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Fire in the Sky

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Rose, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. "Hm. Something is telling me that this is important. Very important. I'm not sure what it is, but we're going to find out. That's what my gut is telling me. So, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have to establish a way of contacting each other when we figure it out." Bridget pulled out her phone and unlocked it, opening up her contacts and hitting "new contact" before passing it to Luna. "Digits in each other's phones. If you hear about anyone else mentioning these things, you hook them up with us. And you keep it top secret from now on. If anyone you mentioned it to before asks, you threw it out. Got it? Deal?" she looked around at her three companions, like she was starting a cult or a secret society. It made her feel awesome.
  2. "Yes ma'am!" Luna silently said as she mock saluted "But... Well-" She cleared her throat to make sure she had everyone's attention, feeling a little sure of herself now that she had something slightly important to the discussion to mention-

    "Do we agree that it is an egg? Or at least- very much resembles an egg?" she waited for everyone to give there reply.

    "Then-" she passed Bridget's phone to the next person along with her own "... OK I know it sounds dumb- but- what if it does hatch?"
  3. James reached to pulled out his phone, but Gabe beat him to it. "You don't even check your phone anyway," the younger brother pointed out. "Hell, it's not even on half of the time." As such, James didn't get any numbers that day.

    And then Luna brought up a pretty important point. If it did hatch into something, what would they do? They lived in a small apartment in one of the more crowded areas in town. Keeping it at their place was not an option. "We'll just have to figure it out from there," James said with a shrug. "I doubt it will, though."
  4. "... What--" Luke was handed the phone. For a minute he looked at Bridget as if asking "seriously?" before he finally sighed and punched in a phone number. Handing it back to the girl, he said, "Text, don't call, I don't usually answer calls." With that done he sort of leaned back against the soda machine, watching the group with a bored, though vaguely annoyed, expression.

    Luke raised an eyebrow at the mention of the egg- if it was an egg- hatching. "I... really doubt that's going to happen, Luna," he stated rather flatly. "It's not as if any of us thought to put the things in an incubator or under a housecat or something."
  5. "What if it doesn't need one? Maybe it's ready to go. Who knows? We'll find out. But I'll shoot you all a message if anything happens. Or you do it first. Whatever happens, happens." Bridget shrugged. "But we approach this with utmost secrecy. Got it?" She looked around at her new acquaintances warily. She had her doubts about that Luna girl, but given the nature of the rest, they should be okay. The bell rang, and people started leaving lunch to get to class. "Okay, I'll see you around then. I'll hit you up, and if nothing happens, we can laugh this off and proceed about our lives." She waved, and headed out of the cafeteria.

    The mystery of the eggs bothered her for the rest of the day, and combined with that Friday feeling, it made the day drag on slowly. Bridget was relieved when the time came to go home, and sat with her earbuds in on the bus ride home, deep in thought. Music helped, but by the time she walked in the door of her empty house, thousands of ideas had blown through her head. She went straight up to her room to check on it, and she realized not a single one of them was right.

    The egg had hatched alright, and a little lizard thing with wings was walking on her floor, whining and squeaking for food. It was the same color as the stone: a lovely and rich red. Bridget let out a scream and slammed the door and leaving the thing inside. With shaking fingers, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and found the three numbers.

    "Holy shit." she typed, and pressed send.
  6. Luna went through her final classes scribbling in her notebooks. There wasn't much left to learn and her mind was occupied with the egg. It had been a while since she had played DragonsBane, and she muttered thoughts to herself as she sketched a dragon- wings half folded as it rose through the sky, surrounded by fire.

    "What if the egg turns out to be a dragon..."
    "... I should by marshmallow's on the way home... and break some twigs..."

    As classes finished, Luna hurried to her bike, determined to get home early. After what could only be described as Peddling Hell, she stopped outside her gate and pulled the bike onto the lawn. Her grandfather was awake and seemed stressed, only muttering out a quick "Hey Lou." before turning back to his newspaper. When she went inside, she could see her grandmother enjoying a cup of tea. After a short exchange, Luna scampered up the stairs to her room, her grandmother looking at her from the corner of her eyes.

    Her pocket buzzed as she made her way up, and she pulled it out- a shocked message from Bridget appearing on screen. She heard a low purr from her room and her heart quickened with panic. She slipped inside to find a small maroon dragon- it's underbelly and paws fading into black- clawing gleefully at the cat bed where she had left her egg. Said egg now lay in pieces around the creature.

