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Kudamon's Index of Entities

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Keileon, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. ● 40 Ahriman ●

    Roleplay Type: Freeform/Statform/Chatplay
    Hex Color Code: #2E5A65
    Battle Theme:
    Used in: Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay

    Level 15 [Unused]
    Name: Ahriman
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Level: 15
    Next Level: 0/54

    Host Name: Brenna Kieran
    Host Gender: Female
    Host Age: Appears 13

    Profession: Corvid Recidivist (The one who claims this profession is a highly intelligent raven which revels in the death and destruction he causes on the battlefield through his human puppet.) [Pestilence II]
    Job Promotion: Corrupted Familiar - Corvid Recidivist - Plague Bringer - Forgotten Creator
    * Pestilence II: Negative status inflictions caused by the user last for an additional turn. Basic Attacks have low chance of Taint and low chance of Poison.

    Weapon: Turqoise Choker (A beautiful turqoise gemstone resting in a sterling silver pendant, used to channel mana from the raven, through his puppet, and at the target.) [+2 Atk / +6 Int] [4 Cells] [Arcane Element] [Chance of Stun]
    Armor: Gothic Dress (While in reality hundreds of years old, this black silk-and-lace dress is preserved so perfectly it may as well be new.) [+4 Def / +4 Spr] [+10% Evasion] [Resist Dark]
    Accessory: Skull Headpiece (A ribbon and skull adorning Brenna's hair, Ahriman's magic has given it an eerie sort of aura...) [+10 HP / +10 MP] [+2 Int] [10% Chance of instantly upgrading status afflictions]

    A-Ability: Atramentous

    + Ebenum Flagro: A blast of black fire is shot at the target, scorching exposed flesh and potentially crippling them. 120% Int damage. Chance of Burn. Chance of Blind. Range: 2 cells. Element: Dark. 11 MP.
    -- Exuro: So many stories end in fire, and this is no exception. High chance of upgrading Burn if the target is afflicted with it. All stats decreased by 10% (infinite duration, nonstackable) if this effect activates when the target is afflicted with Severe Burn. Range: Set. Element: Fire. 8 MP.

    + Psyche Shatter: The raven's cry has long since stirred fear in humans- and this particular specimen seems to incite something far worse with his shrieking call. Lowers Int and Spr by 10%. Chance of Confuse. If Confuse succeeds, lowers Spr by an additional 10%. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. 12 MP.

    + Rake: Ethereal talons reach out to grab the target, gripping them tightly enough so as restrict movement and hinder ability to fight. 120% physical Int damage. Chance of Immobilize; if Immobilize succeeds, the target has a 30% chance each turn (for the duration of Immobilize) to be unable to act. Physical attacks from the target have Damage Output lowered by 10%. Range: 2 cells. Variance: 10%. Element: Arcane. 12 MP.

    + Opportunist: Prepares magic that makes one more limber and agile when striking, whether it be physical or magical offense. Increases Basic Attacks by 1. User cannot be affected by effects that prevent Acting. Stack Limit 2; lasts 3 turns. Range: Self. Element: Arcane. 16 MP.

    + Caliga Cross: Two merciless slashes cut across the target, rending flesh and leaving the wounds open to infection. 2 hits. 100% physical Int damage each hit. Chance of Wound. If Wound succeeds, the target has a 10% higher chance of being affected by a physical, negative status affliction for the duration of Wound. Range: 2 cells. Variance: 10%. Element: Dark. 14 MP.

    + Cornix: A chilling caw rises into a chorus as crows of dark mana materialize around the battlefield, frightening those of weak will badly enough that the user seems to actually gain power from it... Chance of Fear. User regains 5% max HP for every affected target. Range: All enemies. Element: Dark. 28 24 MP.

    + Skillful Strike: The user watches his targets intently, marking their movements, before using the observation to his advantage to make his attacks more effective. Raises Critical by 10% and gives skills a 10% higher Hit Rate. Discards negative Variance results. Effect lasts 3 turns. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 16 MP.

