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Fire in the Sky

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Rose, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. A man in a grey cloak stepsup the front porch stairs. He whisks out a wooden box about the size of a music box with a small tag tied to it with a red ribbon from his bag. She’d handle this one perfectly; of that he was certain. Now he just had to deliver the other packages. At the top of his bag was one with a golden ribbon, a maroon ribbon, and a midnight blue ribbon. Underneath he knew he had a pink one and a black one, and a few others he wasn’t planning on giving out yet. It wasn’t the right time.

    He set the packagedown on the doormat, and with a dramatic turn of his cloak that caused a light swooshing noise, he stepped away from the mat and disappeared to deliver the rest before they got home and saw him and asked too many questions. Now was not a time for questions; it was a time for action.

    Bridget was glad to finally be home after a long day ofschool. People were annoying as usual, and there were the usual odd happenings from her friends and her teachers. She enjoyed learning, but sometimes the stupidity that emerged from the mouths of her peers was astonishing and almost headache-inducing. Sometimes she wondered how she managed to get through the day without cleansing her school with fire.

    She stepped up her front porch stairs and found a wooden boxon her doormat. She bent down and picked it up in curiosity, and found the tag. Bridget Moore. She checked her phoneand looked at the date. There weren’t any important holidays coming up since her birthday was in October and it was currently mid-February, and Christmas had already passed. There was no return address or anything about who the sender was on the package either, which made the appearance of the already weirdly elegant box even weirder. With a shrug, she brought the box inside and disarmed the alarm system in her house and took care of letting her pet Yorkie Jordan outside to use the bathroom while she ate a snack. She named everything after literary characters and this one was named after Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby.

    When Jordan was back in the house she untied the pretty redbow delicately and removed the lid. Inside was a small, egg shaped stone that could fit in the palm of her hand. The stone was a lovely bright red and gleamed in the sunlight. It certainly was an odd gift, and she looked in the box to see if there was a note. Nothing but the cushion the stone was resting on. Bridget knocked on the rest of box to try and find a secret compartment only to find nothing before giving up and bringing it up to her room before her mom had a chance to come home and freak out about the mysterious gift.

    The box was tossed in a corner and the stone set on her deskbefore she started brushing her auburn colored hair with red on the inside layer close to her neck and tidying up her makeup after a day of wear before setting up her video camera. Today was a Thursday, and that meant she had to make her weekly vlog. She was in the thousands of subscribers on Youtube, which wasn’t as nearly as awesome as some of the other famous Youtubers, but she was a fast climber and that was catching more attention.

    She spent about two hours shooting takes and lacing thedecent ones together into a four and a half minute video, and was working on her homework when her mom got home. 

    But her homework was barely on her mind,and the thing that consumed her mind was that silly little stone. Who sent it? What did it mean? Why her? These questions kept her up all night until she forced herself to sleep.
  2. Luna slipped through the rusting black gate, making sure not to awaken her grandfather sleeping on the porch. She stalked past bushes and crawled up the stairs, quietly opening the old door of her grandparent's  small house, like a true spy-

    "Hello, dear." she froze and peered up at her grandmother, looking down gently "It's fine. Your father didn't call today- Your grandfather isn't going to be crazy when he wakes up."

    She wiped the sweat from her brow and sighed "Well that's good. Honestly though- if all he's gonna do is inadvertently provide proof of what a terrible person he is- Why does he bother calling?"

    She slipped upstairs as her grandmother came in, her now awake grandfather behind her "Oh! And there was something out here for you too! I put it on your desk sugar!"

    She nodded to her grandmother before continuing up the steps and into her room.

    Plopping down her bag on the ground beside her, she booted up her laptop and checked through her mail. The only thing of interest was a promo announcement for the online game DragonBane- which she would compete in once she finished her homework... hopefully.

    One of her friends, an avid fan of some "Bridget" from school had sent a link to something as well.

    Although friend was an exaggeration. They only had each others mails because of a project.

    She clicked on the link and was guided to some vlog.
    She was sure she'd seen the girl at school, but she clicked off as soon as she began talking- because she noticed what her Grandmother was talking about.

    A cute little box with a maroon ribbon.

    She scanned the tag "Luna Butler" and in small letters underneath "Black-Moon" her handle for the game she had received the promo for. There was no mention of a special gift...

