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Quirenyun's Imprinted [OoC]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Well, January 10th is coming closer as I see it. Hopefully QI being in a break gave you all time to catch up on all the other RP's. It certainly gave me time to focus a little. But, not enough time to get my thoughts straight.

    Out of all the time I did have my computer with me, I failed to make the map. It wont be that much of a setback, though, as I could always remake them on paper and take a picture of them. But the RP might be a little shorter than planned. Simply because so much has been happening irl that I can't remember what exactly I had for the third phase of the mission. Its a starter mission, so it shouldn't be THAT long. It'll only seem that way if the characters allow it. But anyway, just jotting things down.

    Ivory Raven will be our first boss battle. Simple as that, for the sake of taking a peek of the Sanji clan of what was once Nihonzura range (And which is now the home of one of the bases.) and for a warmup for battles to come. If each team works out fluidly, then we can get through this mission very smoothly and quickly. Then after that, we can go in deeper into the Heaven's Auxiliary arc and also have a little mini adventure with the unit as they go on a lesser-dangerous mission off in a distant country for a little stealth sneaking and eventually their first taste in political manipulation. It'll be fun considering that they'll have to blend into society-- I can only imagine Xanadu without the black tablet. Have mercy.

    As for the other GRU members, only some will make cameos. Perhaps one will even be a boss battle. But I'm trying to make this as beginner-y as possible. At least to get us into the rhythm of doing and completing missions. I know we can do it, and I have an idea as to how. Anyway, we're returning on the 10th, and after my post, I'd like for us to have the characters associate and get ready. Meaning that some comments of the mission can be exchanged, we can get our weapons, and then timeskip. After the timeskip, its only about 3 posts from me to detail the transportation and the permissions from the Major. Those permissions are what will keep you under the radar and your alert down during the whole assignment. The point of being there is to keep out of their sight and attention as long as you can. If not, then expect a failed mission. I'm sure of that XD After permissions are given, mission begin!

    For now, I'll slowly type up my post for the 10th. Have a good day~
  2. Alrighty then.

    I'll be doing a timeskip post to directly put us in the mission (finally). Since I see that posting speeds are slow because we just simply can't get to the point, i'll be either updating my already existent post with the timeskip or posting after someone else posts. Either way, expect Zurika Islands in the next few hours.

  3. K, for QI posten...I'm officially making it a weekend Thing. During the week, I'm too cluttered up with personal shit and homework to even attempt to conjure up a decent post. And during the weekend I find myself more open and less stressed to start a post. So for now on and until I say otherwise, I'll update every weekend. That way I wont be hogging up anyone's time during the week and people are free enough to post as they please including me.

  4. Wait what even happened? o_O
  5. I had a feeling I wrote it completely wrong since I had a limited time on the school comp. Heres the basic low-down:

    Remember that one soldier staring down Raiden? The one with the blue eyes in which Raiden felt suspicious of? He and two other accomplices (both in which are inside the cockpit with the pilots) set up claymores before and during the plane ride. The weird string thing that was wrapped around the 'soldier' was basically wrapped around the plane's innards. That string, when pulled hard enough, detonates those bomb thingies. Thats what he planned all along. Heres the area in which the string was laid out and the explosives laid (provided with shitty paint because >School): [​IMG]

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Once the explosives went off, the plane split in half (They weren't very strong, it was strong enough to damage it quite badly) and the engines also were damaged by a couple of additional explosives.) Then, the betraying soldier held onto the edges of his half of the plane and just spoke to himself mockingly.

    Heres the well...timeline of what happened: [​IMG]

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Sorry for the confusion ^^;

    Oh, and for Raiden....he used his vectors to try and grab hold of some tree branches while falling. It failed anyway.
  6. Oh I still /love/ picture.

    Anyway, I'm putting QI off for a good while. I'll be busy submitting forms and probably looking for a job to pay off my expenses (Namely a new computer battery, charger, phone, and a tablet.) With all those things plus stress, I cannot focus very much with writing. Therefore, the RP will be put on hold until August 2nd. On that day specifically, I need to see a post from Khya for the most part. Just a reaction etc. After that I'll put in my post with NPCs and stuff AND update the mission log with status updates. I can assure you that by 4 posts we'll be having...a hell of a time. Just you wait :p

    Anyway, summer break for QI! When we return, Operation Ribbon Seeker will become a fight for their lives and the fate of the world!
  7. The main reason I haven't posted is I haven't had the time. I'll have a post ready by August.
  8. Oh wow, reading over QI again made me toss around ideas left and right. Keep in mind that I'm restless and bored at this hour so I'm mainly just throwing up a lot of QI-related thoughts here.

