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ZEJ Drinking Game

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Yes, you heard me. A ZEJ Drinking Game. This thread is basically to add stipulations to a made up game in which circumstances/common occurrences surrounding ZEJ result in a drink for members. One day, perhaps, I will take time and play this over Skype, except maybe not with shots because I would die.

    Feel free to add to the list, and the best suggestions will be added to the first post!

    Take One Shot...
    • Every time someone neglects a posting commitment and instead posts in Forum Games.
    • Every time someone suggests a subforum be made.
    • Every time there's a new post in the "Name that Pokémon" thread.
    • When someone is prompted to post in an RP under the format of "<x member> <y RP>"
    • When people abandon the chat in favour of playing a game (ie Touhou, Minecraft, League of Legends)
    • Every time a one-on-one roleplay is posted in.
    • For every admin that is on when you look at the "Who's Online?" list.

    Take Two Shots...
    • Every time you are tagged in the "I SHIP IT" thread.
    • Every time the IRC channel goes dead silent.
    • When @Spaughtyena is denied entrance to an RP on the grounds of anthro characters not being allowed.
    • When someone is kicked from IRC.
    • If @Jude changes her username.

    Take Three Shots...
    • When @Shadow posts in a roleplay.
    • If @Eebit has to revive or prod any thread for activity.
    • When a quest is started up in Galamion.

    Chug Drink...
  2. Take a shot everytime someone uses lol, lel or welp. I guarantee you'll be drunk within the first few minutes of the game.
  3. Take a shot every time someone abandons the chat to play an online game.
    -- Take two if said game is Minecraft or League of Legends
    ---- Take three if you're one of the people playing.
  4. Take a shot if an admin posts in a thread.
    Two if you're the admin.
  5. Take a shot every time you use something on the following chart in the way explained:

  6. ^Take two shots if those expressions used to mean something other than what's given on the chart, or if they're used ironically.
  7. you guys are all drunk go home
  8. Take four shots when someone is kicked from IRC
  9. Take 2 shots when someone mentions something about a fetish or does something fetish related, ie: post furry photos.
  10. Take three shots whenever I say something on IRC.
  11. Take a shot for every admin that's online at the time you log in.
  12. But then you never log out
  13. Take a shot every time there's a new post in the "Guess that Pokemon" thread.
  14. I did the die of alcohol poisoning.
  15. Finish drink every time @Shadow posts in a roleplay
    Chug if it's in This Dream.

    Come on guys come up with more fun rules ;-; I will legitimately play this game one night on Skype. @Spaughtyena , are you with me?
  17. Take two shots every time there isn't a new post in Statistical Roleplays.
    Take three if the most recent post is over a week old.
  18. Take two shots when Starr makes a thread.
    Take three more shots if that said thread dies.
    Take one shot if Starr posts in something and kills the activity for at least 3 days.
    Take three shots if Eebit has to revive or prod any thread for activity.

    Take 6 shots whenever 23 pops around. I bet you alcohol poisoning will happen.
  19. Take 2 shots every time spaught is denied furry access XD
  20. Take a shot every time somebody calls me stupid. You'll die before the game ends.

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