    + Requiem: A sorrowful sound seems to emanate from the user's host, the poor girl staring ahead with her glassy brown eyes; the tune she hums is sweet and longing, yet haunting. A shiver runs up the spine of the target that is lulled into a lowered guard by the girl's song. But a piercing strike lashes out at the target's distracted mind, momentarily stifling any sort of free will as the raven's magic takes over. For 3 turns or until the target takes damage, the user may channel his A-Abilities through the target. The target's movement is determined by the user and it cannot use its own Abilities. Range: Infinite. Element: Arcane. Hit Rate: 80%. 32 27 23 MP.

    A-Ability: Corvid Corruption

    + Noctis Devorabit: When one feels that Death himself is nearby, one may find that it is, instead, just me... not that that's any better for you. Heh. 130% Int damage. Increases Critical by 20% for this skill only. If the target is KO'd by this skill, the user absorbs the excess damage as MP. Range: Adjacent cell. Element: Dark. 19 MP.

    + Reaper's Scythe: The inevitable fate for any poor mortal- the scythe of Death himself. I'll try my best to emulate it, if you need an example~ The user unleashes a hard slash of dark mana in a sickle-shape at the target. Traces of the energy linger in the target's wounds, slowly draining its strength... before flaring up for extra damage. 150% bypass Int damage; target Protection Value = (Def + Spr)/2. Target loses 10% max HP and dominant offensive stat per turn for 2 turns. After the second turn, target takes damage equal to half of the damage initially taken from this skill. Range: Linear 3 cells. Variance: 20%. Element: Dark. 20 MP.

    + Misfortune: Among other things, ravens were often considered omens of ill fortune. There's a reason for that. Lowers target's Critical, Evasion, and ability to resist negative status afflictions by 10% for 3 turns, nonstackable. Nullifies Sure Hit. Range: 5 cells. Element: Dark. 19 MP.

    + Obstruction: Raises a magical forcefield around the target, blocking them from their allies as the user is able to do what he pleases. Target is unaffected by all positive effects from Abilities for three turns. If the target is hit by a physical attack, there is a 20% chance of the attack shattering the barrier and dispelling the effect early. Range: 5 cells. Hit Rate: 90%. Element: Arcane. 28 24 MP.

    + Inexorabilis: A shriek and flash of black feathers as this spiteful raven takes vengeance on whatever poor soul dared to strike him, he who is the very embodiment of death and disease and destruction... at least, Ahriman thinks so. The user rockets at the target, a beast of black energy ready to make its attack and put the mortal in its place. "I will kill you." 150% Int damage; an additional 20% piercing Int damage each turn for 3 turns. Chance of Taint. The target may not be revived if KO'd by this skill. Range: Last character that damaged user. Element: Dark. 30 26 MP.

    R-Ability: Accursed Phoenix: When the human puppet this raven uses falls by battle, he abandons his host- for the moment- and concentrates his energy on reviving the girl. When Ahriman would be KO'd, he survives with 1 HP and cannot be KO'd that turn. For 3 turns, he is unable to use Abilities and is afflicted with Frail. At the end of these 3 turns, he immediately regains 25% max HP.
    -- Tenebris Pestis: Ahriman has a 10% higher chance of inflicting any sort of damaging status affliction.
    -- Hurried Death: As long as Ahriman is Critical, he is automatically bestowed with Haste.
    E-Trigger: Possidetur a Corvus: The user can possess any non-boss target, leaving Brenna marked as a Neutral character. In turn, Brenna acts through a determined AI* with otherwise full access to Ahriman's usual Abilities. Ahriman controls and has access to all Abilities of the new host except for X-Ability and O-Abilities. If Brenna gets KO'd, the user is forced into his R-Ability and loses control of the new host. If the new host is KO'd, the user repossesses Brenna, dispelling this E-Trigger. The user must have at least two Enemy characters to choose from to use this E-Trigger, regardless of the intended target.
    X-Ability: Volendi Ruinam: Battle always results in the object of my desire- yes, yes, when one's life is hanging by a thread, when the carrion birds swoop down out of the sky... Yes. That is when I arrive. That is when you look desperately at the human puppet, almost begging for your life... But you won't get it back, no. I'm afraid that I cannot spare lives. Am I the Reaper? No, but I come damn close. 150% piercing Int damage. High chance of Doom. A target KO'd as a result of this X-Ability act as if Charmed by the user for 3 turns, before returning to KO'd status. Range: Infinite. Element: Dark. 10 X-Levels.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 40 (+10 Skull Headpiece)
    MP: 80 (+10 Skull Headpiece)
    Atk: 5 (+2 Turqoise Choker)
    Def: 11 (+4 Gothic Dress)
    Int: 18 (+6 Turqoise Choker) (+2 Skull Headpiece)
    Spr: 11 (+4 Gothic Dress)
    Evasion: 10% (+10% Gothic Dress)
    Critical: 9%
    Movement: 2 (+0 Corvid Recidivist Profession)