    -As I see it, the mission itself may be quick but the arc that takes place will last muuuch longer as I'm imagining it. The only thing we have to do is just search and rescue, fight a boss from me and cerby, then figure out a way to gtfo the island since they no longer have a plane or a way to communicate with the outside world. Weeeeee...the latter part will indeed eat up a lot of in-character time but will probably bring up a hell of a lot of chardev. Being stranded in a dangerous island could prove to be an entirely different and interesting experience maybe. And who knows....maybe help wont come for months. Maybe Xanadu might be driven to the brink due to lack of blood or bodies to eat [White virus replaces blood entirely and is harmful in general so i severely doubt she'd eat a soldier or anything] to the point of turning on her own fellows. Dunno, the posibilities are endless.

    -Secondly, as we get farther through the RP, we may encounter a whole lot of other units from around the world. Some possibly stronger than the Zhennka Shi Unit or weaker. Since Mantua's huge and the countries are great in numbers, I may leave those units to be devved by any of you for the lulz. I'm still thinking that over.

    -I've been toying with adding in some rare missions involving Mantua's supernatural side. Could give way to interesting sideplots and fillers. Special units do cover /anything/, after all.

    -As for Raiden, he may become the unit's "white mage" or healer with the use of his vectors and divine electricity/magic. I'm still not sure if it's worth introducing during the arc.

    -During or after the mission we may finally name who's the leader of the unit. Remember the mission log? Yep, that may play a part in that plus IC stuff too. Decided that ZSU needs someone for help besides the Major.

    Well, if you read through this potential wall I salute you. QI will come back really soon as I'm now pushing back the date tooooo......July 10th.
  9. "-I've been toying with adding in some rare missions involving Mantua's supernatural side."
    YES, PLEASE! I love it when stories or shows not focused on supernatural or horror archetypes as a whole do dip in to those genres as a short side-plot.

    And since QI is off hiatus, then, I'll prioritize it~

    (And yes I do still plan on making my Nocturne character.)
  10. Oh right! Speaking of your character, Cerby, you need to give it a codename. GRU's naming system consists of [mineral or material] and [animal] for example, Ivory Raven is one. Get creative and have fun with it :p
  11. Posting day, yay! I'd be estatic if it were not for the fact that my router is failing again. No!!! Anyway, expecting a post from Cerby and Khya before I am able to post updates on the entire situation with detail. IF my router problem insists, then my post will be delayed for an amount of time before its working normally again. The time it may take is unknown, but I'm looking forward to a post today.

    As for base maps, I need to find my camera for that >.>

    Have a nice day.
  12. I'll make sure to focus on Luceaposting today~
  13. I'll post when I've the chance, but I have a lot of other stuff on my plate at the moment.
  14. Updated the RP with (hopefully) enough detail to inspire a post or two. Both parties are not that far away from each other. Party A is, of course, in the heart of the Zurikan wildlife and as for Party B they're near the coastline.

    Also @CrazE, are you still going to have Gavvin involved in this? If so, now would be a great time to post.

    Now lets get things moving more smoothly.
  15. *pokes the RP* Come on, the hard part's done. Now there could be some good dev in this and some action. A post would be great today so that the RP can move forward.
  16. yeah I don't think I'm psoting anytime soon. I didn't get sucked into it like I felt I would have...

    Not like anything really changed anyway! Carry on!
  17. Lmao okay, you're right.
    Oh, and by the way...if you have or had any questions or whatever, you should bring those concerns to me as I'm the GM. Believe it or not but in QI /I'm/ in charge and therefore I can help anyone with any concerns :p

    @Cerberuslycan omfg you posted <3 ;w;
  18. Still interested in joining.
  19. Great! :) (hope you don't fill your hands too much, gist :< ) If you'd like, you can get started with your profile. I bet we can fix a little something up for your intro~

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