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Quirenyun's Imprinted [OoC]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. QI has a music section now. Check out the first post of this thread and enjoy~ It will be updated as we progress. And if you have any music suggestions, do tell!
  2. <3 Nate

    Updated mission logs to include an interactive timeline of Operation: Ribbon Seeker thus far. This can help if you're ever in the need to see where the mission began or main events that happened. Kill logs were updated too to accommodate Tatsuo's badass return with two fresh kills! To our creation station section you can now find QI's official art thread! If you have any QI drawings you'd like to submit, feel free to add it on there [lol yeah right.]

    @CrazE: I know you don't feel that you could post in this mission, but seeing Nate (finally) post for Tatsuo, there could /still/ be a chance for you to put Gavvin in. I mean, Team B needs your main. Just think that over, m'kay?

    -Check QI's Mission Logs periodically for updates on the mission that may have not been mentioned on the RP thread. Those mission logs could serve as a reference point for certain events and can even help you post with handy IC statuses and changes.

    That's all. Have a good evening~
  3. ~Updaten~
    Updated our little QI's art thread with a new picture. Fair warning, it's not my usual shitdrawings. It's quite promising.

    @Shadow, I really need that Xanapost very soon if anyone wants the RP to progress. 

    That's all. 
  4. Oh look at that. QI OoC is under construction because I have time to kill.
  5. Alright, this is possibly the most important announcement I'll make for QI as of today. I've discussed this with quite a lot of people and I've come to the point where I'm feeling that the RP has gone so slowly for it's own good that I must personally take action to either push it farther and faster or take another measure which can be described as drastic in nature.

    Posting has come to a standstill for weeks now. We're approaching September 14 quite soon, which will mark an exact month since QI had it's last posting. I have been awaiting on another post for a long time now and during that wait I have noticed and remembered a few things about the RP: It was meant to be a short roleplay. And I mean a roleplay not even close to expansive as CoU was. Yet we're still stuck in the beginning part of the entire plot. Then I look at the first day I started the roleplay and compare the time we've spent on pre-mission time and the early phases of deployment. Guys, we're literally only a few weeks away from QI turning a /year old/. The RP should have been nearing it's end by now-- or if you want to be a little realistic, we should have reached the plot's midpoint or climax by now at least. So this is where I will have to put my foot down and be A Bitch about it. I'm sorry.

    I am giving QI 2 weeks  to at least see a post or two and for the plot to move on in a steady pace after that. If that does not happen, I will have no choice but to close the entire Roleplay and transfer it off-site. If you have any concerns or problems with it, feel free to talk to me about it. As for the deadline, I wont bend to it or "be nice" and add more time.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
  6. Closing and moving the roleplay is a rather harsh and unnecessary action, particularly as it's punishing those of us who actually post and want it to move. That being said, I think the main person we're waiting on is currently in a roleplaying slump, so I'd take it up mainly with him.

    I like QI. I enjoy playing Ziera and I'm looking forward to using Ryouta. I love the dynamics of the team. But, personally, I don't want to have to balance an entirely new site (especially with my unreliable access) just to follow/rejoin a roleplay.

    Just my two cents.
  7. I understand where you're going with that, Kuda, but it's rather painful seeing an RP stalled for this long. I don't really mean to punish those who do keep it at their game-- I honestly thank you all who do, but at this point I'm severely leaning towards the prospect of moving the plot and roleplay to another forum where it will move a lot faster and have a chance to grow. We also have quite a few people waiting to get into the roleplay but are not able to because we are not even close to hitting a point where I could intro them. Making them wait for that really hurts and it's not very fair. I'd like to just say "Take all the time you need and stuff" but waiting weeks to months for progress makes it agonizing for those who'd like to jump in. Like I stated above: I know it's drastic in nature and pretty harsh, but at this point I'm going to have to start pulling out other ways to lessen the time between postings.
  8. It may as well be considered cancelled now, with how it's not gonna be moving anytime soon anyway.
  9. Alright, after discussing with a few people, the above statement will be crossed out in the meantime. There is clearly a lot of issues mostly pertaining the problem of trying to intro the newcoming members to QI in a timely manner and the huge posting gap problem we have. So in the meantime we'll just try to talk and work things out until a solution comes along to please both sides: the new and old participants of the roleplay.
  10. You're "severely leaning towards the prospect"? If you want to do it, just do it. I personally enjoy QI and very much look forward to it's waiting plot, but if you, as the creator of the RP, want to move it to a place you think will do it more justice, then do so. I'm not saying, "We don't care, that's not a threat lol". I'm saying, you should do what you think is best.

