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+.T H E : F A C E S : O F : E E B I T.+ [Romance | Comedy]

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Jonno, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. "Hello, my absolutely beautiful potential suitors, my name is Eebit...

    ...and I will be your host, as well as the ultimate prize in this spectacle that shall forever be known as the single greatest event to ever doth occureth within thine universe of universes: the Faces of Eebit Tournament of Tournaments!" 

    Every fiber of your being is filled with an effervescent sensation as your host and charming bachelor Eebit Tibee speaks into his microphone, dressed in as suave and sophisticated a manner as you could have imagined based off of hearing his soothing and intensely lust-inducing voice over the phone during your one-on-one interview for the position as one of the contestants in his ultimate show just one night before. Before you could even have proper time to fully react, his most trusted advisers were visiting your house in the dead of the night and whisking you off to the Land of Cherished Moments, within which, at the highest most peak, the Tower of Eebit did stand in all of its radiant majesty. 

    When you first walked through the tower's twenty-foot-tall doors, you weren't sure what to expect. All that you knew was that, whatever you were about to face within the tower, that it would be more than even your wildest dreams could ever possibly fathom-- and yes, all of that and more was proven to you the second that you stepped foot into the tower, with nothing more than a few yards separating you from what you knew was the most alluring man on the planet. Men and women alike, regardless of orientation, were deeply attracted to him in a manner that no other man could emulate. Not even Dracula with his natural charm, wit, and powers of compulsion could resist the power of Eebit in the end once he had found him and kept him as his pet in his chambers.

    Beyond all manner and means, you were attracted to him like nothing else, and you didn't care who knew. All of your closest family and friends even had to stave off their own jealous desperacy for Eebit to congratulate you on the opportunity. You think back to them for only a moment, knowing that they are watching back home, salivating for the shining golden locks and eyes bluer than Moon River that the young beauty maintains so perfectly. The smirk on your face is simply impossible to take off at this point- you're the one with the opportunity here, and you will do absolutely anything to be the single person that he chooses to be his one and only.

    Eebit disappears out of thin air as quickly as he had appeared, as if he contained some sort of sexy magic that allowed him to switch from place to place as quickly as he usually would switch from person to person. But now, he had to buckle down and really find one true love, which he knew had to be one of the seven people he had hand-chosen for the Trials of Eebit just the night before. Before he leaves, he tells you this: "Kumquats." What this necessarily means, you honestly do not know, but you keep good mental note of it because, hey, it was the glorious one who said it.

    Once he departs, the room fades to black, only to have its light restored but a moment later, revealing the entirety of the Tower of Eebit's main floor. To the right, there is situated a door with a sign encased in gold reading "Bikini Lounge." You smile, knowing from the phone call that you could receive Eebot .007 massages there, though you truthfully are just waiting for the eventual massage by the one and only true Eebit in the flesh. Though the Eebots were exact likenesses of him, you know in your heart that their mechanical endowments can never equate to the real thing.

    Suddenly, one of the Eebots- this one dressed up just like Michael Jackson in his Smooth Criminal music video, but with a smiling purple flower pen set in his coat pocket because yes -approaches you. He urges you to follow him, which you do steadfastly, and you find yourself in the main lobby.

    "Please do make yourself at home," the smoove Eebot says with a wink. "If you need anything, please do not be afraid to ask. My model was designed to accomodate!" 

    There goes another wink. 

    Your knees buckle.

    The Eebot chuckles, informing you further that "The Trials of Eebit will begin momentarily; we're just waiting for the minimum amount of participants to be guided to the lobby much like yourself. In the mean time, make yourself at home, love. Care for a drink of cider? Cotton candy tea, perhaps? Whatever you like, I am ready to serve."

    You take a look around pretty quickly, taking note of the restroom facilities nearby, as well as televisions broadcasting past news reports featuring Eebit throughout the facility, as well as an episode of the recently resurrected Rugrats featuring Eebit as its main character, and Eebit's live showing at the recent Lollapalooza with Mumford & Sons, J.K. Rowling, Montel Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, and himself singing "The Weight", which got the audience swooning and drunk off of their love. 

    For now, however, you choose to sit back in one of the many heart shaped lounge chairs available for you at the center of the lounge, thinking to yourself with a dopey smile, "I could get used to this very easily..."

  2. . . .


    Hot damn.

