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Spyglass of Atlantis SU

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. ~The Atlantean Tomes~


    Chapter I ~ The Island
    Chapter II ~ Nightcurse
    Chapter III ~ Atlantis
    Chapter IV ~ Traitor
    Chapter V ~ Collapse


    Ok, so remember to PM your characters to me before posting them here so I can look at them! I find it easier that way!



     They are simple and relatively pacifist as a race, preferring talk over war. These stereotypes are brought upon because of the cult-like rituals they perform in comparison to normal christian belief. The Oquenise are focused in civilized tribes across their island, and are despised by the surrounding islands, often taken as slaves.

    Oquenise culture is possibly the most misunderstood of the three islands, often thought of as 'demonic' or 'taboo.' In truth, this culture has rich values of its own, taking into account the need to be thankful of one's resources and everything else thay have in life. The Oquenise have been heavily culturalized around rituals and ceremonies, often associated with birth, the seasons, and death.

    The Oquenise are very distrustful of the other races, especially now due to threats of slaughter and war against their people by the Romans. The tension between the Oquenise and the romans isn't new. This strugle has gone on for over 27 years, over land ownership, and a rare mineral known as "Mritryte," a strange glass like substance that is more valuable than gold.
    Because of this, the Oquenise are very protective of their lands, knowing that everything is limited, and comes at a greater cost.

    In Oquenise culture love is as common as any other place in the world. The Oquenise believe love is one of the most powerful and motivational emotions, Because of it's ability to foster children and everlasting relationships. The Oquenise put into love, they are also very accepting of same-sex marriages, often teaching young early on that love with anyone is most important, as it it believed that love imbues goodness and drives away evil.

    Marriage in Oquenise culture is fairly simple, but is outlined by the gender of the two getting married. Ex:

    When someone shows intrest on a woman, it is common practice to lean-in with the nose. If the woman is also interested, she leans-in as well, allowing the two noses to touch. If all goes well down the course of the relationship, the two can arrange a marriage.

    If someone is interested in a man, they would perform a similar ritual, however in this case the foreheads are touched as opposed to the nose.

    A traditional Oquenise marriage is simple, and like many Oquenise ceremonies, it is public; anyone can attend. Typically the ceremony is held outside, and last about 5 hours, the first 2 are spent in preparations.

    When the wedding actually begins, the guests are seated in a circle around the couple to be wed, signifying that the couple have the protection of those attending, (though purely symbolic in present times,this had a much more practical use in earlier ages.) When the two agreed to be wed, they each gifted a ring bearing the symbol of one of their four gods.

    The Oquenise directly worship four gods, each one directly associated with the four main seasons. Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

    Yuaron - Goddess of warmth and Summer.

    Kjuek - God of Plants and Spring

    Saestran - God of animals the harvest and Fall.

    Jyaccle - Goddess of Fertility and Winter.

    The Oquenise though often mocked and taken for granted, have great tracking skills, as well as eyesight. There are no better scouts or cartographers than the Oquenise!


    This Island is home to the Humans. The humans that have settled here are comprised entirely of Romans. They are the most advances and civilized of all the races. The have made an alliance with the neighboring island of Byelan, causing a massive increase on both economies.

    The Humans of this island have been subjected to harsher weather than their homeland causing them to be a hearty soul to be reckoned with. They make the best mercenaries and are the most sought-after warriors in the land.

    The climates of these Islands can change dramatically, from one season to the next, warmth year-round could lead to an impending deep-freeze in the next year, however the humans of this islands have proved to be experts at adapting, and easily shake off the harsh weather patterns.

    Their alliance with Byelan was quite easy, after some 'tough negotiation' by the Romans, Byelan was more than happy to join their side.

    The religion on this island in entirely Roman-catholic. (I'm pretty sure we have an Idea of what that is.)


    This Island is home to a Feline race, named the same as their island. They are diverse in looks, often mirroring anything you could imagine with relative feline features.

    They made an easy alliance with the Romans and often were the people of choice when stealth was a priority.

    Their civilization's code of conduct was based around reincarnation. If you were good in life, your spirit would be reborn in another life. (usually in the next family generation)

    If the individual was sinful in life, their soul was said to stay in the body as it decomposed, destroying it forever.

    The Byelan have no last names, instead they are named after either their mother or father, whichever shares their gender.
    (ie: Syolu IV Named after the mother, Syolu III)

    This naming system was brough about because of their belief in reincarnation. they beleive that conception is brought about by the peices of two souls that come together to make a whole child. Though Byelan marriage and other rtuals are usually governed by the Romans, they still retain great respect for peoples showing courage and tactical skill.

    The Byelan are not only prized sneaks and assassins, but they also have a certain sixth-sense, giving them quicker reflexes in times of danger.

    Pirate or Prisoner?

    Not only will you pick one of these races, you can also choose to be a crew-member of "The Vile Compass" or you can be a prisoner aboard it.

    Picking Pirate will obviously entitle you to some rights aboard the ship, but also give you responsibilities and place you into dangers much more quickly. In return with being a valuable crew member, and helping to find Atlantis and many of its great treasures, the captain will reward you with all the booty you can carry aboard, and live like royalty

    The Prisoner option will entitle you to -- much, much less, however you're prized cargo, and the Pirates intend to keep you alive, unless you do something stupid of course! In return with working a  slave's labour to find Atlantis and many of its great treasures, the captain will reward you with freedom, and will sail you safely back to your island of origin.

