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[Statistical Spar] Forest Stream ~ Muddy vs. Flimzy

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Ziolang, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Statistical Spar ~ Muddy vs Flimzy

    Your group had received a missive not long ago of an up and coming universal tournament. Your participation was required. Many days had passed with not a word; no follow-up, no meeting time. Silence. More time past which would leave one to wonder if it had been a dream or a mistaken delivery. But then came the courier again, a dimensional traveler with an infinitely deep mail bag.

    "Ahem- A message from those who shall not be named. Your presence is required for a battle you may not avoid. At the close of this message, they who shall not be named shall have you transported to the arena. Have a stupendous day." A flash of light and you were gone from whatever and wherever you had been.

    Location: Forest Stream - A dense forest of tall yet slender trees punctuate by the babbling of  a passing river that feeds into a nearby lake. The ambiance of birds, insects and flowing water would provide a rather serene environment, were it not for the serious nature of the gathering.

    Objective: Defeat the Opposing Team!

    Atmosphere: Natural Tranquility ~ Cycle MP effectiveness is increased to 7%.

    Music: Forest Conflict

    { } {~} {~} { } {T} { } { } {T} { } A
    { } {T} {~} {T} { } { } {T} { } { } B
    { } {T} {~} {~}
    { } { } { } { } {T} C
    { } { } { } {~} {~} {T} { } { } { } D
    { } { } { } {T} {~} { }
    { } { } { } E
    { } { } { } { } {~} { } {T} { } { } F
    {T} { } {T} { } {~} {~} {T} { } {T} G
    { } { } {T} { } {T} {~} {~} {~} {~} H
    { } {T} { } { } {~} {~} {~} {~} {~} I

    {T} Tree cell:
    Durability 100%
    Physical Resistance: Moderate.
    Magical Resistance: Low.
    Does not block movement; can't be occupied. Removed at Durability 0%.

    {~} Water Cell: Requires 1 additional move to exit this cell.

    Flimzy may begin within cells D1 to F2. Muddy may begin within cells D8 to F9.
  2. A flash of light!

    "Oof!" said a young girl after falling to the ground. She gets up and surveys the area ahead of her. "Hmm...Several trees and a stream. What a cumbersome are-" Her thoughts are cut short by a feminine voice from behind: "It's not that bad. The atmosphere just feels delicious!" The young girl quickly turns around and sees a seemingly older girl, clad in purple sparkling clothes and a darkly robed man with most of his features obscured by his hair and clothes. The young girl quickly picks up her lance and points it at the mysterious pair. "Whoa there, girlie!" Said the older girl alarmingly, while the robed man just stood there. "Despite his shady appearances, we don't seem to be your enemies. Quite the contrary, in fact! We might just actually be a team. Why else would we start out close to each other? And besides, I could have easily already attacked you from behind."

    "Hmm... I suppose that does make sense..." said the younger girl, as she put down her lance. "Good, good. Now let's get introductions out of the way! I'm Farah, Farah Hariden," she replied while extending her arm for a handshake. "Judit Staunto-*bzzt*-Ow!" Judit's introduction is cut short as soon as she touches Farah's hand. "Haha! Always works! Well. Almost always." The robed man snickered in the background. "What was that?!" Judit exclaimed angrily. "Just my special handshake. I'm a Voltic Hunter, shocking people is just part of the job." Farah explained in a teasing manner while producing some electricity between her fingers. Judit rubbed her electrified glove while looking at the Hunter's display. It didn't actually hurt, but it surely did surprise her. "So, what's up with you? With your getup, I'd say you're some kind of knight.", Farah asked while scanning Judit's equipment.

    The young girl hesitated for a moment but finally responded: "Oh, um, I'm, uh, a Pawn." Farah lets out a hearty laugh. "A Pawn? Really?" Judit embarrassingly nodded. "What the hell kind of profession is that?" loudly exclaimed the laughing girl. "Well, I move around and hi-" she's quickly cut short by Farah "Oh, you don't have to explain, I'll find out what you do eventually." Judit sighed and looked at the quiet robed man who seemed to be staring at a tree. "And what about him?", she whispered to Farah. "Oh, him. Doesn't seem to talk much. Surprisingly didn't even fall for my handshake. I did manage to get his name and occupation, though. Called himself Erfor Dusan and said he was a 'Corrupt Exorcist', whatever that is.", quickly whispered Farah back. "That can't be a healthy profession.", Judit said nervously while looking at Erfor who was now blankly staring at the girls.​

    Moments later Erfor returned to the two girls without a word. "Ok, I guess since introductions out of the way, maybe we should discuss strategy since this is a bat-", Judit is cutoff for the third time by Farah: "Strategy shmategy, we'll improvise." "But-" "No." "Can we at least choose where we should start?" "Sigh. Ok. You stay right there in the front and we'll stick behind you. Is that ok Erfor?" He nodded. "It's decided then!" Farah yelled as she walked to the area opposite of the stream along with Erfor. ​

    "This is going to be a short fight,"
    groaned Judit.