    She opened it and found a small round egg, the surface cool and spotted with dirty maroon specks.

    She grinned "Definitely a promotion item."
    She tucked the egg in a small fluffed bed beside her own- originally for a cat she had a couple years ago.

    Stretching she quickly zipped through her homework before plopping onto bed, turning off the light and lazily wrapping her self in her blankets like a 'burrito'.
  3. "You should've gone to my concert, you bastard."

    James chuckled nervously as his classmate, a violinist, began prodding his cheek with a pencil. He knew that she was joking when she insulted him, but he didn't want to have his hair pulled out again. "I'm sorry, okay? I had to finish that book for English."

    She flicked him on the forehead. "That's what you get for procrastinating~! It's was fucking amazing too, especially with the student spotlight-"

    "Oh yeah, wasn't that Justin Santos?" One of the other students she had invited to the concert butted like it was anyone's business. "That was so good. I thought but James was the best when it came to guitarists, but-"

    Someone's phone buzzed; it was the violinist's. She checked who it was from. "James, did you forget to turn your phone on? It's your brother. He's done with club."

    James pulled out his phone. It wasn't off, but on silent. Five new messages, all from a certain Gabe Richards. He was in the same building as them, why didn't he just come to the room if he knew he wasn't answering? Lazy bastard. "...Right. Are you two gonna ride with us again?"

    The ride back home was an awkward one, at least for James. The violinist and the other guy peppered the conversation with vivid descriptions of Justin's performance. He didn't want to show it, especially with his little brother around and with the fact that he was driving, but inside James was sulking. He dropped the two home at their respective places, before heading off to their apartment. It was easy to say that he was surprised when he saw the small box at their doorstep addressed to a certain James Richards. It wasn't a special day or anything, so what's with the box...?

    "Maybe it's from one of your many admirers," Gabe joked.

    "I'd rather not deal with stalkers," James replied.

    He waited until they were in their room-their apartment was pretty small so the brothers had to share-before opening it. Inside was a small golden stone, which appeared to sparkle in the light. There was no hidden note or anything, just the small stone and its cushion.

    "Maybe it's chocolate. Can I taste the stone? Because I'd taste the stone."

    "The stone will probably kill you," James deadpanned.

    After much discussion on what to do with the stone, the brothers agreed to just leave it on the desk in their room. And, for once, James decided to do his homework right away instead of procrastinating like hell. His eyes kept on darting from his homework to the stone to his guitar sitting on its stand. He'll need to practice more later.
  4. Lucas sat backwards at his desk chair, hands and chin resting on the chair's back, staring thoughtfully at the object on his desk.

    He had skipped school that day, not wanting to deal with all the chaos that it entailed, feigning illness after one of his friends had taken ill the day before. It resulted mostly in him sitting around his room, sketching eldritch monsters or doing some gaming (on his computer and a handheld system, depending on his mood) and the occasional bowl of soup from his mother. Keeping up the act was easier than pretending he cared about what his teachers were going on about, at least.

    Of course, this meant he was around all day. So he was around when a package arrived for him; he'd been sitting at his computer, playing a children's card game on some website, and pretty much destroying his opponent when his mother walked in and placed a box on his desk. He ignored it for a few minutes, but once his opponent was defeated, he'd actually looked at it.

    The box wad unremarkable, but tied with a long, dark blue ribbon. Inside of it had been an egglike stone- but aside from its shimmering navy surface, it was as plain as the box it had arrived in.

    And it was this stone Luke was staring at.

    Too smooth and light to be a rock. Too big and hard to be a chicken egg. He didn't want to break it, so he couldn't tell if there was anything inside. There had been no note.

    He left the room once to take a shower, but otherwise he stayed at his desk, either trying to figure out the object or getting distracted by games. Even as it began to get late he didn't bother with bed, as he'd always been a night owl. His teachers were used to him arriving late anyway, if he arrived at all. First period study hall and all that.
  5. Bridget arrived at school the next morning with a coffee clenched tightly in her hand. That damn rock had kept her up for half the night, leaving her to only have four hours of sleep. She stopped for Starbucks on her way to school, and ordered a venti mocha latte. It was one of those days where she wanted to be left alone by some of her adoring fans at school, people stopping her and saying "Hey Bridget! Awesome video yesterday!" and other people shushing them and saying that they had yet to see it. She gave them the best smile she could manage, and took a big gulp of her latte as she walked to class.

