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FE ~ Hollow Reflection

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Ziolang, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Airakou grazes her lips with her finger just lightly before answering. "So." The woman exhales slightly. "Your gimmick is of the observer. The one who looks to strike a deal. I bet that purposefully jarring hat was not put on your head for nothing, right? It must have a purpose." The man pretty much pinned the surface of the demonkin girl, so she gives off a little smirk. "You are right about one thing the most: I do not like being coddled around. The one thing I cannot stand in this world are those who seek and crave direction and a hand to hold. Not because of their fixation on a linear path for their choosing, but their annoying dependence for the matter."

    It makes them vulnerable. It closes their potential to do great things. How frustrating. 

    "But I will direct attention to where it needs to be. I never intended to join a clan when I left home-- for that matter I am fleeing from one. However, being on my own has presented some issues. A balance must be maintained. Without a clan I do not have opponents to face nor a platform to add on to my grand goal of surpassing my limitations. I could go on foolishly out loose in the wild just slaughtering things on my own, but for such little satisfaction. It is senseless unless I am working towards something other than tedious grinding. This is why I ask: May I join your clan?"

    Airakou closes her eyes. "I do not stray, nor abandon those who gain my trust. But...this is obvious as my strong personality itself: I do hold a high standard. Perhaps I can help give form to your organization in an organized and proper way."
  2. Benson takes a long pause after Airakou's discourse, clearly contemplating his decision. This wasn't like Ra'nun, who's skills and usefulness were clear from first glance. He believed she was as she said; seeking to master herself. But what did that mean? What could she offer the clan? Benson wasn't so desperate so as to allow just anyone in. "You can have a trial run; stay as long as you like, but know that I reserve the right to expel you at any time. When I'm convinced you have enough to contribute, then we can talk about permanence." He collects his hat and returns it to his head, straightening it. "I have high standards as well. This will be the greatest clan Vansyr has ever known."
  3. He couldn't help but smirk lightly. The girl made such a fuss about needing to find the strongest group to fight, even rudely ignoring Ra'nun entirely to talk to Benson, who in the end, only allowed for the girl to stay temporarily. The arrogance and condescension got you nowhere, miss, he thought. He leaned forward, tapping on the wood of the table with his fingernails, forcing himself to wear a neutral expression. Airakou's attitude irked him, but Benson's enthusiasm seemed to counter that for Ra'nun. He quickly found himself coming to like the human.

    "Welcome aboard," he said, teasing the demoness slightly. "Hopefully you are able to stay." He wiggled his foot slightly, feeling the shaft of his weapon roll about. It made him feel more secure, less paranoid. At the least, he felt ready for a fight to break out.
  4. "Temporary, huh?" She mutters out, finally feeling the weight of Ra'nun's judge mental glares mark their existence. For the matter she spares the demon a glance. How is it that this one got to stay without trouble? He seems.....vulgar. A casual. Unfortunately for Airakou, she had very little options. And what was this feeling she had in her chest? Was she upset? No, I cannot feel that anymore. Your composure...neutrality, more like, is key. There were many ways Airakou could beat down this kid, but for once she held herself in order. Hey, she was learning...! 

    Airakou held her tongue and looked to the side. "So the theatrical performance failed, hm? Very well. My actions will speak for themselves." Airakou hated this. A million angry thoughts stormed her mind, but she lets out a genuine smile "Just tell me what you need and I will see to it." 

    Ugh. That felt vile.... she thought with disgust.
  5. "Ah, you missed a beat, miss." He states with a smile. "The whole point of this trial is to see what you can do for us. I reckon I'll send you off on a task or two on occasion, but ultimately it's up to you to decide where your value lies." Benson spares the briefest of glances backward at the lizard man at the counter; he was different, too different; before nodding to Airakou. "Drive your own course; I ain't gonna steer it for you."
  6. She knew that personal growth couldn't be achieved alone. Therefore it was a matter of time before she collected herself among others to help her grow. Airakou herself did not mind having people try to bring her down. In fact, anything they could break in her was meant to be broken anyway, she thought. Anything breakable was flawed. Therefore with any mistakes and criticisms she will get from her colleagues, she intended to build herself right back up and stronger. That is how the world should work, right?

    Airakou gave a nod. At least this man understood how she ticked to an extent. Unlike other groups, at least Benson acknowledged the fact that she didn't want any hand holding instead of insisting she does. She wouldn't be stuffed into a mold. Good. Benson wasn't such a dick about it, at least, so Airakou decided to play by the rules. "Right. I will see what I could contribute to this group and will carry out what needs to be done. But.." Her expression goes solid. " I know how things like this could go awry. If this trial run so much morphs into any of you using it to make me do demeaning and childish things because I am new or I rub you the wrong way, I will return any favors in kind." She says with all honesty, not really caring on how threatening this may sound. She gives off a smirk of sorts. One that would kill children.