    The messy blur that usually occupied the confines of my head hit a brick wall before he disappeared, those two words the sole survivors of the collision. Nothing else registered: no thoughts, no feelings, no opinions, just those two words suddenly floating in an empty expanse. Deep down, the sensible part of me shook its head and sighed, briefly taking note of the fact that the gorgeousness in front of me had actually spoken something potentially important. Kumquats. If I had enough sophistication to thank that part of me, I would have, but then again it would have still sighed. And even it had to admit that sensibility was hard with such a figure vying for my attention specifically. Well... mine and six others, but I ignored that fact. I could practically feel my sensibility huff.

    Hey, genius, your boy-toy's gone. Pick your jaw up off the floor.

    I grimaced internally, not because of the self-administered admonishment, but because it was right on one point. The real thing had disappeared, leaving me alone with one of the Eebots. I smiled a little uneasily, averting my gaze for a moment. Okay, don't screw this up.

    For your sake, I certainly hope you don't.


    Before I even had the chance to realize, I found myself lounged on one of the heart-shaped chairs in the Bikini Lounge, my sensible side suddenly very quiet. I blinked once. Then twice. "Uhh... I'm good." I answered quietly, "I'll let you know if I need anything though." My eyes skirted around the room a couple times, a small smile forming on my face. Yeah. I could get used to this.
  3. I almost fainted when I saw him. Eebit was like a Greek god, or a Renaissance sculpture fully clothed, or both. Both is always good. I didn't mind him being fully clothed. Suits and ties were my weakness and combined with Eebit's flawless body filling it just right, the fact I was still standing astonished me.

    Reluctantly, I followed the Eebot into the Bikini Lounge, heels clicking on the marble floors and a trail of gold glitter sprinkled behind me from my dress. It was a miracle I had time to get as much done as I did; the advisers dragged me out so quicky. At least I had my red lipstick on. Red like roses. Power red. I always felt confident in red lipstick. Combined with the rest of my makeup and straight hair, I felt gorgeous. Eebit would have to pick me now. We would be the ultimate, gorgeous power couple. I could rule the world with his charisma in my hand. I just needed to get it first.

    The Eebot dressed like Michael Jackson offered me refreshments. "Water would be lovely, thank you." I said and took a seat in another heart chair, staring the other man in the face, observing him and his behavior. So Eebit went both ways. Hm. Could make for a nice threesome with my boyfriend. I smiled sweetly at the other man. "I'm Rose. Nice to meet you."
  4. Goodness. I thought to myself, humming in appreciation as I continued to look around. If the rest of the Tower of Eebit was as ritzy as the Bikini Lounge this tournament would be a little slice of Heaven. I just had to make sure I didn't screw this up. It was at that moment that the Eebot brought another contestant with him shortly afterward, a girl this time. I smiled politely for but a moment before suddenly frowning.

    Shit! She has boobs! They're like... the perfect pillows! How the fuck am I supposed to compete with that?

    Wipe that frown off your face and worry about it later. She's gonna think you're rude!


    I quickly smoothed the frown into a shaky smile, nodding when she told me her name. "S-Silver." I managed, "P-people usually call me Silv." I could practically hear the other half of me sigh in disappointment.

    Yeah, you're off to a great start lover boy.
  5. ‘Amateurs’ I sighed watching some guy not so discretely oogle another girl’s gold clad breasts.

    Apparently Eebit has just left considering the stunned looks on everyone’s faces. Even the Eebots look a bit star struck. It’s too bad really, I had my whole first impression thing planned out. By first I mean hundredth or thousandth, who really knows how many fueled visits he made to my apartment before our untimely split. Thank God for second chances.

    Though I’ve already won this I should probably go over and introduce myself, it’s only polite and I was raised to be a lady.

    ‘Krista’ I say sitting on a chair shaped just like Eebit’s beautiful lips. Glorious really; how they used to kiss that same place…
    I shake myself out of my recollections, why relive memories when I can soon have the real thing?
    ‘Pleased to meet you both, I’m sure we’ll have such a ravishing time together.’ I wink. It should be criminal to have this much fun and already have won the prize.

    An Eebot walks by, almost properly imitating Eebit’s graceful movements.
    ‘Excuse me, has there been an announcement as to when Eebit will make another appearance?’
    ‘No. Sorry. Would you like some tea?’

