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A shout box?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Cid, Sep 20, 2013.


Would you use a shoutbox if we had one?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    4 vote(s)
  3. Only if I'm needed

    3 vote(s)
  4. Other (please specify)

    0 vote(s)
  1. Saw it over at RPH, and thought it might be a cool thing to have over here at ZEJ. Anyone else agree?
  2. I never did get an official consensus on what our peeps think about the shout box over there, but I would image we use it and like it so much because the messages are archived and just stick there over time. It isn't ideal for rapid conversations, though, so things that are said are ultimately sent through a loudspeaker and can be replied to at a later time when its convenient for everyone. It also integrates with the user accounts, so its less of a pain than third-party extensions simply embedded into the layout.

    Shout boxes can be enormously beneficial to forums if done right and placed in the right location. You should also focus on blending the shout box into the themes so it appears seamlessly integrated.

    I recommend you guys look into installing one if its possible. ;)
  3. It's definitely possible, though I wouldn't be for it at the moment. Common consensus around big board owners is that they sap activity from the actual forums. ;)
  4. We have IRC for that. No thanks.
  5. Not everyone uses IRC, and the Shout Box would be a good way to [maybe] attract new members and make our community feel more inviting, as well as increase casual communications between the rest of the forum. I think it'd be great to see ZEJ get a Shout Box.
  6. Only for it when the userbase is active enough to warrant it, following what Dark said. Besidds, General Discussion thread serves a similar purpose anyway.
  7. Can mybb even handle a Shoutbox?
  8. There's actually a plugin for it already.
  9. But would it bring activity to the forum, or will it be a degraded Forum Game Land?
  10. The way it's used in RPH is a "hey I'm in IRC" or short conversations. Given the behavioral patterns in ZEJ, it maybe could turn into glorified FGL
  11. But then there is a possibility of users using the Shoutbox as an IRC; we're at the population where that's feasible. Is that something people would be okay with?
  12. We have an IRC for that. Why have two?
  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. Whoa, only now checked back on this, having forgot about it... and whoa 0_o"

    Sorry I brought the topic up in the first place, didn't think it would cause so much controversy.
  15. Not really a controvery; more a concensus on that shoutboxes are kind of sort of not necessary, lol. Like them but we have @name tagging and #IRC. Whatfor do we need a shoutbox?

    That plus to add to the inb4s flying everywhere, inb4becomesminiatureFGL
  16. Now that we're struggling for activity, I urge that we revisit this; an active shoutbox will make us more approachable, and seeing as how RPH has seemed to have success with it, why shouldn't we?
  17. Because RPH doesn't have an active IRC from what I know.

    We still don't need a shoutbox.
  18. It'd be more convenient and -hey- attract forum attention, because they'd be on the same page; and they do have an IRC, they just don't use it because the shout box is more convenient.
  19. Hence the term "active". I know they HAVE an IRC.
  20. It'd just be easier to use it on the front page rather than having to go to the "IRC" tab, which most people won't even bother with; now all new members use the chatbox at the bottom of the page on another (largely active) forum I run because it's right there on the main page with activity.

    Hence the reason why I think it should exist - to generate the activity that we don't have.

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