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Statistical Roleplaying ("Statplaying") Tutorial

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Eebit, May 22, 2014.

  1. Name: Charmaigne Gallagher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Appearance: Charmaigne is an ordinary-looking girl who just tries to live through each day and move on to the next. She wears shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, and a long yellow dress. She likes helping people, and she will do whatever she can in order to make sure that everyone is alright. She doesn't seem to have much of a presence.

    Profession: Stabilizer - The one who claims this profession is someone who tries to keep everyone from going into the deep end. [Basic Attack: Physical]
    Weapon: Longbow - Certainly something to watch out for, this large bow can shoot arrows at an impressive distance, but at the end of the day, it can be easily broken. [+1 ATK] [Range: 4 Cells, No Adjacent]
    Armor: Leather Vest - A thick vest that defends against shallow blows. Not the best out there, that's for sure. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Vial of Ash - The ash of something significant could drive anyone forward. What exactly is important to this person, though? [+1 INT]

    A-Ability: From Afar

    + Heightened Focus - One deep breath in, and then let it all out. Pierce the target. The User’s next Basic Attack will strike critically. Range: Self. Cast Time: Instant. Element: Neutral. 8 MP. ([#Level x1.5] Otherwise).

    + Point Blank - Certainly it’ll hit the target this time. 140% ATK Damage. Sure Hit. Range: 2 Cells. Cast Time: Instant. Variance: 10%. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    R-Ability: Locked.

    S-Ability: Cost-Efficient: When Charmaigne expends Ammunition, she has increased chances of finding the spent rounds as spoils. Ammunition of any type costs 20% less.

    B-Ability: Locked.

    Whoops! That took longer than expected. Sorry for the delay~
  2. IV. Finishing Touches: Excess, X-Gauge, and Levelling Up


    Many apologies for the numerous delays. We are almost at the end of the tutorial! In this section, I will primarily be explaining concepts pertaining to a particular statistic that functions a little differently. Unlike the other statistics, the Excess Gauge (shortened to X-Gauge) is displayed as a 'meter,' which is filled as the character engages and interacts with their allies and opponents in battle. As the meter 'builds up,' and more of the individual parts of the X-Gauge become 'filled,' a character is then able to unleash increasingly potent bursts of energy.

    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    As we see above, the X-Gauge appears visually as a meter that consists of 15 X-Levels (the 'technical name' for each point in the X-Gauge). These are further grouped into three sets of five. The significance of the groupings in multiples of five is simple: after accumulating a full portion of the X-Gauge, a character will gain access to an increasingly powerful array of techniques. These are listed below, and will be further explained in their individual sections.
    • At 5 X-Levels, a character can perform an Excess Trigger, or E-Trigger. This is the first Excess-based Ability to which any character will have access. It is roughly described as your 'steroid' for your character, to give them a quick pick-me-up if they are in a pinch, or to give them that slight edge that they need to conquer a particularly difficult foe.
    • At 10 X-Levels, a character can unleash their devastating Excess Ability, or X-Ability. This is often described as your character's 'ultimate,' or 'desperation' attack - the one that they rely on letting loose to deal devastating damage to multiple foes while ignoring defenses, or bestowing a window of opportunity upon your allies in order to mount up a comeback. The 'standard' for X-Abilities is to deal 200% Piercing Damage of the character's dominant Offensive Stat to a single enemy, 150% Piercing Damage if the X-Ability deals damage in an area, or 100% Piercing Damage to All Enemies. However, to say that the X-Ability is exclusive to these effects would be to discredit their full potential. Players are encouraged to 'break the mold' and strut their stuff with a variety of effects!
    • At 15 X-Levels, or a full gauge, a character can launch themselves into Overdrive, allowing them access to extremely powerful skills that would not be available under normal circumstances. These skills are called O-Skills. As the specifics of Overdrive have yet to be covered in an official statistical roleplay, they will not be covered for the purposes of this guide. As such, they are not considered particularly vital in the character creation process early on.
    At Level 1, a character's X-Gauge will always appear as depicted here:

    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    As you can see, the first segment is still red! Red X-Levels are those that are considered to be 'empty,' in that they have the capacity to be primed into 'active' X-Levels, but have not yet been primed. They are waiting for the character to interact further with their allies, opponents, and the environment before they are able to be filled up with Excess. When an X-Level is considered to be 'empty,' it does not count towards anything. Numerically, this X-Gauge would be represented as 0/5.

    On the other hand, the second and third 'segments' are represented differently here. As opposed to appearing in their normal, empty beginning state, they are here represented by a grey colour. Grey X-Levels are different from their red counterparts in that they are entirely sealed off, and can be considered as 'inactive' X-Levels. What this means is that, although there are three segments to the X-Gauge, certain thresholds of character growth (i.e. reaching a certain Level) must be met before the other segments can be 'unlocked' for use. In their current state, they cannot be filled up by any means whatsoever. The grey X-Levels functionally can be considered to be nonexistent, or merely visual placeholders.

    Let us now take a peek at another example, this time of a partially-filled X-Gauge:

    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Green X-Levels are those which are fully primed and ready for usage in an Excess-based Ability of some sort. They each represent 1.0 X-Level.

    An orange X-Level is one which is only halfway primed, or halfway 'filled.' This means that when an orange X-Level is present, it qualifies as 0.5 X-Levels. However, as they are not completely full, it is not possible to use them in any Excess-based process.