    Her teeth seemed a little sharp, didn't they? And those eyebrows pointing downwards made it look like she was mad. In reality, she was not, but she couldn't help it. Airakou throws back a little teasing at Ra'nun, showing that she wasn't ignoring him much after all. Her voice was a little playful. A little. Probably banter? "I look forward to your company, tense one." she says, shifting her glance at Ra'nun's foot ready to bring up that weapon of his.
  7. "Excellent. I expect big things, good work and all that motivational speech stuff." He grins, clapping his hands together in mock excitement. "Now if you two would be so kind as to wait for me outside, or at that table int the corner or virtually anywhere but right here, that would be grand. I have one more thing I need to take care of."
  8. "Not like I have control over what our colorful leader wants," he said, mostly to himself. He responded to her smile with only an arched eyebrow. When she spoke to him, Ra'nun chuckled and nodded at the girl. "Aye, grumpy one," he responded in turn. He got to his feet, kicking his spear up. He caught it, twirling it around a little for show, then picked up his paddle-shaped parcel and slung it over his shoulder.

    "I'm going to step out. It's still a nice day," he said to his new comrades. He turned on his heel an promptly marched out, not waiting to see if Airakou would tag along or not. He stepped through the door, lightly tossing his spear into the ground, then leaned against the wall, closing his eyes and enjoying the calmness of the springtime air.
  9. Airakou gave a nod at Benson, wordlessly putting her hands behind her back and promptly going outside. Upon stepping out, the woman immediately took a spot at a nearby tree, purposefully doing so as to not interact with Ra'nun. She sits down at the base of the tree and feels the tall grass grazing her legs. Well, this may take a while...but one thing is for certain: I am at least going somewhere. She thinks, seemingly satisfied. Though she did still feel a little annoyed for being in a trial unlike anyone else. Was she really the kind of person to give off the impression of being untrustworthy? She'll show them. It implied something was wrong, but she will fix it. The woman pulls out her rifle and sits it carefully on her lap and then removes a handkerchief from under her cloak. The woman proceeds to clean it casually, ignoring the rest of the buzz around town.

    She would rather be doing other things, but now wasn't the time nor the place.
  10. Watched the two go until he was satisfied. He let out a sigh and turned in his seat back toward the counter and his empty glass. The lizard was still there, and it looked like he would have to make the first move. Without turning to the stranger, Benson speaks. "You're a long way from home. Leaves a man to wonder what brings someone of your origins to our humble corner of Vansyr."
  11. Caligan had set down his half-empty drink, having lost interest now that it had done its job. Spending a few minutes seeming to stare at the contents of the glass, his reverie was broken at the sound of Benson's voice. Innately knowing that he was being addressed, but not bothering to look at the source of the voice, the Sarkiri gave another snort of derisive amusement. "You don't want to know, stranger."
  12. Benson set his hat aside and motioned to Lanes, who then partially filled his glass. "Watch your drink there, Skin." Benson nodded and Lanes stepped to another part of the counter to wipe it down.  The well-dressed man casually drank from his glass. "No, I don't." He says flatly, keeping his gaze on his glass. "West road dies out into a dirt path. Follow it if you're interested." He calmly downs the remaining liquid, stands, and replaces his hat. Without another word or ever looking at the stranger, he drops a few bills on the counter, turns, and walks out. "Well then. Anyone like to see their new home?"
  13. The male demonkin cracked an eye open, watching his new clanmate with a slightly bemused expression. Was she that upset that she didn't want to talk to him? Or did she simply want to enjoy the tranquility of the day. He did not know, but he wasn't going to try and disturb her. At least not yet. He closed his eye again, letting out a light sigh.

    It wasn't long before Benson walked out. Ra'nun pulled his spear out of the ground and shrugged. "I've nowhere else to be," he responded, falling into step beside him.
  14. Airakou's eyes closed once the spring breeze came in, giving off a small sigh as she leaned further against the tree for more comfort. For some reason this place was a little too warm for her tastes, but there isn't much of a reason why she shouldn't try to adapt, right? The young woman stops cleaning her rifle without really realizing it. Maybe she could take a nap--

    Of course not. 

    Her eyes crack open once she hears Benson at a distance. Something about a new home. Funny. She gives off a slight "tch" noise to herself. Depending on how I do, I cannot afford to think of that place as my new home.  The demonkin stands up and slips her rifle behind her and up her cloak, effectively hiding it somewhere. Not like that cloak outwardly led to believe that it had enough space to hide it. She walks over to Benson, giving off a nod. "Lead the way." she says.
  15. Benson nodded with a smile, offered a brief 'one moment' hand gesture and casually sprinted down a side trail. It was probably twenty minutes before he returned in the back of an empty hay wagon, pulled by two burly farm horses and driven by a boy who couldn't have been more than twelve. Benson gestured for the pair to join him, explaining as they went about how a farmer named Elrod often gave Benson a ride back to Clan Hall, but he was occupied with repairing a fence and had his son, Eliot, go in his stead. Eliot promised he knew the land almost as well as his father, and Benson didn't mind for the boy had ridden with them once before.