    The reptile froze and unfurled it's wings, a puff of smoke escaping it's nose as a low growl rumbled from it's throat. It turned towards her, hissing. Her conscious told her not to, but as she reached for a nearby floor lamp, she used her other hand to quickly send a message-

    "I. Freaking. Told. You. So."
  7. The rest of the school day passed as it had begun: Luke sitting through his classes, being bored and a bit of a smartass. Nothing eventful happened, though he found his mind trailing to the stone- the possibility of it being an egg. But what could hatch out of an egg like that? Certainly not a chicken.

    He caught a ride home with a friend, not talking much. When he finally got inside his house, his mother looked up from the couch, smiled a greeting, and said, "Hey, Luke. Blaize has been scratching at your door since noon." Luke peeked into the hallway, seeing the german shepherd in question looking at his door, whining. Luke clicked his tongue at the dog, who turned quickly, barked, and ran over to his owner. He scratched Blaize behind the left ear before heading to the room himself. He had to keep the dog from following inside, but he managed to close the door and tossed his backpack onto the bed, immediately booting up his computer without actually sitting down.

    He didn't actually notice anything amiss right away, instead walking over to his shelf and grabbing his sketchbook. From his bed came the muffled ringtone of his phone, still in his backpack. Rolling his eyes- it was the default ringtone for people he'd just added, so he knew who it would be- he walked over to his bed, fumbled with the bag's zipper for a moment, before finally finding his phone. Bridget. He pressed the button to open the text up, but was interrupted by another one, this time from Luna. Luke frowned. Was something--

    A rasping noise from under his desk made him freeze. He didn't turn around. He didn't even look at his phone. All he did was groan, look at the ceiling, and say, "Why." The creature behind him reacted to the sound of his voice, leaping onto the nearby shelf as if trying to gain advantageous high ground. Luke actually looked at it now- a small, reptilian creature covered in oil-slick midnight scales broken by thin black stripes on its back. Luke blinked and literally dropped his phone on the ground as the reptile slowly opened membranous wings and looked at him with bright yellow eyes.

    "Literally why."
  8. The day went by as normal. Thankfully James' teachers excused his lateness and tiredness during class, instead complementing on his performance during lunch. Not-so-thankfully, the fangirls were quite rabid today, not letting him get a moments rest. The president had to chase them away for him and got an awful lot of smack talk for it. The brothers didn't go home until much later, club stuff and all (although the president did let them leave a bit early after telling off James again), so they were pretty confused when they had received texts from Bridget and Luna. (James almost got in trouble for speeding on the way home.) They rushed into their apartment, receiving some odd looks from their neighbors. The main living area looked pretty clean...

    The sound of a guitar crashing into the floor caught their attention. James had some acoustic guitars hanging on the wall of their room. Cautiously, he cracked open the door, peeking inside. There, triumphantly sitting on the remains of one of James' guitars was a small, winged dragon with shiny golden scales. "Shit," James cursed, looking back at his little brother, who was busy texting the others.

  9. Bridget heard scratching at the door, and more whining. She warily opened the door, and slipped inside to look at the creature after shutting the door. She knelt down and offered her hand to let the little creature on. It sniffed at it, and finally stepped on. She lifted the little thing up and stroked it along the spine with her finger. It was acting like a little cat and arched its back as she ran her finger down it. It looked up at her with bright and curious red eyes, and let off a series of several squeaks and jumped on her shoulder.

    She couldn't help but laugh, and then it sneezed and a small flame erupted from its mouth and nose. It dissipated in midair before it reached anything, and she was lucky her hair was pulled into a french braid because she was too lazy to straighten it. "Whoa, sweetie." she said, and took it off her shoulder. "Come on, let's see if we can get you some food." Bridget brought it downstairs to the kitchen and pulled out some turkey lunch meat. Not the best option, but if lore was right, they liked meat. She decided one slice would do the trick, and she put it on the counter and let it eat. It scarfed it down quite happily as Bridget pulled her phone out.

    "Watch out. Mine almost caught my hair on fire. They like meat. I gave it some lunch meat." she typed in the new group message and put fire emojis in it.
  10. Luna put down the floor lamp when she saw that the- well, dragon- was looking more defensive than offensive. She looked at the text from Bridget as her phone played "Mind Reader" by VersaEmerge. "Meat..." She thought aloud before grabbing a bit of paper to write on.