    Keeping the above two explanations in mind, the X-Gauge depicted above would be numerically represented as 3.5/5

    Now, a character can accrue X-Levels through a variety of means. As I briefly mentioned above, it will require interacting with your allies, the environment, and your enemies. For instance, when your character uses a Basic Attack on another unit, they will gain half of an X-Level. When they use an Action Skill, they will gain one X-Level. Upon reaching HP Critical status, a character instantly gains 2 Critical X-Levels, which act as a sort of 'surge' of adrenaline, and a last-ditch effort. If a character were to leave HP Critical by being healed up, they would also lose the same amount of X-Levels. However, upon sustaining heavy damage, a character can also lose an X-Level as well! So, just because you are able to build up the X-Gauge by running headlong into a throng of your opponents and unleashing everything in your arsenal, it comes with a risk of not being able to retain those X-Levels... or worse, being KO'd!


    Now that we have established the basics of how a character is able to accumulate X-Levels, we can move on to looking at what exactly they can do with a filled-up X-Gauge. As I mentioned towards the beginning of this section, we will begin by looking at the first Excess-based process or ability that any character will have access to. That is, of course, the Excess Trigger (commonly denoted as the E-Trigger). When your character has five filled X-Levels at their disposal, they will be eligible to use their E-Trigger at the expense of an Action Command.

    However, it is also possible for a character to use their Excess Trigger as a Free Command. What this means is that an Excess Trigger can be performed without using up an Action Command, so that you can make the most of its effects. It is important to note that, if this parameter is attached to your character's E-Trigger, then its effects will consequentially need to be somewhat weaker, or lowered in potency, to compensate.

    The effects of the Excess Trigger are most commonly and succinctly described as a 'steroid' or a 'buff' that is specific to your character, intended to turn the tides of battle in the favour of your character or party. It can take just about any form that you would like, though typically the buff will only last Three Turns. At that point, the expended X-Levels will be rendered unusable for a brief period of time (normally an additional Three Turns).

    As mentioned earlier in this post, the E-Trigger can take on a variety of forms. To use an Excess Trigger to its maximum efficiency, you may want to again consider the overall 'playstyle' that your character will embody. For instance, a hard-hitting physical attacker may want to maximize the amount of damage that they are outputting, so an appropriate E-Trigger might raise his Attack (ATK) Statistic, and ignore a portion of his targets' Defense (DEF) Statistic for 3 Turns. On the other hand, if your character is a wielder of powerful magic, then perhaps you would want to consider giving them an Excess Trigger that temporarily lowers the Mana Cost (MP Cost) of their A-Skills, or one that absorbs the damage dealt with A-Skills as Mana Points.

    And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Keep in mind the relative power level of the Excess Triggers when you are creating them; they are not designed to make your character invincible, but they do allow your character to tap into their deeper potential. There are limitless possibilities of the form that a character's E-Triggers may take. Let your imagination soar on this one - think about how to capitalize on your character's core strengths, or how to mitigate their weaknesses. Taking these things into consideration will help you to best decide on how to go about designing an efficient Excess Trigger.

    Example E-Triggers:

    E-Trigger: Storm Surge - The user becomes engulfed by blistering winds, sparking with electricity. Boosts the user's ATK by 30%. Deals 20% Piercing ATK Damage Surrounding Cells. Lasts 3 Turns. 5 X-Levels.

    E-Trigger: Transfer Trigger - For 5 Turns, the ally party benefits from all positive effects and stat boosts applied to the user. While this E-Trigger is active, the user cannot bestow any positive effects on herself. 5 X-Levels.

    E-Trigger: Hypertension - The mockery of blood speeds its flow through the user's veins and arteries, rushing faster than a normal human heart would be able to pump without immediate cardiac arrest. It does not harm the user, but the sudden speed in their "bloodflow" has its own drawbacks... Decreases the user's Accuracy by 15%. Increases the number of Basic Attack hits by 2. Increases the chance to inflict a physical status effect by 10%. The user's HP cannot fall below 1 while this E-Trigger is active. All effects last 3 Turns. 5 X-Levels.


    The next Excess-based process that your character will have access to is the hallmark Excess Ability, or the X-Ability for short. Historically, the X-Ability has had extreme restrictions on what exactly it was able to do, but in recent times, @"Shadow"'s System has been much more lenient as to what an Excess Ability is able to do. As stated in brief in the "Excess Gauge" section, the X-Ability is typically considered to be a desperation ability - one that unleashes a comparatively massive burst of potential in one fell swoop.

    As it is considerably more difficult to accrue the requisite 10 filled X-Levels to use an Excess Ability, when designing one for their character, players should also bear in mind that an X-Ability can wield much more power or utility than their E-Trigger counterparts. While this can be manifested in an equally great number of ways as the E-Trigger, it is important to once again note that an X-Ability is not an automatic victory for your character. It also comes with some restrictions, so please attempt to keep your imagination at least loosely contained!

    When creating an X-Ability specific to your character, it would be wise to consider the style of play that they are occupying (see a pattern here?). Even though it has been 'tradition' to have an X-Ability that is a single blast of Defense-ignoring (i.e. Piercing) Damage, it is not necessarily always going to be the case. In fact, I would venture to recommend that your character only has an Excess Ability of that sort if they are primarily a damage-dealer. Otherwise, your character might never use their X-Ability, as their turns would be better spent doing other things better suited to their role in the party. In this sense, if your character focuses on absorbing damage, then perhaps an idea for a corresponding X-Ability would be to create a barrier that absorbs damage for a couple of turns, and then delivers that damage to all enemies within a close range. If your character is focused on healing and buffs, then perhaps instead of dealing damage to all of their enemies at once, the character would have an X-Ability that heals all of their allies at one time.

