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Any Hunter x Hunter Fans?

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by RecAgenda, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Curses, I hate intro threads. :(

    Whelp, I'm here, I'm queer (no, really), and I'm a leader from another RP'ing community over yonder.

    I've been PbP role playing for nearly... God, how long has it been, now? Ten years? Is that it? Fuck, I'm getting up there, aren't I?!

    Since I'm a control freak, you'll mostly find me GM'ing stories rather than joining them. Don't take offense to that or anything, it's just how I've always RP'd. I get an idea and I want to share it, and rarely do I venture into someone else's imagination (I guess I'm shy). The stories I write and (maybe) join all have a modern air to them, even the fantasies. Science fiction is definitely a favorite of mine, especially those that draw from Owellian concept.

    Some authors that have inspired my writing are: Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald (anyone seen the new Gatsby movie?), C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ayn Rand, George Orwell, and a few others. So yeah, I'm a sucker for the classics and intellectuals (which my own ego would count myself a member of).

    Other than reading the classics, however, I get an equal amount of muse from listening to underground music falling in the new age and glitch genres. Dubstep? Not really a fan of the grungy/industrial feel, but drum step and glitch hop is a different story. Mainstream, overplayed crap on the radio, however, has nearly become poison to my ears. I often find myself tuning the station over to some classic rock. The Eagles, I believe, blow Chris Brown out of the water. And their gold isn't something that Lil' Wayne can taint with his "remix, babe"'s.

    So that's me. I'll take any questions from here on up to the point that I finish devouring this chocolate chip cookie.

    (Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm into anime, as well. I know, kinda off the rocker from the stuff above, but Hunter x Hunter is just freaking awesome in my book.)
  2. Welcome to ZEJ, Rec! Here you'll find a lot of people who are waiting to join in some fresh roleplay ideas, so don't hesitate to post any ideas you have for a roleplay in our Interest Check section. If you're waiting around to update your roleplay in the future, you can go frolic around our general discussion section-- We have some interesting stuff there :)

    Other than that, Have fun!

    (Classic Rock Ftw)
  3. Oh my god I forgot about RPH...

    Welcome to ZEJ, Rec!
  4. Holy fuck, Rec. Nice to see you here! (I'm that one hellhound of the same name who creeps around RPH and does nothing ;-;)

    Hope you enjoy and make the most of your stay at ZEJ!
  5. Aha! I see my subtle but swift kick in the pants has worked! *coughs* Just kidding. Thanks for the welcomes, guys.
  6. Wat is RPH.

    Hello! Welcome to the forums. I really don't roleplay /much/ but you'll see that my threads reign the forum games section. Heh. I look forward to seeing your GM skizzizles, doe don't be afraid to join in RPs, cos it's always fun to (insert whatever we do here with roleplaying).
    Starr told me to welcome you.
    This is getting awkward.
    This entire thing has been awkward.

    TYRAN OOUUTT. *bzzt*

    ps woo animuus
  7. I really love you. I love the new Gatsby movie. Also, J.R.R. Tolkien is @blackoutEquinox 's favorite author. You two should get along famously. I also want to hear more about your taste in music. Have you heard Caravan Palace?

    Oh yeah, welcome to ZEJ. :)
  8. I DJ every now and then at events on my base. I was actually requested for our annual Air Force Ball, which I was totally humbled by. Thus, I have an astute appreciation for all genres of music (well... country on the other hand... that's uh... yeah, let's not talk about country :p ).

    My depreciated respect for anything that can be called "mainstream" is due to the fact that radio hosts overplay new songs and artists as soon as they go to album. Macklemore, for instance, had become a quickly beaten horse within the first two weeks they began to air his most popular tracks from The Heist. Although the brave tenacity they've recently shown in playing Same Love on the radio waves has been a refreshing shot in the arm.

    That last point brings me to why I appreciate music so much: it's a liberal art; which, let's face it, isn't too far from the definition of what many of us think of when we hear the term liberal by itself - be that definition political or not. There's no denying it, music is a way for those talented in either making it or listening to it to feel inspired, enlightened, enchanted, amused, or set free.

    I can't go five minutes without my ears needing to hear something that I can tap my foot to or bob my head along with. I used to fall asleep with the radio on as a kid. Now, since the radio stations all play the same stuff over and over, just with even more and annoying commercials where they repeat a god damn ten digit telephone number six times in one breath, I just imagine or recall a song in my head as I'm drifting off.

    Whether it be the trumpets of Taps playing over my base's loudspeaker at night (as is playing right now while I type these very words, actually) or the beats and synthetic rhythms of a lounge or night club, I find music in all its forms to be an awe-inspiring element of life itself. ...Except for country. xD

    And yes, Rose, I happened across Caravan Palace a couple of months ago on YouTube. They're kinda catchy. I like their classic blends.
  9. Music? MUSIC? MUSIC?!

    I'm your man! I happen to have the largest metal collection here on ZEJ (inclusive of stuff I haven't organised by genre yet it's about 20 GB, without it's about 17), so no, that metalhead bit on RPH wasn't referring to literal metallic elements on the periodic table. ;)

    I'm also that orange guy, obviously. Might have noticed avatars are borked on profiles, which is something I've been trying to root out and fix for months and months on end. It's not strictly a CSS issue as MyBB (rather, MyNetwork, the plugin that does all that fancy profile magic) pulls the style for that from somewhere in the core, which I still have yet to find. Curse you, template variables!

    Anyway, welcome to ZEJ!
  10. Hmm... If I knew the first thing about MyBB or your plugin, I'd be happy to lend hand; mais non, I'm only versed in the basics (CSS, HTML, and a little Javascript). I tinker here and there with the sites I do manage, but I ultimately rely on their own support. Sai Rhavan and I tried to do vBulletin in the past but... I became so fed up with their ACP that I flat out told him he wasted $300 on the worst piece of *&^% software I have ever seen.

    As far as my own music collection goes: I guess one might say it's endless. I'm a fan of le cloud, and since I'd gladly wear a Google t-shirt to work under my uniform every day, it goes without saying that I'm in love with their Play Music stuff. I pick a song, start it's radio, and add track after track to a library I can tap into from all of my devices for like 8 bucks a month. It blows Pandora out of the freakin' water.
  11. I haven't the slightest idea why people fall for the Paid Software Is Best Software marketing diatribe, especially in the case ov vBulletin, which Internet Brands has all but cannibalised and run head first into tne ground. Been using MyBB sine 2008; brilliant piece of software.
  12. We use Zetaboards at RPH. It makes life simple when your provider hosts most of your stuff. Great up-time on all of their servers and unbelievable flexibility for being a costless software. Their are no "plug-ins" for it, so anything unique that you want has to be created and coded in, but it gives you even more control and customization.
  13. I've used ZB before. It's a lot better than their previous offering (*shudders* InvisionFree...), however I like the control that self-hosting gives me. I actually used to own and run the box for ZEJ, but events two years ago forced me to go shared.
  14. omg rec

    Hey! All I can say is I'm sorry I haven't been to RPH in a while but I have severely limited internet access at the moment. ^^;

    Welcome to ZEJ!

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