    Of course they would know my favourite drink... Well if he won’t be appearing anytime soon and my invite did say to ‘fuck shit up’ (okay maybe that was just my interpretation of it.) I had better get started.

    Pulling some spray paint out of my backpack, I write:

    ‘The brush of your hair on my neck stirs winds of desire. A storm brewing within.’

    The marble floor is now acquainted with my work. Everyone has frozen, even the Eebots looked shocked, clearly they don’t have the latest software. Picking paint off my fingers I return to my seat; closing Silver’s jaw on the way.

    I have this in bag, who would choose wooing over fireworks?
  6. I look at the phone, drool slowly collecting at the corner of my lip. I have been perched in waiting for the last four hours, singly staring at the white device, along with the rest of my family. Some might wonder the reason behind such lunatic behavior, but I know that perseverance will be the key to overcome all. It's worked before. I just merely had to survive and wait for the moment to come. It would, I was sure of it, but it was not as easy as it just being handed to you. That's why I had to stand over the river of opportunity. I had to snag this salmon called Eebit before anyone else did and I had to make sure that it was only mine. You could call that carnal desire, but I prefer to think of it as inheriting something that should have already been mine.

    You see, I had known for quite a while now that there were going to be calls all across this country from that glorious specimen with the purpose of getting him tied down in marriage after 19 long years. But now I finally have the chance. I snicker to myself, if only under my breath, because I know that if selected, there will be a fight like no other to make sure that the ultimate prize will surely be mine. I know this because, well, who wouldn't try their very best to make sure that man comes home with them for now and forever? I knew I most certainly would.

    But that's beside the point.

    My name is Gist. I'm 18 years old and have been watching Eebit for the last 5. While I listen to the hungry growls of the rest of my family, I merely muse over what I'm supposed to do to make sure that this spot is mine. There weren't many extraordinary qualities about me that might make me look better towards an international superstar, but as long as I had this chance, there might be a reason for making this debut. You see, a girl like me is something that happens all across America. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Skin that only burns, not tans. Things that detract from the human female form in almost every way. However, I planned to make that up with a bit of intellect, something I prided myself upon, since that was really all I had to offer.

    I knew that most of the participants, if not myself as well, would soon become oblivious to everything else but the competition and the man himself. I, however, would look towards the other facets of this exercise of wits, brawn, and attractiveness. There was surely places where one would need to make sure that there are points where they could shove their competition into the dirt while no one was watching. This happens all the time in standard play, and people became as ruthless as that since the dawn of human history...

    But I digress.

    I mused over these things so much that I almost tuned out the phone ringing completely. But where everyone had been staring at a sentient object for a very good long time, we were all delayed at the reaction. The first ring had not completely stopped before all of us began to claw towards the only handheld we possessed. Cell phones are a thing of the past, and something I did not plan to waste my money on unless I needed to. Nowadays, there were companies that provided such devices to their employees and this was something that I did not have to pay for. I liked free things.

    However, the scratches I was getting was not something I liked very well, even if they were free. We scratched and kicked and fussed, and by sheer luck, I had reached my hand through the fog of war and clasped the glorious plastic horn of heaven. I screeched much like a primitive being and pulled myself away from the still ongoing fight. Had they not noticed I had grabbed the phone? Most certainly not if I had completely gotten out and they were still scuffling about. That alone made them not worthy. Pitiful mortals.

    Quietly, I proceeded outside the house. Time was of the essence. This phone call would not wait forever, and if I didn't answer soon enough, there would be no opportunity at all. I stepped into the freezing cold wind in just a t-shirt and booty shorts. It was quite late at night, so this was to be expected. I was about to go retire for the night when I heard the brouhaha over Eebit's latest announcement. I looked towards the west to see the moon sinking dangerously low. There wasn't much time left at all.

    On the phone's fifth ring (out of the normal six it gives), I took the call, and shivering both inside and out, and I raised the phone to my face and took a gulp. This was it. This was the moment of truth. "Hello?"

    And I got greeted with an automated recording asking me to take a survey. Bitches. I hung up with a jealous rage and almost threw the phone to the floor in fury when the phone rang again. If this was something else to try my patience, I too would become just like my scuffling family inside. Again, I brought the phone to my face, answered it, and gulped. This was it. This was the moment of truth. "Hello?"