    Again, there are a great many possibilities for a character's X-Ability. One additional thing to note is that, although characters at Level 1 do not have access to their X-Ability right away, it is still common practice to give them one when creating their profile. In an actual Statistical Roleplay, a character does not typically gain access to their X-Ability until Level 7, though this threshold does vary from Game Master to Game Master.

    Example X-Abilities:

    X-Ability: Exodos ~ Pyrrhic Victory - The User performs a blood sacrifice on themselves to plea to the gods to unleash their wrath upon the enemies. 150% Piercing Atk Damage. Chance of Instant Death. The User can target multiple enemies with this ability, though each target requires a sacrifice of 15% Max HP. Range: 5 Cells. Element: Dark. 10 X-Levels.

    X-Ability: Equitable Soul - The User scrawls a forgotten rune in the air, transcending the mortal plane to gain access to potential beyond. One would do well to think twice before triggering the pain of the realms Beyond... Marks an Ally for the next Three Turns with a Vengeance Rune. If the target Ally is KO'd or otherwise removed from battle, the enemy responsible for the final blow takes 150% Piercing Int Damage from the User, and 100% Piercing [dominant attacking stat] Damage from the Ally marked. If the target Enemy is KO'd by this attack, Increase the User's Int and Spr by 10% for 3 Turns. Range: Infinite (One Ally). Element: Dark. 10 X-Levels.

    X-Ability: Sacred Blessing - Sending their most fervent prayers to the highest power, the User's wish for a miracle is granted and the grace of the gods descends on the ally side, renewing them and granting them great strength. 200% Int Healing to all Allies. The Dominant Offensive Stat of all Allies also receives a 20% buff for 3 Turns and all Negative Status Effects found on Allies have their Duration reduced by 1 Turn. Range: All Allies. Element: Light. 10 X-Levels.


    We have spoken much of the various Statistics that are involved in Statistical Roleplaying, but up until this point, we have not explicitly covered them! At this point, we are going to remedy that oversight by explaining them. At Level 1, a given character's Statistics are determined by the Game Master based on the type of Profession that you have selected, in addition to your character's assigned Equipment. In this sense, you do not need to worry about coming up with Base Statistics for yourself; they will all be balanced for your character. Instead, we will take this chance to familiarize ourselves with the abbreviated names of each, and making clear their 'roles' when it comes to the character.
    • HP, or Health Points are the measure of a character's life force in Statistical Roleplaying. They are represented as a fraction, "Current HP/Max HP". When a character's Current HP reaches 25% of their Max HP, they enter Critical state, a special Status Condition. Upon reaching 0 HP (or below), a character is treated as unable to battle, and is KO'd. For every 1 Stat Point, this Statistic is increased by 5.
    • MP, or Mana Points provide a measure of the current Mana Pool that a character has at their disposal. Mana Points are expended to make use of A-Skills. Once your character reaches an unusable amount, they will be unable to use more A-Skills until they have replenished their MP. For every 1 Stat Point, this Statistic is increased by 5.
    • Atk, short for Attack Points. This is your Physical Offensive Stat, and is mitigated by Defense Points. For every 1 Stat Point, this Statistic is increased by 1.
    • Def, short for Defense Points. This is your Physical Defensive Stat, which mitigates an opponent's Attack Points. For every 1 Stat Point, this Statistic is increased by 1.
    • Int, short for Intellect Points. This is your Magical Offensive Stat, and is mitigated by Spirit Points. For every 1 Stat Point, this Statistic is increased by 1.
    • Spr, short for Spirit Points. This is your Magical Defensive Stat, which mitigates an opponent's Intellect Points. For every 1 Stat Point, this Statistic is increased by 1.
    • Critical is a statistic represented as a percentile value. It determines the chances of your character landing a Critical Hit on an enemy, and is calculated with each hit. The higher the percentile, the better chance your character will have in striking critically. This statistic cannot be increased by Stat Points.
    • Evasion is a statistic represented by a percentile value. It determines the chances of your character evading an attack that they have been targeted by, triggering an Evasion Dodge. This statistic cannot be increased by Stat Points.
    • Movement is the number of Cells that your character can transcend with a Movement Command. This statistic cannot be increased by Stat Points.
    • The X-Gauge, or Excess Gauge is the meter that gauges the accumulation of Excess Levels for use in Excess-based processes. This was covered at the beginning of this section in much greater detail. Refer to the subsection entitled "The X-Gauge" for a full explanation.
    In this list, you will find numerous mentions of Stat Points. These will be discussed in greater detail in the next subsection.


    Now we are getting close to the end. After your character has been created, approved by the Game Master, and assigned their MP Costs and Base Statistics, you are ready to enter the fields of combat! As you defeat enemies, find treasure, and clear objectives (among other things), you will accumulate Experience Points. The GM will award these to each character at the end of a battle, but be warned that characters that were KO'd when the battle was completed will receive a reduced amount of Experience Points. So do your best to stay alive!