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 13

    *Brenna will not attack or use Abilities unless provoked: this includes being attacked, being targeted, and being caught in the splash range of an attack. Until provoked to attack, Brenna will continue moving away from other characters and will attempt to stay out of direct attack range. She will not respond to IC actions and will not interact with the battlefield. She will not activate an X-Ability, but will activate Special Command: Cycle Mana! when her current MP reaches an unusable amount, or at random times until provoked.
  2. ● 41 Rykon "Cross" Fulva ●

    Roleplay Type: Freeform/Statform
    Hex Color Code: #A30808
    Battle Theme:
    Used in: ZEJ Statistical Contest ~ Iteration 1

    Unused [Level 9]
    Name: Rykon "Cross" Fulva
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Level: 9
    Next Level: 0/36
    Appearance: Tall and lanky, Rykon has bright red hair, matched by the fur on his ears and tail, though these also hold black fur. Both of these are long, and his ears usually perk straight up or slightly forward to pick up the noises around him. While the ears are black-tipped, his tail merely has a ragged black stripe taking up about a third of its length. His hands are clawed, and his left permanently sustains a bad burn, which translates into black fur in his feral form. His eyes are centrally heterochromatic; the iris is sky blue near the pupil, but closer to the edge it is much darker.

    In his human form, Rykon typically wears a seafoam-to-azure gradient shirt that holds a strange, deep red marking. His jeans are an intense cobalt color and his shoes are black with red markings; in addition, his facial expression is usually one of confusion or distraction, or panic when startled. In his feral (fox) form, he is a typical (if somewhat large) red fox, a member of Canis Vulpes Vulpes. His fur is long and somewhat ragged, but his build is still nimble and slender. Unlike his friend Keileon, his claws are not terribly visible in his fox form, instead only coming into view when Rykon is startled or afraid.

    Profession: Red Fox (An otherwise normal member of the species Vulpes Vulpes, the one who claims this profession has taken a mostly humanoid form and has the strange ability to affect the concentration levels of those around him.) [No Weapon]
    * Job Promotion: Red Fox - ? - ? - ?
    Armor: Stitched Clothing [+2 Def/+2 Spr] (Sturdier than rags, at least, but still not terribly strong.)
    Accessory: Snapped Collar [+10 HP/+1 Def] [Lowers probability of Rykon taking negative effects from his own A-Abilities by 10%] (A broken black collar with a shattered yellow gem attached to it; Rykon carries it as a memento and reminder of past difficulties.)


    + Focus: The user enhances the target's concentration, making their attacks more likely to hit. Target's next offensive Basic Attack or Ability gains Sure Hit and has a 5% Critical boost. Effect cannot be stacked. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Distract: The user affects the target's concentration, hindering their battle skills. Target has a 20% chance of cancelling either its next Act Command OR its next Move Command(decided randomly upon use). Can be stacked up to 80%. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Reflex: The user focuses the target's concentration into following enemy movements, improving the target's dodging skill. Target gains a 15% boost to Evasion and is immune to Critical Hits for 3 turns. Effect cannot be stacked. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP.