    "ACK- Paper cut!" She winced and let the paper fall, the dragon rushing forward and lunging at her. She fell from her standing position onto her butt, pinned against her closed door. The dragon hesitantly licked at her blood, letting it stay on its tongue for a second, before gleefully swallowing.

    She slowly wrote another text "Umm- I think mine likes blood."

    The dragon nuzzled into her side, purring contently as it wrapped itself around her leg. She slowly reached to scratch under its chin. Just like her old cat, the dragon seemed to enjoy it. She watched as it flicked its tail back and forth. It slowly breathed out- a small puff of air with a slight blue tint seeping out. Somehow, it caused a nearby fly to zoom away.

    "I think it breaths some sort of bug repellent, too." She texted her partners.
  11. Gabe headed to the kitchen, searching for meat to draw the creature out of their room before it made any more of a mess. He took some raw chicken (their father often used it as bait when he went fishing on the lake nearby) and tied it to fishing line, gently tossing it into the room relatively close to the dragon. Its head perked up and it moved from its perch on the broken guitar, desiring food. He led it out into the hallway, where it devoured the chicken leg triumphantly. "Good dragon," James said, reaching out to pet the creature.

    The dragon hissed, backing away from James and letting out a horrendous, ungodly screech. It was deafening, to say the least. In a panic, Gabe took the fishing like and wrapped it around the creature's muzzle to shut it up. (Thankfully its scales were tough enough to keep it from getting cut). "Well, damn," James muttered. He could hear the neighbors complaining through the walls, quickly shouting back an apology for the noise while Gabe texted the others back.

    "Ours is fucking loud 0/10 would not recommend"
  12. Luke's phone went off at least three times as it lay on the floor, and the dragon's golden eyes darted to the device, narrowing in dislike for the noise. It gave a loud trilling rasp, opening its mouth wide and displaying several small, but very sharp white fangs. It flared its wings and jumped off the shelf as if attempting to fly, but promptly fell on the ground. Luke stared at it in disbelief for a moment as it righted itself and tripped over its wing again.

    "Clumsy little guy, aren't you?" The boy said in a tone akin to the one he would use with Blaize. He bent down and reached for the dragon to pick it up, but the reptile whipped its head at the approaching Luke and let off a small burst of... what seemed to be static electricity? Luke quickly backed off and held eye contact with the creature for at least ten seconds, before slowly reaching for his phone.

    The dragon growled quietly as if expecting more noise to come from the phone, but Luke simply flipped it open and began typing, his eyes only flicking from the dragon to the screen every few seconds.

    I'm afraid mine's going to cause a power outage.
  13. Bridget looked at the text messages that seem to have different accounts of what their little reptile was up to. This made things more difficult.

    What I've deduced from this is that each one probably has different powers. What color are yours? she sent out again.

    As she watched the little creature look around for more lunch meat, another thought hit her like a freight train. A really big one. One that scared her more than the fact that there was a fucking dragon on her kitchen counter.

    These things... are going to get bigger. These are babies. They're going to get bigger, stronger, and faster. This is fucking insane. Another text message that freaked her out.

    She grabbed a few more slices of lunch meat and put it in a Ziploc bag before bringing it and the little dragon upstairs. It made its way back on to her shoulder and curled up in the crook of her neck where it was warmer. She pulled her phone out again to send one more text message.

    Mine seems to really like cuddling??? Maybe it likes being warm. It's a little cutie though. May not be cute for long, but cute for now.
  14. "My dragon's all maroon, but then it's underbelly and paws start fading into black." She sent a text as the dragon let go of her leg and stretched like a cat. It then surprised her by dashing up her arms onto her shoulders, curling around her neck, it's head resting on her chest.

    "It also likes to curl around things alot. Like my leg. Or my neck. It's- oddly cold though."

    The dragon licked at her neck contently and she sent another text "And also licking."

    She bit her paper cut, opening it with a suppressed scream. She shook her finger a bit before bringing it to close to the resting dragon's mouth- who began to drink from her cut like it was a baby-feeder.
  15. Luke's phone went off several times more in quick succession, causing the little dragon to hiss in annoyance, which seemed to cause Blaize to begin barking loudly on the other side of the door. The boy could hear his parents saying something from the living room, but between the barking, the hissing, and his ringtone it was impossible to decipher.

    Luke turned his phone volume all the way down as he and the dragon continued staring at each other. After a few minutes of the phone not going off again, the dragon seemed to calm slightly, and eventually Blaize walked away from the door. Hoping things were settling down a bit, he read his messages, then sent out one of his own.

