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Whatever the Fuck You Want

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by fricative, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hey, I'm Ellis, or fuckative, I really don't give a shit what you call me so long as it's not mean. Right now pronouns wise I'm using she/her/her's but no other gendered language and I'm in Maryland, though I'm debating going to California to go to school in a year but I am but a simple nerd.
  2. [img=214x157]http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/171/527/objection-vector.png[/img]

    Simple nerds do not exist!

    Welcome to the forums, I'm Nebulon Ranger (known as Dark on IRC), the guy in orange whose job it is to be yelled at when something breaks!
  3. well hello there! I'm Gist, and people will steer you away from me whenever I remember to be active. I hope you stay a while! <3
  4. Helllo!

    I'm Krista, most known for being the partner to @Eebit (we even have fanfic now :eek:).  My job on the ZEJ is to post puppies and be a parental figure.

    If you need advice or some editing, hit me up.

    Hope you enjoy yourself here!
  5. a-hem Let me just clear my throat, I'll be with you in a moment to deliver my spiel.


    Welcome to ZEJ, Ellis! As I said yesterday (well, early this morning) in the IRC, it's a pleasure to meet you. You seem quite nice and I hope that you stick around for the long haul! I hope our funky bunch didn't spook you too much last night. I am Eebit, one of several administrators here. We're the red-named folk that you go to if you need a question answered or a helping hand in general. we hear all, we see all. You already know the lovely @Rose so I'm sure you are already well on your way towards ZEJ stardom!

    I suppose Rose wanted me to do the run-down of the community when you first got here, but these things take time to prepare for. We have a whole red carpet to roll out, and we had to assemble our mod-squad to welcome you properly. Where to start, where to start... well, we do have our Beginner's Guide to ZEJ for you to read. It should give you a run-down of how to navigate around the different boards, although it is admittedly a little out of date. We are fairly lax on the rules (swearing is allowed; we're all mildly mature, so we do let a lot of things slide, so long as people are able to self-moderate), but our golden one is of course "Use common sense."

    We have a fair amount of sections to navigate, but they aren't too unwieldy once you have the hang of navigating this crazy place, with all its many quirks. Naturally, you've taken your first step by finding the Comings and Goings section. Below it, you'll find the Miscellaneous Conjectures section, which is where pretty much all of our casual, general discussion goes. Video games, current events, music, and all sorts of things can be found under that umbrella. If you're looking for a more serious, 'meaty' discussion where civil debates occur over the issues, you can take a look in "Real Talk". We keep a closer eye on what goes on in here, and we encourage people to have a healthy debate and post their views. Of course, "Real Talk" is also hidden from Guest members if you just need to vent about things going on in your real life.

    If roleplaying is your cup of tea, we have a great 'launching pad' in the form of our Interest Checks section. There's where you find the roleplays that people would like to launch, but want to verify that there are people who would partake if they do. If you see something that tickles your fancy, go ahead and post to let the person know that you like their idea! You'll notice that threads in that section are 'tagged' by such labels as 'Freeform,' 'Statistical,' or 'Galamion.' I'll get into each of those in just a mo'.
    • Freeform Roleplays are your typical fare of play-by-post, story-driven roleplays. Typically, you'll see a decent amount along the fantasy spectrum, but our palate is slowly diversifying as we have new users join us. We welcome all genres!
    • Statistical Roleplays are more difficult to explain; they have been likened to video games, such as Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem. If you're a fan of that style of grid-based, tactical games, then shoot a PM towards @Shadow (our resident statistical guru) or myself. Or check out our Statistical Tutorial. It's a little lengthy, but it covers just about all the bases.
    • Galamion is our open world. It will feature roleplays of both types -- statistical and freeform -- and is a project headed up by our teal-named Guardians of Galamion (and Rose, of course). You can learn infinitely more about it by checking out its subsection, so I will leave you to that!

    I think that should cover the basics of our humble abode. As I said, if you have any questions, just ask! We don't bite. Once again, I hope you enjoy your stay around here, and I'll see you around.
  6. Thanks Eebit. You rock for that. (; Anyhoo, welcome Ellis, glad you could make it, and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or snide remarks just ask anyone! We're all pretty cool about this kind of thing.
  7. God damn- I take a nap and miss a new member, I'm usually one of the first few in these things.
    Anyways hey, I'm Gold! You may also see people call me Moon/MoonMoon/Moony in reference to my old username. I'm resident Waist Hip Youngster who makes shitty jokes- as evidenced just now. I've become """famous""" on ZEJ for posting a lot of Interest Checks so there's that. I also have a Prompt thread in Creation Station where people give me weird prompts and I write shit for that.
    Example 1: that fanfic!
  8. i swear we need to do a 1x1 moon ;A;
  9. Are we talking about writing b/c I'm a confused little turd whose (EVIDENCE 1: At first I put "who", had to edit that. I also then forgot to put a space after the parentheses. Edit x2) brain doesn't work in the morning
    Also just remembered- If you happen to like Homestuck, I'm the creator of our very own ZEJstuck! So maybe check that out?

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