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The deviantArt Thread

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Eebit, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just a little bit of social networking here, but if anyone has a deviantArt account that they'd like to share in here, I'll post it in the original post and keep the list updated. This way, everyone can follow and check out some of the cool things everyone else is up to in the meantime!

    Also throw up some links to what you've been up to in here, if that's the case. Always cool to see some new art styles, poetry, writing, and all that fun stuff!

    ~BatterymanAAA - @BatterymanAAA
    ~Espy-Bounce - @Espeonature
    ~EightBitHero - @Eebit
    ~Keileon - @Kudamon
    ~xNH1x - @LaTyrannia
    ~Cidiot - @Rick
    ~RoseSwan - @"Rose Hathaway"
    ~ShadoeMayari - @ShadoeMayari
    ~Starrmonica - @Starrie
    ~TheAuthorGl1m0 - @"TheAuthorGl1m0"
  2. ~Espeonature - Espy

    Am +Watching you 8B! Never knew you were on dA though I should have. =P

    Also don't expect much from me. =P I mainly exist on dA to talk to friends and most of my art stays on le comp... I might post some stuff soon though!
  3. RoseSwan

    Obvious people are obvious.
  4. LuluDaHedgehog It's my sisters link. she has a ton of pictures worthy of backgrounds. check it some time if you'd like :p
  5. http://xnh1x.deviantart.com/
    1. I don't update often.
    2. None of my graphics are there because copyright stuff.
    3. It's mostly shit drawings and my poetry.
    You've been warned.
  6. ... Forgot to post here...

    Clicky :>

    ... I notice I use Keileon more often on art sites and Kudamon more often on forums...

    Anyway, I don't upload as often as I should, most of my stuff ends up on FurAffinity. I do throw in what I can when I remember, though.
  7. BatterymanAAA.
    -Fakemon in various levels of learning Sugi Style
    -Sketches of miscellaneous things
    -Some Fan Digimon
    -A folder labeled Stupid
    And much more.
  8. I have one, although I havent done much with it yet. Maybe Ill put some random stuff up there eventually
  9. Since i'm on phone and bored, i'll provide my username. Will edit this post later:


  10. Gradually, oh so gradually, people from ZEJ have been stumbling upon my deviantArt account. And at this point most of you are already stalking watching me. So yeah! My account bears the same username I go by here, which I would assume is my primary reason of undoing (DeviantArt was actually the first account I used 'CerberusLycan' for). There's not really much there, I created it at first to connect with my friends so long as... nearly five years ago, tried to dabble in writing (and drawing oh god the drawings) while I was on it... and it hasn't seen use pretty much since I joined ZEJ. I intended to relay all the story ideas in my head through that account eventually, and then post in this thread, but everything about that is moot now. Now I basically look at almost anything on that account and get that

    --oh god what is this what was I thinking--


    Even so, I feel like it portrays somewhat decently my path to maturity-- or whatever you could call me now-- as the most recent things in my gallery are poems that I don't completely hate, and the earliest deviations are things that make me wonder what I was doing with my life at around age 12-13. So feel free to laugh at those! I do believe I have matured noticeably throughout this past year and since coming to ZEJ, so it's interesting to look back at my old account...

    ...and my baby Gabriel is still there, so that's something.
  11. ......cerb, you draw better than me. Do you do requests?! (please say yes) ;w;
  12. @Starrie whatchu talkin' 'bout? I used to have two deviations portraying what I called "Negative Pokemon", or original Pokemon with an infinitely darker twist, but I deleted those because they were so zetta amature. The only artwork on my account now is Gabriel's design, which was actually drawn by @hinatarooo! She takes commissions!
  13. Oh, dangit. Thought you drew it :x Ahwell!
  14. Ah, I may as well. Here it is. http://theauthorgl1m0.deviantart.com/ This is where I've been working on the "SPB Project", in which I strive to ponify all 226 Super Eurobeat album covers--whilst keeping them as close to the original source material as possible. It eats up a lot of my time, but it's strangely gratifying. ^^

    I also have an older account, here: http://glowboroller.deviantart.com/ That's where I used to post my drawings, comics, and other stuff based around the Katamari Damacy series. It's all as old as the sandwich that accidentally fell behind my dresser and got stuck there two years ago, and I haven't been brave enough to check on it in ages, but perhaps some of you might find vague amusement in the horrors I wrought upon the world. XD
  15. Oh um you probably know if you're watching me that I shifted accounts to ~Espy-Bounce. So yeah. Watch me there or whatever.

  16. My niece gave me permission to make her a Deviantart page, so here it is: http://tattledani.deviantart.com/ 

    Make this child a happy one.

  17. "Under the sea" is really nice (I also like her crab, v cute)
  18. Glad you were able to get her art up on DA, after all! I've got to say, I'm impressed. Even now, I wouldn't have come up with the technique that she did- I'm in agreement with Moon, here -to develop a piece like "Under the Sea" like she did. She has a great color palette going on with both it on "My fish", and I like the detail that has gone into her self-portraits. The extra dabs of blue on the sun in "That's me outside" are especially nice.
  19. Figured I'd share an old friend and legacy ZEJian member's DA while we're at this. Say what you will about ponies, plebs, but @Glowbo is pretty damn good at what they do. http://theauthorgl1m0.deviantart.com/ Eebit, Flamezone, and I had recently gotten back into contact with 'em and it reminded me of when I'd found this page. Good times.

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