    How she made it through the first half of the day without sleeping in class was a mystery to her. Halfway through first block her coffee was gone and she was forced to survive off of the caffeine running in her bloodstream. Her fingers were twitching and she was tired and awake at the same time. And finally, the sweet tune of the bell ringing for lunch called her name, and she went straight to the cafeteria and sat at her usual table with her best friends: Grace, Clara, Mario, and Eric. Bridget sank into her chair and put her head on the table.

    "Bridget! What's wrong?!" Grace asked, putting a hand on her friend's back.

    "Four hours of sleep and a venti latte from Starbucks isn't enough." she groaned back.

    "What, were you up late making that video last night? Which was hilarious by the way. Have you gained more subscribers?" Mario added.

    "535 overnight, and probably some more while I'm here. But no, I wasn't up late making my video. Some weirdo left this rock thingy on my doorstep in a box. But in like a nice box with a ribbon and my name on it. It was red and shiny and actually really pretty, not much bigger than like a paperweight or something. I don't know who the hell would have left it for me. Was it any of you dorks?" Bridget looked up and looked at each of her friends suspiciously. All looked confused.

    "Maybe one of your subscribers thinks you're hot and sent you a gift but was too scared to put his name on it." Eric offered.

    "Except that would be creepy and I would have to call the police or something."

    "What did you do with it after you opened the box?" Clara asked.

    "I threw the box in my room and now the rock makes a nice tchotchke on my desk."

    "Throw it away when you get home. Maybe it's like a bomb or something. Now eat some food, you look exhausted and there's no way that coffee will last you until the end of the day. The food will help at least soften your caffeine crash." Clara forced Bridget up to the lunch line and helped make sure she at least got a sandwich. Bridget voraciously ate it up, which helped her energy some, at least enough to make decent jokes and thank random people who came up to talk to her about her channel. Most of her jokes were about that stupid rock.
  6. Luna awoke the next day and lazily brushed her short red hair. Poking her head out of her door, she noticed the door to her grandparents room was mostly closed- meaning that they had yet to wake. Sinking back into her room she pulled out her clothes for the day and silently went down the stairs. Before entering the bathroom she checked the clock on the wall, 5:00 am.

    She slipped into the shower and spent around 10 minutes washing up before changing and getting breakfast. After a quick meal of leftovers she went back up to lock her room before checking the answering machine.

    "Hey mom, dad. How's Luna? Anyways I'm in Vegas now! And I have to say, the ladies-" she stopped the message and left, pedaling to her faraway school.

    As she entered, she was forced to maneuver past Bridget and her swarm. She thought she saw a hint of discomfort in the other girls eyes but continued to class where she doodled in her book. Half the time she wondered if her teachers even learned what they were blabbering about. As the skinny man told everyone that Galileo was most famous for his helio-centric model, she sighed and raised her hand- correcting him as always.

    "That was Copernicus. And I'd say Galileo's most famous for his telescopes or Moon Sketches."

    At lunch she hovered around the back by herself, only moving to get a can if soda. It was during that time she ran into her only friend. Or well... More like just a team mate. A classmate she played with on a few games was at the machine as well and, out of politeness, she muttered out a hello.
  7. [♫♫♫]

    James barely got any sleep that night. He had recieved a text from the violinist late last night telling him to practice. They were going to do some advertising the next day. He couldn't stop thinking about the stone, about the many praises she gave Justin and his performance, he was tempted to sass at her and tell her to just ask him to do it, but he didn't want to be a sourpuss. All that morning he couldn't focus on anything, but since he was usually such a good student his teachers decided to let him off the hook just this once.

    Lunchtime. Time to get this show on the road.

    With a quick nod the brothers signaled their readiness. The violinist draped a banner over the table which read "Join the Light Music Club!" and gave a signal to a teacher, who some know as the sponsor of said club. James pulled himself on top of the table in the middle of the cafeteria, guitar in hand. Even if that Justin kid was better than him, not many people go to school concerts anyway. This was his time to shine.

