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DISCUSSION What Do You Want to Play?

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Well, for a RolePlaying-centred forum, we don't seem to have too much activity going around in this section of the forum. So, in the interest of generating a bit of activity and discussion, I'd like to ask, what do you (the members of ZEJ) want to play?

    What genre of writing/RolePlaying interests you? Would you play a post-apocalyptic game with robot ninjas after you at every turn? Or would you be down with a game that focuses on the survival in Prehistory? Do you prefer a free-roaming sort of RPG, or do you want a focused set of rules with statistics and traditional dice-rolling?

    Whatever you're looking for in a game, post it up in here, and maybe some people can find some common ground and get a sizable RPG started.
  2. Lately, I've been in the mood for a serious, depth-filled Roleplay, preferably one with a smaller group of people who are interested in posting at a 3-paragraph per post level. Statplays are good fun, but I'd really be interested right now in an old fashioned RP with a sort of 'psychedelic' style to it; possibly something like Inception, depending on how that would convey as a Roleplay.
  3. I've got a concept for everyone in ZEJ.

    Lately y'all have seen CoU roleplay and our little "organization" and stuff, and maybe you've wondered maybe ZEJ should have this happen...

    Say no more. I would like to make and moderate a ZEJ RP involving one character each made by peeps from ZEJ to make a small organization like Organization Aurora. I promise milk and cookies will be provided.

    Characters can be a manifestation of yourself (like me with crazE) or a new creation of your own, or possibly even an old character you'd like to bring back. I would also like to discuss what you'd like to expect in this roleplay and I would delight in offers for plots and such. =)

    The name of this organization I leave to you guys along with most of the happenings. I will provide all the RP experience I can. Now, would you ZEJ RPers like this to happen, or should this be thrown in the dumps?
  4. I like the idea, CrazE. :D
  5. Another thing, this is going to be different than OA and CoU. Despite them doing whatever they want and having villains challenge THEM, this organization is going to be an "avengers" type deal. Superheroes wanted :D
  6. Awesome! I always wanted a superhero roleplay, hence why I tried to make my own, but I've kind of ran out of ideas for that, so I'm eager to see how this turns out. :D
  7. Thinking of doing something based on The World Ends With You, with the gimmick of posting being done on a real-time basis.

    By this, I mean that I'd have the limit for posts in character (specifically missions, time to find a partner before being erased, etc) be based on actual time. For instance, if there were a mission that had the characters working to accomplish something, they would get a week IRL to do all of their posting towards said goal. If they did not accomplish the goal, they would both be erased.

    Of course, each player would be restricted to a single character, either Reaper or Player, and they would select partners in-character.

    Just some basic ideas in my head, of course. Nothing concrete to show for it, but if you'd be interested, let me know here or via PM/profile comment so I know how much interest there is in something like this. I'd be looking at 4 partnerships minimum, giving us a requirement of 8 PLAYERS for this RP to go through. Reapers will be moderated heavily, but players can only choose to be one or the other (Player/Reaper).
  8. Eeb; that sounds interesting - really ASB-esque - but I've never played The World Ends With You. If I join, will I easily be able to catch up?

    Would people like to play a Fire Emblem based high-strategy / high-AI-level statplay type game? It's got a oppp rule (one para-per-post) and predetermined stats and classes (which are modifiable to an extent). Storyline is weak at the beginning and grows conspiratorially darker per map. (I'm going to have to make a thread a map though, seeing as defeating one map takes about 2 weeks and maybe a little more real-time.)

    Every map, the characters must discuss amongst themselves and deploy up to (less than or equal to) a certain number of units. As such they can talk to each other if they come within a few steps of each other, build up supports, discuss battle strategies and formations, et cetera. (Built up supports will offer benefits if the characters who have a support are in the same map.) With supports and the one (or more) paragraph(s) they are allowed, they should develop background history (d'oh, Espy). XD

    Each player, of course, has only one character in, but as many players as possible are allowed to join. As such, the restriction loosens as more people join.

    tl; dr - Fire Emblem game with some twists. XD I've GM'd for this game on another forum (unfortunately it - the forum - was taken down), and we NEARLY finished the game, at Chapter 25x. Chapter 26 to 28 (FINAL) couldn't be finished, though, because of inactivity. :(
  9. @Eebit, that sounds cool, although, like Dororo, I haven't actually played the game, but I did look it up, and it looks pretty cool.

    @Dororo, I think a Fire Emblem based thing would be cool, although you never mentioned whether the characters from the actual game would be involved.