    + Transfer: The user selectively chooses to transfer a beneficial mental effect from himself to an ally for a short amount of time, losing them himself for just as long. The user transfers one positive mental or user-originating effect from himself to an ally for three turns, including the effects of R-Abilities and S-Abilities with currently active effects. The user does not benefit from the chosen effect as long as this skill's effect is active. Range: Ally within 5 cells. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Redirect: Directs the target's attention elsewhere, leaving their concentration solely on on a single target. The first target acts as if the second target is the only enemy. The two targets cannot be allied with each other. The first target has a 20% increase in damage output when attacking the second. Effect lasts 3 turns. Range: Two targets within four cells of the user, not allied with each other. User can target self. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    + Analyze: Sharply increases the user's focus on a single enemy, analyzing it to determine its strengths and vulnerabilities. Determines a single enemy's Weaknesses and Resistances, as well as status effects it is vulnerable to. When attacking the target, allies gain a 20% boost in Damage Output when using Basic Attacks or Abilities that it is weak to, and a 10% higher chance of inflicting statuses it is vulnerable to. Effect does not stack. Range: 4 Cells. Element: Neutral. 14 12 MP.

    R-Ability: Defectum Retrahitur: Whenever the user is targeted by a negative mental status effect, he has a 50% chance of evading it and a further 50% chance of redirecting it to his attacker if evaded(if applicable).
    -- Distineo: Enemies within 2 cells of the user have a 20% chance to cancel their Act commands. Passive.
    -- Distracting Aura: The duration of negative mental effects inflicted upon the enemy party is increased by 1 turn 2 turns.
    E-Trigger: Refoveo: Refreshes the duration of any positive effect or buff and makes the target immune to negative mental status effects(including existing) until the last effect wears off. Targets the user and a radius of 3 cells. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Caper Emissarius: Removes all negative mental effects from the user and his allies and transfers them to the enemy party in a random combination. Targets are random and one target cannot take on more than 3 effects from this X-Ability. Effects not transferred to the targets due to the limit are still removed from the party. The user cannot induce any effects the turn after this X-Ability is used. Range: Self, all Allies, random Enemies. Element: Neutral. 10 X-Levels, one Use Counter.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 35 (Snapped Collar +10)
    MP: 55
    Atk: 6
    Def: 8 (Stitched Clothing +2) (Snapped Collar +1)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 9 (Stitched Clothing +2)
    Critical: 7%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (Red Fox Job +1)

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 8
  3. ● 42 Ryouta Meifeng ●

    Roleplay Type: Freeform
    Hex Color Code: #8D6B48
    Battle Theme:
    Used in: Quirenyun's Imprinted

    Quirenyun's Imprinted
    Name: Ryouta Meifeng
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Stoic and stern, Ryouta is more reserved and disciplined than his younger sister, Ziera. He does have a rarely-seen tender side, which he only ever shows to Ziera and occasionally his faithful falcon, Katsu. Aside from this, Ryouta is methodical and focused almost to the point of being cold, his current task at the forefront of his mind, everything else second in importance. This makes him a natural leader, though it doesn't earn him many friends. Despite his sister's cheery optimism, Ryouta is bluntly realistic, often bearing harsh truths and opinions that nearly always turn out to be surprisingly accurate.

