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Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Gold Dullahan, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. “So… What’s going on here exactly?” Krista eyed the victorian mansion in front of them.

    “We bought a mansion for everybody?” Eebit scratched his chin and smiled at the building “Thought it was obvious.”

    “There is no we in Eebit.” Kuda glanced at the mansion- She liked the style of it sure, but why the heck did they even need a mansion?

    “ITSA FUCKCING TRAP!” Cody threw his shoe towards the door.

    Rose caught the shoe, immediately dropping it after remembering who tossed it “Why would you throw a shoe at a trap. The shoe would just activate the fucking trap. You idiots. I feel like the only smart one here, to the fucking island, the lot of you-”

    Espy slapped Cody with his collection of pokemon cards (do not underestimate the power of that huge stack) “Scrub.”

    “Le Gasp- how the who the what the-” He blinked dramatically and waved his finger slowly at Espy’s face “How dare yoooouuuu??????????????????”

    He tossed another of his shoes, this time to Gold “Babe hold my flower!”

    She looked up from her book- The Proper Caring of Roses (dun ask)- only to screech and jump sideways in an attempt to dodge “IT’S NOT A FLOWER.“

    “In other news, only one person can call me babe if they wanted to and that’s Ro- Not you.” She pulled Cody by the ear “And no fighting- You’re coming with me.”

    “Haha and then what ;)

    “GOd FaCKInG-”

    “Ok then… while Gold’s busy assaulting Cody with a book- How’d you even get this place?” Krista turned to Eebit.

    “I know a guy.”

    “... You mean- You snow a guy?”

    “Get out of my face, we’re breaking up, fucking caribou-shit gf, I’m gonna go knock the door, don’t follow me unless you have food.”

    “Why are we knocking if we bought the place?” Kuda looked around “Does literally no one else question that?”

    Cerby hefted the large amount of luggage (mostly Eebit’s) higher in his arms “Ooh, ooh- If we knock, the ghost’s won’t think we’re invading! And then we stay safe.”

    Shadow, standing with his eyes closed, continued wiping his large knife with a white handkerchief “Ghost aren’t real. But I can think of something else that could kill you.”

    “Can we hurry up, my children are getting antsy.” Kam gently held her little cockroach cage- now with an occupancy of two.

    “Holy shit you got another one?” Espy eyed the insect.

    “They’re married.”

    “What’s it’s name?”

    “... Delphine.”


    “SHUSHSHSHSHHSHSUHUHsuajsoihohduiguigUSYGAGGUiadsihduhssSHHHHHHHHH-” Eebit waved his arms around “Shhh, the guy’s coming.”

    The doors creaked open, a graceful man exiting the building.

    “Haha,” Espy casually leaned against a tree “Hey there, guy. lol, wow, OK, thank you Eebit, god is real, #blessed-”

    Cody snickered from where Gold had tied him up, head hitting the tree he was secured to when he laughed too hard “OW, shit- Dibs!”

    “Damn it! You don’t even like guys!”

    “Suck it, loser.”

    “I hate all of you.”

    “SHUHAUSIAOIHDO!” Eebit screeched “What did I say!? Sorry, Curly. They’re such a rowdy bunch.”

    The man pulled a small glass case filled with water out from behind his back, a suited shrimp swimming around and wearing a top hat. He tipped said hat “No problem, young gent! It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. My, what an energetic lot- Ah, to be young again!”

    “You bought a mansion… from a shrimp?” Kuda sighed.

    “Uh, no,” Eebit rolled his eyes “I bought a mansion from Mr. Curly, fucking get it right you guys.”

    “... I’ll admit, he has a way with words.” Gold blinked “GAH- What is this disgusting feeling in my chest? What the fuck!? Is it heterosexuality!?!? BECAUSE OF A SHRIMP!?!?!?”

    Upon hearing the words ‘Gold’ and ‘heterosexuality’ in the same sentence, Rose whipped around distressed “What! No!” (Rose: do NOT sign me the FUCK up ??????????  bad shit ba̷̶ ԁ sHit ? thats ❌ some bad ??shit right ?? th   ? ere ??? right ❌ there ❌ ❌ if i do ƽaү so my self? i say so ? thats not what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ ? ? ??НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Bad shit)

    Gold meanwhile had sparkly anime eyes- Was this it? Was it finally her time? Her time to shine with the fire of a thousand flaming homosexuals? “Senpai?”