    And I got greeted with a telemarketer. UGH! I hung up the phone and just went back inside. It was too cold for this. I walked back inside the kitchen, which is where we kept our touchtone phone. It was really the central gathering place since the living room was used for storage. Besides, why would Eebit call somewhere like here in the bottom of nowhere. Not even the middle, but the bottom of nowhere. The family stopped scuffling and they all looked at me. Our eyes made contact, and I solemnly let my head go down and shook it in disappointment. The family and myself let loose a collective sigh of disappointment and we all went back to bed, I hung up the phone first.

    Well, I didn't go directly to bed, first I went to go take a shower. I was chilled to the bone and I needed to make sure that I got myself warmed back up before I went to face the chillier winds of rejection. I let the heated water rush over my body as I let out my pent up frustration. Why hadn't Eebit chosen me as a potential suitor?! Was it something to do with the way I look, was it something to do with the way I think?

    Eebit was an omniscient man and with that knowledge, he could very well divine a person's future with a single look. That was only one of the things she liked about him.

    But there wasn't a point in mulling over something that was not possible. Even dreams aren't usually allowed to become a part of reality. I turned the water off and proceeded to get ready for bed. As I wrapped the towel around me, I proceeded to start braiding my hair into a thick rope. The wringing of the hair as it got tied into the rope made the water leak out faster, and would make for an easier time in letting it dry when I let it loose. I looked around for some kind of scrunchy as I was finishing putting my hair into its ritual bondage, when suddenly, I thought I heard the phone ring again. Certainly this was just the gods playing with me, Eebit wouldn’t call this late at night… would he?

    The butterflies entered my stomach again as I proceeded to the phone. The family’s snores echoed all around me. If this was really him, I would be uncontested, and I will have succeeded in nabbing an interview with that delicious hunk of heaven. That was really my life’s dream right there, fuck going to college and having a real job. If I could nab that man, this could be the solution to all my problems, fiscally and sexually. This was my only chance to get out of this pinch.

    I went back down the hallway and looked at the phone again. The caller ID was blank. Could this be it? Could this really be the moment I’ve waited for for the last four years? I salivated again as the phone reached the fourth ring. With the horn of heaven in my hand yet again, I answered the phone. This was it. This was the moment of truth. "Hello?"

    The voice of God rung in my ear. "Hello there." My heart stopped. This was him. This was it. This was my chance to live big and make something of myself if I passed the interview. This was my chance to make my dreams come true. The third time was the charm, I suppose. "H-hi there. I--"

    "What are you wearing?

    My heart stopped. Oh dear. Where was this going to go?! I had to make sure I kept my wits about me. Was it safe to lie to him, make sure that my dignity was preserved, or should I tell him the truth?

    Before I had a chance to really make up my mind, my mouth opened itself and replied without my approval. "A towel."

    "That's all?"

    "That's all." Oh my god. What had I just said? I didn't want him to know that! Even if he's omniscient, he shouldn't be talking to a barely legal girl who's standing almost naked on the other end of the line! That's rude!

    Remember, Gist, this is your only ticket to salvation. Don't fuck this up.

    "What's your name?"

    I thought I heard a faint snickering sound in the distance from the other end of the line, but that must have been my imagination. Eebit had a serious tone. I wasn't about to disappoint him. With the next few moments, I chose to take my steps carefully, to demonstrate my knowledge and to make sure he knew that I was well informed.

    "Being that you are omniscient, you already know my name, so there is no need to ask it of me."

    Seconds passed on into a full minute. I started to get a chill. Had I made an incorrect answer? I was only in the second question. Certainly I hadn't made a mistake this early in the game...!

    I stood there silent as I could be trying to run through what had just happened, trying to scan for any errors. I hadn't made any to my knowledge, so certainly... certainly...

    "Alright. You passed. I'll send for someone to collect you in just a few moments."

    With that, the connection closed. What did he mean by "collect"? What was going to happen to her now? I put the phone back in the cradle and ran as fast as I could to my room. I didn't know what was going to happen to me, so I made sure I was ready for anything. I ditched the towel, quickly threw on comfortable undergarments, and then just picked the first thing out of the closet that I could reach. A yellow shirtdress. How ironic. I slipped it on and picked out the yellow flats that were laying underneath it.

    As I was putting the shoes on, I heard the front door open. Oh dear. I didn't have time to make my face up. I didn't really have time to do anything else as the man in black towered up towards the ceiling looking around, and then finding me. In just instants, he was on his way back towards me and all I could do was watch. Not a sound, not that I could make one anyway, but the next thing I knew, the man knocked me to the bed and he was stuffing a wet cloth into my mouth.

