded building had a structure much akin to a fortress', and it was quite accurate to say that it could, as well, be called one. Within it, within layers and layers of reinforced concrete and patrolling personnel, and within the ground itself as a forgotten attachment to the entire facility, was a room.

    Calling it simply a "room", however, would be a severe understatement. Merciless, frigidly indifferent metal coated, and further composed the featureless walls, extending to an impressive depth of two meters per side. Illumination was restricted, as the sterile electrical glow constantly emanating from the unique lightbulb had been purposely dimmed down to a state of pseudo-darkness. It was a secure cell; or, in fact, a carefully, meticulously built containment area which was virtually perfect in design to be able to hold a particular individual. An adjacent room positioned so it did not breach the quadrangular boundaries of the cell incorporated a fully functional bathroom, even though the resident found it of little use aside from personal hygiene, due to her nature.

    "This is too boring!" she would complain, focused eyes blinking once before trailing to the largely empty room before her, their auburn color reminiscent of dried blood. There existed nothing else than the aforementioned installations inside the containment cell, aside from a conventional bunk bed placed almost innocently on the furthermost right corner. "Why can't you bring me someone to eat?" this next request would reek with murderous intent, layered irises portraying the dark side of a broken moon. Although the walls were completely bare, it had just been the day before they were disturbingly sprayed with the blood of an unfortunate soul dragged for questioning. She loved when they brought people for "questioning". It most certainly sated a primal desire ingrained deep within her tainted subconscious.

    blood blood blood blood blood

    Other instances were not as equally forgiving for one's mind and soul. Bloodcurdling shrieks conveying a heartless lunacy with their intense echoes would resonate eerily, hauntingly throughout the complex, while her unkempt and saturated blonde hair would become wilder still as she would raise both arms towards the reinforced door. And bash. And bash. And bash. Until flesh would tear away, muscles and tendons sever, and bones split open into surfacing, open wounds where her blood would finally flow free, unrestrained, released to fuel whatever pyre of destruction she wished to unleash upon the world. Often, this resulted from being neglected of the only compound in this reality she needed to survive: blood. Or rarely, her macabre desires would take over, and demand yet another soul to be claimed by her hands.

    please search for the next one please please please

    She was to be enchained, bound to the wall opposite to the reinforced door made by the special material known only as "NoPierce Metal" much alike the walls of her prison. It proved to be quite effective in constraining her inhuman mobility, but this feature was immediately removed after she discovered she could effectively gnaw through metal with as much difficulty one would munch an apple. While they could order chains of NoPierce to be forged specifically for her, their funds would be needlessly depleted as they would need to repair and replace the binding shackles regularly, for they could not withstand her monstrous strength forever. And as such, she was to remain in her highly secure cell unless either absolutely needed or with proper supervision, and additionally two armed guards were to be stationed there on a daily basis. And today was no exception...

    Except she was not there.​

    Sharp turquoise eyes admired the beauty of the horizon, of the stark mountains which adorned the landscape in a protective grasp, of the verdant wilderness which covered the fertile earth like an extensive, organic carpet moist with fresh dew. And of course, the breathless view of the clear sky, stained in the doomsday palettes of reds, almost invisible behind the black clouds of demise forming a perpetual layer that covered it indefinitely. And suddenly, the Diclonius labeled as Version 23 was no longer looking at Quirenyun anymore. Heaven's punishment manifested as mesmerizing celestial bodies trailed across the firmament, then towards the planet. They fell one by one upon the scorched earth below, scenery ravaged by the flames of carnage which grew more and more intense by the seconds ticking away, charring away the final corpses a previous catastrophe left into nothing more than ashes carried away by the solemn wind. Distant chains of noiseless explosions then cracked the ground, and abysmal chasms fracturing the very planet to the core appeared instantly, swallowing the remnants of creation whole. A gargantuan wall of ruination rose in the horizon...

    and the stars themselves shall tremble

    The world ended before Raiden's eyes.

    He, then, found himself staring at a scarlet window.

    A glass of blood so beautifully perfect and opaque, the solidified liquid reflected his stare...

    Xanadu Paperblack stood behind him.

    She smiled innocently,

    "Good morning, Raiden~"
  6. Raiden's eyes gazed upon the beautiful picture of Quirenyun's most prized jewels that made it internationally known as the country whom blesses the soul. A strong sensation struck him in magnificent proportions due the the striking colours and interesting sights he saw. The mountains, the beautiful pine trees stabbing up beyond the walls, even the cumuloft sky which bore the sight of migrating geese flying in a perfect V-formation. All was well in his world,

    All was well..