    Rose laughed “I mean- um- Now... who will be my Lesbian Best Friend?”

    “Fuck this shit I’m going to bed- Y’all need to stop fucking with my little gay emotions.”


    EDIT: People should hire me to title their animes
  2. LMAO. This was amazing... and inspiring. Thanks for giving Curly a soul.

    10/10 would curly
  3. Got a prompt for ya fam


    Write the tale of how Cody's family got murdered by groundhogs
  4. Yes.

  5. Haha, ok I don't know about the groundhog one anymore but I can probably squeeze a little something out for Eebit/Jonno

  6. Well then, I'll be looking forward to it, once you feel up to it! Why, it may even help inspire the masses for some new-found Faces of Eebit goodness. Quite an era is upon us. You're a part of the revolution. :5
  7. OK I really will start on that Pir-Eeb and PlantBread one this time, i gotchu fam, summer has freed me up...!
  8. OK I actually did it this time
    @Eebit @Jonno

    It was a cool winter night, with nary a soul in sight. The young captain was lounging around on the docks, not a thick article of clothing in sight despite the freezing breeze and the hoarfrost gathering on the chain-link fence between the pier and the town. Huddled as he was against a few crates, quietly ruminating on his ship, he nearly missed the sight of the figure passing by on the other side of the chain-link fence. Jake Fryer knew many things. For one, he knew commas. But if there was only one thing he knew surely in life, it was humans. And that silhouette was not a human. Or a comma. But that was besides the point. That was a creative joke based on the creative usage of a period/full-stop. But the Captain Fryer had no time for that either, as clever as it was, though if he had the meta-knowledge of his own text to know about it he'd surely think the writer a true queen of the creative arts.

    Anyways that strange silhouette was definitely not besides the point. See, it's in the middle of the sentence, clearly it's important.

    And so the Captain Fryer glanced at his boat before stumbling to his feet. He could see the figure moving about along the fence, his own feet guiding him towards it. Before he could get the drop on it, however, it turned to face him from a few feet ahead. The young captain's breath caught in his throat. It wasn't the fact that he had a green body suit covering everything below his neck. It wasn't the short, brown, bootleg fustanella at his waist. It wasn't the lines on his suit's sleeves made to look like the veins of a leaf. It wasn't the bread-shaped headpiece he wore. Nae, it was his beautiful face that caught the captain's eye.

    "Hello!" The strange man said with a smile.

    "Hello," Jake cautiously replied, eyeing his face "Who are you? Are you from the town?"

    "The town? I'm from where my roots grew. Definitely not a town, somewhere with soil." The man continued "You can call me Plant-Bread. And you? Where did the yellow daisy grow?"

    "I'm not a plant," The captain started, pausing at the look on Plant-Bread's face— his smile was still there, but his eyes said he wasn't buying it, for whatever reason "Well, I'm Captain Fryer."

    "It was nice to meet you," Plant-Bread answered, turning away "I've never met a yellow daisy before."

    The captain was about to argue again when he realized it was a foolish thing to argue about. He had bigger fish to fry— his lack of notoriety as a pirate, and the preparations for departure in the morning.

    "I'm a man who fries his fish or my name isn't Fryer!" He yelled as he stomped determinedly towards his ship, a fisher in the midst of getting out of his small boat eyeing him in confusion.

    ZEJ's next hit literary series, coming to a thread near you.
  9. I will alert the good Captain Fryer posthaste of this literary brilliance! :5

    I do love the meta-humour you sprinkle throughout your works. It's very fun! Good stuff, Moon -- I look forward to the next episode in this saga.......
  10. The community prompts.......... I deliver.....!

    Feel free to prompt more things for The Captain and the Plant-Bread! (CatPB????? CAT-PUB!?!?!?!?)

