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FE ~ Hollow Reflection

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Ziolang, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. A tail twitches with interest. "I am an enchantress by trade." Airakou speaks up after Ra'nun mentions how his glass materials are brittle and could not keep up with metals. She reaches behind, under her cloak, then pulls out her blade rifle. It's slick black glassy finish and black-painted wood blunt end of the weapon looked almost as if it were metal by how well polished she kept it as. Airakou places it on her palms and lifts it up a little, showing how much it weighed. Normally a weapon made of those materials tended to be a little lighter, but it seemed like this rifle was pretty hefty. "The lesser reaches of my enchanting skills cover reinforcing weaponry that automatically "refreshes itself" a set number of times, so to say that I establish a link between your weapon and your innermost energy reserves to keep replenishing the enchantment for the item's given refreshment duration and of course, how well you could handle sharing some mana with your weapon in the meantime." Airakou smirks with malicious confidence, closing her eyes and slips her gun beneath her cloak once again. She looks at Ra'nun with a brief spark of interest, but she quickly represses it and gives him a bored glance.  "Perhaps I will entertain the thought of allowing you to make me some obsidian addons to my rifle."
  2. Benson gives an apologetic nod to Airakou, but doesn't offer anything else. However as the two demonkin spoke, the revelation of her enchantment capabilities sparked the raise of an eyebrow. Interesting. A specialized glass smith and an enchantress. Very interesting indeed. "Well, it's been a long day. I have some other work to do, so Rhys here will show you to your rooms. There's a well just over there; some venison in the bucket and a ring for a cook-fire next to it if you're hungry." He gestures to the cliche-image of a well by the side of the clan hall and a ring of stones not twenty paces from the well. "We can discuss business and strategy tomorrow." He gives a short bow of respect and steps inside the hall, passing into the hallway toward the east wing.

    Rhys remained where he was, giving a polite 'after you' gesture. Rhys made no sound... at all. He didn't even seem to noticeably breathe.
  3. Ra'nun tapped his chin. "I have techniques that help with larger weapons and armor, but generally it is not worth it to spend days forging a single arrowhead." He considered her explanation a little more, but remained quiet and listened to her request as well. "Ah, yes. I haven't worked on a firearm for...quite a long time. I'll take a look at it once I have a work space set up." He scratched around the base of one of his horns absentmindedly. "We will discuss this again in the future," he added with a small grin. Benson's voice then diverted his attention.

    "Ah, it is nice to meet you, Rhys," the greyskin smiled, offering his hand to the alabaster man.
  4. Rhys glanced at the hand with his blank expression. For a moment it seemed as if he would ignore it entirely. Finally his mouth cracked slightly into what could have been a smile. He raised his own hand and cautiously clasped the offered one. The grip was incredibly weak, almost as if the hand weren't there at all, and there was no noticeable temperature emanating from it. He seemed to not want to perform such a ritualistic greeting and quickly ended the handshake.
  5. "Interesting, so you have worked with firearms. Very well. Once you are up to the challenge of working on my rifle, I will be there to supervise you while you work on i--" That venison really did sound very tempting. So tempting that it made her stop at her tracks once Benson mentioned it. Airakou could feel her mouth water with the mental image of a cooked slab of meat laying on top of a nice china plate with a nice hot/sweet sauce and a berry puree. Or maybe within a soup-- no, even better, bread soup with chunks of venison and carrots. Oh how the female demonkin gave off a little sigh, turned away from Ra'nun without a word, and walked where Rhys directed them. She could hear her stomach growl, making the girl mutter a  "Silence, organ." to herself. Their rooms awaited, but Airakou couldn't really expect a luxury suite for her. Even though she thought that would be the least she deserved. 

     Today shall not deter me. I will not react badly to this....sub-par area. I better not.
  6. Ra'nun nodded. "If you'd like," he responded. She turned and followed Rhys to their new rooms. It appeared to be a series of small dorms designed for two people. Figuring the female demonkin would prefer her space, he walked past the room she walked to, and left his things next door. He dropped his weapons on the floor, sliding them underneath his bed, and pulling his boots off. He massaged his feet for a moment, glad to finally give his poor feet a chance to rest. He was slightly hungry, but he'd been so used to the feast and famine method from living outside of civilization that he probably wouldn't eat again until tomorrow. I should probably try and become more associated with Airakou and Benson. And probably Rhys, as well... he thought to himself, falling softly on the bed. Perhaps I'll do it later. A yawn escaped the demonkin's lips, and his eyes slowly closed.
  7. Benson sat behind his fresh-cut oak desk, his elbows resting thereon and his hands open before him. Held within, a pocket watch ticked along its merry way, dutifully recording the present state of time. The watch was rather intricate and decorative; made of pure silver with the emblem of some kind of four-legged beast creature on the front cover. Open, the visible clockworks consisted of three hands of different sizes and speeds. There were nine symbols around the circumference of which were used to track some kind of time-scale that didn't seem to match up with Vansyr's solar cycle. Inside the front cover was a painting of a woman holding a baby no more than a few months old. He smiled as his finger traced along the sunflower blonde hair of the woman who smiled at him with silver-blue eyes.