    ..Until a blink of the eye warped his sense of perception in a flash. Macabre strokes of paint slashing to and fro furiously to eliminate the serene landscape mercilessly."HUA!!" The frightened and very surprised Diclonius jumped back quickly from the now seeping scarlet window, stumbling backwards almost to the point of falling back with horror as he felt the world die down. His world died down....silencing itself and slowing down with his thoughts only going blind. Only to his slight surprise, the only sound he heard from the temporary shortage of sound was a quick, sonic swish which phased past Xanadu and finally connected with the ceiling of his room powerfully. Raiden's eyes widened greatly.

    "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS TH- XANA!" He was quick to stutter while he composed his posture the best he could. Sprouting from his back was a single, ethereal phantom limb fully extended upwards, jabbed powerfully into the now cracked ceiling. And of course, Raiden did not dare to turn towards Xanadu for obvious reasons. All he did was stay silent to himself as he heard pieces of the ceiling drop down to the floor and his heavy breathing. "..H-H-Hah...gahh...G-Good...morning to you too, Ms. Paperblack...although that wasn't- I..." Retracting his phantom limb back, he finally turned. Piercing dark turquoise eyes connecting with the girl's crimson stare. "..W-What the hell did you just do..?! Pausing for a moment, Raiden's eyes widdened with a huge realization. She was right /there/. "And why are you out here?! Everyone here knows all too well that you can't be out here." With his voice finally composing and ridding itself from the frightened tone it formerly had, Raiden began to sound rather annoyed and concerned. Crossing his arms, he shook his head. "What made you escape this time..?"
  7. Xanadu did not even react to the phantasmal extension which lodged itself violently on the ceiling. She examined it curiously, every immaterial fiber and psychic oscillation which constituted the ethereal vector, every tiny crack and piece of debris the powerful impact caused on the concrete ceiling. Darting back to meet a severely agitated, and possibly even frightened Diclonius, identical orbs of dried blood stared back at Raiden after he was done professing his distress, superimposing realizations and implications striking him harder and harder. His agitated reaction was to be expected, considering this had, unfortunately, not been the first time she had decided to pull such a cruel prank, but he had never before been subject to one of her powerful, disturbing illusions. Xanadu found it amusing, and so she giggled.

    "Someone forgot to pay enough attention." she explained, maintaining a teasing undertone as she lifted her arms slightly. She proceeded to use a single hand, revealing the other concealed within the ridiculously long sleeve of her pale pearl sweater. An irregular gash stretched across her right hand, circling along the tendon of her thumb to meet the palm, but just barely. It was moderately deep, and although normally it would have exposed a layer of sensitive, pink flesh, it was entirely covered in a film of blood... which shifted abnormally with faint chromatic hues without overriding the base red whole. D-Blood. "...So I did this."

    Seconds of awkward silence ensued.

    "Now!" she suddenly announced, concealing the wound swiftly by allowing her hands, forever united by the black rectangular slab, to fall back down. She continued to look at Raiden. "They say I cannot be out there without someone else looking over me, so you'll be my supervisor this time. Right? Riiight?"
  8. The Diclonius' eye bore a slight glimpse of confusion upon the girl's most unusual behavior. To any ordinary man, this would have made them have a heart attack or would have knocked them out cold due to the surreal illusion Xanadu had just made. But Raiden sighed regardless, letting the rest of his tense muscles smooth out and relax. To him, this wasn't much to be alarmed about. Only a brow rose up as she showed him her apperant wound-- Raiden couldn't help but put his hand out in an attempt to address the obvious, retreating it back carefully and silently with a second-thought. She was right, I failed to pay more attention. Focus. thought Raiden to himself before he turned his back on Xanadu and made his way towards a closet just across the room where his bed stood. "True, but my question still stands, Ms. Paperblack. Is there anything in particular that made you escape?"