    He plugged into an amp hidden under the table. He first caught the populace's attention with a long, strong strum, before going straight into it. He forgot all about his troubles: about Justin, about the weird stone he received yesterday. Gabe had trouble keeping up with him on his box; James was just so into playing then. By the time he was finished, he felt so good off the high of playing that he was completely deaf to the applause he received.
  8. It was business as usual the next day.

    And what that meant was Luke slept through his study hall, half of his math class, and was reasonably awake after that. His math teacher rapping on the desk with a ruler didn't really faze him, but getting smacked on the head with it- much to everyone else's general amusement- did. Which he responded to by doodling a particularly grotesque monster in his notebook instead of actually taking notes.

    Eventually it was time for lunch, which he usually ended up skipping due to the general noise in the cafeteria, but he was tired as hell and knew from experience that food helped with that. Grabbing his lunch and situating himself at a nearby table (alone), he scarfed down his food and quickly made to exit the giant, noisy room.

    Although he passed by the soda machine on his way out. Figuring the caffeine in his favorite soda would help some, he fumbled with his wallet slightly, pulled out some money, and inserted it into the machine. Luke grumbled a bit as it spat the dollar back out, smoothing the bill and trying again.

    At this point he was approached by a girl he knew vaguely. Her name was easy to remember; they'd played on a certain online game together a few times and her screen name, Black-Moon, was most likely based on her real first name- Luna. Clever, though maybe a tad unoriginal.

    He nodded a return greeting and gave a short "Hey" before turning to go, flinching at the sudden sound of a guitar. Glaring at the direction of the source, he saw what was going on and sighed. Great, the music club was advertising itself. Just what the sleep-deprived Luke needed.

    He sidled away into the hall connecting to the cafeteria, where the noise would be at least somewhat mitigated. Between the actual music and the applause, the boy wondered why he hadn't extended his "illness".
  9. Bridget groaned as music filled the cafeteria and the music club began advertising. "I'm tone deaf and school clubs are nothing but treble," she smirked at her friends.

    They shook their heads. "You make good jokes but terrible puns. Stop." Clara sighed.

    "Do you mean give it a rest?" And with that, Grace punched her arm. "Ow. Tough crowd."

    The bell rang for class and they retreated from the cafeteria, passing by the two at the soda machines as Bridget said "Well, I'm off to go stew over my eggcellent adventures with that rock in a box." she sighed. "And avoiding falling asleep in class."

    "Get a soda, it'll help keep you caffeinated for a while longer. Maybe not as much as say, coffee. But it'll help." Mario offered. "And also help you lay off the puns. You get punny when you're tired. It's not a fun thing to hear. And remember, it's Friday and you have all weekend to sleep." He gave her a pleasant thumbs up and a grin.

    "Yeah, sounds like a plan. You guys go ahead back to class. My art history teacher likes me well enough to forgive a tardy. Bye guys, have fun, make wise choices." Bridget dumped her backpack on the ground and dug in trying to find her wallet as her friends left, leaving her with a guy and a girl who seemed to be friends. 

    Weren't they in some of her classes? She thought for a second the girl was in her science class and constantly corrected the teacher. She was right, of course, but it kind of got on her nerves. And the boy was in her math class, right? There were so many people at this school who came up to her, she mixed up faces and names, and people were shocked when she forgot them. Hell, she even mixed up her friends sometimes. But instead of saying anything, she minded her own business and waited patiently for them to get their sodas without bothering them.
  10. Luna turned with a soda in her hand, face to face with Bridget "Ey, if it isn't... uh... Bridget?"

    "Er... do you- want this...?" she extended the can towards her classmate "I uh... I was going to drink it but the LM club ruined my mood. They should just beat it." she snorted quietly before covering her nose with her free hand, her face reddening "So yeah... er... if you would like this."

    "I've got nothing against the LM club- but I personally would rather have a rock club."


    She looked down and quietly pushed her hair behind her ear, a single red lock staying in front.

    As much as she didn't care about socializing- failing at it still made her feel inadequate "Light Music makes me think of my idiot da- ER- that is, Dan! Yeah, an annoying neighbor! heh... geez I suck."

    "Oh uh- did you make an egg pun? and mention some rock? Because I-" she looked up and felt as though Bridget was uninterested in what she had to say.