    I tried to struggle, I really did, but it was worthless. Something in that cloth was making me quite drowsy though, and it was making my tongue rather numb. Eww. The man tied my arms behind my back and tied my legs together so my appendages wouldn't flop everywhere. Then he picked me up and carried me out. The last thing I remember from that night was as I looked down his chest. I saw a gold pin on his lapel, fashioned into the shape of an 'E'. Hah. Funny...

    Then it was all black.
  7. A faint collective of snow formed inside of the intercom for a moment, quietly emanating throughout the Bikini Lounge and elsewhere in the tower. Less than a beat later, the voice of an Eebot came through each of the multitude of speakers spread throughout the tower, putting on his most sensual radio host's tone as possible before letting it be known that "Eebit Radio 426.7 is airing as of riiiiight now. Please, make yourselves comfortable as it may be a small while before our first challenge is set to begin. Kick back, relax, maybe have a drink or two! Enjoy." Not a moment too soon thereafter, a song begins playing through the speakers neatly tucked into every upper and lower corner of the lounge. You recognize it as one of Eebit's favorite bands who were featured singing with him at a recent event about a year past, and a modified version of the music video correlating to the song showing Eebit engaging in camaraderie with the band, playing a rowsing fiddle, flashes up upon each and every screen in the lounge.

    The Eebot dressed up as Kristoph Palmer working the food shack selling all manner and means of delectable dishes crafted from the world-famous Cook-Eebook immediately set down his book upon the radio finally coming up to shout, "This is one of my favourites!" You notice the slight Canadian-esque accent in his voice and shudder. Even though it's just an Eebot, how nearly exact his voice is to the real deal's is astounding. Whoever crafted these things was an absolute genius and true purveyor of beauty. You actually end up catching a copyright logo upon one of the more scantily clad Eebot's necks as he briskly walks past you with a specially-crafted pineapple-coconut smoothie in his hand to deliver to one of the tower's guest VIP spectators and note the "© KnightFlame" etched in fine print just below his smooth blonde hairline.


    Whoever that was.

    Another Eebot dressed in a fine cardigan sweater suddenly takes to the center of the room and dances a little jig as he sings, "♫ It's not unusual to be impatient about starting the challenges, but you know that it will just be a little longer now! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery, and for any extra amenities you may need, just come to meeee! ♫" A little pelvic thrust here, a little impressive twirl there. It didn't matter if he twerked at this point. All you knew was that it was comforting just looking at him dance. Visions of doing the lambada with him after the finale seemed eminent. After all, it was the forbidden dance.

    So far, there were only three competitors here overall, including yourself. You try not to let your cockiness get ahead of you before the game begins, though feel are starting to feel more confident in yourself as the same cardigan-donning Eebot walks past you soon after his super jive and sends a wink dripping in high class your way. You take the opportunity thereafter to take a look around the lounge- the shirtless Eebot in nothing but a pair of orange lifeguard's trunks was giving a hot rock massage to the elderly red-bearded VIP guest from earlier, and something that looks like an actual dwarf straight off of Lord of the Rings is right behind him in waiting for another Eebot to relieve him of his stressors. Either this was the most detailed cosplay event you've ever been to, or this Faces of Eebit Tournament of Tournaments was a pretty big deal for inter-dimensional and interplanetary travelers.

    Nonetheless, you're more concerned with the challenges ahead at this point. Just what was to come ahead for you? There was no forewarning of just what the potential tasks were, only that they were guaranteed to be TV-friendly.


    An Eebot dressed like James Dean passes by the set of lounge chairs all of the contestants seem to be commingling to inquire, "Massage, anyone? Or how about a dance? A drink? Some food? Any amenities at all? Just let me know." Some moments later, he hands the lot of you a pamphlet much akin to a mall directory, letting you know of the nearby food/drink shack at which the Eebot present could offer you a limitless variety of delicious snacks and the massage quarters that were so heavily advertised. There were several other areas present on the map, but they were blacked out with a glowing gold question mark stamped over the top of them. When you asked the Eebot about this, he reveals, "Once certain goals are met, maybe things that are a secret won't be a secret to everybody anymore."