    "Rhys..." Benson looked up from the image to the man he already knew was standing in front of him. "Can you hear me?" The alabaster man didn't move, his expression didn't change, nothing. Benson sighed, looking over the watch again. "Do you have a family? Anything?" He brushed over the sleeping child in its mother's arms. "Rhys please..."

    --- Nightfall ---​

    Rhys sat alone on the front porch. He wouldn't sleep, he never did. He watched the night as Benson slept, a true challenge that took many months to master. The alabaster man watched in silenced. 

    An image of a woman came briefly into Benson's dreams.

    Rhys's forefinger twitched.
  8. Nothing more than a slight, barely-visible violet shimmer marked anything amiss in the night air. Caligan carefully and silently walked a perimeter around the wooden building, hidden by illusory magic that was the cause of what would look almost like heat-shimmer. The Sarkiri noted an individual on the porch, which would make approach difficult from the front, but he'd been trained so that wasn't an issue whatsoever.

    For a moment Caligan crouched by a tree, keeping his clandestine observance from a distance. The figure wasn't moving. Now motionless, the shimmer of air that hid him would vanish, minimizing the risk of this lone sentry spotting him. Watching the target building and formulating how to enter undetected was always the longest, if not hardest, part of his job.

    ... He didn't really have that job anymore. But old habits die hard.
  9. Airakou felt the lone chills of the night brush up on her skin as she slept. As opposed to having her hair free while sleeping, the woman bundled up her hair in a bun that stuck to the side, not so much to graze her horn and cause a disturbance. Airakou's  arms lightly slopped over her rifle while her feet were barely up against the wall. Clothes were neatly folded and draped with her cape, indicating that she was pretty organized. A set of fingers gripped the fur of the bed harshly. Airakou gritted her teeth, then relaxed as she woke up. Groggily, the demonkin woman blinked once and looked at her hand, then rolled over onto her bare back and observed the ceiling of the room, then the walls illuminated by the moonlight. 

    Airakou gives out a sigh. 

    "...I can do better..." she mumbles and closes her eyes. One deep breath in, one out. Everything was alright. Her tail swishes over to swipe a thin blanket to cover her nude form, then she curled up to try and sleep again...even though a heavy feeling was pressing down in her stomach. Her thoughts briefly shift on her new clanmates..

    and she smiled lightly before attempting to sleep again.
  10. Rhys scanned the night with his blank expression. It was peaceful, he always found nature more appealing through these eyes. Something about this pale form gave gave him a unique form of view. It was as if all life had a hidden spark of indescribable, invisible, and yet unique and distinct beauty. Like... an aura? A glow? Faint yet true enough. Perhaps it was a mere side-effect of these eyes, but there definitely a... pulse? As if every leaf was reaching out with its essence to connect with those around it. Every creature attuned itself with the land. Every stone offered solid assurance of its presence.

    Benson smiled in his sleep, rolled over, and snored a little.
  11. The figure wasn't moving.

    Caligan would have growled if he wasn't set on being silent. As it was, he narrowed his eyes slightly, willing the sentry to leave. He'd have to go around and find another entry point. Hoping the man wasn't paying too close attention to the trees, Caligan touched the grass in front of him with his right hand and crept to the side, adopting a slow, quiet, sightly quadrupedal gait.

    It reminded him of hunting Kovulzel back on Ceskion. But at least then, he had a handful of other hunters to help flank the prey and cut off escape if the prey spotted them. Here, he was alone. If the Sarkiri was noticed, the sentry would likely sound an alarm or worse, attack. Alert prey, unknown prey. Take cover. Caligan crept to the left a few feet and ducked behind a tree, peeking around it to watch the figure for any sign of reaction.
  12. Rhys could see the slight haze of an aura expertly maneuvering through the foliage. The aura was soft- was the being able to minimize its presence? Regardless, Rhys, as always, showed no signs of reaction or even true individual cognizance. He simply stared blankly into what was definitely supposed to be darkness by this time of day. It was always hard to tell through those hollow eyes. They slowly scanned the distant. Finally, Rhys turned about and went back inside the clan hall, doing so by very slowly pulling the door open and it closing equally as slow behind him.

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