    @Everyone, I'm kinda stuck to ZEJ, but before now I've been on the Digital Dive, and Acanthite (where Eebit found me) and I saw some pretty cool roleplay ideas. I may go back and take a look, see if I can cook something up from discarded ideas on those. If anyone opposes, just say so. Just to be clear, I'm not gonna use the same idea, I'll tweak it and stuff to make it my own.
  10. Gold; nope, your own characters plus some I made up. ;D The main classes will mostly be there though.
  11. I'm really interested, at this point, in doing something superhero related. After seeing The Dark Knight Rises (fantastic movie, by the way) and The Amazing Spider-Man (still a very good film, but not quite at the level of Dark Knight), my palate has been whetted for a gritty, bleak take on superheroes a la Watchmen. While we do have Zero Evil Justice Squad in potential interest (which others should go check out!), I am not sure what sort of style that is going to take, so here I am, hoping that a darker take on the superhero genre is found!

    Alternatively, I'm sort of a sucker for a steam/cyberpunk RP. Maybe something post-apocalyptic would liven up a fantasy-filled ZEJ, because I am definitely looking for something freeform and fun to get into. Maybe I'll toss something up in that vein a little later, and it will theoretically be entirely character-driven, so that I don't have to assume control of any plot-related things. Not really something I want to deal with. :p
  12. And THE AVENGERS. Don't forget THE AVENGERS. :D I don't know if you went and saw that, but I'd really like to go see it... for the fourth time. :p Personally, I'd prefer something in between "lighthearted" and "gritty", like Avengers, or most Marvel movies. A mostly serious story with plenty of humor to back it up, because honestly, if something has little to no humor, I have a hard time keeping interest, but that's just me.
  13. Would anyone be interested in a comedy-oriented roleplay? I've been thinking of a few new roleplay ideas for a while now, and this is one that would most likely be enjoyable. Basically, it involves a group of people (Controlled by he RPers) who decide to create and write their own TV show. The program in question is a sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live, where the writers write sketches that include themselves as actors. 

    Most of the roleplaying would be in the sketches themselves, with some character development occuring in a separate thread, the "Brainstorm Thread" which would represent the writers brainstorming ideas that might eventually make their way into the "Sketch Thread", the primary thread, itself. The two threads would be used concurrently, but they would take place at different times, with the Brainstorm Thread usually taking place after the current Sketch Thread.

    The individual sketches themselves would mostly be short, about 2-5 thread pages long, and would be everything from original ideas to parodies of various fictional and non-fictional works, including possibly our own various roleplays. It's different from what we've done before, but I think it would be hilarious if we do it right.

    Admittedly, I don't know much about how sketch comedies work, (I don't even watch SNL very often. :p) but if this idea gets popular, I can do some research. What do you guys think?

    Edit: I forgot to mention that ZEJ: WIC is still possible if you guys are still interested.
  14. *wipes off the cobwebs of this thread*


    Guize someone needs to make something like this. pls.
  15. I've always been a fan of fantasy and horror RPs. I like RPs that can change at any second, surprises. I like them dangerous and complicated, where they drag characters through as much mud as possible.
  16. I am looking for a school RP that is a cross between old alchemy style of magic and a modern style magic. I have one in mind if I feel confortable here.
  17. I'm quite interested in that concept. Perhaps we could collaborate on it if you'd like?
  18. Okay, so this is something I want a bit of help on.

    I realize that I'm busy thinking of other things like EO SP, but the following idea is one that I've had for a while now, ever since I watched the TV Show Young Justice.

    Now, something I've wanted to do for a while is to create a canon around the idea of superheroes, similar to what DC and Marvel have. Of course, I would like to take it into a more... realistic light, but not QUITE the realism seen in say Heroes or Alphas, but something between those and the more "traditional" superhero stuff. What this means is that the populace would definitely appreciate, and even look up to the heroes, but there would definitely be some animosity towards their... Destructive tendencies, injuries would have real repercussions, and other things like that.

    Of course, the "primary" stories would occur in modern-day earth, with the possibility of stories set in the future or even the past. This brings up another idea I had for it, in that I want the universe its set in would be an "All Myths Are True" type universe.

    Now that I've kinda explained that much... This is where I get to what I need help with. I have no idea how to really "start" it. I have ideas for certain plots, but none of them would be good starting points. I am more than willing to lead, participate in, and manage a canon like this, but I just can't think of a plot to start with.

    (Also, I should mention, that I will have no problem with other people "ripping off" aspects of other fictions, so long as the content itself is original. That is to say, I don't want say, Hogwarts existing in the universe, but an expy of it I would honestly have no problem with, so long as it's internally consistent and causes as few continuity snarls as possible.)

    Some feedback would be really appreciated.
  19. I'd love to see something in Middle-earth. Maybe during the rise of Angmar, or War of the Ring/Post-War of the Ring.

    I also like Eebro's Idea for a superhero RP.

    I was thinking about more things to do and I thought of something mtg related where characters discover their spark.
  20. Buddy I'd love you if something like this sprung up.

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