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Quirenyun's Imprinted [OoC]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    ~Quirenyun's Imprinted Music~
    Traditional Music Section: Pre-Mission
    1. Ivory Raven~ Le Sacre Du Printemps (*Theme ends in 8:05)
    2. Arsenic Octopus's Puppet Theme~ Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor
    3. Raiden and Lilia's Love Theme~ The Moon Represents My Heart
    4. Takashouha Memorial Park Theme: "The Butterfly Lovers"

    Alright now, here we go with this RP! This thread is of course for out of character comments and so on, but also for questions. Happy OoCing~​


    Zhennka Shi Base:​

    -WT: Watch tower
    -WC: Weapons check
    -BR(Blue): Boy's bathroom
    -BR(Pink): Girl's bathroom
    -S(Blue): Boy's shower
    -S(Pink): Girl's shower
    -LF: Living facility (Or living room, however you put it)
    -SLF: Soldier living facility
    -MH: Mess Hall
    -K: Kitchen
    -MR: Mail Room
    -MPR: Multi purpose room (Meeting room)
    -I (Red cross): Infirmary
    -Highlighted green areas: Gardens.
    -Yellowed lines: Walls.
    - =: Entrances
    - Boxes near main building entrance: Clearance points.

    Mantuanese Calender: 17 Months, 28 days each month, 7 weeks per month, 4 days per week.​
    ~Mission Logs~

    Operation Ribbon Seeker--
    ~Mission Log~
    Mission Codename: Ribbon Seeker

    Date of Briefing: 5th of T’eshǎji, 1729
    Alert Code: Code Six
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Urgency: High
    Members in Mission: All: Xanadu Paperblack, Lucea Varikoi, and Raiden Ver. 23 (A) Tatsuo Yoshiro, Ziera Meifeng and Miyoku, Gavvin Tescero ( B )
    Mission Coordinators: Major General Reikovic Minskemiln, Medical expert Kiowa Goh, and field specialist Rue Najon.
    Objective: Find Professor Lange and investigate a secretive production base which is producing a very suspicious substance. Collect samples of material and bring it and the Professor back to Quirenyun.
    Mission Permissions:
    --Permission to kill: [Conditional]
    --Permission to trespass: [yes]
    --Permission to hold hostages: [No]
    --Permission to destroy properties: [No]
    --Permission to steal intelligence:[No]
    --Permission to utilize weaponry: [Yes]
    --Mission Status: Initiated.
    --Mission Time: 0:10/16 hours
    Mission Events Timeline:
    Start of Mission--Plane is destroyed-----------------------------------------------------------[End]

    Location(s) of Interest: Zurika Islands, Iyozake Continental Region- Kamo-Nagasi Prison Camp(a) Moniirisko Production and Research Facility ( b )
    Mission Maps:
    Alert Log: High
    Kill Log:
    --Lucea Varikoi:
    --Tatsuo Yoshiro:2
    --Raiden Ver. 23:
    --Xanadu Paperblack:
    --Ziera Meifeng and Miyoku:
    Unit Location:
    A- 9:42 PM--Kyuwan Jungle.
    B- 9: 52PM-- Coastline of the Hira range
    Added Unit Objectives:
    --Survive an undetermined time trapped in the Zurika Islands until help can arrive.

    Start Date: 6th of T’eshǎji, 1729
    End Date: TBA
    Duration: N/A
    Unit Status:  A- Deployed.
    B- Deployed.

    Edit Logs:
    --8/5/2013: Crossed out a member of team B, updated deployment status of team B, updated location of team B, crossed out Mission coordinators.
    --8/8/13: Crossed out Gavvin Tecero for Operation: Ribbon Seeker.
    --8/9/13: Uncrossed Tatsuo for Operation: Ribbon Seeker. Updated Kill Log and added links to timeline.
    IC Changes:
    --Communications Status: [Severed!]