    "Er..." looking back down, the sudden silence leaving a bad taste in her mouth. She thought she was actually doing a bit better at talking to people-

    "Hey Bridget- um-" she quickly blurted out the first thing to come to mind "Bridget is an Irish name that means 'exalted one' it was the name of the Irish goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom!" her face reddened and she froze.

  11. Luke popped the tab open on the can of soda, leaning against the wall in the hallway and trying to ignore the noise that was the Light Music club. If they want to advertise or something they should try not to deafen their audience. He glanced up briefly as Luna was talking- or trying to talk- to some girl Luke vaguely recognized. Bridget or something.

    He went back to ignoring them for a few seconds, looking at a nearby clock and drinking more of his soda, but a select few words from the one-sided conversation caught his attention.

    "Oh uh- did you make an egg pun? And mention some rock? Because I-"

    Luke blinked and looked in the direction of the conversation again, his interest visibly piqued; he'd almost forgotten about that thing in the midst of the usual happenings at school. He still had no idea who'd even sent it- but if he wasn't the only one, then...

    Quickly downing the rest of his soda, he walked back in the direction of the two girls, heading for the trash can to not make it so obvious that he was listening in... on what had quickly become a very awkward attempt from Luna trying to keep Bridget's interest, if it even existed in the first place. He nearly sighed, but couldn't suppress a slight eye roll.
  12. As soon as the high of playing dissipated, James felt like he was about to crash. "Hey Pres, can I skip the rest of today? I'm fucking tired."

    "How long were you up for last night?" the violinist asked, pulling out her wallet and handing the boy a fiver. "Get yourself a soda or something. I'll tell Mr. Baird to sign your stuff so won't get in trouble." She turned to leave, but James grabbed her arm.

    "Could you please just listen to what I have to say?" he groaned, his annoyance quite evident. "There's just a lot on my mind right now thanks to you." He handed the five to Gabe. "Get me something to drink. Take as long as you like." The youngest brother nodded, heading towards the soda machines and occasionally looking back towards James and the violinist. He couldn't quite tell what they were talking about, but he could tell that he was telling her off about stuff.

    There was already a small group forming around the soda machines, and they appeared to be talking about their performance, although not necessarily in a good light. It was a good thing that Gabe went instead of James or the President, else there would be some fists flying and words spat from both of them. He hoped that they wouldn't recognize him as one of the performers; well, James stole the spotlight anyway. He just stood there, politely waiting for them to move, his attention perking when they started making rock puns. ...That wasn't a coincidence, was it?
  13. "Oh, um. Thanks. Luna, right?" she asked as she accepted the soda and opened it. "You're in my... science class, right? You keep correcting the teacher?" Bridget giggled and sipped it before the girl started going off on random tangents. She appreciated the pun she made, but somehow she devolved into her name's etymology. For a second, Bridget just looked really confused, and thought back for a second to see if the soda was open before she accepted it. It was, so that meant it wasn't laced with whatever this girl was smoking.

    But wait, didn't she mention the egg and rock pun...?

    "Um, yeah. I got this weird package yesterday. Had like a paperweight or something in it. But why people need paperweights is a mystery to me. Not very many people who would have a legitimate use for them have the windows open or anything to really need it, nor do they have fans or anything near their desks because they have air conditioning. Now, what I would use this one for is beyond me, but it was pretty so I kept it. Although my friends are saying I should throw it away." Wait, did this Luna girl know? Was she the sender? She eyed her suspiciously once again as she sipped her soda. She certainly was odd enough to send it, but maybe this girl had a reason. Or there were more.

    One of the members of the music club came by. The box beater guy. "Here comes treble." Bridget laughed a little. "I'm kidding, that was an awesome performance. I hope you get more members to join your club," she said kindly.
  14. Gabe recognized one of the girls; the president was a big fan on her videos. Her name was Bridget, if he remembered correctly. He resisted the urge to call her out on her terrible pun. "Thanks. Although my brother ended up stealing the show in the end, what a jag." He was joking of course, but he couldn't help but sound somewhat bitter. "I'm being an errand boy for him right now." He gestured to the soda machines.