    Once your Progress meter (discussed in Section II, Subsection "The Basics") has been filled up at the conclusion of a battle, your character will undergo a Level Up, and the "spillover" Experience Points will contribute towards their next Level Up. At this point, your character will numerically grow a Level (which should always be kept up to date in the profile sheet!), and they will also gain several 'points.' At this point, allow me to illustrate a character undergoing a Level Up in a typical ShadowSystem Statistical Roleplay, for the sake of clarity.

    As we can see, the character has gained three different types of the 'points' mentioned previously. The first of which, Stat Points, must be distributed immediately upon having been earned. This is how your character will grow stronger! As your character gains three Stat Points after every Level Up, it is important that you distribute them in such a way that it favours your character's growth. For instance, if you find that your character is repeatedly running out of Mana Points in the middle of a fight, you might want to focus your Stat Points on adding to your MP statistic. If your character is consistently running into fights and is being targeted by many enemies, then it would be advantageous to focus on adding to either your HP statistic, to bolster the amount of Health they have, or one of the two Defensive Statistics - Def or Spr - so that the incoming damage is reduced.

    It is important for me to also note that, although it would seem to be at your advantage to "balance" your distribution of Stat Points between your two Offensive Statistics (Atk and Int), it is typically unwise, and perhaps even discouraged, that you do so. Unless your character is able to take equal advantage of the Offensive Statistics, then typically it is wiser to keep your focus on their Dominant Offensive Statistic, to maximize the damage that they will be outputting on their enemies. This is merely a word to the wise, and should not be taken as 'law,' by any stretch of the imagination. Feel free to get creative in utilizing both Offensive Statistics, if you feel that you are able to do so!

    The next two 'types' of points gained upon Level Up - Skill Points and Upgrade Points - will be covered in the following two sections. It is notable that, on each Level Up, a character will earn a single Skill Point, and two Upgrade Points.


    [b]Skill Points:[/b]
    As mentioned at the end of the previous subsection, upon reaching a Level Up, a character will gain a single Skill Point. Unlike their counterpart in Stat Points, these Skill Points can be stored for an indefinite period of time. That means that they can also be utilized whenever you see fit, provided that it is not in the middle of a battle.

    Skill Points are considered to be quite a 'precious' resource - especially as your character grows higher in Level - as they will become increasingly difficult to attain**. In that sense, some planning is required. As your character grows, do you want to save up for a Reaction Ability, or would you rather allow them access to one of their greater Action Skills at a sooner point? There is no 'defined' path that a character needs to spend their Skill Points along. The choice is entirely up to the player and the needs of the character to remain useful and feel powerful in a combat situation.
    **Note: Some Game Masters will include an item known as a 'Skill Sphere,' which grants a single Skill Point to the user. These are also extremely rare, but do alleviate the burden of Level Ups being the sole source of Skill Points.

    Although they have been mentioned in their respective sections, I will break down the costs of the various Skills and Abilities in the list below.
    • A-Skills cost 1 Skill Point each, and each A-Ability can have a maximum of 10 A-Skills.
    • S-Abilities and B-Abilities cost 2 Skill Points each. A character may have one S-Ability and one B-Ability in use at any given time.
    • R-Abilities cost 3 Skill Points each. A character may only have one R-Ability in use at any given time. As they are quite pricy, it is recommended that you find an R-Ability that feels right for your character before you decide to commit to 'purchasing' one.
    Another important thing of note when dealing with the purchasing of Skills and/or Abilities: it is extremely important that you first alert the Game Master of the statistical roleplay when you intend to purchase a Skill or Ability. Before you go about using it, they need to be appropriately examined, (in some cases) given an MP Cost, and approved. Please do not just start adding unapproved A-Skills and R-, S-, or B-Abilities to your profile without first consulting your Game Master. It is simply good roleplaying etiquette!


    [b]Upgrade Points:[/b]
    We have finally reached the end of our journey through the Statistical Roleplaying profile sheet. And what better a final destination than the elusive and nebulous Upgrade Points - the third and final type of 'point' a character will earn on Level Up. After each Level Up, a character will gain two Upgrade Points, and much like their counterparts in Skill Points, these may be stored for any indefinite future usage. Or not at all! The choice is entirely up to you.

    "So @"Eebit"," you may ask, "what exactly do these mysterious Upgrade Points do in ShadowSystem?" Which is actually an excellent question. In the past, they had quite an abundant number of usages, but lately, it has been decided that their core purpose is to, aptly, upgrade a Skill or Ability that already has been purchased with Skill Points. When you find that your character is outgrowing a technique that had been made for them at an early Level, it may be time to upgrade that Skill or Ability to bring it in line with the power level they are currently at. A good example would be from the Final Fantasy series; if your character is a Black Mage, they will likely not be casting the basic Fire spell once they have access to the more powerful options of Fira or Firaga! In this sense, @"Shadow"'s system of Statistical Roleplaying allows you to re-shape the A-Skill in question with much more powerful parameters. We look below at Example One for an illustration of how an A-Skill can be upgraded from its initial form to a much more powerful one as the character's MP Pool and power level both expand, beginning with the basic Foi A-Skill and ending with the much more powerful NaFoi. A-Skills are somewhat 'flexible' in the way that they are upgraded: depending on the degree of the upgrade, they can cost anywhere from 1 to 3 Upgrade Points. A more conservative upgrade will naturally be cheaper than one that extends every bit of functionality of an A-Skill.

