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Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by CerberusLycan, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Poll found here!

    We may or may not abduct the winners and force them to spend a night together in a dungeon of the sexual variety!??!
  2. 0/10 my ship isn't on there
  3. And then Jonno came in and hugged everybody.
  4. What is ur ship even

    it prolly suxX if it isn't on this list tbh !!!
  6. ye as I thought
  7. Where's my Cody/Espy omg we even had that amazing fanfic for it

    I can't believe I get the option to include myself in a ship with Jonno omg, God is real?????
  8. Pick only one? Aw man, it's so hard choosing between the amazing tsundere relationship in Shadoberus or the fabulous ship that would be Eeberus or *Goes on and on*

    *Goes with Jonno x Everyone so everybody can be loved*
  9. yeah wtf yall don't ship me wtf
  10. @CodasterTheDisaster I would've added Cody x Eebit but since I'm the one who made the poll, and am also the one who is trying to win Eebit's heart, I'm afraid this pairing poses too much of a threat to me and as such I don't want to make it more popular. Eebit-senpai is mine. I only put Shadow x Eebit because, let's be real, Shadow can't actually love anyone, so the pairing is no real threat.

    (As for @"Gold Dullahan", in retrospect it is odd that you don't have any pairings here, but I thought Cody was your brother (and Espy isn't around at all anymore so I didn't include him) and Rose x Gold is already real ((and you're underage so that would make the first post illegal and awkward)))
  11. Cerby I think she means Cody x Espy
  12. Oh, my, well I
    wasn't aware that that ship ever existed
  13. > No Shadow x Everyone

  14. More importantly there's no Future Shadow x Mobius
  15. Manaverse x Dreamverse
  16. No me ships

    Who do you ship me with
  17. Afti and Nyumi, neither of which are active here
  18. Iunno man, if Cods and I weren't otp material then Kam x Cods would be a baller ship

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