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Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Gold Dullahan, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Bored and feeling productive, so-
    A place to ask me to write things!
    Sly Cooper
    Fire Emblem (Basically just Awakening)
    Carmilla (As in the Web Series)
    Possibly Homestuck?
    Maybe Samurai Flamenco, you never know
    You guys, lol
    Your RPs and Characters? Like if you want.
    Of course prompts have to be something I'm able to do but, ya' know. I can probably do it? Of course you can do non-fandom or non-ZEJ related prompts too.
  2. Write a short story wherein the main character is, like all those around him, a short, white man, who labors all day long routinely in the ultimate goal of being allowed to meet the queen of their land.
    (You can pose it as an alternate universe if you want-- taking Fire Emblem: Awakening's characters, for instance, and using them as the characters for the story)
  3. Kinda interpreted the "like all those around him" in my own way, unless this is what you meant. What a fun exercise!
    In this world, he had no name. Not yet, at least. Ylisse was always interesting- People of all kinds. Yet then there were the others, the Units. Almost identical in appearance and voice, no name attached to their existence- Just a simple number. He watched a few younger Units skip down the street. They looked like twins.

    Not that it mattered much.

    But today was it. Today he, Unit 6513, would no longer be a blank slate. It was definetly an exciting day- The day one became unique. Units as a whole were considered lower class, something the old king had established and that the new exalt had been working to get rid off. 6513 was no different, toiling in the fields almost all day for as long as he could remember. But now he was here, seated in the castle, looking out a grand window. In only a few minutes he’d meet the exalt- the benevolent queen. He wished the required age was lower than 18, that he’d have been able to do this sooner. But at least he would be able to do it now.

    “Unit... 6513?” He looked away from the window. There was a woman there, holding a clipboard that no doubt covered with what little information he had. Her hair was light blue, tied in a bun, and armor adorned her frame. Phila, he noted, was written on her name tag. What would his hair color be? His name?

    “Yes.” Maybe he could be a knight.

    She nodded, looking down at the clipboard before nodding. Phila told him to follow, opening grand doors. They had told him earlier to be calm, to not be afraid. And when he bowed before the queen he felt ready and calm “Lady Emmeryn.”

    She bid him to rise, and he did. She asked him the first question- one he hadn’t given as much thought as he could’ve. A name, he wondered. Something to make him special… A bird chirped outside.

    Note for 6513: 6 and 5 are the numbers for F and E, so 6513 is basically "FE13"
  4. Sounds like a unique exercise. Perhaps I'll try it out someday :p

    Anyway...How's about somethin' akin to a ZEJ/Homestuck crossover? The Homestuck players, of course, being ZEJ members.
  5. Well shit.
    More details plz. Any specific characters? Any HS/HS, ZEJ/ZEJ, HS/ZEJ ships? What are they doing on ZEJ?
  6. I was thinking ZEJ members replacing Homestuck characters. 
  7. Man, ok- I'll try and get something quick up.
  8. I did my best. Used the "ZEJ did good today" for your convos with Espy
    -- codasterousDisaster [CD] began spamming goldDullahan [GD] at 6:45 --

    CD: Hey sis
    GD: You rang?
    CD: Did you get the disks yet?
    GD: Yeah but I have no idea what they’re even for. Do you?
    CD: ...I think it’s best to ask the one who sent you them.
    GD: I guess. Who told you about yours?
    CD: Some kid. He thinks he can out-chem me, ha! I guess you should get info on your disks first though. Later
    -- codasterousDisaster [CD] ceased spamming goldDullahan [GD] at 6:45 --

    Man. You like to go by the name of Cody, and Sir Cody says these betas are a pain in the ass. You don’t mind playing a good game- especially since it’s with your friends- but this whole thing is taking too long. You’re not even allowed to play yet! Something about having to wait until sis gets in, according to some smartass, being her “server” or something.

    Looks like said smartass is currently trying to contact you.

    You guess it’s not that big a deal. Sure, you argue, but it’s all in good fun. You huff as you click on your chat window, trying to seem bothered. Not that anyone can see you. (If only you knew)

    -- espyZygardius [EZ] began threading codasterousDisaster [CD] at 6:47 --
    EZ: Done talking to your friend?
    CD: Yeah, yeah. Who's in charge of her, biochem douche.
    EZ: Excuse the everloving chemistry out of you! That’s no way to talk to your chem alpha, scrub.
    CD: “Scrub.” Wow. I'd say you spit fire but it burns more like H2SO4. Just answer the question.
    EZ: I’ll let disrespect slide this once. She’s with a Ms. debatingQueen, AKA DQ.
    CD: Well tell this DQ to hurry up and tell Gold about her betas.
    EZ: She’s doing it as we speak.
    EZ: I just want to warn you, she’s going to be the first to enter.
    CD: Sis?
    EZ: Yeah, “sis”. The entry is going to be risky for all of you, but you're going to have to witness hers and- Well just don’t freak out. Stay calm for the both of you.
    CD: Hey what do you mean?
    -- espyZygardius [EZ] ceased threading codasterousDisaster [CD] at 6:50 --
    CD: ...Prick.
  9. bump because I could use some more prompts
  10. ZEJ: A Love Story Through the Ages.