    Although I'm seeing a similar trend developing among Freeform RPs on ZEJ, I agree with the 2-week Thing. That's a sensible arrangement, and you shouldn't feel like a warden or villain for imposing that.

    Also can I get clarification on "We also have quite a few people waiting to get into the roleplay" this?
  11. Cerby I love your post, thanks~

    Okay, for the "We also have quite a few people wanting to get into the roleplay", I mean that we have recruits who want to join QI but can't because of the current point in time we are: In-Mission time. In-Mission time is a place where a good amount of the roleplay (or if the unit is intact in the mission, the entire roleplay) and any IC changes such as for example Quirenyun gets bombed or Zhennka Shi exploded or crap wont be mentioned in the mission and will not influence any actions or behaviors. So on the subject of intro'ing characters, I cannot just shove them into the mission without making the entire thing awkward or illogical. Their involvement would most likely happen post mission at best when another Quirenyun unit is intro'd and sent to Zurika for their own mission.

    I hope that makes sense ^^;
  12. A decision has been made and I think we found solutions to fit both situations equally:

    First off, I'll be editing my most recent post to exclude the part where Raiden finds Xanadu. That gives Xanadu her own opportunity to either fade into the setting or do some independent shenanigans in the meantime. @Shadow can pretty much do what he thinks best for this one. After doing so, Nate will update Tatsuo, then Khya with Ziera/Miyoku, then I'll post an update on environment and soldier movements for both teams and other Things. @Cerberuslycan can post after that etc.

    Second! This involves @Gist mostly because I can't get a hold on the others interested for the moment and @Kudamon regarding your intros for your characters (Ryouta and Phenol respectively) I have an idea that might allow you guys to intro them ahead of time without screwing up the mission:

    How about we just create a different scene away from the entire mission all together (Back in Quirenyun, of course) and just intro their unit already. This gives a chance to intro Phenol and Ryouta plus the rest of their unit AND when the time comes, I can use that scene to push the Major in it when he goes to request emergency help and crap. What do you think?

    For solution #1, its settled. So I need opinions for solution #2~
  13. ~Update~

    Alright, guys! Coming from the person who created the Mission Log system comes another weird idea that might add some realism to this Roleplay being that it's nature is of tactical missions and situations! Introducing an either useful, realistic, and downright interesting mechinism that is slightly reminiscent of Statplaying or something completely stupid that I just randomly thought up. Without further shit, I introduce you the Character Vitals mechanic. Yes you heard me, Character.Vitals. A little something that will add realistic feeling to missions and make it so that your character will eventually hit limits if he or she does not take appropriate measures to fix it!​

    Here's the deal:

    The Character Vitals Mechanic is supposed to help give insight into what a character is experiencing Physically/Biologically throughout their mission. At times we see other roleplays have expansive sideplots where it seems like every character is just fine and dandy for hours at a time without taking care of their need to eat, sleep, or treat their wounds. Hopefully with this we could at least make our characters not look like they are fully impeccable in their given situation and environment and actually use it to 'spice' up our posts and chardev to an extent. ​

    The Arrangement of the System:

    First of all, I'll keep the vital tabs accounted for on the first post of the OoC thread along with the Mission Logs. That sort of gives you more incentive to check there often, if you want to think of it that way. However, they will also be included in [not every] update posts I make where I specify condition changes, time, or enemy whereabouts. So they should pop up fairly often along with the location. [like I did with my first post specifying the whereabouts of team A etc] With each update I'll make for both teams, all the characters of their respective teams and updates will have a shorter summary of their Vitals mentioned. Kinda like a "X Character is in normal health." or "X Character's Stamina is down." It's really up to you how you'd like to react to it. If it gives you a bit of trouble or if it's a hassle, tell me now. If not, let's continue with the backbone of this little thingy shall we?

    First of all, it will go like this:

    [x character] Vitals:
    ~ Stamina: {////}{////}{////}{////}
    ~Body Health: 
    -[Head and Neck]: {////}{////}{////}
    -[Upper Body and Arms]: {////}{////}{////}
    -[Lower Body and Legs]:{////}{////}{////}
    ~Focus: {////}{////} {////}{////}
    ~Psyche: {////}{////} {////} {////}

    This is the proposed structure of the Character Vitals. 

    ~Stamina will be your character's "drive" so to say. Their energy that will constantly fluctuate as time goes by and as they kill or walk throughout the day blah blah blah. Stamina can be lost by lack of eating every 4 hours or during battle in which right there I will personally determine how much will be lost based on how much fighting effort I see in part of the character. However, don't fret! It can be regained by simple rest or food! Food's hard to find so hunting should be very interesting...heheheh.

