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FE ~ Hollow Reflection

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Ziolang, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. "Rhys!"

    Benson Eilevoa marched down the short hallway. He buttoned his black-striped burgundy undershirt as he moved, a red over-jacket hanging over one of his arms as it awaited its turn. His amber eyes scanned the length of the hall and the room he soon entered into; a kind of open, part-entryway-part-gathering-hall rectangular shape. The room was about thirty large-strides long and fifteen wide, with four bark-stripped tree-trunk beams in each corner. Despite how many times he swept, the floor was still showed signs of dust and wood chip scattered along the unpolished planks and under the scattered chairs and pair of tables. The building itself was newly constructed and unfinished--it hadn't been water proofed yet--with three distinct sections: The main hall he now stood in, and two rooms of similar size connected to the main hall on either side via hallway. The east wing, where the man had just come from, was made of the same wood as the rest of the building. The entire wing was slightly smaller than the hall, but it was divided in half; the entrance leading into a smallish room with a desk, some scatterred papers and a shelf or two. This operated as a makeshift office. Another door within the wing opened into an attached bedroom with a small fireplace.

    "Rhys!" Benson called out again as he entered the main hall, before catching sight of the man he was after. Rhys was shorter by nearly three inches, with longer white hair that matched the white of the clothes he wore. His pale skin was almost as white as his apparel, and even his eyes were an alabaster color. The man turned at the call of his name but said nothing; he never said anything; just a simple nod was all he offered.

    "Rhys, I need your honest opinion." He finished buttoning his shirt as he spoke, put on the red jacket, and adjusted the brim of his hat. "What do you think? Got it in Skor the other day for a steal." Rhys glanced over the suit from the polished shoes to the extravagant hat, but offered nothing more than the briefest of smiles. "I know, it's perfect. Now I can look the part!" Rhys nodded in agreement and Benson hastily made his way to the double-door entrance. "Hold down the fort while I'm out!" He called back before stepping into the fresh air.

    The entrance opened out onto a nice deck space with a couple chairs on either side. Benson eagerly took the six steps off the deck two at a time, but couldn't resist pausing to glance backward at the building. It wasn't much to be honset; it was entirely timber made put together by a handful of lumberjacks from Skor. It was more like a cabin than a clan hall; built up on the side of a hill. The main hall made up the center, and you could see the outer walls of the two hallways on either side that connected to the smaller rooms. It wasn't very attractive, but it was his.

    The region itself wasn't much either; trees scattered among rolling hills with a split river cutting between them. The clear landscape ought to attract farmers, and later merchants and businesses. He could picture it now; over there on that eastern hill would be the windmill, surrounded by golden grains drifting lazily in the wind. And there near the base of that hill would be a forge with strong men working all day to supply the metal goods the town would need; maybe a craftsman or two housed next door to them. And here in the center would be a much larger, grander clan hall with people bustling in and out, going about their business. They'd travel down this dirt path--it'd be a full road by then--and maybe take their trade down to Skor, or Helderset. Merchants would come, bringing their exotic wares and spinning tales of lands traveled, with bright-eyed children reveling in the adventures. Yes sir, his clan will be the talk of the capitol. "Yeah... that will be the day."


    Half-day's walk to town. Skor was by far the nearest at only 18 or so miles. It was mostly farmland as they supplied most of Helderset's grain crops; which was another dozen or so miles. It was a good town, though. More farmers came to Skor on an annual basis, lmost like clockwork. And with expansion meant a better chance of possible candidates for the clan. For now, though, Benson kept a truce-like alliance with Skor's clan, which was actually based in Helderset. Well, not so much a truce as a "they don't know I exist so have no reason to fret over me" relationship. The people of Skor only know Benson as the out-of-town nicely-dressed man claiming to lead a clan 18 miles out of town. No biters yet.