    ~Key Terms~
    • Zhennka Shi: A 2nd class field trooper base and intell information specialist headquarters for Quirenyun's extreme Northern territories. Zhennka Shi in Nohaln (Ancient Mantuanese sublanguage) means "White Sun Mountains." In respect for Zhenn the sun goddess and the white mountains found surrounding the base. [Zhenn-Sun, Ka- White, Shi- Mountain.
    • Sushana Nalj: Located in the province of Aunam. The Sushana Nalj base is the second of the oldest stations of service found in Quirenyun in present time. It houses a first class field trooper base, a naval extension off their coasts in the Royale Sea, and a research centre tending to biological phenomena, as Sushana Nalj took part in the creation of the infamous virus prior to QI. In Nohaln, Sushana Nalj means "Grandmother Ocean Kingdom" in relation to the history of Aunam and their native sky serpent population. [Susha- Older Mother, Grandmother, Na- ocean, water, Nalj- Kingdom, stronghold, fort.]
    • Ni-Honho: In other words, Mantuanese and Nohaln for "Nocturne." [Ni- Dark, Honho- Human. Although Nohaln is spelled as "Ni-Honhoj"] Usually used as a derogatory insult to those who do not obey or have messy, uncut hair. Ni-Honho's are usually associated with Nocturnes, but are also associated to wild and uneducated people, peasants, and the lower class.
    • Red Throats: A derogatory nickname for Rosean field troops during the great world war in relation to their past habit of wearing red scarves on their necks to symbolize luck and victory. Later used to express how the Sky Serpent infantry killed off Rosean field troops by slashing their necks.
    • Zhenn: The Sun Goddess of Mantua and surrounding planets within the solar system. She is highly regarded and well respected as the one who creates power and actually inhibits the ability for beings to be blessed with supernatural abilities. Zhenn [pronounced "Zeh-enn"] is also the creator of many solar systems after hers, since she was first sun[or star] to be created shortly after the big bang and then shaped from the heat of her star to become a goddess by Areonie. Her forms vary as she rarely shows herself to anyone or anything. However, she is described to have blazing white hair, white eyes, and ivory coloured horns in her humanoid form. [Other names for her are "Zheken" for Finlandians, Zen, and "Focerblana" in Irriskran.]
  2. Goddamn you got my hopes up that we'd started already XD
  3. Remember when I told you how I was going for the "scaring Raiden shitless" option?

  4. For tomorrow, hopefully I could see posts for Gavvin, Tatsuo, and Lucea. I got...A Thing planned for us all as the day progresses, and trust me-

    We will commence our journey towards the very first Unit Assignment Trials very very soon. So if you three will, lettuce psot :>
  5. Lettuce posted. Now would you lettuce leaf?

    Forgive me if I don't post tomorrow (er... the rest of today, seeing as it's 1: 30 AM here)-- most of the day will be taken up by a camping trip for AP Enviro. Any spare time will be spent by taking measures against the PSAT which I take on Wednesday morning. So I'll probably be back on Wednesday night.
  6. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, J fell asleep after taking a shower. I'll get started on a post now, if it isn't up by like 8, it'll prolly be up around 4:30 this afternoon.

    EDIT: yay posted. I'll probably hate it if and when I reread it this afternoon, but at least I got it out!
  7. It's alright, Cerby. I'll be kinda busy today and tomorrow anyway considering this damned project is due /tomorrow/ and I haven't even started on it's required videos. So Wednesday for me is probably gonna be a no post day on my end. Also the PSAT, ouch. Its a lot...harder than the SAT, I can assure you that. Or so it seemed in my opinion.

    ANYWAY, yeah. We're moving at a healthy speed so we can spare a day or two~
  8. Bumpidy Bump Bump.

    As of late, I've been rather busy catching up with work and being grounded. So of course, my posting speeds have been reduced slightly. However, I still need a few people to post (you know who you are). I do understand that some people can't, but if you find a small opening in your spare time, kick us a little post :p

    No, I'm not trying to rush things. Rather-Its all to maintain the RP's steady speed~ Any major slow-downs get me wary due to past experiences with other RPs. So hopefully we never get to that ^^;

    Have a good day~
  9. Bump.

    Feels like I'm rushing again, but at least I'm being vocal about my concerns. I know that the RP seems a little slow and boring right now, but thats because we haven't even hit training or the much anticipated Mission One, yet. In order to reach that point, we at least need a much more steadier posting pace.

    To set records straight, the reason why I haven't posted is because I'm giving others a chance to post before I move on with a Raiden/Ikan/ and now the Major General's part. But if there isn't anyone posting, I may as well just move on. I know that theres now many interesting RPs/SPs out there(And of course you're busy with them, I understand but y'know...a rather wise diclonius has told me that no matter how many roleplays you're in, its still possible to post in others.), but QI is rather small and a bit easier to post in, so it would be nice to see it survive among the "Big fellas" roleplays of ZEJ. Thanks for reading this, And Mission One A/B will be finalized by Thursday~
  10. aaaaaaaa

    idk wtf do
  11. I think I solved that problem.

    Also, adding Mantuanese months in this thread for reference.
  12. Smile and wave, Ziera, just smile and wave. Maybe Miyoku will turn into a penguin if you do that enough.

  13. LOL. I wouldn't be surprised if she befriended some penguins-*shot*
  14. Alright,

    We need a couple of people to post in order to push ourselves in what will be a very brief yet interesting briefing session. In QI, every mission begins with a briefing session. Although their times are usually the ones that vary, the locations rarely do. Briefings are usually the place for info concerning the mission, location, and cause. And it's also the place where you can ask questions regarding it in IC. If there is any confusion regarding any mission OUTSIDE of the RP, you can ask here or ask in chatzy/irc if I'm lucky to be there. Okay, putting that aside, here's another thing I'll be adding on to the OoC thread which has been getting quite a revamp as of late.

