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ZEJ: The Hunger Games

Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Zantok, May 1, 2016.

  1. Ladies, gentleman and axe crazy psychopaths, I give you the Top 12.

  2. NIGHT 5:

    Kamantha thinks about home.

    Muddy, Timber-K, CerberusLycan, and Gold Dullahan sleep in shifts.

    Gist begs for Keileon to kill her. She refuses, keeping Gist alive.

    Lord X-Giga-X receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

    Zantok and Jonno run into each other and decide to truce for the nigt.

    Eebit destroys blackoutEquinox's supplies while he is asleep.
  3. DAY 6:

    Mudy and Eebit split up to search for resources.

    Lord X-Giga-X receives medical supplies from an uknown sponsor.

    Timber-K discovers a cave.

    Gold Dullahan cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.

    Zantok collects fruit from a tree.

    CerberusLycan and blackoutEquinox work together for teh day.

    Kamantha sprains her ankle while running away from Gist.

    Keileon receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

    Jonno sees smoke rising in the distance , but decides not to investigate.
  4. NIGHT 6:

    CerberusLycan receives medical supplies from an uknown sponsor.

    Lord X-Giga-X and blackoutEquinox hold hands.

    Eebit, Zantok, Timber-K, and Keileon sleep in shifts.

    Muddy receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

    Gist and Jonno run into each other and decide to trust for the night.

    Kamantha quietly hums.
  5. DAY 7:

    Lord X-Giga-X severely injures Keileon and leaves her to die.

    Kamantha stalks Zantok. (um. hi?)

    Eebit camouflagues himself in the bushes.

    blackoutEquinox throws a knife into Jonno's head. 

    Timber-K kills CerberusLycan for his supplies.

    Muddy defeats Gist in a fight, but spares her life.
  7. NIGHT 7:

    blackoutEquinox thinks about home.

    Lord X-Giga-X stays awake all night.

    Gist, Timber-K, Zantok, and Eebit sleep in shifts.

    Kamantha and Muddy sleep in shifts.
  8. Nate and Giga:


    The Cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.

    Timber-K decides not to go to The Feast.

    Muddy takes a staff leaning against the Cornucopia.

    Kaantha decides not to go to The Feast.

    Lord X-Giga-X decides not to go to The Feast.

    Zantok decides not to go to The Feast.

    blackoutEquinox decides not to go to The Feast.

    Eebit decides not to go to The Feast.

    Gist gathers as much food into a bag as she can before fleeing.
  10. [21:09:40] Keileon NO
    [21:09:41] Keileon WAIT
    [21:09:46] Keileon I HAD MEDICAL SUPPLIES
    [21:10:26] Keileon This is my headcanon now and I will proceed to stalk everyone from the sidelines
  11. DAY 8:

    blackoutEquinox and Zantok threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die. -_- dumbasses

    Eebit makes a slingshot.

    Gist, Timber-K, Kamantha, and Lord X-Giga-X raid Muddy's camp while he is hunting.

    The remaining tributes begin to hallucinate.

    Kamantha survives.

    Timber-K and Eebit decide to jump down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, which turns out to be a pit full of sharpened sticks.

    Muddy mistakes Gist for a bear and kills her.

    Lord X-Giga-X survives.
  13. We have our final three. Who. Will. Win?

  14. NIGHT 8:

    Lord X-Giga-X dies trying to escape the arena.

    Kamantha severely slices Muddy with a sword. 
  15. great, now let's do it again
  16. After all that? LOL
  17. Congratulations are in order to @Kamantha of District 12 for coming out on top and being declared the Victor of the first ever ZEJ Hunger Games!

    Thank you to those who enjoyed following along in the IRC and Skype chats. You made this a lot more fun than it could have been. 

    For those interested I give you the final standings:

  18. So I essentially picked flowers, looked at the sky a bunch, got raided a lot and killed a bear and somehow made it into second? Wow, I'm better than I thought
  19. "CerberusLycan breaks Gold Dullahan's nose for a basket of bread."​
    Too bad you're not in Hurt and Heal...!

    "blackoutEquinox and Gold Dullahan work together for tehda y."​
    Reminds me of my start at ZEJ when he was sort of my ~biggest fan~ and we accidentally ended up in two 1-on-1s. (Lackluster:GfTM and oFBaPB. Don't worry about the mostly unrecognizable acronym, it's not important.)

    "Gold Dullahan begs for Gist to kill her. He refuses, keeping Gold Dullahan alive."​

    "Gold Dullahan overhears blackoutEquinox and Timber-K talking in the distance."​
    When your BFF cheats on you like the lowkey hoe he is....... i trusted u from day 1.....

    "Gold Dullahan and Jonno tell stories about themselves to each other."​
    Never mind, I've found a better BFF, his name is Jonno and together we're definitely not gonna' be Gonno...! #ayyyy

    "Jonno begs Gold Dullahan to kill him. She refuses, keeping Jonno alive."
    wtf, why do all my BFFs hate me. (@Jonno stop disobeying me, why do you wanna' be Gonno?????)

    "Gold Dullahan convinces Ziolang to snuggle with her."
    Zexy. Sezy. Sexy. BFF-Hoe tendencies here I come...!

    "Gold Dullahan scares Eebit off."
    In this world... It's kill or be killed... (Maybe if you weren't a BLONDE flower we wouldn't be having this problem, young mister...!)

    "Lord X-Giga-X and Gold Dullahan track down and kill Skolli."
    That's the spirit!!!!

    "Gold Dullahan, Timber-K, Zantok, and Gist raid Muddy's camp for supplies while he is hunting."

    "Muddy, Timber-K, CerberusLycan, and Gold Dullahan sleep in shifts."
    I guess we traded Zantok for Muddy (despite robbing him???) and then traded Gist for Cerby? I hope I kill him for breaking my nose over BREaD, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, THIS ISN'T LES MIS

    "Gold Dullahan cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide."
    Weak-ass hoe...... the moral is.... don't make bffs........ make murder.........

    When your BFF get's jealous and murders your subsequent BFFs #JustGirlyThings

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