    He sighed as he passed by the circle of recovering grass where the traveling merchants had been last time. They had such nice clothes. Without the merchants, Skor was just as quiet as usual. A pair of businesses; a pub-inn thing and a blacksmith who Benson was convinced only knew how to make farming tools. Benson dusted his shoes off onto the dusty floor boards and stepped into the pub-inn. The lady behind the counter, called Lanes, was a short, slightly pudgy woman in her late twenties with blonde hair always kept up in a bun. She ran the pub-inn during the day while her husband managed the farm. Benson took a seat and gave a dismissive wave to Lanes; who dutifully brought a drought. "Any news?"

    "Nothin, really. The merchants ain't due fer another few weeks." Lanes set the drink on the table with a dutiful smile then returned to her duties behind the counter.

    Benson took a drink, then leaned back in his chair. He liked to see the people that came through, listen in on their conversations, strike a few himself, try to get some travelers interested in his clan. Not much had come of it yet, but talk traveled, and with Benson being the second most unique aspect of the town (the first being the merchant troupe), he intended to get his name out there. Rumors spread like wildfire, so best if they were about him.
  2. The door of the pub swung open, heeding to a stoic figure standing in the doorway. A single sigh escapes her parted lips as this figure, a female demonkin named Airakou, scanned the pub-inn with a calm and neutral expression before walking in. Her garb-- no, appearance wasn't entirely commonplace around these parts. She knew that, and she ignored the unwarranted glances of bystanders that seemed to litter every inch of the street she walked on. A single piece dress of short length, high black stockings attached to her belt by two bands. Two black horns pointing ahead and a black tail that waved around slightly. Airakou closed her eyes for a moment and walked down to the counter of the pub. A single cloak draped on her fluttered with her brisk pace until she stops, then sits down on a stool and looks directly at Lanes. "How much do your rooms go for?" she dryly asks. Her stone eyes spare a brief glance to the side before settling. 

    I cannot continue sleeping outside.

    Airakou reaches for her back-- more specifically under her cloak, then mysteriously pulls out a wooden butt of a rifle. With every inch being revealed, this rifle wasn't normal. It's barrel was slightly flatter than it should, taking the shape of a sort of blade. The sharp ends of the weapon itself was of a strange glassy material. Airakou puts the weapon down in front of her, then calmly pulled out a handkerchief and began to clean it's surface. "And I will order some water as well." She nonchalantly says. Within her thoughts, however, something was annoying her. She conducts an inner monologue as to keep her busy until Lanes gave her answers and her water. 

    While others roll around in what filth life gives them, I will not allow myself to fall into the trap of being complacent. Life wants me to forgo a home in order to travel around and become stronger. Life wants me to sleep in the streets. Normal folk who don't actively find a way would not mind the cold ground. Heh, of course I will not take that. I will have both the luxuries of a good life while carrying out my will without a flaw. I will force fate to indulge my wishes if I have to.
  3. A scowl was firmly set upon the face of the grey-skinned demonkin as he stood at the outskirts of Skol. "Damn you humans and your forges," he hissed, the smoke from the smithy burning the back of his throat. He was dressed simply--dark trousers and black leather boots up to the knee. He didn't wear a shirt, but there was a black cloak wrapped around his shoulders, pushed over to his left side. On his right shoulder, he held a dead gazelle. In his left he held a javelin made of stone yew and obsidian. At his waist hung a large, paddle-shaped object wrapped tightly in cloth. His horns made it difficult to wear a hood, yet still he took a deep breath and headed towards the inn.

    He'd offered to bring meat back to the inn in exchange for a couple night's rest--the demonkin needed to keep his name hidden and keep moving. Grey Aegis was after him, no doubt. Even if the rumors he heard about them being brought in by the Knights of Teiva were true, there was most likely still someone after him. If not Grey Aegis, then the Knights. The whole mess prevented him from earning proper money, so he had to barter his way into inns and shops. The unnamed demonkin dropped the gazelle by the door and strode in, walking immediately up to the barkeep. "Fresh meat, as promised," he grumbled in a rich baritone. "It's next to the door. Might I also get some water? Thank you." He accepted his drink and found the back corner, dropping his spear and paddle next to him, observing the tenants. There was a well-dressed man, most likely from out of town. The merchants weren't here though, so what was he doing? Some sort of business, no doubt. And the other was a demonkin girl. The anonymous greyskin grit his teeth. No need to be paranoid. There's no way she's involved with Grey Aegis or the Knights...