    The room itself wasn't so fancy in his opinion, of course. Plain and simple white walls adorned with a couple of colourless photographs followed by an arrange of wooden furniture- A single desk chair neatly scooted in a wooden desk, a wooden bed, a wooden table nearby a mirror. All looked well, and all looked organized just how the Diclonius liked it. Raiden placed his hand on the handle of the closet slowly and then slid it to the side, opening it up and revealing a 'sea' of gray military coats, pants, and even boots all lined up in perfect order. Once grabbing what he needed, he began putting on his gray pants while he spoke out to Xanadu casually. "I can't accept your offer to supervise you if you don't tell me."

    An exasperated grunt soon escaped out of a very tired pair of pale lips. Then they pressed each other again with a great deal of effort to follow,
    An awkward silence ensued while the man wiped away a droplet of sweat from his forehead.

    "Nnnngh...shiiiit...I've been told about this...damned hill...C'mon...I can do it...just like Lilia said...idiots can do things too! Wait...."
    He gave off an exhausted sigh as he slammed his foot down to the ground, looking down only to see that he and the bike he was riding have only made it 7 inches up a steep hill. Resting his other foot on the petal, he came to a realization."...Wait a moment....Oh...oh I see...that was an insult...and of course, I fell for it AND I haven't even made it up this big hill road yet....Naw' Man..."

    This failure of a man was named Ikan Su Lange- Ikan for short. But in the military...he found himself with other names like I-Kry, I-Kry the Idiot, Ikandiot, Mr. Weenie McKrypants-- Anything that reflected his current state of mind and luck with a very degenerating "feel" to it belonged to this hopeless 19 year old. His childish green eyes along with his hapless behavior was only part of the chains which bound him to a life of failure and sadistic jokes for life. No matter what he did or how he tried, Ikan always found himself under these situations. These situations, of course, being those where he usually ends up hu-

    --And there he went. The blond-haired man began forcing himself up the hill with his bike. pettling in utter rage as he then found himself traveling up the hill in a desirable speed. With a large, adorable smile, Ikan yelled out with amusement as he went faster and faster. And faster and faster....and...

    A ringing shot was fired from afar followed by 3 more rounds. 2 of them hitting the bike frame itself, one hitting the adorable bell attached to one of the bike handles, and one hitting the wheel of the bike which ultimately led it to pop and therefore lose control. "WHAT- AGH! AGHAGHAGHAGHAGH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! NNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

    And fall right back down to the base of the hill. Where once again he cried out with salty tears running down his now scratched up cheeks.
    "NNNNNNAAAA- W-Why shoot the messenger f-f-f-or?!"

    "Heh. Lets see how I-Kry manages to buy yet another new bike...." Looking smug, the sniper moved away from his rifle's scope and gave off a sadistic chuckle. That only made his companion give off an annoyed sigh and retake his position.
    "Hey, get back to work will 'ya? Stop fucking around with the messenger. You're going to get slapped one of these days...I swear."
  9. There was a giggle in an otherwise empty hallway as Ziera walked with a lighthearted, brisk step. A grin dominated her expression, framed by the long, dark brown- almost black- hair, her eyes two shimmering coppery pools holding a mix of amusement, contentment, and an almost aching optimism. In one hand she held what appeared to be a dark brown, leather boxing glove or oven mitt. The other hand was held in her jacket pocket, only coming out occasionally to adjust the aforementioned garment.

    The giggle had resulted from this woman's amusement at happenings outside- a steady wingbeat sound, a sudden diving motion, several gunshots that didn't hit their mark. Miyoku perched on another watch tower, the snipers only glancing at her as she did not seem to be up to anything but resting. The eagle returned their glances with an intense topaz gaze, solely observant. A quick thought shot from the girl's mind to the bird's.

    That'll do it, Miyoku.

    As quickly as she had come, the bird took flight again, winging her way down towards the base's entrance, nearest the training field and gardens. A few soldiers walked here and there. Miyoku tilted her head slightly as she observed a unit member heading into the entrance as well, but before the information could get across to Ziera--


    Ziera stumbled back, dropping the falconer's glove she'd been holding, as she walked straight into Tatsuo. Miyoku glided in for a landing on a garden bush, fixing a forcibly neutral glare onto Tatsuo as Ziera regained her balance. She looked at the man with an apologetic grin. "Sorry, Tatsuo, wasn't paying attention."
  10. Expectancy degenerated into disappointment as the Diclonius pressed on with a question Xanadu had purposely evaded... to no avail, it seemed. Pouting, she watched as Raiden rather nonchalantly resumed his daily routine, not without remaining considerably alert, of course, but otherwise disregarding the fact she was dangerously close... maybe on purpose? It was a shame nobody appreciated her twisted sense of humor, but the vampire had, like many other occasions, decided to promptly ignore this truth. She finally sighed, a defeated one at that which still held a certain level of playfulness, and decided to give in to his request. "Fine."