    Judit starts at E8!
    Name: Judit Staunton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Level: 7
    Progress: --/--

    Profession: Pawn - A Queen in training, this odd profession entitles the user to conjure up chess pieces and inherit some of their moves. [Basic Attack: Physical] [Pawn Influence]
    Pawn Influence: A single diagonal space can act as an adjacent space once per turn.

    Weapon: Soldier's Lance: A common medium ranged weapon frequently used in combat. Feels a bit heavy. [+3 ATK / Range: 2 Cells, Straight Line]
    Armor: Light Armor: Durable armor made to be especially light to unhinder movement. [+3 DEF]
    Accessory: Magic Gloves: Although not completely fit for a knight, Judit is a fan of how comfortable it is. [+15 Max MP]

    A-Ability: Soul of the Game

    + Pawn Strike: User embodies the strategical strength of a Pawn and strikes the opponent with force in an attempt to destabilize them. If paired with Pawn Influence, the force of this attack is increased. 140% ATK damage, 120% otherwise. Chance of Immobilize. Range: Adjacent cell. 10 MP

    + Castling: An evasive maneuver that can only be used on Allies on the same row or column. The User moves up to the Target and swaps Cells with them. Consumes Move command if used before moving. Can only be used if the path is unobstructed. 8 MP.

    + Knight's Gallop: The User charges through the battlefield, plowing through foes and building up speed to increase attack. 80% + [Steps taken]*20%. Formula is reset on each hit. Range: User's cell while in movement; Adjacent Cell at the end of the movement. Note: Attack cannot end on an Enemy's Cell and it must be activated before moving. 9 MP

    R-Ability: Check: When Health is less than half, Unit gains +1 Movement.
    B-Ability: Bishop's Teachings: The User is reminded of their teachings by the academy bishop and calms down. Bestows Regeneration on self.
    S-Ability: Unconventional Attacker: Non-Adjacent attacks gain a 15% boost in critical-hit rate.

    E-Trigger: Three Moves Ahead: The user gains a sudden boost in their mental capabilities and quickly studies their surroundings, foes and allies. This boosts their strategic capabilities, allowing them to know where to strike and when to dodge. Increases ATK by 20% and Evasion by 30% for 3 turns. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Checkmate: The user of this fierce attack yells "Checkmate!" at the top of their lungs while ferociously striking a target in an attempt to destabilize nearby foes. 180% Piercing ATK damage. High chance of Immobilize to all enemies. Range: Adjacent cell. 10 X-Levels. (Pawn Influence: OK)


    HP: 45 ++++
    MP: 20 (+15 from Magic Gloves) +
    Atk: 10 (+3 from Soldier's Lance) ++++++
    Def: 6 (+3 from Light Armor) +++
    Int: 2
    Spr: 6 ++++
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 4%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+1 from Pawn Job)
    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Farah starts at E9!
    Name: Farah Hariden
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Level: 7
    Progress: --/--

    Profession: Voltic Hunter - Those who claim this profession are ruthless hunters that employ the use of Needles and Thunder Magic. [Basic Attack: Magical] [Tagger]
    Tagger: Needle Skills and Basic Attacks have a chance of causing Tagged.
    Tagged: Reduces thunder resistance by 20% and causes all thunder attacks to have a small chance of Spasm. Duration: 3 turns.

    Weapon: Barbed Needles - The ends of these needles are barbed to maximize damage and to hurt when extracted. [+3 INT/Range: 3 Cells]
    Armor: Sparkling Dress - This may look like a gaudy outfit, but the sparkles are actually crackling electricity. Feels tingly. [+3 SPR]
    Accessory: Mana Battery - This magical battery stores Mana instead of electricity. [+15 Max MP]

    A-Ability: Lightning Needle

    + Rail Shotgun: By using the electromagnetic properties of Thunder Magic, this Needle Skill imprecisely fires five needles at a foe. 5 hits. 80% INT damage. Range: 3 Cells. Accuracy: 90 - 5*[Cells Traveled]. 10 MP.

    + Electroburst: A powerful short range burst of electricity is blasted from the User's hands. On Tagged foes, this attack has a larger range at the expense of power, but can directly hinder the enemy. Element: Thunder. 10 MP.
    Target is not Tagged: 150% INT damage. Range 2 Cells.
    Target is Tagged: 140% - max(0,[Cells Traveled] - 2)*15%. Chance of Paralyze. Range: 4 Cells.

    + Corona Discharge: The user discharges small amounts of Thunder Magic on the Target's equipment to bestow Static Electricity. Range: 2 cells. 8 MP.

    Static Electricity: Received Physical Attacks are countered with 30% Piercing Int damage and all dealt Basic Attacks gain the Thunder Element.