    Benson spent most of the ride recounting tidbits regarding the region; how Skor was rather new, only housing its second generation of inhabitants. Despite there being barely 100+ individuals that made Skor their home, it was regarded by the much, much larger Helderset with not only respect, but with pride. "They aren't 'officially' tied to Helderset," He'd noted, "Most of them left Skor to strike out on their own. Don't see much point in tying themselves to those they originally left. But they like Helderset and do all of their marketeering there. Hell, we're like to as well now and then."

    He had Eliot stop midway up a long hill for all to disembark. He thanked the boy, gave him a lightly used bill for his service, and waved energetically as Eliot rode back down the hill for the 18 or so mile ride back to Skor. With a smile, he clapped his hands and rubbed them together, clearly excited. "Well then. Just over this rise you'll find the Clan Hall." Without waiting for any kind of reaction, he quickly closed the distance and crested said rise. The path kept going without him and went downward somewhat with the slant of the hill, passed several scattered trees, curved back upward again with a second hill, then came to an end before the newly constructed wooden building. "She's not much, but she's got potential."
  16. Ra'nun glanced over at Airakou briefly before following Benson over the hill. He let out a light chuckle. "Well, it isn't made of metal," he observed. He sped up his pace slightly, catching up to his new leader. "Seems you're off to a good start already." The demonkin followed Benson to the base of the clan hall, taking in the nearby area. Perhaps this would be walled off and turned into an imposing fortress, or maybe it would end up as the ruling seat of a new village. It could go either way at this point.

    Eyes the color of pitch turned to the East, taking in the gentle hills of the land. The land was already mostly clear, which would make for good farmland, and the rivers that cut through the forest could be used to power a furnace. Granted, Benson probably wanted a metalworking forge, but Ra'nun couldn't help with that. He could only work with glass. He stuck his javelin into the ground and tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Doesn't seem like there's many minerals here." He took a few steps forward, crossing his arms. "Though I can still build a furnace and work as a glass-smith. We will have to hope the traders carry materials I need."
  17. Upon reaching the hill, Airakou's expression transformed from neutral to something suggesting nostalgia. The wooden abode was the base according to Benson, so for the moment she had to report there and live there as well. It's wooden frames and creaky outdoor deck injected a venom into her bloodstream with a seemingly endless vortex of unwanted emotions. Airakou outwardly crossed her arms and walked slower than Benson and Ra'nun as to be left behind a bit. She needed a bit of time to stare at the building. 

    This really is-- It is very humble for their intended purpose....

    Airakou's eyes glistened and her lips parted and curved down a little, but then she immediately switched into a nonchalant demenor and closed her eyes, sighing "This will do." . Airakou put her hands behind her back and caught up to the rest of the group. The girl's eyes averting any possible way to gaze at anyone or the building as she scanned her surroundings. Off the bat she could identify several plants.
  18. Benson nodded to Ra'nun and responded as he walked. "Lanes said the merchants won't be around for another few weeks. Until then I can hire some men down in Skor to get started on some construction if you want." As Benson approached the clan hall, the door opened and Rhys stepped out onto the deck, watching silently. "Ah yes, this is my close friend, Rhys. Rhys, this is Ra'nun and... Arkou? Did I say that right?" Rhys offered a brief and silent raise of his right hand, his pale skin almost reflecting the waning sunlight like a mirror. His flat expression never changed.
  19. Airakou was already descending to a bad mood rather quickly, and Benson's mispronunciation of her name did not help. The nature of that mess-up wasn't so much for her, but of a memory it evoked. A tiny, itty bitty memory with a big smile and chubby cheeks.

    "Airapoo! Eheheheheee!"

    She felt bothered. "Airakou." she corrects, then gives off a slight wave towards Rhys. The woman's stare had something in it as she observed the silent man, but she briefly glances at Benson after messing up her name. "Do not hurt yourself, sir." she boldly says. Something about Rhys seemed off. Airakou was distracting herself to gauge at his strength.
  20. Ra'nun thought about it for a moment. "No, not yet. Perhaps later, if we are in need of glassy equipment. If we see a lot of fighting, I will need to construct a furnace for upkeep of my gear. I can also mass-produce glass arrowheads. Sharper than steel could ever hope, except they're brittle and don't last as long." He turned his attention to the pale white man, offering a wave and slight smile that still somehow looked rather threatening, though that was unintentional.

    He turned to Airakou. "I assume you'll need my help with glasswork in the future?"

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