    Although QI doesn't always circle around missions, I'll be keeping a mission log on the first post of this thread. What will it contain, you may ask? It will contain the following: Day, month, level of mission (Rank), people involved, codename (name of mission), and location.  The level of mission follows a ranking system of severity and nature. For example, if a mission involves guarding someone important, it would be considered a code 1: General Security Mobilization. As for codename, it's self easy. So yes
  15. Okay, I've updated the first post of this thread to include...

    A mission log. Mission logs are probably the only thing that will consistently be updated and changed as each mission progresses. These logs are to provide details of the mission in the OoC sense, which I think is a pretty good idea. Here are the features.

    Mission codename: You can know the official mission codename for reference, which can help you look for it within the log later in the RP.
    Mission briefing: Provides the day the mission was introduced, it could also use as a point of beginning to pinpoint the start of any mission in the thread.
    Alert code: Allows you to know what alert the whole unit and the base would be in. Could help you shape the attitude of your character with each alert so that it fits.
    Difficulty: Well, you all may know I suck at fighting...but some mission may be harder than others. For that I've provided a difficulty factor. It could serve to show you...well, how hard it is to complete it.
    Urgency: With all missions come a degree of urgency. This allows you to know how badly each character has to respond to the mission.
    Members in mission: Self-explanatory, really. Lets you know who's going to be on the front lines of the mission.
    Mission coordinator: Well...this is useful to let you know who's going to be telling you what to do, where to go, what to get, and why you're there. The mission coordinator serves as a navigator and aid when you need help. Because yes...most of QI's missions are considered blacklists: missions that do not show up in public and private records, just one record which is found in Zhennka Shi and another in the personal records of the First Premier (leader of Quirenyun) It helps to know who's helping you during the RP.
    Objective: Right here you can further see what your mission objective is and know what you're doing.
    Mission permissions: This here allows you to know whats /allowed/ during missions. Although these are blacklists, ZSU missions are planned to be secretive and attract as little as attention as possible. Therefore, sometimes the mission coordinator will explain to your characters about what they can do, and what they can't. This section here provides you that very info.
    Mission status: Shows you how the mission is in current and non-current time. If it's inactive, active, halted, terminated, completed, aborted, and expanded.
    Mission time: Each mission, well...most of them provide a time limit in which the members participating have to complete it. Although the concept of time in RP's is hardly ever used, in this RP...it's almost vital for survival. I'll be keeping track of every minute and hour, and this section will be updated to fit just that.
    Mission events timeline: Right here, I'll update certain key points in which the unit reaches or creates within the mission. Events such as reaching a checkpoint or getting injured. Anything and everything will be logged here.
    Location: Really, just a place to know where the mission is based in. If there are multiple parties, locations will provide party members in there. No cake provided.
    Mission maps: For the sake of you and for the sake of me to keep track of things, I'll be providing maps for each mission location and place. It helps things run more smoothly for everyone.
    Alert log: As I've said earlier, ZSU's goal in each mission is to stay blacklisted, or unnoticeable. This log will record each time any member is discovered or caught. This goes into Rankings too.
    Kill log: With permissions to kill, this might be a fun place to update (for Shadow, of course). This section logs each kill by each member. However, I will sometimes request help

    [will finish later]
  16. Um... it's short. But I'm confident in it, and it reveals a little more of Lucea's character. (@ my recent post) I actually realized while typing it that Lucea is possibly the most socially awkward character I've made for a ZEJ roleplay currently.

    While I'm here... Starr, I do still want to make my Nocturne character, but is there any time you'd like him due by? Keep in mind I'd like him thoroughly integrated into that... um... that one, unit, the one you said Raiden might have a future in, it's sort of malicious. I'm sorry, I forget the name (I'm pulling up "GRU" and that could almost maybe be correct... if I didn't have a recording of Steve Carrel dramatically declaring, "the moon!!" playing in my head) but yeah, I'd like him preternaturally established in that organization.
  17. If you want him in the GRU, I'd say that you have at least by the end of next weekend to have him done. I'll have full computer access during mid-next week due to everyone leaving out of country except me. But I'll help you with his development, genetic-wise and being-wise, since the Nocturne race as it is has yet to be fully explained. As for why I'm giving that due date /next week/...

    Reason why I'm pushing things a little late is mainly because of this: I'm officially in finals week, and the semester ends on the 11th, so I need to keep my priorities, thoughts, and efforts towards that. Also, like I stated, my chances of using the comp next week is certain, so when I get my comp, I can revise maps for the mission and execute the mission with as much detail as possible- since this phone severely limits that, literally- so in short, after my post...timeskip to briefing room. I'll include in my post that tatsuo followed along and Gavvin too. Then we'll see our short de-briefing, in which details about the mission, enviorment, and other things will be given (that in itself could last between 10-12 posts if any of you wish to have your mains interract with the Major during the de-briefing. After that, expect the mission to begin as early as thursday/friday.
  18. One down, five to go.
  19. Indeed it is true! QI is taking a break for this holiday season simply because we're too dang busy. The RP will resume in January 10th, so stay tuned~

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