    Interpret however.
  11. ZEJ road trip. Who drives, who fights for shotgun, what kind of car would it be, where would we go, etc.
  12.  Eebit-senpai gracefully plucked a flower from his garden, for he was the floweriest of all flower related flower-things, and sniffed it’s floral scent in a truly anime-style bishonen manner. With a pretty-boy smoulder straight from a romance manga, he turned to his most kawaii waifu “Wouldn’t you say this flower is so beautiful?”

    Krista-san, the flowy-brown-hair canadian with the big heart, turned to Eebit-senpai with her brow raised. Krista-san was, as they say, Genre Savvy. She knew this could only mean some sort of cliched romance line was about to come. As she pet the ears of one of her many moose, because she loved animals and this story takes place in Canada, she hesitantly replied “...Yes?”

    Almost instantly Eebit-senpai performed a bishonen-twirl, finishing in a pose that involved the flower covering his lower face, an arm outstretched towards Krista-san, legs crossed, and sparkly anime eyes “But it’s not as sugoi as you!”

    Krista-san nodded silently and continued to pamper her moose as Eebit-senpai continued his speech.

    “-For only Krista-san can be so sugoi as to give my flowery bishonen heart the most kawaii of doki dokis!” He finished.

    With a shake of her head, Krista-san flipped through her list of japanese words/phrases made specifically for such occasions. She gave Eebit-senpai a kawaii look that surpassed even his bishonen-smoulder in beauty and sincerity, and read the phrase from her list “Aishiteru.”

    And Eebit-senpai’s kokoro proceeded to have the most sugoi and kawaii doki dokis to ever happen in the history of ever...
     “You wanna go bish?” Cody pointed a finger angrily at Espy.

    “Fite me m8!” The bio-chem major replied.

    The rest of the entourage sighed- The two had been arguing over who would get shotgun since the group had first gathered by the car. Their trusty vehicle was a large van covered in floral decals, driven and owned by the resident mama of ZEJ- Eebit. Eebit shook his head with a smile, in a very motherly manner, as he slid into the drivers seat.

    “I will cut you with a broken beaker!”

    “Hoe don’t do it!”

    As the two boys continued fighting over shotgun, Krista slipped past and took her spot by Eebit in the very seat they were arguing over. Kuda, who had been getting annoyed by the two members’ antics, felt a wave of relief. She took a seat in the van but not before pointing out that Krista had already taken the seat.

    The two boys grumbled as they pushed past each other into the van, still fighting as they buckled up- Kuda could unfortunately feel a headache coming on already. Mama-Eebit passed her some Advil as Muddy stepped into the van, a cap that looked just like Ness’ from Earthbound placed on his head. Rose looked over the checklist thrust upon her earlier by Eebit “Uh, guys? Where are we going again?”

    Shadow, who was by the trunk giving Cerby threatening glares to force him into lifting all the luggage into the van, suddenly changed his expression into a gentle smile “I believe it’s Japan.” Almost immediately his expression changed back again and his dark aura startled a whimpering Cerby back into action, lifting each and every heavy bag into the van.

    “So we’re going to Japan… in a car?” Kuda looked at Eebit with raised eyebrows- what sort of crazy Eebit-shenanigans had she just gotten herself into?

    “Well there’s magic reindeer to pull it along. It’s more like some sort of extremely Canadian themed plane.” Gold squished herself between Cody and Espy, trying to defuse whatever was going on there.

    “Not to alarm anyone,” Krista leaned to the side to look at everyone in the seats behind her “But I’m pretty sure at least one is a Drunken Caribou.”

    “Guess someone spiked the barley.” Kamantha spoke, holding a little pet-carrier with her cockroach inside it “Because barley’s wheat so moose probably eat it? And it can be used to make beer? And beer’s already alcoholic... I’m funny god damn it.”

    Shadow gracefully took his seat in the van as a tired and sweaty Cerby slowly climbed onto his. Eebit put in his new mixtape, Flamin’ Hot Biznasty Flowers©, and pressed a button that started up a small speaker at the front of the van “Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Drunkard and Blitzen!”
  13. tfw senpai notices your writing
    Floral Caribou= OTP 5ever
  14. That love story thing needs to be a series of OTPs.

    Interpret however once again.
  15. does ZEJ even have non-FloralCaribou OTPs.
  16. Nope. Make them up. Just fuck me up.
  17. I've got an idea for a crack ZEJ-otp I guess. Probably type up something for it tomorrow or something b/c I'm dead tired rn.
    It's gonna be gay (like dude gay, not lady gay) and it's not even love in the traditional sense (tbh I'm using Homestuck romance quadrants for this, no prior knowledge required).

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