    I have also mentioned that these work on the various types of Abilities available in Statistical Roleplaying. Along similar lines to A-Skills, a character's R-, S-, and B-Abilities can also become more powerful. Instead of expending valuable Skill Points to provide a character with a more suitable set of tools for their power level, you may instead exchange Upgrade Points in order to get the most out of your character's battles. Below in Example Two, you will find an illustration of a character's S-Ability going through multiple "tiers" of upgrades. Unlike A-Skills, however, the R-Abilities and S-/B-Abilities each have a flat cost to upgrade. Reaction Abilities cost 7 Upgrade Points in exchange for any upgrade, while Support and Burst Abilities cost 5 Upgrade Points each. So be sure to put thought into what sort of an upgrade you are looking at doing!

    One final note is that, as with Skill Points, Upgrade Points are only able to be used outside of battle situations. Your character will not be able to make use of an upgraded Skill or Ability until the conclusion of the battle!

    Example One - Upgrading A-Skills:

    + Foi: Extends the user's hand before shooting a simple fireball fueled by Fire Mana. 120% Int Damage. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Fire. 8 MP.

    After using 3 Upgrade Points:

    + GiFoi: Ignites a greater blaze of Fire Mana which explodes upon contact with the target. 140% Int Damage (Target). 100% Int Damage (Splash). Chance of Burn. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10% (Splash). Range: 4 Cells. Splash: Adjacent Cells. Element: Fire. 14 MP.

    After using 3 Upgrade Points:

    + NaFoi: Compresses Fire Mana in an intense magical reaction, causing the resulting magic to burst into a pillar of fire that scorches both the target and its surroundings. 180% Int Damage (Target). 140% Int Damage (Splash). Chance of Severe Burn. Upgrades Burn to Severe Burn. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 20% (Splash). Range: 5 Cells. Splash: Surrounding Cells. Element: Fire. 22 MP.

    Example Two - Upgrading S-Abilities:

    S-Ability: Closing Again I - Permanently Increases the User's Basic Attack Range by 1 Cell. Basic Attacks performed from a Range higher than the User's Weapons' Base Range can be considered as a value within their Base Range, nevertheless.

    After using 5 Upgrade Points:

    S-Ability: Closing Again II - Permanently Increases the User's Basic Attack Range by 1 Cell. Basic Attacks performed from a Range higher than the User's Weapons' Base Range can be considered as a value within their Base Range, nevertheless. In addition, the User's Basic Attacks have reduced Chances of being Blocked or Dodged.

    After using 5 Upgrade Points:

    S-Ability: Closing Again III - Permanently Increases the User's Basic Attack Range by 2 Cells. Basic Attacks performed from a Range higher than the User's Weapons' Base Range can be considered as a value within their Base Range, nevertheless. In addition, the User's Basic Attacks cannot be Blocked, Dodged or Countered. (Available upon First Job Promotion.)


    Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the Statistical Tutorial. Hopefully you will have come out of this with more insight into the inner workings of the profile-making process, and are well on your way to joining a Statistical Roleplay or two. I hope also that, with this newfound knowledge, the concepts surrounding Statistical Roleplaying have become more clear to you, and that we have illuminated any concepts that had previously been difficult to digest. As before, I am open to any questions that you may have.

    At this point, I would like to see everyone participating in the tutorial finish their profiles by creating an E-Trigger and an X-Ability, and then posting them here for evaluation. After that, @Shadow will assign your characters their Base Statistics, and you will be able to go on to join a Statistical Roleplay on your own. Feel free to post if you have any further questions.

    My next (and final!) section will be detailing common terminology/definitions of Statistical Roleplaying.
  3. Name: Vie ("Vee") Bladethrone 
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/12
    [​IMG]" />

    Profession: Bard: Capable of both support and attack, the bard is a profession for those with high musical talent and fine footwork. [Basic Attack: Magical]

    Weapon: Splinter Flute: An old flute barely held together by constant use of binding broken bits together with cloth. Oh and watch out for- Oooh that's gonna' be a really painful splinter! Should I call a healer? No really, you're like, bleeding profusely... Why are you foaming at the mouth!? I'M SCARED!! [+1 Int.] [Range 2 cells]
    Armor: Plain sweater/vest combo: The fanciest clothing a commoner can find? It provides minimal protection but a bard needs to look good at performances! [+1 Def.]
    Accessory: Chipped Earplugs: helps protect a bard from there own magical music! It'c chipped but I swear it won't hurt like the flute- Hey! Where are you going!? You need these!! [+1 Spr.]

    A-Ability: Woodwind Witchcraft
    +Dog Whistle: Produces a tone that attracts wild dogs to  attack! OK, their just pups... 110% Int damage, Range: All enemies within 3 cells, Hit rate: 90%, Cast Time: Instant, 10  MP.
    +Sharp Notes: Play an ungodly high pitched noise and make those pests scream bloody murder! Thank god you're wearing earplugs! 130% Int damage, Range: Surrounding cells, Hit rate: 100%, Cast time: Instant, 11 MP.

    R-Ability: I Can Also Dance: When HP is down to 30%, there is a 20% chance of evading physical damage with your fancy footwork.
    S-Ability: Serene Sound: Attacks have a 10% chance of inflicting Sleep on the target.
    B-Ability: ???

