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And so she makes her grand entrance.....

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Rose, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. I think I've fallen in love<3


    but srsly, welcome. I just joined your place, and expect things to lose control in about.... a week. Most likely EVERY thread will derailed, all posts being off-subject, and every subject being random, made by yours truly :D

    or I'll make an RP or two, who knows? ^^
  2. *Puts pie machine away* Don't push it, lad B|

    Anyway, post plenty of RP's here. Maybe I can join your forums and post a chain of RP's I've been developing if you'd like :)
  3. Belated as this may be today, welcome to the three-letter-heaven that is ZEJ! :D My name's Glowbo, but you may also refer to me as gl1m0, GlowboRoller, TheAuthorGl1m0, Glo... or just G. :p I'm the resident Katamari Damacy fan around here, so as long as you do not besmirch the King of All Cosmos's name then I think we can get along just fine.

    Anyway, welcome. ^_^
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes!!!

    crazE: <3 As long as there are RPs getting posted besides RS (Pretty much our only active RP now... >_>), I'm happy. :3
    Starr: That would be wonderful, if you wanted to. We need some fresh blood in us. See above comment about RS.
    Glowbo: I don't know what that is, so don't expect me to slander it. XD
  5. ^^^^^^ and who knows how many ^s
    Also: I prefer a nice warm cup of, say, peppermint tea to soothe my headaches, most of which are induced by being NEAR caffeine. XD Caffeine is evil~
  6. Caffeine is amazing. I need it to survive.
  7. ^XD Something tells me we're going to get along as well as oil and water. Not necessarily, but... this is a trend in my community. :p Coffee vs tea has always been a big thing~
  8. Tea is so BLAND D:

    And I drink coffee because I get up at fucking 4.30 in the morning. D: It's not even light yet....
  9. Both are good, coffee is good when you need to be woken up, tea is good any other time. Anyway, mega late, but welcome. I looked around Magnolia a little, saw the Percy Jackson rp, and was a little annoyed, as you can find somewhere at the bottom of the RP signups you'll find War of the Gods, a roleplay that was kinda a merge of Rick Riordan's mythology books. (If you wanna know more, go find it.) But yeah, I'm thinking of joining Magnolia, but I need to find a different name.
  10. Coffe makes me cringe. D: It never wakes me up proper, it only puts me in a frenzied, semi-concious state, even when I'm up at 3:45 (my earliest).

    Anyways, welcome anyway and I hope you enjoyed the derail! ^_^

    (Also you like Disney characters?)
  11. I LOVE DISNEY (Although Anastasia isn't Disney)! I had just watched Anastasia when I made this account, so I decided to use images from that. I have different pictures on every site I go to. XD
  12. ^*high five* Hooray for old-time Disney movies. =3
  13. I wish they'd get rid of the crappy sitcoms on Disney Channel though.... *le sigh* I'm not in charge of Disney though, so I can't decided jack shit.
  14. ^I actually like Wizards of Waverly place and to an extent, Good Luck Charlie and Suite Life of Zack and Cody (not On Deck, though, that was 'orrible), but yes, I'm in with you for the rest.
  15. Don't you guys miss The Weekenders, and Recess, and those things?
  16. I think this thread has served its purpose, and it's getting incredibly derailed... take it to PM if you want to continue~
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