    Dark blue, black stripes, yellow eyes. Really seems to hate noise and tried to zap me when I reached to pick it up. Doesn't really act hungry right now. He pushed send.

    There was a brief moment of wonderful silence as the muted phone didn't startle the hatchling anymore. The reptile was nosing around the corners of the room, investigating shelves and bags while Luke sat on his bed and watched cautiously. Then a thought struck him and he sent another text.

    Guys I have a dog what the hell am I supposed to do
  16. "Ours is just gold. I don't think it likes us very much, though."

    The dragon let out a muffled cry, trying to get rid of its muzzle with its little arms. It walked up to James, nudging his leg slightly as if trying to coax him into removing the line. "No," was his simple answer. Apparently unamused, it headbutt his ankle. Ouch, that was going to leave a bruise. James yelped, leaning against the wall and squeezing his ankle. "God-fucking-damnit."

    Gabe's phone off went off a couple of times and he read the messages aloud. "They better not get any bigger," James muttered, rubbing his ankle. "We live on the second floor of a small apartment building, for fuck's sake." After hearing Luke's text, he couldn't help bu stifle a laugh. "Well then, he's prett' fucked. Probably not as fucked us, though."

    "Deal with it, man. We live in a tiny-ass apartment," Gabe texted back.
  17. Red, with darker red scales mixed in on occasion. she answered to all of them.

    Bridget looked at the little red dragon. "You are causing a lot of trouble for something so young." The little dragon hiccuped again as a response, sending some flames out again and narrowly missing her ear. "Quit the fire. You almost burned my ear off. I kind of need that." she scolded as it curled up again and fell asleep on her shoulder. Gently, she stroked it again, and it let out a light and happy purr in its sleep. She swore she could hear baby dragon sounding snores in there too. "Adorable. Maybe you can stay. If you don't set my house on fire."

    Bridget stood up and went to her bathroom to get several soft washcloths, and to her sister's room to get a shoebox out of her closet that her mom saved in case of random school projects. Somehow she managed to keep the dragon asleep, even when reaching up to get the box. When she was back in her room, she neatly arranged the washcloths in the box to make a nice little bed, and carefully lifted the dragon off her shoulder and into the box before covering it with another one. This won't last long, but it will last long enough for them to think of a plan.

    Once it was settled, she pulled her phone out again. I have a vlog. And parents. And a sibling. Which you guys should too, or at least have guardians. Sorry if your parents are dead, don't pull that cliche on me right now. I think we're all fucked.

    Anyone have any ideas on what to do? I'm fresh out.
  18. Luna looked at the messages before looking down at her dragon. She texted back "I'm going in. I only have grandparents, and I'm 70% sure I can make them think that this is a normal lizard. They would find out eventually anyways."

    Before getting up, she sent another text "Probably will convince them."

    She stood up and gently took the dragon away from her neck and held it with crossed arms, like she would a cat. Opening the door to her room, she gently went down the stairs, into the living room. Her grandfather had come back inside but was still reading his newspaper, her grandmother was enjoying a cup of tea while reading over her grandfather's shoulder. She knelt down in front of the coffee table and held onto the dragons arms, tapping them on the table.

    As her grandparents turned she made a cute voice for her 'actor' "Hello~ I'm Bloody, and I'm a-" she quickly thought up a lizard "Komodo Dragon! Mummy's found me in need of home and adopted me for free! I don't eat alot of food and am pretty calm!" she moved the dragon around as she spoke.

    "I'm also a special breed that had wings!" she tried to make an excuse as she realized that her dragon did indeed have wings "May mother keep me?" she peeked her head out from behind Bloody, her grandparents watching intently.

    "As long as you clean up after it." Her grandfather smiled and went back to his newspaper.

    "Oh, Lou! I always wanted a lizard when I was little!" Her grandmother clapped her hands.

    Bloody made a bark-ish noise and moved it's hands happily as Luna's grinned and ran back to her room.

    "I DID IT." Luna texted to her team "I am now the offical owner of Bloody, who is a rare type of 'Komodo Dragon' guys!" She fell down onto her bed, Bloody crawling on her stomach before curling up. She had expected worse but it had gone better than expected. Downstairs her grandmother set down her tea cup and began to write a letter to her friend, her grandfather glancing at the stairs before going back to his paper.

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