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How is the above user going to die?

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Moshi returns to his homeland of Japan and is nina'd when he steps off the plane cause he looks like a 'Merican.
  2. I kill him... That is all... lol
  3. It was Chris McCandless.

    You're going to be executed while I'm reigning queen of Greenland.
  4. I become jester of Greenland but somehow fail to amuse Rose so I get executed too... And then other staff attacks in revenge or something?
  5. * Zygardia stabs her with a flaming pitchfork
  6. Zygardia gets fired from the famous Greenland cannon of perpetual confusion, being flung right into the grill of Mr.T wearing a kilt.
  7. I'm sorry...that's a showstopper for me....
  8. I'll destroy you by cutting you down Ruby Rose's Scarlet Rose scythe, of course. Chop you into little itty-bitty pieces!
  9. Mr.T then slowly turns to you, giving you a suggestive wink, striking that famous Marilyn Monroe pose, making a comment about how "both" his mowhawks are chilly, forcing you to have a heart attack. 
  10. i forget who you are
  11. Will probably die by acute sleep deprivation caused by oversaturation of shitposting.
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