    -- Heightened Vision, Hearing, and Reflexes:
    Due to being in the minds of hunting birds for so long, Ryouta's vision and hearing are nearly equal with those of Katsu. His reflexes are also extremely fast, and his augmented abilities are further along than Ziera's due to more experience on his own part.
    -- Avimpery:
    Like his younger sister, Ziera, Ryouta has the ability to communicate with and control birds. He uses this ability for combat and scouting, but unlike Ziera will not hesitate to control birds to offer themselves up as food if Ryouta or his allies need it. Similar to his sister, Ryouta has a powerful bond with one bird in particular- in this case, a Lanner Falcon named Katsu.
    -- Quarterstaff:
    Unlike many other soldiers, Ryouta does not carry firearms. Instead, he fights using a long staff with a sharpened metal point on the thinner end, and more-than-decorative ribbons on the other end. These ribbons are used primarily to tell the direction and velocity of the wind, but have bells tied to the ends to call attention from his teammates or his birds.
    Combat Style: Ryouta is as stoic and determined in battle as he is at ease. He is also extremely coolheaded in the heat of combat- where Ziera will press on against an enemy in a potentially hopeless battle, Ryouta is more apt to call a tactical retreat to better assess the situation. When actually in combat, he often closes in with an opponent, striking with his quarterstaff while Katsu distracts the enemy.
    History: TBA
    Trivia: N/A
  4. ● 43 Thandavi Mrithyukuli + Wolves ●

    Roleplay Type: /Statform
    Hex Color Code: #281B39 | #991E32
    Battle Theme:
    Used in: Mirror Magic: Dreams of a Resolution

    Thandavi Mrithyukuli
    Name: Thandavi Mrithyukuli
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13

    Class: The Ensorcelled: Driven by demons, a frenzied dance kills all; macabre wolves pulling the chariot of the world's end and enjoying every drop of the spilled blood along the way. A howl chills the bone, a glare freezes the soul, and a snap rips the flesh. The dance of the apocalypse spins throughout it all, her will tossed by the whim of the hounds she appears to be master of. [Basic Attack: Img]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Smoky Quartz Crystal [+1 Img] A shard of black Smoky Quartz. It is said to banish negative energy... but concentrate it if it has not been cleansed.
    Armor: White Dress [+1 Rsl] A deceptively innocent white dress.
    Accessory: Maleficent Hood [+5 DP] A black hood that Thandavi wears like a hat most of the time. It somehow radiates evil.

    + Raktabīja: The demon of regeneration and spilt blood is the first to let itself loose, to savage the foe, to unite all good with its destruction. A manifestation of one of the most malignant of states of mind, conceit, Raktabīja focuses on self–preservation, while aiming to bring the world all around crashing down onto its knees. Summons Raktabīja; as long as he is on the field, Thandavi's Basic Attacks have low chance of Wounded. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.
    + Jīvachaura: The demon of theft of life–force and possession wax vicious as the Ensorcelled's power grows. When awakened, their lust and greed for life–force which is not its own turns it and its puppet bloodthirsty, as they command the dark arts to appropriate hope and light from the faces of others, simper sinisterly as they see their foe reduced to a mere shell of their former self. Summons Jīvachaura; as long as he is on the field, Thandavi's Basic Attacks have a chance to drain half of the Total Damage inflicted as HP Healing. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.
    + Ananyavadhī: The third demon, easily the most ferocious and hardest to control, is the demon of pure rage and fear. Exuding an aura of sheer, unadulterated evil, Ananyavadhī strides the narrow world, a colossus, and mows down all in its path to shreds. Insurmountable at the art of blind murder and destruction, this monster as contained must be let out rarely, if not never, for the pure power of which it is made can spontaneously reduce entire galaxies to stardust. Summons Ananyavadhī; as long as she is on the field, Thandavi's Basic Attacks have low chance of Insane. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Aghatrayatvam: With each demon that joins the fray, the pack's power grows. Every time Thandavi summons a demon, she and her demons gain a (cumulative) 10% increase to their dominant attack stat.

    H–Skill: Thandavastram: And when comes the end of the world, a dark dance sets the beasts loose on mankind, that will bring about the destruction of all. Frozen by the malevolent majesty of demonic presences, the poor victims who take the harshest effects of the apocalypse will be unable even to scream. For those that can still wail, they do with heart-rending intensity, feeling their energy drain away with every step they take... Chance of Obsolescence. High chance of Leaking. Range: All enemies. Element: Darkness.