    E-Trigger: Deep Breaths, And...: The user takes a deep breath, readying themselves for the heavy-hitting notes to come. User INT boosted by 30%, Critical chance increased by 10%.
    X-Ability: Collateral Damage: The user releases a wave of sound magic that damages not only the target- but the area of battle. 140% Piercing INT damage, Range: one enemy in the same row/column, solid tiles between the user and the target become "Broken" with spikes jutting out of them- enemies crossing or landing on these tiles receive 50% Piercing damage. Broken Cell damage has a 10% chance of Wound and 5% chance of inflicting Blood Loss. Affected cells remain so for 4 turns.
  4. That X-Ability could use some buffing, @"Black-Moon", but the side effect of it is rather interesting! Before that, though, you might want to change her E-Trigger so that it buffs her Int. by 30% rather than her Atk. which the rest of Vie's profile leads me to believe is a Statistic she won't get much use out of. On that same note, make sure the Piercing Damage in her X-Ability is scaling off of a Statistic-- in this case, it should be "Int. Piercing Damage".

    Now, looking at the X-Ability, you have a strong and intriguing concept for it, which is naturally something we want to preserve and accentuate, and you have a clear vision that comes across for it, so it's easier for people like me to make suggestions on it. Speaking statistically, Collateral Damage seems like an ability which, more than inflicting direct damage, wants to achieve zoning enemies by making them plot their movement around a designated zone and be punished for ignoring it. The X-Ability can go in several directions based on that, but one thing you'll want to add regardless is that only enemies which traverse or land on Broken Cells feel the negative effects.

    If you want to keep the X-Ability in virtually the same form it is in right now, it would be balanced if you raised the direct damage to 150% Piercing Int. Damage, even, and had the Broken Cells inflict 50% Piercing Int. Damage, though they last only for 4 Turns. The Duration of the Broken Cells is an important aspect to keep in mind-- I say 4 Turns there because anything less feels like a waste of the effect, in this case (in part because it allows enemies to merely wait out the effects), and anything more would start shifting the ability's... playstyle, almost. Right now, if you take the X-Ability at what I just listed, it's something Vie would want to use, likely, around the middle of any given battle. She doesn't want to use it afterwards because then she's likely using it more for the damage, which can't compare to a true damage-focused X-Ability, and wastes the Broken Cells effect; and if she uses it before then, she'd rather have the power she's paying for with the damage to be more centered on the Broken Cells effect. The former is what we should avoid here-- more direct damage doesn't seem like something Collateral Damage wants. If you want, though, you can shift the X-Ability more towards the latter.

    Ways you could accomplish this would, ideally, primarily cost reduction of the direct damage in favor of either Duration of the Broken Cells or extra effects on them-- for instance, a Chance of Slow or something. For now, you can edit the X-Ability to the values I stated above, but think about the possibility of extra effects on the Broken Cells! They're the more unique part of the X-Ability, so I'd encourage accentuating them in vain of the direct damage.
  5. @CerberusLycan
    I completely forgot that I was supposed to have an increase in INT, not ATK. But we're good now, so, phew~ I edited Collateral Damage to have a 50% piercing damage for the Broken Cells, but changed the actual damage from the ability to 140% P/INT to add in a 10% chance of Wound and 5% chance of Blood Loss to the Broken Cell terrain.
  6. @"Black-Moon" Vee's Base Statistics:

    HP: 15
    MP: 25
    Atk: 2
    Def: 3 (Plain Sweater/Vest Combo +1)
    Int: 4 (Splinter Flute +1)
    Spr: 2 (Chipped Earplugs +1)
    Critical: 3%
    Evasion: 6%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Bard Job +0)
    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    [b]HP:[/b] 15
    [b]MP:[/b] 25
    [b]Atk:[/b] 2
    [b]Def:[/b] 3 (Plain Sweater/Vest Combo +1)
    [b]Int:[/b] 4 (Splinter Flute +1)
    [b]Spr:[/b] 2 (Chipped Earplugs +1)
    [b]Critical:[/b] 3%
    [b]Evasion:[/b] 6%
    [b]Movement:[/b] 2 Cells (Bard Job +0)
    [b]X-Gauge:[/b] [font=Segoe UI][SIZE=2][b]{[color=red]/////[/color]}{[color=#666666]/////[/color]}{[color=#666666]/////[/color]}[/b][/SIZE][/font]
    As an additional note, a L1 character cannot start with an R-Ability. They cost 3 Skill Points--that means the minimum Level one could acquire one is Level 4.
  7. Name: Judit Staunton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Profession: Pawn - A Queen in training, this odd profession entitles the user to conjure up chess pieces and inherit some of their moves. [Basic Attack: Physical] [Pawn Influence]

    Pawn Influence: A single diagonal space can act as an adjacent space once per turn.

    Weapon: Short Practice Lance - Training lances like these are commonplace for Queens/Kings in the making. [+1 ATK]
    Armor: Pawn's Armor - Cheap armor issued to every Pawn. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Odd Tiara - This odd-looking tiara is standard uniform for female soldiers in Judit's homeland. [+5 Max MP]

    A-Ability: Soul of the Game

    + Bishop's Teachings: The user is reminded of their teachings by the academy bishop and calms down. 80% DEF healing. Dispels mental ailments. Range: Self. 8 MP.

    + Pawn Strike: User embodies the strategical strength of a Pawn and strikes the opponent with force. If paired with Pawn Influence, the force of this attack is increased. 130% ATK damage, 110% otherwise.  Range: Adjacent cell. Chance of Immobilization. Use time: Instant. Hit rate: 100%. Variance: 0. 8 MP.

    S-Ability: Unconventional attacker: Non-Adjacent attacks gain a 15% boost in critical-hit rate.