    It only took a step forward and a light touch with her fingertips for Xanadu to trigger the technique--executed so flawlessly one might even question the authenticity of her documented mental state. Her digits grazed the surface of the sanguine reproduction of a window, which vibrated with undulating waves as if it had been aquous the entire time. She then instantly vanished without a trace. Before Raiden could properly react as to what had exactly happened, the glass exploded. Spasmodic stains of blood splattered the walls, crawled through the inanimate objects, and dispersed through the room without ever touching him or the empty space of his chamber. It was as if the liquid stirred throughout the surfaces, a movement which took just two dimensions instead of three, and assembled into erratic shapes.

    Scarlet blinked open. Every individual blotch of bizarre red revealed one, two, up to three eyes within their jagged areas. As if they were voids leading to a deranged crimsonic dimension where an auburn orb encircled by a white sclera glared back at reality. Xanadu watched. Her layered irises remained unmoving, forever staring at the Diclonius from virtually every angle. Scarlet blinked closed. With a startling, abrupt motion, Xanadu impossibly phased through a sizable pool positioned on the ceiling, hanging upside-down while looking at Raiden, not a single drop of blood on her being.

    "When you have the ability to move through blood, you just have to hide it well enough, Raiden." she sounded amused. The vampire remained in this position for several seconds, then decided to drop completely. She landed unceremoniously on the bed, but with such precision she ended up casually sitting on its edge. She performed a swift tilting motion with her head to allow several strands of hair to fall back and stop obstructing her vision before she spoke up again, "So, will you now?"
  11. As he exited the training grounds, Tatsuo walked across the short distance to the building that held his small group's living quarters, as well as the mess hall. As he was nearing the door, he thought he heard something from within. The difference in lighting made it incredibly difficult to discern anything inside. Distracted by thoughts of the shoot-offs, Tatsuo Washington not expecting a thing as Ziera happened to walk out of the building at that same exact moment.

    Surprised, Tatsuo did his best attempt to move out of the way to the side. Unfortunately, despite his reaction ability, he could only move a few inches, so Ziera still smacked straight into his shoulder. Tatsuo still stumbled back, if only from the surprise of having someone run into him like this.

    "O-oh, Tatsuo muttered, nearly unintelligible, "I-I'm sorry too. I wasn't paying much attention either. Are you okay?" While saying this, Tatsuo's face was not only much more worried than it should have been -- his heterochromatic eyes furrrowed slightly -- but he also seemed to be quite embarrassed. Tatsuo would have walked away by now, but that would have been quite bad manners, though he seemed to a bit distracted by his desire to continue what he was doing.
  12. Platinum hair billowed slightly as Gavvin's thick black trench coat did as well, his form walking slowly but steadily past the training area and straight to the main building. His pace was rigid and firm, face emotionless and gaze aimlessly directed ahead as if gazing at something beyond the building at which he was approaching. His aura emanated a lack of any being, as if Gavvin did not truly exist.

    Of course, that was normal.

    Everyone knew Gavvin was not truly there, for over the span of less than a few months, he came from a powerful, wise and lively person to what was little more than a husk of a man. Staring into Gavvin's eyes, one could literally see the emptiness of soul, the emptiness of humanity that was Gavvin. Many soldiers spake of who Gavvin was before, but now consider him a shadow of what he used to be. And they wouldn't be wrong. Gavvin, a once great Structural Alchemist, was little more than an empty vessel.

    This is why, as Gavvin passed into the main building, the clearance soldiers at the desks merely passed a glance before returning to their work. Gavvin, as far as they were concerned, was nothing near a threat to them, so long as he was not ordered to do so. They knew very well he could still act out and use his powers despite the lack of his person within, and that it was the only reason he was still at that facility. But so long as his figure stayed purposeless, without a motive to perform, he was nothing more than a slave to requests.

    And thus one began, to help out those around the facility, which he was to do now. As Gavvin exited out the front door, his eyes locked onto the figure of Ikan, turning his pace toward the pained being and to his wrecked bike. Gavvin slowed his pace as he neared, stopping just before the bike and the crying figure of Ikan. Wordlessly, Gavvin picked up the bike with ease, kneeling down and focusing his eyes onto the large bullet hole through the structure of the bike.

