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Would you have sex with the avatar of the user above?

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. *revival*

    I'd form a special... link... with that... :')
  2. [​IMG]

    [And no]

    [Of course not]


    [What even is that]
  3. It's Speedwagon, dumbdumb :p

    Also sure why not
  4. ... Nah, probably not.
  5. I'm not really into that kind of thing.
  6. The trouble with this thread is that it is terribly infrequent that any of us ever update our avatars!

    I mean, Nate's Telepokedigifangmon is pretty bitchin'... but no, I would not have sex with it. Those claws look like they might leave permanent scarring if we were to get a little too into it!
  7. I'd totally tap Eebit's avatar EVERYDAY if i could...and Eebit as well :x

    (time to change my avatar)
  8. I'd fist it but I wouldn't tap it.
  9. Those wings look tough to navigate around... No thanks.
  10. I know she's associated with dragons, but she's not actually a dragon, so no.
  11. I feel like that would also be wayyyy too awkward...
  12. And defile the pureness that's Danny? Not if I want Jason Momoa to tackle me to the ground screaming… things that are not "WIFEY".
  13. why does everyone have animals or pokemon as their avatars i'm not into that
  14. I'd tap that ass~ <3
  15. I fucking love Amy Poehler <3
  16. ... If only my iPod didn't make everything too small to look at XD
  17. Umm...Hmm....She looks kinda geeky...I like geeky on a girl...So...probably.

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