    Suddenly, his garbs changed on the spot from a 50's greaser ensemble to something similar to Link from The Legend of Zelda. Oh, how he so easily pulled off that "Heroic Hylian" look. He then somehow cartwheels away on the spot multiple times in a row until he's disappeared behind a curtain where the massage quarters are, saying nothing but "Hut!" as he goes.



    (OOC: Now things are really up to you as per how you will spend your time in the lounge and lobby leading up to the challenges, so, hey, enjoy yourselves and all that fine stuff. Great postings so far-- keep 'em up!)
  8. I cross my feet at the ankles like I had seen on The Princess Diaries, looking dignified and sophisticated. I needed to be patient for these challenges, or else I'd drive myself batshit crazy. But I wanted to know. I hate not knowing things. The only thing they'd said was that it was TV-friendly, and that meant no test to see who was the best at sex. Damn. I was just hoping it was no physical challenge, because I could barely walk in these shoes. God I could be such a klutz sometimes. I could be worse. I could be my friend Jordan, who broke her ankle falling off of a curb.

    This new girl Krista looked too cocky. I knew people who were cocky. I was cocky. But not that cocky. They always ended up making themselves look like assholes in the end. As she pulled out spray paint and wrote poetry on the floor, my jaw didn't drop, but I raised a confused eyebrow. Was Eebit into that kind of thing? Did I need to do something that far out there? Was I impressive enough compared to this crazy woman? I mean, I know I'm crazy. But did I need to be that crazy? Damn, this competition could make or destroy my confidence and self esteem. This could be a problem.

    I sighed and stood up with a slight stretch. "Alright then. I'll take you up on that offer of a massage." I needed one. That would soothe my nerves. I made my way out of the room and to the massage area, which was precisely where the pamphlet said it would be. I shed my dress and wrapped up in one of the towels before an Eebot waltzed in and guided me to a table and lay me down before beginning to work his magical hands down my back. I couldn't help but notice the dwarf, but dismissed my confusion and just let the massage ease me.
  9. My mind rumbled with itself as I was trying to fight my way back to consciousness. There wasn't really anything I could do, however, other than to just sit there and wait. Images rolled through my mind displaying my sickest fantasies, and I felt dirty and ashamed. While that was something I wanted with all my heart, there was no way that that was going to happen... I tried to get my mind off of that when I actually finally did open my eyes.

    In front of me was an ever-tall tower that seemed to go up and up for quite some miles. I was really nervous, but then again, I was abducted out of my home, so I had every right to be. The giant man set me down, unexpectedly making my dress poof up a little bit on my way there. Skillfully brushing it down as I went to avoid embarrassment, I looked at the tower with a good eye. The doors, if I had estimated correctly, were about twenty feet high in length, and they seemed to be made out of a granite-type substance. It was too dark, really, for me to tell anything, and I could feel rain beginning to fall on the back of my neck. Without a bit of instruction, the mad who stole me and brought me here opened the door as if it weighed like a piece of paper.... That was really strong!

    Giving the man a small curtsy, I walked through the door to only see Eebit departing the room up the stairs to the next floor. That spotlight on him dimmed, then, and all the house lights came on at that time. I was worried. What had I missed? What had he said while I couldn't listen to his gospel? Surely my life and chances had been ruined! That mattered not. I had to make sure I made up for my deficit with a truly honest effort... even if I didn't bring anything with me.

    But then began the true prenatal festivities. An Eebot was explaining the situation to the small group that had already gathered inside the lobby. I wasn't sure whether or not to proceed further inside when I saw a bit of spray paint on the gleaming marble floor. I was not able to discern the message the graffiti posed, but then I didn't really care for that kind of thing. It was only simply disgraceful. "I must be competing with monkeys. Utterly disgraceful to befoul My Lord's pristine living space. At least this won't be too hard for me."

    I just stared into the small Bikini Lounge, not really trying to interact with whatever put that hideous travesty on the floor. Absolutely disgusting.
  10. One of Eebit’s favourite waltzes (this one a Brahms) plays over the PA.

    I slink over to the blonde eyeing my phenomenal poetry on the floor.
    “Fantastic isn’t it? Reminiscent of some of my best work that I used to write and leave on his bedside table for him. Our lovemaking was the perfect muse. With his gentle caresses starting from behind my ears and making their way to my inner thigh… Perfection is too lacking a term for his skill. Writing down my love was simple, the words just flow out.”

