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USS Ares (NCC-13225) Official Star Trek simulation of @AxanarFilm

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Lance_R_Violator, Oct 26, 2017.

    - Interested sim'ers
    - Experienced Dept. Head, or player, that aspires to be a 2XO and more.


    To patrol the edges of space. Protect the citizens of the federation and those that call for help.


    As a Prometheus class ship, it has the multi-vector attack mode, (M.V.A.M.) and can accomplish multiple missions at once. Explore the vastness of space. It can also defend herself better than any, single, star ship thanks to our amazing crew. Legends start somewhere, ours starts/continues here and now.

    (Aboard our INTEL Defiant, USS Inviblis Occulus (NCC-13225i)

    Click "HERE" to join the tip of the spear.

    Send questions, about the simulation, to Lance_R_Violator@Hotmail.com

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