    E-Trigger: Three Moves Ahead - The user gains a sudden boost in their mental capabilities and quickly studies their surroundings, foes and allies. This boosts their strategic capabilities, allowing them to know where to strike and when to dodge. Increases ATK by 20% and Evasion by 30% for 3 turns. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Checkmate - The user of this fierce attack yells "Checkmate!" at the top of their lungs while ferociously striking a target in an attempt to destabilize nearby foes. 180% Piercing ATK damage. High chance of Immobilize to all enemies. Range: Adjacent cell. 10 X-Levels. (Pawn Influence: OK)

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 15 (Odd Tiara +5)
    Atk: 4 (Short Practice Lance +1)
    Def: 3 (Pawn's Armor +1)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 2
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Pawn Job +1)
  8. Name Aloes Grandissima Stellato
    Gender Female
    Age 26
    Level 1
    Progress 0/10
    Appearance A woman of mysterious origins possessing an air of bombast and magniloquence and an aura of stifled familiarity. She dons long and flowing clothes of brilliant and rainbow colours for effect; this does not go well with her moderately fair skintone, her green eyes and bleached–white hair. Her physical features are dainty and reserved, but her mannerisms and actions are often belied by said features completely.

    Profession Shining Prodigy — the one who claims this Profession adores basking in her own light, with some mastery of the light element, hoping one day to fashion it to her will. [Basic Attack: Magical]
    Weapon Hickory Baton — a long wand fashioned from hickory wood perfect for poking someone's eyes out. Magically, of course. [+1 INT]
    Armour Rainbow Garment — this is not very durable, but oh my goodness that's distractingly pretty. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory Chakra — a circular wheel–shaped brooch that serves as an instrument for focus. My eyes are up here! Fresh! [+1 SPR]

    A-Ability Solar Cell

    + Evil Eye Creates a globe of light above the foe and crashes it into them, causing an explosion of brilliance. I'm sorry, you wanted to use your eyes…? 1 hit. 100% INT Light damage. Chance of Blind. Cast time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: none. Target: 1 unit. Range: 3 cells. MP: 9

    + Woven Sunbeams Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? I can at least make the sun work, which can less than be said for you. Weaves together light to create an éclat that overwhelms the foe. 1 hit. 100% INT Light damage + 1 hit 80% INT Light damage to enemies in adjacent cells if a Light–element atmosphere is in effect. Cast time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: ±5%. Target: 1 unit. Range: 2 cells. MP: 8

    R-Ability -n/a-
    S-Ability Incandescent Charisma — At the beginning of the battle, adds the atmospheric phenomenon [Apollo's Sunsong]. As long as Aloes' HP is 33% or above, Apollo's Song cannot be removed, nullified, ignored or eliminated in any way. The conditions for Apollo's Sunsong must be met for this ability to activate.

    [Apollo's Sunsong] 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe–the sun shines harsh like blaze, breaking through the atmosphere and beating down on the ground and all its children. Element: Light. +20% Damage/Healing Output to all Light–element skills. -5% Evasion of all units without Light Affinity. Can only be activated during daytime outdoors.

    B-Ability -n/a-

    E-Trigger Manafont — makes MP costs 2/3rds of their initial value while this ability is active. 3 Turns. Cost: 5 X-Levels.

    X-Ability Illustrious Hand of Fate — immediately (re)activates Apollo's Sunsong irrespective of the prerequisites. Apollo's Sunsong remains active for the duration of this ability unless Aloes' HP drops below 1. Starting the beginning of the next Enemy Phase, for five Enemy Phases, damage is dealt to enemies within range of Aloes. 1 hit per turn. (20(1 + x))% INT Light Damage, x = turn number since activation - 1. Duration: 1 turn activation + 5 Enemy Phases damage. Chance of DeShell. Small chance of Purification. Cast time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: none. Target: all enemies. Range: 5 cells. Cost: 10 X-Levels.


    HP 15
    MP 25
    Atk 2
    Def 2 (Rainbow Garment +1)
    Int 4 (Hickory Baton +1)
    Spr 3 (Chakra +1)
    Critical 3%
    Evasion 4%
    Movement 2 Cells (Shining Prodigy Job +1)
    X-Gauge {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points
    Upgrade Points
  9. Name: Hannel "Nelly" Olson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10

    Job Promotion: Aero Magus ~ ??? ~ ??? ~ ???

    Profession: Aero Magus: The one who claims this profession has begun the art of of illusion magic, focusing on the aspects of body replication. [Dual Wield] [Illusion Affinity I]

    Dual Wield: Hannel acquires an additional Weapon slot in her Equipment. Hannel may wield two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon. When wielding two Weapons, Hannel's second hit of a Basic Attack has its damage output reduced by 20%. Additionally, Hannel receives a Defensive Stat penalty.
    Illusion Affinity I: Hannel's Evasion is innately increased by 5%. In addition, When Hannel performs a skill, she gains 1 Use Point toward that skill; when enough Use Points are acquired, that skill gains a Use Counter. A skill requires 1 Use Point per 5MP in its original cost to gain a Use Counter. Use Points and Use counters carry over; Use Points instantly reset to 0 when the required amount is obtained for a Use Counter. Limit 1 Use Counter per skill at a time.

    |-RH-> Chipped Chakram: A simple, magical, circular bladed weapon that's seen too much battle. [+1 INT]
    |-LH-> Scarred Chakram: A well-made steel, magical, circular blade that had been greatly damaged. [+1 INT]
    Armor: Padded Clothes: Simple attire that has been padded for light protection. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Mark of Kitsune: A mask that gifts the wielder with strange powers, based upon the materials it swallows. [+5 MP]
    A-Ability: Encircle

    + Replicate ~ "Strike": A distortion of the wind mixed with magic creates a circle around the target, starting from herself; a replica of herself appears at each other available compass direction and bear down with their blades. 100% INT damage. 1 hit plus an additional hit for each empty cell adjacent to the target. Chance of Wound[First hit only]. Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance:  None. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Wind. 10 MP. 0/2 Use Points.

