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And so she makes her grand entrance.....

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Rose, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Hey!!! I'm Rose!!!

    Well, I've been roleplaying for about... two years now? I found this site through Eebit, because he's fabulous. <3 Let's see... I like to RP females mostly, and I like fantasy, historical, some realistic, and some fandom RPs. I love good grammar, and I love a bunch of other things.

    Oh, and I'm the admin at Magnolia Roleplays, your new affiliate. I have my coadmin making a button for you, then htmling it to here. So, yeah. <3
  2. Welcome Ms. Rose! Hope you like it here~

    And two years? Wow, thats a bit over my experience. I'm still....in amateur stage :p Anyway, have fun!
  3. Starr, I approve of your tres bien ensemble. ;) Sebastian is muy smexy. :3
  4. Ahhh why did I know look at Starr's Tres Bien Ensemble yet
    Black Butler <3

    Anyways, *ahem*

    Hello there! It is so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of ZEJ!

    My name's Espeonature. However, everyone just calls me Espy, Ninetales, et cetera. Before I go any further, is this your first visit to this forum? If so, I think you'd better check how crazy we are. ;) But considering you know Eebit, I think that's not really necessary. And seeing as you appear to be a nice, rule-following admin, you don't need rules!

    This world is widely inhabited by creatures called forum members. We members live alongside other forum members as friends. At times, we play together, and at other times we work together. Some forum members use their moderating powers to battle and develop closer bonds with some members. We all take roles and play with each other as a method of fun!

    What do I do? I conduct research on how to become a better forum member so that I become a better member.

    Now, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? Are you a girl? And your name is Rose Swan? A fine name that is! (No, seriously, swans are awesome)

    All right, Rose Swan, the time has come. Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. On your journey, you will meet countless forum members. I'm sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even about yourself.

    Now, go on, leap into the world of the Zantok-Eebit-Jonno forums! (Oh, and a bit of friendly advice: Kudamon bites! ... Or used to... Well, let's leave you to figure out whether anyone bites and who does,'K?)
  5. I am a girl, actually. I am equally crazy, just talk to my co-admin. She says I drink too much caffeine. :D I love posting gifs and being an attention whore, hence why I do more of the socializing and PR things on my own forum. My co-admin does the behind the scenes stuff.

    Eebit calls me the Empress of the Internet, so interpret that how you will. Kudamon is a member on my forum, actually. As well as Shadow (At least, I think that's him. The avatar is the same) and Ziolang, and Kakuzato. So, yeah. They behave pretty well on my own forum, so I feel they deserve an equal amount of respect here. :)

    I hope to bring in some new RPs here and be a social member. By your standards, I'll stick to the free form. We have stat RPs on my forum, I just don't participate in them. XD I like my plots and writing too much.
  6. Indeed, I go as Chiasma there~ You might find the contrast between here and there quite drastic, but nevertheless!

    Welcome to the... uhh... deranged community that is ZEJ.
  7. Deranged? Sounds like my kind of town. :)
  8. Welcome to ZEJ!

    If that's the case, although you don't know me yet, you've probably heard of me through them.
  9. No, I actually haven't. They lurk mostly, and post in the stat RPs there. Though Eebit has made a lovely RP that still needs to start. *cough cough*
  10. I used to hang around the Cult chatroom all the time with them, although I rarely do so these days.

    [shamelessadvertising]Might I recommend this RP?[/shamelessadvertising]
  11. ^Wait, Shadow calls himself Chiasma?

    As in, pairs of homologous chromosomes? o_O

    Anyways, Caffeine is horrible tasting. I prefer tannin. <3 Tea
  12. Coffee is where it's at, bro.
  13. oh hey rose

    Two years? I've been roleplaying for five. :p

    Anyway... Have a good time here, enjoy your stay, stay away from the crazies(not crazE), generic blathering here. ^^
  14. Oh hey Rose, as Eebit would say...

  15. Hello, Rose. My name is Masquerade, but everyone calls me Masq for short. I'm a dark dragon-summoning zombie that likes to walk up to random people and take bites out of their flesh. Even though I do this, nobody questions it or my existence OR my power to summon dark dragons to wreak havoc on the city after which my superhero philosophy instructor must save the day. Yes. That is how it is. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful time here.
  16. Sebby is one fine anime man <3 I agree~ But I have an RP version of him named Vale. So yeah XD
  17. Welcome, Rose! Glad to see you here, and thank you so much for joining :> Of course, I hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you have anything you need to ask, don't hesitate to PM me! Welcome again~
  18. Ohey it's that human girl. She seems to have found her way over here. Poor girl doesn't know what she's wandered into.

    Eh, welcome I guess, but it's not the sanest place you could have picked. 2 year RP experience? Bout the same for me, but I've also got 15-years of LARP under my belt. LARP is best evar ^^
  19. Welcome to ZEJ Rose! 8D

    There isn't alot to say that hasn't been said, but, uh, I'm Flame, and I hope you enjoy it here! I'll probably be checking out Magnolia sometime soon, when I get the chance!

    (I've also been Roleplaying for two years by the way. :D)
  20. [​IMG]

    Thanks everyone for your warm welcome!

    Once I'm done with my homework I'll start up some interest checks around here. :3
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