    HP: 19
    DP: 26 [Class: 21; Maleficent Hood: +5]
    For: 2
    Luc: 2
    Img: 5 [Class: 4; Smoky Quartz Crystal: +1]
    Rsl: 6 [Class: 5; White Dress: +1]
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 2

    Name: Raktabīja
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown

    Class: Dark Triumvirate ~ Blood Seed: Futility, draining of life, and ultimately destruction are all that await those who dare stand against the demonic canines who, together, dance to bring about the end of the world. A powerful and dark entity regenerates, letting the poor mortal waste its energy before finally, cruelly yet somehow mercifully, killing it. The sweet release of death eases the exhaustion away into the black oblivion, the final emptiness of the void... [Basic Attack: For]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Tenebrous Claws [+1 For] Dark, shadowy claws that seek out the victim's weak spot, eliciting the shrill cries of fright and pain that the demon thrives upon.
    Armor: Fog Pelt [+1 Luc] Fur giving off a constant shroud of smoky mist, hiding it from its victims until it is too late.
    Accessory: Triad Mark [+5 HP] A demon's mark to instill the beginning of entropy and destruction.

    + Vrthatvam: Even as one inflicts physical wounds to the demon, his spirit remains unfaltering and indifferent to the pain. A fanged grin is all that greets those that try to harm him; these cuts and bruises are mere scratches to him, and heal even as the opponent watches. Maddening, is it not, how nothing you can do to me will last? Do not fret, little pest. You shall be freed from your misery very soon. 100% For HP Healing. Range: Self. Element: Darkness. 9 DP.
    + Pratitadam: For men may come and men may go, but evil does persist; the forces come to rise against shall here themselves desist. For one mere touch to the umbral fur and light shall die of rage; the unholy fear that strikes all hearts shall dominate this stage. Bestows Reciprocator. Range: Self. Element: Darkness. 13 DP.
    + Raktabijatma: A steady wave reaches out from this demon to its companions. Their souls, however corrupt they may be, resonate with one another. A shudder and a veil of dark light; the demon's allies are bestowed with a regenerative property befitting this blood-demon perfectly. Raktabija and all Synchronized allies within Celerity range are bestowed with Healfont. Range: Celerity range. Element: Darkness. 13 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Baddhatma: When Raktabīja is summoned, he and Thandavi are Bestowed with Synchronized.


    HP: 25 [Class: 20; Triad Mark: +5]
    DP: 20
    For: 3 [Class: 2; Tenebrous Claws: +1]
    Luc: 6 [Class: 5; Fog Pelt: +1]
    Img: 1
    Rsl: 4
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 3

    Name: Jīvachaura
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown

    Class: Dark Triumvirate ~ Lifetaker: Futility, draining of life, and ultimately destruction are all that await those who dare stand against the demonic canines who, together, dance to bring about the end of the world. A cunning and sly entity sings the death of its foes, a mournful howl chilling the blood and sapping away the victim's life force, and its will to fight back. And the more the howling beast croons to the mortals, the more in strength it ultimately grows... [Basic Attack: Img]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Tenebrous Voice [+1 Img] A dark, shadowy voice that seeks to destroy its victim's mind with a chilling howl, marking eagerness to kill.
    Armor: Shadow Pelt [+1 Rsl] Dark fur imbued by shadows themselves, melding this creature in with the inner darkness of a terrified victim's mind.
    Accessory: Triad Mark [+1 Img] A demon's mark to instill the beginning of entropy and destruction.