    + Chakram Tailwind: A magical wind cloaks a thrown chakram, allowing for return trips and deadlier strikes.  Increases range of basic attacks to 3 cells and crit by 10% for 3 turns. No Chain. Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance:  None. Range: Self. Element: Wind. 10 MP. 0/2 Use Points.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: False Imagery I: Hannel's Evasion is innately increased by 3% and Spr is innately increased by 15%.
    B-Ability: None.

    E-Trigger: Wind-Ring Ultimatum: An aura of wind engulfs Hannel. Bestows haste. Increases Evasion and Crit by 20% for three turns. 5 X-Levels.

    X-Ability: Illusory Replication ~ Infinite Loop: A ring of wind magic surrounds the entirety of the field. All along the ring, replications of herself are created, making a literal "O" of Nellys. With one fluid motion, each selects a target and delivers their message of pain. 50% Piercing attack damage; 4 hits divided as she chooses. Chance of Wound each hit. Range: 1-4 Enemies. Element: Wind

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 15
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2 [Padded Clothes +1]
    Int: 4 [Imbued Chipped Chakram +1][Imbued Scarred Chakram +1]
    Spr: 3 [False Imagery I +1] [Dual Wield -1]
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 6% [False Imagery I +3%]
    Movement: 2 Cells [Aero Magus Job +1]
    X Gauge:

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  10. @thisthingisdefinitelythething:

    [b]HP[/b] 15
    [b]MP[/b] 25
    [b]Atk[/b] 2
    [b]Def[/b] 2 (Rainbow Garment +1)
    [b]Int[/b] 4 (Hickory Baton +1)
    [b]Spr[/b] 3 (Chakra +1)
    [b]Critical[/b] 3% 
    [b]Evasion[/b] 4%
    [b]Movement[/b] 2 Cells (Shining Prodigy Job +1)


    [b]HP:[/b] 25
    [b]MP:[/b] 15
    [b]Atk:[/b] 2
    [b]Def:[/b] 2 [Padded Clothes +1]
    [b]Int:[/b] 4 [Imbued Chipped Chakram +1][Imbued Scarred Chakram +1]
    [b]Spr:[/b] 3 [False Imagery I +1] [Dual Wield -1]
    [b]Critical:[/b] 4%
    [b]Evasion:[/b] 6% [False Imagery I +3%]
    [b]Movement:[/b] 2 Cells [Aero Magus Job +1]
  11. Name: Charmaigne Gallagher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Appearance: Charmaigne is an ordinary-looking girl who just tries to live through each day and move on to the next. She wears shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, and a long yellow dress. She likes helping people, and she will do whatever she can in order to make sure that everyone is alright. She doesn't seem to have much of a presence.

    Profession: Stabilizer - The one who claims this profession is someone who tries to keep everyone from going into the deep end. [Basic Attack: Physical]
    Weapon: Longbow - Certainly something to watch out for, this large bow can shoot arrows at an impressive distance, but at the end of the day, it can be easily broken. [+1 ATK] [Range: 4 Cells, No Adjacent]
    Armor: Leather Vest - A thick vest that defends against shallow blows. Not the best out there, that's for sure. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Vial of Ash - The ash of something significant could drive anyone forward. What exactly is important to this person, though? [+1 INT]

    A-Ability: From Afar

    + Heightened Focus - One deep breath in, and then let it all out. Pierce the target. The User’s next Basic Attack will strike critically. Range: Self. Cast Time: Instant. Element: Neutral. 8 MP. ([#Level x1.5] Otherwise).

    + Point Blank - Certainly it’ll hit the target this time. 140% ATK Damage. Sure Hit. Range: 2 Cells. Cast Time: Instant. Variance: 10%. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    R-Ability: Locked.

    S-Ability: Cost-Efficient: When Charmaigne expends Ammunition, she has increased chances of finding the spent rounds as spoils. Ammunition of any type costs 20% less.

    B-Ability: Locked.

    E-Trigger: Rapid Fire: Charmaigne's Basic Attacks are increased by 1 and her Critical Hit rate and ATK is increased by 25% for 3 Turns. 5 X-Levels.

    X-Ability: Charmed Arrow: Charmaigne channels Mana into an arrow, making it dramatically increase in size and effectiveness. 200% Piercing ATK Damage. Knocks target back 3 Cells. If the target hits an Obstruction, they are put into Stasis for 3 Turns. Range: Infinite. Element: Neutral. 10 X-Levels.
  12. @Gist:

    [b]HP[/b] 25
    [b]MP[/b] 15
    [b]Atk[/b] 4 (Longbow +1)
    [b]Def[/b] 3 (Leather Vest +1)
    [b]Int[/b] 2 (Vial of Ash +1)
    [b]Spr[/b] 2
    [b]Critical[/b] 6% 
    [b]Evasion[/b] 3%
    [b]Movement[/b] 2 Cells (Stabilizer Job +1)

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