    At first, it looked as if the Structural Alchemist was simply observing the bike's injury closely, for no apparent reason. No one would blame the assumption, for many soldiers found the man in hallways and in the field staring at nothing for hours on end, then retreating to a different spot to do such if he had nothing to do. But as one observed, much more was about to happen. A sudden creaking sound echoed as the metal of Ikan's bike suddenly shifted, stretching and connecting back together in the perfect cylindrical shape it was before, the only different discernible features now being a slight dent of the stretched metal. Now focusing down at the wheel, Gavvin's gaze focused intently, empty and yet hard at work, like a computer working on its own without anyone at its helm. The wheel's torn supports that kept it in perfect circular symmetry suddenly began to shift and reconnect, and within moments the wheel looked as itself, no burn seals on the supports or the wheel itself. It was as if by reversal of damage.

    Gavvin pulled himself to his feet, the bike with him as he hefted it and steadied it back on its feet. He turned his empty gaze down to Ikan, his hand touching the broken bell and causing it too to repair itself, the broken pieces left on the ground flying up and reconnecting themselves to become the perfect bell it used to be. Still, without saying anything, Gavvin placed the bike onto its leg and awaited confirmation from the crying fool.
  13. Lucea had just wanted a waffle.

    "Is anybody injured? Did everyone get out?"

    Explosions, though, tend to get in the way of receiving a typical, peaceful breakfast.

    "There's no fire... Thankfully, everybody's fine. Someone from our team must be acting up."

    The sudden wrenching sound, along with the small shudder that passed through the building, had came from someone's living quarters. Lucea had shot into action, calling for people to bustle to the exits and retreat a fair distance from the building when they got outside. Men were arguing with each other, some saying accusatory things; others, concerned things. There was some debris lying around, but nothing that seemed too traumatic.

    A faint breeze rustled through Lucea's blond hair as she took in every detail. Mainly minimal damage. Probably the result of an accident. "Does anybody know what happened?" Lucea called to the group of men she had directed to evacuate the kitchen. Several answers came forth, but none sounded true. One man, though, reported that he thought the Xanadu girl had escaped from her room. Lucea scoffed at the incompetent answers and strode back to the building. "You all stay out here-- do not re-enter the building until I return."
  14. It only took another one of Xanadu's little illusions to force Raiden into a state of utter disturbance. Palms moistened, eyes blinks from one side of the room to the other to meet up with other "eyes", and his muscles froze on the spot. It's just an illusion it's just an illusion-thought the Diclonius, finally getting the strength within him to move slightly and release a vector as a result. The clash of frequencies intensified within the structure of the ethereal limb, making it so that it solidified completely in order to serve as a protective "barrier" if her trick were to go against him. But it wasn't like that-- No, it was much worse than that. Raiden's eyes darted around every inch with some twisted panic swirling within his pools of phthalo blue orbs, mirroring the intense and twisted blood trick consuming his room. But with fear comes power, and with the lack of harm within this mix of illusion and sadistic fun, came of course...warped anger. And so his eyes locked onto Xanadu as she poked her head out from a pool of blood on the ceiling and remained there- engulfed in a wildfire of authentic ire. "Can you just stop being so out of control for one moment and /listen to me/"The Diclonius' voice rose. Anger itching to turn into rage due to the fact Raiden began to grow tired of her trickery. However, he tried to keep himself within a barrier of respect towards her. "You could have just stopped with all this and /calmly/ answered my question, but no- all I got was a demonstration I didn't quite ask for and now a room that needs repair."

    Finally stepping closer to the girl- whom of course, agitated him more upon seeing her on his bed, of all places- His vector firmly placed itself against the wall behind her. And like "magic", his face was suddenly only inches away from her. Rugged, stern, not showing any other thing. "I ask of you this, at least. And if you find it in your heart to do this, I will supervise you without any other questions."

    "Can you...and will you behave and cease torturing me and sending me off the edge for at least /one/ hour. I n- urgh...who am I kidding, I know you wont really do that.." And with that moment of anger surging through him, he sighed and pulled away. He couldn't really find it in him to stay angry for so long.

    It was as if Pauion had sent a good man to help this poor, poor boy.

