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Twitter Mention Testing Thread

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Nebulon Ranger, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. @Eebit @Shadow @Masquerade


    you all can ignore this if you want; switched to a different plugin that alerts people on mentions.
  2. @CerberusLycan @Gist

    ... @"Creation of Pokerus"
  3. @Jonno @Kudamon @Zantok

    let's have a party
    let's have a party

    @crazE @CodasterTheDisaster @Elegante
  4. @"Rose Swan" @ShadoeMayari @Sole

    @"Lord X-Giga-X"

    @Starrie @Spaughtyena @LaTyrannia
  5. After this plugin was installed I thought I was popular. Damn you @Dark !

    #firstworldproblems, #zej, #zejparty2013, #coe
  6. @"EspyBounce!"

    Checking to see if it recognises past usernames?

    EDIT: No, apparently.
  7. @Eebit @LaTyrannia @Rose Swan @ShadoeMayari @Dark @Flamezone @turbotaxer @Kudamon @Wendy @Gist @CerberusLycan @Masquerade @FallenBro @Nymphali @Knightmare

    Friendzz <333333<3,3<3<3<3<3,3,,3# hi

  8. @Shadow I love you I hope you accept my affections
  9. A shout out to @AlertBot for being a bro and making all this possible
    by unclogging Dark.
  10. @Nymphali my username has never been Keileon here, it's just an alternate way of referring to me.
  11. So @"Dark", @"Kudamon", and I are playing MC and Kuda's horse starts spinning like a madman into a lamp.

  12. @Kudamon; oh well okay lol. I did not notice that.
  13. @Jonno; lol "my friends and Shadow!"

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