    "You guys were talking about a rock?" he asked casually. "James got one yesterday. It was in a box at our doorstep. Thought it was from one of his fangirls, since they can get prett' creepy sometimes." He looked back at James and the president. To put it simply, it looked like she was so done with his shit.
  15. "Um-" Luna raised her hand, a habit she had developed when she first began to think she wasn't welcome in conversations "If... If I may- I got something yesterday too. It was a white egg, with um, maroon spots... I thought it was a promotional item. Because... I... I play an online game about dragons."

    At that point her self-esteem withered and she looked away, fiddling with her thumbs. When she felt that everyone had stopped paying attention to her, she began whispering to herself, using her mind to take her attention away from the crushing disappointment she felt from the failed attempt to speak.

    "Luna, Latin for 'the moon', the moon goddess, drove a white chariot..."

    "Lucas, variant of Luke, from a Greek name meaning 'from Lucania', a region in Italy... carried by Saint Luke..."

    "Gabe... short for Gabriel, from a Hebrew name meaning 'strong man of god',  one of the seven archangels, not common in the English-speaking world until the 20th century..."
  16. ... So I'm /not/ the only one, Luke thought to himself, tossing the empty soda can in the trash. At least three other students had gotten an egg- the corner of his mouth twitched into a grin at Luna's mention of that online game. He hadn't considered the possibility of it being a promotional item, but then he doubted the other students played it. Probably too busy with clubs and video blogs to have time for gaming.

    Luke didn't say anything though, not wanting to pull himself into the group by revealing that he, too, had gotten one of the eggs. For all he knew, it was a promotional item and someone in their household payed the game too. Instead he went back into the hall and continued watching the clock while listening to the group's conversation.
  17. "But... I don't play a dragon game. I don't play online games in general. I respect people who do because it's a big portion of Youtube and all, but I don't see why they'd send me a promotional item with no note and no indication it was from them. No notice or anything saying 'hey tell your subscribers to come play our game!'" Bridget said warily.

    "So... who else would have gotten them besides you, me, and the other guy? Or do you think we're the only people who got them?" she looked around the cafeteria as if others would come forward randomly. She looked at Gabriel. "Can you send your brother over here? Tell him whatever you need to, but maybe he'd have more of an idea of who could have sent it."
  18. "Oh!" Luna said, her voice louder than usual "Um- I mean- My grandmother! She... she put it in my room! Maybe... she could've seen whoever delivered it? Or maybe mine had a tag unlike yours and she removed it? I mean- It's a good lead, I guess..." she slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone, sending a message to her grandmother.

    "Ah- she replied... I thought she might be sleeping..." she read the text aloud-

    "I didn't see anyone, but there was a knock. And when I opened the door, there was little box. The only tag was the one you saw. With your name. Sorry, dear."

    "..." she stared at the screen "It um... It was a pretty dumb lead anyways... I didn't think the deliverer would have been seen... sorry..."

    She tucked her phone away, clearly disappointed "But I guess it isn't a promotional item. Since only me and Lu-"

    She turned towards her gaming partner with a sudden realization "Hey hold on- Did you get an egg too?"
  19. Gabe sighed, looking back towards his brother and the president. They appeared to be deep in heated argument, and Gabe really didn't want to interrupt those two. Instead, he took out his phone and sent the president a text (since James' phone was probably off). He watched as she pulled her phone out, shot a look at him, and pushed James towards the soda machines. The older brother groaned, shooting Gabe a nasty look. "What is it? We were talking about something 'mportant, ya know."

    "About the rock you got yesterday. The one that looked like wrapped chocolate? These guys got sumthin like it too." As Gabe finished his explanation, James' face turned from that of annoyance into curiosity.

    "'eah, I was wondering where that came from. Thought it was from a fangirl or somethin', but if you guys got one too then I guess that option's out. Unless we all got the same damn person stalking us."
  20. Luke groaned slightly as Luna called attention to him, then looked over and let the girl ask her question as if he hadn't already been eavesdropping. Walking over with one more hopeful glance at the clock above the lockers, the boy turned to face the group. "... Yeah, I got one too. A dark blue one. My mom brought it in when I was gam--" He stopped, clearing his throat as one of his teachers walked past. "... When I was sick."

    He watched the teacher walk past, then looked back at the group and shrugged. "I dunno. Probably plastic or something. It's too light to be a rock and no chicken egg is that big. Maybe an ostrich, but those aren't exactly common here. No seams on it either, so couldn't open it and didn't want to just break it."

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