    So far, we've got Pirate-Captain!Eeb and Plant-Bread!Jonno, but other memes and users can of course join the fray at your request. Chapter 2 (Episode 2? Voyage 2? We could probably come up with some cool title for these) is currently our next step right now.

    So with that said, for those who do see this, here's the question of the hour:

    Do we want more??? (And also feel free to start dropping suggestions if you do)
  11. WELL in that case...!

    I think a visit from the Magic Mudshroom is in order, for sure.
  12. @Eebit One heaping helping of Mud, comin' right up...!

    The next morning, the good Captain Fryer awoke slowly in his quarters. In a truly graceful, near-sensual sight to behold, the captain tumbled to the floor in a mess of three different sheets.

    "I'm up." He called to no person in particular, very much still lying down.

    Slowly clambering to his feet, a difficult three minute maneuver (a true record, might he add), Jake Fryer kicked open his door and proudly gazed upon the deck of his ship. The area was immensely busy, bustling with his list of workers that was at the terrifyingly amazing numerical amount he enjoyed referring to as "jack shit."

    Well, actually, maybe he didn't quite enjoy it...

    OK so maybe he very definitely hated it.

    With a stiff sigh, he ventured back into his quarters. After a few minutes, he re-emerged in his morning clothes, comma-printed nighties swapped for… well, the average layman's clothes, plus cheap sheath and knife. His kerchief was comma-printed, however! What a glorious count towards the overall swagger of his outfit. Tying it to his wrist (the world deserved to bask in the glory of his hair, thank you very much), Jake rushed down to the port.

    With a quick glance to where he'd seen the strange man last night— Plain-Beak? Plan-Bark? Plant-Bread, right! — Jake hurried past the chain-link fence and into town. Sauntering into the pub, the captain leaned cooly against the door-frame— nearly getting knocked over when a rowdy bunch entered from the door behind him.

    Let's try that again.

    Leaning once more against the door-frame, the captain coolly cleared his throat "I'm looking for—"

    "A crew?" A mysterious voice interrupted.

    Jake turned his head, spotting the source of the voice. He was beginning to think that men like Plant-Bread weren't that rare of a sight. This new character, instead of Plant-Bread's green bodysuit and bread helmet, wore a headpiece of a more… fungal nature. The captain assumed Plant-Fungus or something of the sort was probably his name.

    "Well," The captain chuckled smoothly, leaning further on his arm "I am, actually."

    "Mmm," The man hummed, sitting stiffly at his table with his eyes closed "I figured."

    "Hey, hold on—" Jake yelped, nearly falling over from leaning too far "How'd you know? Are you— Is it like, fungal power? Are you psychic!?"

    "No?" The man scrunched up his face, opening his eyes to give an incredulous glance at the captain "I heard from some fisher. Jack, right?"

    "Jake, actually."

    "Jake?" Mysterious Fungus Man questioned "Not Jack?"

    "Yes. Jake, not Jack." The captain insisted.

    "Jake… Never heard of it."

    The captain rolled his eyes "Well it's Jake. Not Jack. And before you even ask, I'm not a daisy."

    "A daisy?" The Fungus Man shot him a weird look.

    "Oh, um…" Captain Fryer scratched behind his neck "Nevermind, don't worry about it."

    "Not a daisy…" The man whispered, turning quickly to Jake "A fungus!?"

    "What, no— Stop!" He waved his hands around impatiently "You heard about the crew thing?"

    "I could provide you with a crew." The Mysterious Mystery Mister Mushroom whispered "By tomorrow."

    "You could... For what?" Jake narrowed his eyes.

    "Free, probably." The man said, doubting Jake had anything valuable.

    The captain beamed, extending his hand "It's a deal, uh—"

    "Magic." The man beamed, shaking Jake's hand "You can call me by my last name, Mudshroom."
  13. Shit. I've seriously been gone since July? wtf

    Anyway, I'm glad that I could come back to the quality that is Plant-Bread and good ol' Fungus giving our beauteous protagonist a warm welcome whilst betwixt in his search for a crew! What a lovely sight this all truly was. 

    "Nae, it was his beautiful face that caught the captain's eye."

    OH BABY. This is signature-worthy.

    >Thinking I would legitimately pay Gold for a full book of this.

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