    Despite the mental reassurance, he still felt on edge.
  4. Lanes smiled and dutifully obeyed as she responded. "Ten. First night's on the house for newcomers. If you stay'n mer than one night, that is." She places the glass before the demonkin, but her attention is immediately drawn to another entering; the one she had expected. "You work quick." She quipped in response, supplying the demonkin's drink and a few bills to pay for the task. "You know we could use a reg'lar hunter round these parts."


    Benson sipped his drink greedily, intrigue getting the better of him. A demonkin had come in; not a common sight; followed by a second. How very interesting indeed. He drained his glass and arose, making for the counter. The male first; he seemed like someone with no direction. Perfect. "Another, Lanes. Thank you." He called as he set himself next to the male demonkin. "A hunter, eh? Name's Benson. Benson Eilevoa. I run a clan just out of town." Lanes scoffed at the final statement, but didn't say anything about it. She knew what Ben was up to, but she had long since agreed not to disrupt his business if he didn't scare off her customers.
  5. "Benson," the demonkin mused. "What clan do you run, hmmm?" He looked at the man, eyes both curious and paranoid. "If you can guarantee my freedom, then yes. But I will have you know that I am most likely being looked for by members of the clan Grey Aegis." The demonkin knocked back the rest of his water in one gulp, then drummed his fingers on the table. If it went well, he probbly just solved all of his problems. If not, then he'd pack up tonight and run out of town, spend another night or so in the wilderness.
  6. "Small; just starting out. Heh, it's just me and Rhys for now." He nodded a thank you to Lanes as she supplied his drink. "We're not really known, if laying low is what you're looking for." He drank casually between breaths. This demonkin was interesting; fleeing from a clan, was he some kind of outlaw? Grey Aegis... he'd only heard the name before, not much else. "Look, I don't care much for your history or your name. Make up something for either one for all I care. But Lanes is right, Skor could use a regular hunter and my clan needs members. I can't offer much by way of promises, but I can offer a roof for however long you need one."
  7. Caligan stood out.

    He didn't really care, but he stood out.

    Vaguely similar to a Chromian but too obviously different to really pass as one, the dark blue Sarkiri walked into the pub without any noise, no attention to those around him, not even a passing glance to the conversation being held. He was dressed in fairly loose black and red robes, the hood down and revealing brilliant red feathers running from the top of his skull, between two curved horns, all the way down the spine to disappear into his outfit. Red and white warpaint decorated most of his face, drawing attention from slit-pupiled golden eyes.

    Clearly an offworlder. If Vansyr knew of such, of course.

    Caligan approached the counter and sat down, dropping a small clawful of golden coins emblazoned with some insignia the people around him likely wouldn't recognize. He gave Lanes a glance; the only attention he'd directed to anyone else since he'd walked in. When he spoke, it was in a smooth, sibilant, and vaguely raspy voice, like what one would expect from a snake if it could speak. "Take foreign currency here?"
  8. This was certainly the strangest day she'd had since the merchant troupe first started passing through Skor. Well, there was that other day... "If it's coin." She stated frankly to the lizard-man, showing a surprising amount of lack-of-surprise. She picks up one of the coins, testing its weight, solidity and such, before returning it to the counter. "What'll ya have, stranger?"
  9. The demonkin's black eyes bored into Benson. "I'll take you up on that offer for now," he responded in a neutral tone. "I'm Ra'nun," he whispered. "I would appreciate if you kept knowledge of my name a secret outside of the clan." He leaned back in his chair, relaxing slightly. The reptilian newcomer was...strange, for sure. Too many scales to be chromian. Ra'nun edged his foot underneath the shaft of the spear lying next to his chair. He could hear his raspy voice, even if he was unsure what was being said. Everything about him just screamed snake.