    + Glanikararesham: Let yourself go, see your fears realized in front of your selfish eyes. A single clear note rises into the air, causing such an intense feeling of fear that the victim is momentarily unable to move. Dropping to its knees with its hands over its ears, the panic-stricken soul's will to fight is drained away, leaving nothing but a quivering target at the mercy of the pack. Chance of Petrified. Range: 4 cells. Element: Darkness. 15 DP.
    + Haranalapanam: The clear howl rises to a fever pitch, this time truly inflicting damage upon the soul. The victim wails in unison with the demon, feeling its very life drain away. Even after the cry ceases, an aftereffect echoes around the inner confines of the mortal's consciousness, a constant reminder of the lasting effects of the macabre scream. 120% Img damage. Chance of Drained. Range: 3 cells. Element: Darkness. 12 DP.
    + Sphutachatu: Fear and the stealing of life is not enough for Jīvachaura; the beast must target the victim's dream, its mind, the very essence of what separates humans from lesser creatures. A cacophony rends the heart and enters the soul; a predator's cruel grasp seems to tear the very fabric of the mind to shreds before deftly retreating to admire its work. Energy trickles faintly away with every move the afflicted makes; though perhaps not enough to matter immediately, over time the effects are certain to be felt... 120% Img damage. High chance of Leaking. Range: Adjacent. Element: Darkness. 12 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Baddhatma: When Jīvachaura is summoned, he and Thandavi are Bestowed with Synchronized.


    HP: 20
    DP: 20
    For: 2
    Luc: 2
    Img: 6 [Class: 4; Tenebrous Voice: +1; Triad Mark: +1]
    Rsl: 5 [Class: 4; Shadow Pelt: +1]
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 3

    Name: Ananyavadhī
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown

    Class: Dark Triumvirate ~ Destroyer: Futility, draining of life, and ultimately destruction are all that await those who dare stand against the demonic canines who, together, dance to bring about the end of the world. Nothing but pain and death at the fangs of a vicious and brutal entity, who seeks only the warm splash of fresh blood against its coarse muzzle. Death does not come swiftly enough for some, and while this creature prides itself in killing, sometimes it just cannot help but stop to enjoy the pleading screams of its victims, a plea to end the pain... [Basic Attack: For]
    Level: 1
    Level XP: 0
    Skill XP: 0

    Weapon: Tenebrous Fangs [+1 For] Dark, shadowy fangs that seek out the victim's throat and gleefully rip it to shreds.
    Armor: Skewer Pelt [+1 Luc] Sharply matted fur tinged red by the blood of mortals who met their ends at the fangs of a demon.
    Accessory: Triad Mark [+1 For] A demon's mark to instill the beginning of entropy and destruction.

    + Charmani Asthi, Ayasi Kittam: Mortals scattered by the plague of decay, succumbing to the rending power that this demon prides itself on. Their thoughts crumble before the wolf, their sanity slowly shattering into irrational notes and fragmented thoughts. Lucidity slowly fading before the might of insanity, the delusions of darkness. Permanently lowers target's Luc by an unstackable 20%. Range: Adjacent. 9 DP.
    + Anadhruvam Apakshayam: Pulse of death, decay, destruction; the body itself revolts against the energy, before revolting against itself. For the body cannot heal when it cannot comprehend its wounds, or its enemy. The monster's tactics to kill and torture the helpless victim work perfectly in synch, for a wounded animal that cannot heal can neither escape nor prolong its certain death. Chance of Healstopped. Range: 3-cell radius. Element: Darkness. 10 DP.
    + Vyadhakopahasam: Run, until the silence splits you open, until the pain puts you underground. Entertain me with your foolish pleas for help and mercy, for someone to spare you your life of the world of torture it is my joy to put you through. But know this, O senseless prey: know that there be no further roads left for you to run. No roads but one. Leaping at the victim, the demon slashes deep and true with her fangs. Blood drips down the dark fangs as the corners of its mouth twist upward in a crazed, macabre grin. The beast remains utterly silent as it waits for its prey to fall. 120% For damage. High chance of Wounded. Range: Adjacent. 12 DP.

    R–Skill: N/A.

    P–Skill: Baddhatma: When Ananyavadhī is summoned, she and Thandavi are Bestowed with Synchronized.


    HP: 20
    DP: 20
    For: 7 [Class: 5; Tenebrous Fangs: +1; Triad Mark: +1]
    Luc: 3 [Class: 2; Skewer Pelt: +1]
    Img: 3
    Rsl: 2
    Fcs: 5
    Clr: 3
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