    ~Body Health is a little more...lengthy if I do say so myself. This is the true physiological aspect of the whole thing where your character's body will be kept in check. What I will keep in tabs is your character's possible injuries from battles or by anything, really. Each subsection of the Body Health is separated by 3 sections: Head/Neck, Upper Body below the neck, then Lower Body. Deduction of physical health will be determined by both the GM and the player in fights and other shit alike. So in battle, for example, if your character is hurt by one of my enemy soldiers or whatever and you specify a /logical/ place he/she gets hurt at, I'll take care of the rest. Simple as that. 

    ~Focus. Ahhh Focus...this one's going to probably cause a lot of crap to everyone but I think it serves well. Focus, like it implies, is your character's ability to focus on just about anything but this MAINLY comes to play during battles. Anything from the Stamina [Especially the Stamina and Psyche] to the Body Health will influence the focus bar to flux around and stuff. Too little focus will interfere with your ability to fight and function, too much focus [or Hyperfocus status] will basically increase your skills greatly but not enough to be considered OP'd [I'll make sure of it, haha.] and zero focus will eventually just suck your character dry of even doing his/her job right. The latter part is up to you on how you'll express that in-post. 

    HYPERFOCUS occurs when these two uncolored focus bars [ {////}{////}] begin to fill up with blue until it completely fills. How does one's focus fill up to that max? Simple, it will only happen if your character's stamina  is at maximum for more than 4 GM updates and your psyche remains the same or increases for 4 GM updates. It's a lengthy goal...but if you get there, go right on ahead with amazing shots and ideas and clever shit your character can do. They'll become well...Hyper Focused and determined WHICH....will come into play with...

    ~Psyche. The one section that will take the cake in weirdness and possibly make this too realistic and maybe borderline controlling, but I'll test this one out the most to see how it fits with the playerbase. Psyche is your character's state of mind throughout the mission. It can be influenced by low or high stamina and in rare occasion, character interaction. This section is a meld between mind, spirit, and emotion and can very well play in your favor or not. Too little Psyche will cause your character to lose stamina and basically vital health in general, too much Psyche will boost your Focus, and no Psyche equals insanity and deterioration of oneself. Like Focus, Psyche has two extra bars, but those bars also hold an added extra: Aside from the extra bars just being there to help increase your Focus, they are also there as "reserves" to any other vitals. Yes, reserves. It's experimental, though. Just like this concept in general. 

    So yes, this is the end of the demonstration. Any opinions are welcomed, suggestions too, etc. If you don't want this, tell me. I don't want to impose any unwanted things on you guys by force. Thanks for reading. 
  14. @Starrie Ryouta's profile is in my database when you want to look at it. Haven't done Katsu's because it's not a priority and I don't have a color for him yet.
  15. So um. There will be a post from me sometime tomorrow to poke the RP a bit. To whoever needs to post, please and I mean please do so as soon as possible. It's been a very long time since anything has happened and I feel like I'm starting to forget what the damn plot is even about in general from the lack of RPing it.

    Idk. Just going to poke once and thats all. After my post I will not post anything else until something happens.

    Also updating the music section of the thread soon with some new pieces relating to scenes we haven't even reached yet. It's gon' be good. [and thus ends my late-night/early morning rambling]
  16. Kept my word and posted. Here's what I think of it: [20:30:25] <Starrie> the literal quality decay is so obvious in this one

    Anyway, with that said I'll just sit back and wait. Meanwhile, there are a few new songs in the QI music section to make the thread look more cool. I recommend the new editions in the Traditional Music section as it's the Official-ish plot music of the RP. It's very nice and I picked out those songs with lotsa' love.

    EDIT: If I don't have writers block anymore I'll add a bit of the Kyuwan Forest scene to the post. The lack of writing practice makes it hard for me to do good posts nowadays, so bare with me.
  17. I'll try to post soon. My internet situation combined with irl stresses that get soothed by killing shit in a thirty-floor labyrinth have kept my creativity rather drained.
  18. @CerberusLycan I hate to sound pushy, but I just wanted to mention that you're kiiiinda holding things up right now. It'd be great if you posted.
  19. About 2 months later.....

    Alright, I'll be going on with Team B's progress in the meantime to at least keep things in a decent pace. I'll try to post tonight with the conditions of Team B's environment and other Things. Hopefully QI stops landing in a rut and we actually get somewhere. By this time we should have already been finished with the roleplay. *shrugs*



    This needs to be said by someone in the unit if a situation calls for it. I will literally reward you if someone takes that opportunity. Thats all.

    [ @CerberusLycan psst please post you already have one made..!]

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