    "Are you going to ask those two?" he asked, jerking a thumb at the other two strangers in the inn. "I am suspicious of both but I will trust your judgement for now."
  10. Airakou stopped cleaning her rifle and closed her eyes. A soft sigh escaped her soft lips, to which she then bites momentarily in thought. I only have seven for the moment. I doubt I can get away with free water as well... This was embarrassing. No, disgraceful. The fact that she didn't have everything in line on the get-go was an annoyance she would not tolerate. This did not reflect her. Despite the upset, Airakou answers calmly, completely ignoring the ruckus of people next to her. I will do anything to claw my way up, anyhow.  "I only have seven." She says softly, then taking a sip from the cup and waving her tail a bit. This felt embarrassing but she had to suck it up. "To make up for the difference, I could help you with this facility's functions as 'payback', or so they call it." 

    Anything to go up. 

    Lanes went on to address the others around the pub, which did not spark any interest in Airakou whatsoever. Their words were merely background noise. Murmurs within a grand world she was ready to explore. Airakou was calmly sipping on her glass of water in wait for a response, tapping the volcanic glass blade of her rifle casually.
  11. Caligan felt unwanted attention on him and continued to ignore the source. He needed to drink- anything, even water would do, but given the option... "Ale." Anything to make him less tired. Alcohol always had a way of shocking the system of an obligate carnivore like a Sarkiri. "Will this cover it?" He gestured to the coins he'd dropped on the table- numbering about twelve, the golden coins were probably more than enough to pay, but he had no idea what this settlement's economy was like and he wasn't taking chances.
  12. "No worries, friend. Names aren't what make the man, just help point 'em out." He offered a friendly smile and a raise of his glass as if to toast before downing most of it. "I like to think I'm a pretty good judge of people. Besides..." He glances over at the other demonkin and the lizard man for a moment. "I'm open-minded."


    Lanes offered a "one second" finger to the female demonkin while she attended to the lizard man. "We don't get much coin these days. Demon's get the sniffles or somethin." She picks up a single coin and pockets it. "That'll keep it coming your way til I say otherwise." She gets the lizard his drink and returns her attention to the demonkin. "Ain't no miser, Bits." The way she says 'Bits' is obvious she's referring to the demoness. "But I cain't go off'rin charity to everyone that walks in the door, either." She rubs at her chin for a moment. "N' ya skin and butcher a carcass?"
  13. The thought of skinning dirty carcasses all day and for who knows how long gave Airakou a pit in her stomach. Within her mind she was very annoyed. At the lady? At herself? Who knew. The complicated young woman did not show any emotion in her expression as she gives out a soft "Ah". This was going nowhere. Though I did promise myself that I would do anything to...grow. Perhaps this is a fine price to pay for leaving. Though she felt a little hesitant. The only carcass she wanted to be near of was that of a Leviathan. Upon that very moment she would feel above all. 

    She would reach the absolute. And she will rise past it. 

    Airakou finishes her water and puts down the cup, then reaches for her pocket and pulls out a bill. "Understandable." Soon, the rifle went under her cloak, never to be seen again as Airakou stood up and then leaned on the counter. "Very well, I do hope this information is free, but what of this place, anyhow? Who are the strongest of this region and how may I find them?" Airakou says without hesitation. Right to the point.
  14. Lanes waved off the bill. "I can part with a little water, Bits." She offers with a friendly yet chiding smile. She crosses her arms and hmms for a moment. "I suppose it depends on what yer lookin fer by way of 'strongest.' Helderset's where all the brass lives. Clan folk, that is. But here in Skor? The man in the ridiculous hat can help ya there. Fancies himself to be somethin special."
  15. "What man?" She openly asks, then looks around. But more importantly, that name....bits? Airakou's composure breaks a little as her eye twitches slightly. The woman's cheeks puff up a little as she glares to the side. "I do not allow strangers to give me pet names." She says dryly. 