    R-Ability: Natural Static Electricity: Due to constant use of her electrical abilities, Farah constantly has a current flowing through her, causing physical damage to be countered with 30% Piercing INT damage.
    S-Ability: Static Absorb: By standing next to someone, Farah can naturally recharge her Mana by absorbing their naturally emitted electricity. 10% Max MP recovery at the end of the turn if Farah is next to a Unit. Does not stack with more than one Unit.
    B-Ability: Electrotherapy: Farah places her hands on a target and lightly shocks them, relaxing muscles and improving blood flow. 50% Max HP healing. Range: Adjacent and Self.

    E-Trigger: Overcharge: Farah points to the sky and is then struck by a minor thunderbolt. She then uses the energy to boost her casting capabilities. Bestows Doublecast and Focus on the User.
    X-Ability: Luxcalibur: The User of this devastating attack charges themself up with a massive thunderbolt and releases it forward in a shape resembling a gigantic blade. Element: Thunder. 180% Piercing INT damage. Range: 4 Cells in a straight line. 10 X-Levels.


    HP: 35 ++++
    MP: 30 (+15 from Mana Battery) +
    Atk: 2
    Def: 7 +++++
    Int: 9 (+3 from Barbed Needles) +++++
    Spr: 6 (+3 from Sparkling Dress) +++
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+0 from Voltic Hunter Job)
    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Erfor starts at F9!
    Name: Erfor Dusan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Level: 7
    Progress: --/--

    Profession: Corrupt Exorcist - Those who claim this profession are mentally unhinged exorcists that employ the use of Souls from beyond the grave. [Basic Attack: Magical] [Special Command: Exorcism]
    Special Command: Exorcism: The user performs an exorcism on a Unit, expelling any and all Souls on them. When a Soul is Exorcised, the Unit is bestowed an effect depending on the Soul Type. Allied Units can only bear being possessed by two Souls at a time, if any more Souls inhabit the Unit, they receive 15% Max MP Damage at the end of the Turn. If an effect bestowed by a Soul Skill is removed, the Soul also dissipates and is not counted an exorcism. Range: 3.
    Soul Types:
    Heal-Type: On Exorcism, this Soul heals the Unit. 35% User's Int Healing.
    MP-Type: On Exorcism, this Soul bestows some Mana to the Unit. 10% Unit's MP Recovery.
    Dark-Type: On Exorcism, this Soul imbues the Unit's weapon with the Dark Element. Unit's next attack deals Dark damage.

    Weapon: Eerie Ofuda - Paper talismans that seem to do more harm than good. [+3 INT/Range: 3 Cells]
    Armor: Haunted Robes - These robes spontaneously form new tears and mends old ones. Feels cold to wear. [+3 SPR]
    Accessory: Magus's Ring - The Soul of a Magus inhabited this ring as a means to possess unprepared adventurers before Erfor found it. [+15 MP]

    A-Ability: Common Spirits

    + Angelic Soul: The User blesses their target with an angelic Heal-Type Soul. 60% User's Int Healing for 3 Turns. Range: 3 Cells and Self. 9 MP.

    + Demonic Soul: The User curses their target with a demonic MP-Type Soul to augment their attacks. Total Damage is increased by 20% for 3 turns. Range: 3 Cells and Self. 10 MP.

    + Paladin's Soul: The User summons the Heal-Type Soul of a Paladin to possess and augment their target's armor. Total Damage is reduced by 20% for 3 turns. Range: 3 Cells and Self. 10 MP.

    + Magus's Soul: The User summons the MP-Type Soul of a Magus to augment their target's casting ability. Bestows Doublecast for 3 Turns. Range: 2 Cells and Self. 10 MP.

    + Poltergeist Soul: The User forces a Dark-Type poltergeist to possess the target's weapon, augmenting basic attacks. Target Ally's attacks also apply 80% of the User's Int as Magical Dark Element Damage. Duration: 2 Turns. Range: 2. 6 MP.

    Note: Only one of each Soul can be out at a time unless specified. If Erfor attempts to send out more than one of the same Soul, it is transferred to the new Target with its possession duration refreshed.

    R-Ability: Soul Absorption: The User absorbs Mana from exorcised Souls. 8% Max MP recovery per exorcised Soul.
    B-Ability: Soul Refresh: The User calms the minds of his possessed allies. Refreshes possession duration. Range: 2 layers of Surrounding Cells.
    S-Ability: ---

    E-Trigger: Soul Augment: The User chants a forbidden incantation that prolongs and strengthens possessions. Target Unit's Possession effects are doubled and effect duration is refreshed. Range: 3 Cells. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Total Exorcision: Erfor heavily concentrates and exorcises his own Soul. His incorporeal state then maneuvers around the battlefield and forcibly tears out the Soul of his target. He then pulls the helpless Soul of his Target into the air before brutally attacking it as an attempt to cast fear onto onlookers. 200% Piercing Int damage. Range: 3 Cells. Chance of Weak to all Enemies.


    HP: 35 ++++
    MP: 40 (+15 from Magus's Ring) +++
    Atk: 2
    Def: 6 ++++
    Int: 7 (+3 from Eerie Ofuda) +++
    Spr: 7 (+3 from Haunted Robes) ++++
    Critical: 1%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (+0 from Corrupt Exorcist Job)
    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

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