    Not bothered to wait for a response I grab the nearest Eebot to me, this one dressed in classic suit ala Carey Grant, and start to dance around the room. Grabbing another dressed as an astronaut, I continue my way around the room. Soon I am swinging from arms to arms as all the Eebots and visitors have abandoned their stations and whirling about. The Eebots have the latest in ballroom software and overhead shots would show the crowd creating stars and hearts on the floor. A beautiful dance is the least I can do to show my love for my Eebit.

    Stopping for a breather, I hurry over to my backpack and pull out a can of silver spray paint. Carefully slipping through the still dancing throngs to the middle of the circle and write:

    ‘Chimes announce our bond
    Under star filled blankets
    Ritual waltz of time’

    Running a hand through my curls I make my way back to the blonde, extending a paint stained hand.
    “Darling, let us dance.”
  11. I watched, appalled, as I finally found out the creator of such a monstrosity. It was a brunette, with hair almost down to her shoulders. Honestly, the looks were merely average in true luminosity, but if she was capable of something as bold and daring as that, I knew I needed to keep my wits about me, as there was absolutely no telling. There certainly was some competition here, and I wasn't entirely sure if I would really be able to go against something like that. I was difficult enough for me to perform during the interview, so in truth, there was no telling what kind of monstrous challenges I was to face. My outlook seemed to dim, and it was already bleak and dim. Was there a purpose for this? My simple desire for those golden locks, that marbled tone, those delicious eyes, it would not hold up to sheer determination. I didn't belong here.

    As of now, though, I had no way to get home, and I would have to just bear the burden that I had chosen to take... If only I hadn't answered the third time... I didn't stand a chance. I didn't need to be here, though there were more pressing matters at hand, interrupting my rising self-pity. The creator came towards me proffering her paint-stained hand, asking for a dance. Attempting to put on my shattered mask of conviction, I put my hand out towards her.

    "I'll assume you will lead... even if it is a bit rude to ask a complete stranger of the same gender to dance."

    The sound of a waltz permeated the very air. There were lifts within that were characteristic of Brahms. Not my favorite composer, but I always loved good classical music. I hadn't danced in quite a long time, so I knew I'd be a bit rusty, so that is why I chose to let her lead. Perhaps my lack of skill would be covered by the other factors at hand, namely the music. The two of us seemed to be the only people in the lobby, so I wasn't sure if we were to dance in private. I was okay with either a crowded setting or a private one, so the entire concern was mainly myself making a huge scene out of nothing.

    But now all I could do was wait.
  12. I started to say something to the girl who had introduced herself to me as Rose, but before I could really manage to get a word out, another contestant hit the scene. I wonder how many–– I didn't quite get to finish that thought. The new girl, who I barely heard call herself Krista, pulled out a can of spray paint and hit the floor, furnishing a little piece of herself on the floor nearby. I glanced the message just long enough, my jaw dropping, although not in shock or surprise of any sort. Rather, I felt just a little tug on my heart. This girl was a writer.

    'The brush of your hair on my neck stirs winds of desire. A storm brewing within.'

    I almost wanted to shiver, but Krista's rather cold hand on my chin jerked me out of my english-lover-nerdgasm. I pulled away from her, not exactly frowning, but certainly not pleased with the fact that she had put her hands on me. Call it a quirk. I never really liked being touched by someone I hadn't even spoken to, much less someone I quickly decided (as my more sensible side had been paying attention to her demeanor and came to the conclusion for me) I didn't care for. Have to give her credit though, I thought to myself, she certainly has moxie.

    She also has the upper-hand when it comes to spontaneity.

    I mentally groaned. Not because I starting to doubt myself, but because that part of me was right. Krista definitely had me beat there, and though I didn't quite get the same vibe from Rose, I believed that maybe, just maybe, she had the advantage there too. Minor setback, I reasoned, doing my best to just smile as the other contestants left to try out their own ventures in the Tower of Eebit. It was only after I had been left to myself that I realized I was indeed alone, and that I had so many things to see here. My eyes instantly fell to the pamphlet in my hands. It soon found itself jammed in my back pocket, my sights set on the nearest Eebot, perfectly dressed to look like Luke Mitchell. "Would you mind joining me for a bite to eat?"

    The thought did not occur to me that the Eebot probably didn't need food.

    . . . Idiot.

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