    Her preference was to find a small clan, one that had as much rivalry as possible to supply a near endless fountain of enemies. That would be ideal, however this Helderset sounded pretty far. It would take her quite a while to get there and for what? Maybe the many clans found there would be full. Airakou scans the room for the man in the hat, then noticing him just merely feet away. The woman blinks, then looking back at Lanes just before walking up to Benson. 

    "Hey, "special." Airakou was great with socialization. "The bar woman said you could help me with finding the strongest clan in Skor. What do you know?" 
  16. Caligan nodded wordlessly as Lanes pocketed the coin, recollecting the other eleven to put back in his bandolier. Taking the ale in his clawed hand, the Sarkiri took a hesitant drink, anticipating the jarring effect of a predator unused to alcohol tasting it for the first time in a while. It woke him up, at the very least, and he snorted in a vague mix of irritation and self-deriding amusement as he rubbed the bridge of his snout.

    He mostly ignored the conversation happening nearby, but he glanced over nevertheless as Lanes directed the female demonkin's attention over to the man in the hat. Said man and the demonkin with him were the ones who were giving him somewhat unwanted attention, and he gave the two little more than a sidelong leer with his golden eyes before returning to his drink. Sort of. The ale had done its job in waking him up, he didn't particularly care for the taste, and now his nose was itching with the sensation of drinking it. Not to mention, his stomach probably wouldn't be happy with him if he were to drink much more.
  17. Ra'nun raised his empty glass for the sake of letting the man finish his toast. "You're the boss," he responded. He glanced back only to find the other demonkin was walking over. "Oh boy," he whispered to himself. Her first sentence made Ra'nun hold back a sigh. With the second sentence, he covered his face with his palm. "You are not from around here, are you?" the demon questioned. "There isn't a clan in Skor." He folded his arms across his chest, looking at the newcomer incredulously. He held his tongue though--Benson was most likely looking to recruit her as well, so he'd let the flamboyantly-dressed man speak before he could run off the demonkin girl.
  18. "Hm?" He hadn't much opportunity to react to the demoness's sudden intrigue, as Ra'nun stepped in first. With a tip of his hat to show his respect, he cuts into the conversation. "Aye, my friend here is correct. Skor is somewhat affiliated to the clan over in Helderset. However... there is one up-and-coming-clan looking to take Skor under its loving wing." He throws Lanes a wink, who simply shakes her head in response. "And you just so happen to be talking to a man with pretty strong connections with that clan." He gives short bow, removing his hat and everything. "Benson Eilovoa, at your service, madam."
  19. Airakou does not spare any fraction of a glance towards her fellow demonkin. By unfortunate circumstances, his voice was still existent. Therefore she had to listen to it for a moment before tuning it right out and observing the hat man more closely. His demeanor showed of confidence. He must have had the strength to back that up, right? No worries, she could test this man's resolve later.  A good thing was that he was direct, so Airakou couldn't help but give out a little smile at that. The young woman puts her fingers under her chin. "Interesting. You now have my attention." 

    A flick of her tail shows her interest in the potential clan connection Benson spoke of. Well, at least she could indulge him with her name, right? "Airakou." she replies. "I have traveled far for something interesting. Tell me more." Airakou says, then sitting down next to Benson. This could be her key to bigger things.
  20. Benson sits himself back down, setting his hat on the counter. "Something interesting, you say? Hmmm..." She's traveled 'far', has little to no money to her name, and is searching for a change in her life of some kind. Perhaps she had no direction at all? What made this woman tick... "My clan is small- shoot, I only just recruited my first, totaling three members including my co-founder Rhys and myself." He takes another sip of his remaining brew. "But you're not looking for extravagance, are you. You look like someone who wants to strike it out on her own; find greatness by herself, with little coddling." He finishes off the remainder before closing his remarks. "Or do I misjudge?"

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