    Ikan's tear-soaked eyes blinked once as the messenger himself got up with glee and saw his good old bike back in order. "EYAH! It's fixed! Fixed! FIIIIXED!" He yelled out, suddenly jumping up and down in the air and even twirling in mid air for a moment. Never before had anyone ever helped this man. And with such a display of silent heroisism, Ikan couldn't help himself but to grab Gavvin and encompass him with a very powerful bear hug. "GAH! Man that was so KEEN! You fixed it like if it were- Well, I don't even know how you did that, but it looks swell! My bike looks swell, man! Thanks!" Ikan's grip was so strong, he found himself lifting Gavvin off the ground. He looked down for a moment, then gave off a very good chuckle as he put him down. "Hahah- Sorry. Where'd you come from anyway? Oh, I know you're from the facility, but maaaaaan I didn't know they had guys like you."

    Ikan suddenly lifted up his left hand and saluted-wrongly, by the way- with a wild smile. "My name's Ikan Su. And ignore the fact that I was crying- It hurt, by the way, but I'm a nice guy. I can assure you that! I'm nice like you!"
  15. "Oh, but I can easily fix that!" Xanadu exclaimed, with an enthusiasm ever so awkwardly out of place which she did not hesitate to exhibit even though Raiden was clearly irritated by her earlier display--no, her presence as a whole. She slightly held out both hands, keeping them in this position as she herself watched the blood, extensively scattered throughout the Diclonius' room, begin to react to her desires.

    Blood's transition between liquid and plasmatic was, to summarize, utterly surreal. Lights shimmered in an ethereal spectacle as the blood itself was set aglow, myriad reds mingled with subtle tonalities of blues and violets and purples. It constantly fluctuated in intensity, but nonetheless overwhelmed the entire room as the vampire had purposely commanded. Illumination normalized, to say, into a concentrated bright red as Xanadu's D-Blood drifted around the room in the form of amorphous, petite globules holding innocuous energy, dancing entrancingly. It was evident the girl was prolonging the performance, and so when she felt she had played enough, her concealed, wounded hand clutched into a fist. Dazzling streams of scarlet shot in an omnidirectional manner from virtually everywhere, homing straight into the injury itself and disappearing without ever damaging Xanadu. And when she was done, Raiden found himself inside a room devoid of the blood which once covered the... everything.

    She simply smiled at the Diclonius, but then heaved a sigh as her soul-staring gaze departed from his own. "Sorry..." she fiddled with her fingers, "I swear I don't want to break your mind. You look better with one. So I'll--"

    you will find release one day

    "--try to behave, 'kay?" Xanadu looked back up, tone once again acquiring a teasing edge Raiden was unfortunately familiar with, "Sheesh, you don't have to be hectic and boring everytime, you know."
  16. Ziera nodded, her smile less apologetic and more the usual, bright expression that hung on her face for the majority of her days. "I'm fine, I'm fine, we didn't hit too hard." Miyoku made a slight cawing, almost clucking noise- something rarely heard from an eagle, as it was a sound of disapproval. Her golden eyes fixed on Tatsuo before she turned her head towards Ziera, who was now picking up the falconer's glove she'd dropped.

    Slipping said glove onto her right hand, Ziera held her arm out to Miyoku, who promptly fluttered into the air, making a short, hopping glide to perch onto the glove. The wicked talons dug into the already scratched and worn leather for Miyoku's grip, but did not pierce through the glove to Ziera's otherwise vulnerable hand. The girl gave her hand a slight shake so the eagle's grip could be affirmed, but beyond spreading her wings by instinct, the bird did not seem in danger of falling off.

    Ziera turned back to Tatsuo. "Miyoku here just got done teasing one of the snipers on a watchtower," She said with an oddly bright tone. She was clearly amused at her friend's antics- even if Miyoku only did it at her master's suggestion. "keeps the snipers alert, I guess. And helps Miyoku practice evasion." She giggled as the aforementioned bird looked at her, then focused on a unit member in aparrent approach of the building. "Either way, I thought it was funny."
  17. Blood transitioning from shades of crimson to melodic hues of blues, violets, and purples. Raiden's phthalo eyes shot an amazed yet slightly disturbed shine as the strange blood flowed away from the surfaces with ease. So easy that not even he could quite fathom it. All slipping into Xanadu's hands, she smiled as if nothing was wrong. Something about that tone of hers- no, her personality, struck a chord in the diclonius. A confusing and clashing flat and sharp cord which represented his fascination towards positive behavior, and confusion towards oblivious bliss. Both made him give out a tired sigh, "...Thank you." Raiden cleared his throat nervously after a moment of silence, feeling himself still slightly frightened by Xanadu's display. But he simply shook it off. Flashing a slight smile as his vector retracted and his hand grabbed onto a coat hanging inside the closet. "I don't mean to look boring to you, Ms. Paperblack." Putting on the coat, he began to slip each button to it's corresponding slit. "Hectic- No, not that either. You can't blame a human for not corresponding your...well...your brand of humor, you know.."

    But you aren't human.

    "..But enough of that. Where exactly do you want to go that requires supervision anyway..?"
  18. Gavvin stood as the man exclaimed and spun with joy, his eyes still that empty glaze, looking ahead with nothingness. Then, in a sudden act of compassion, Gavvin's form met the affection of a massive bear hug, Ikan's grip tightened dramatically, lifting up his body from the ground powerfully as he exclaimed in glee.

    Gavvin winced.

    Normally, this would not have been a large phenomenon to any other being around here. But, obviously, given Gavvin's record of loss of anything but a motor drive, this was something quite spectacular. As the idiot lifted Gavvin's body off the ground, his eyes flickered a moment, his cheeks tensing, his brow furrowing ever so slightly, and a hint of confusion fluttering over the emotionless gaze, as if a butterfly through a wasteland. Such a feat one, if knowing Gavvin, would undoubtedly know was something to keep track of.

    However, the estranged being holding him in a tight grip would never indefinitely piece it together. As Ikan placed Gavvin down, he composed himself almost mechanically, once again returning to the ghost of a person that he was. "I...." Gavvin started monotonously, "I am... Gavvin Tesero." As Gavvin repeated his name, there seemed to be a lot of emphasis upon it, as if it was a difficulty recalling it. Surely enough, his face seemed to have contorted slightly, eyes wavering a moment. Then, Gavvin turned on his heel, hands in his trench coat pockets before heading back to the facility, once again back to the silent enigma he was.
  19. It was almost the absence of more destruction that perturbed Lucea the most, rather than the actual event.

    'Is it conceivable that my reaction was more... extreme than was called for?' Lucea wondered, musing that her evacuation might have been more of a disruption to the overall schedule than the loud crash. No, such a thought wouldn't do-- not with Lucea's reputation for cool-headed competence. 'The least I can do,' she reasoned, 'is find out what caused the whole thing.' With that purpose in mind, she strode around the corner of the building, aiming for the south entrance. Upon seeing the figures of two fellow Unit members loitering near the gardens, Lucea called out after a moment's hesitation-- wherein she considered the possibility they might have caused the original disturbance-- "You two," and the information came to her mind effortlessly; "Ziera, and Tatsuo!" 'The girl with the mischievous eagle companion and the prodigious marksman...'

    Approaching the duo, Lucea tersely launched straight into questioning. "Do you two know anything about the disruption that just occurred-- from inside this building?"
  20. Tatsuo chuckled at Ziera's playfulness. It was hardly audible, and only lasted a few short seconds, but he still chuckled. It was then that Lucea had dropped in on them from the Easter side of the building. She had asked them if they knew about any disturbance drone within the building. Tatsuo thought he had heard something earlier, but shrugged it off as he was almost finished with his second volley of rounds in his shoot-off.

    "Something… happened inside?" Tatsuo asked, curious. Considering the possibilities, with most of the soldiers in the training field when it happened, there was pretty much only one option, an option that equally relieved and worried Tatsuo. It was most likely that vampire, Xanadu. "I-I don't know anything, I've been in the training grounds all morning, one of th--" Tatsuo stopped for one reason: he knew that Lucea was a stickler for the soldiers remaining on schedule. "I guess I just... wanted to get a little morning training in."

    Tatsuo knew that this was a weak excuse, but he hoped that Lucea wouldn't catch it. Hoping to change the subject, Tatsuo spoke again. "Uuh..." he started, not sure exactly what to say, "Have you checked Xana's cell? Maybe she has something to do with this. Tatsuo's voice trailed off slightly; if Lucea already checked, or Xanadu had nothing to do with this, then either he or the soldiers would probably be in trouble. Though, he realized the.soldiers getting in trouble would be more likely, he still would have felt bad if they did.

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