    Physical Description:
    Inventory (Clothing or rags do not count unless they are reinforced by something, besically, if it does not provide any real protection, it can be worn at no penalty.)
    * Weapon 1:
    * Weapon 2/Shield/Protective Item:
    * Armor:
  2. Name: Jenna Lightwind
    Race: Laiedé
    Sex: Female
    Age: 23
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: 145

    Personality: She's a tough pirate, who will just as likely have a drink with you, as she is to kill you. If you get on her good side, she'll treat you like your her best friend, but get on her bad side, and you might not wake up the next morning.

    She's fairly ambitious, desiring great riches, and dreaming to one day retire, and live like a queen.

    Physical Description:

    Inventory (Clothing or rags do not count unless they are reinforced by something, basically, if it does not provide any real protection, it can be worn at no penalty.)

    * Weapon 1: Rifle

    * Weapon 2/Shield/Protective Item: Cutlass

    * Armor: Leather armor that she wears under her clothes, as well as what is basically a chain-mail bikini under that.


    She ran away from home when she was just 13, and officially joined The Vile Compass when she was 22, having past experience a bunch of different ships.
  3. Name: Vareci Callide
    Race: Oquenise
    Sex: Female
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 113 lbs.

    Personality: Vareci is a sly creature, being of a calculating, independent mind and a thespian's soul. She is intuitive and crafty, and tends to be whoever the person she's interacting with requires her to be. From this trait, she's developed an awful skill of lying, and weaving her words just right so she can get what she desires. While one could easily say she is manipulative, Vareci isn't out to ruin people's lives; quite to the contrary, the Oquenise sojourner believes the conditions of living should be improved the world over. While she is deceptive, she's deceptive for the greatest cause.

    Physical Description: Vareci has faded red fur, dully streaked purple in some areas. While one most likely wouldn't say she's attractive, she's not unpleasant or scary either-- an unfortunate haggard look just follows her around, weighing down her expression and giving her voice an affected rasp.


    *Inscrutable Bone: a medium-size bone of unknown origin-- the obscene creature it came from, however, must have been rather large. Considering it naturally tapers to a point, it's probably a tooth, but most seem content to ignore this fact-- and Vareci lets it slide, as "the mystic bone used in my rituals" is so much more convincing than "the mystic tooth". It has a silver band welded around it's base, and functions well as a weapon.


    Vareci set to roaming as soon as she came to an able age. She's been to many places-- seen much sorrow, but also ample joy-- and has adopted every experience into her heart. When she was captured by pirates after years of travel, Vareci recognized the futility in trying to escape, and planned instead on how to thrive aboard the ship as a prisoner.
  4. Name: Etiai Farvori
    Race: Oquenise
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 170 pounds

    Personality: Etiai is a rather timid Oquenise girl much of the time, usually preferring silence and seclusion from others. When faced with a situation akin to a mass gathering of her pirate bretheren, she would usually find the least populated, quietest location in the room and choose to park herself there instead of engaging in the drunken revelry that her comrades so easily find fun in. However, lurking underneath the quiet exterior is the mind of a very intelligent, slightly masochistic girl. She is fascinated by the concept and sensations associated with pain, and can often be seen causing herself minor pain just to get that sensation and study it. However, she states that she would never go to the extreme of self-mutilation or suicide, citing the study of sensations as the reason.

    Physical Description: Etiai is a thin, fair-haired slivery Oquenise girl. Her blonde hair drapes down around nine inches down her back. She usually dresses quite light, preferring to go unnoticed rather than burst into places, guns blazing. Her usual outfit consists of a leather vest and suede pants paired with traditional moccasins.


    * Weapon 1: Steel dagger.

    * Weapon 2/Shield/Protective Item: Offhand steel dagger.

    * Armor: Leather vest.


    Etiai grew up in envy of the pirates, seeing their seemingly courageous raids of merchant and military vessels, and resolved at the age of 13 to try and secure a position aboard the Vile Compass. The dream came true just over a year ago when she became one of the pirates aboard that very same ship. Albeit low-ranking, she nonetheless enjoys the rights many a pirate share on the Vile Compass, often using then to seclude herself in her room while the others tended to the prisoners and reveled in their drunken stupor. She was recently dragged into the search for Atlantis as part of her status aboard the vessel.
  5. Name: Kristoph Palmer
    Race: Laiedéan Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 34
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 193lbs

    Personality: The best way to sum up Kristoph Palmer is that he is a loudmouthed pirate with a taste for battle, and a penchant for brutal honesty. He does not hesitate when it comes to speaking his mind, even at the expense of others around him, such as his former crew or other nearby civilians. More often than not, Kristoph will find himself getting in trouble with others due to this, but also the law under some special occasions. However, this does not seem to faze him, as he tends to enjoy getting himself out of a sticky situation - be it through a brawl on the high seas, or fighting his way out of a situation. Someone of his stature and structure need not worry about engaging enemies, as he can typically hold his own in a combat situation. In spite of all the bravado he puts up as a façade, Kristoph also has a softer side to him. Not just anyone will get to see this, however, as he does not trust many people easily, though he socializes quite well. His former crew of the Retaliation are the most prevalent example of those who have gotten close enough to the pirate to catch this side of him… but even then, such bursts of empathy and consideration are infrequent, as Kristoph’s history has taught him better than to hand out unconditional trust.
    Kristoph is also quite the womanizer, tending to make a play at many of the women that he meets abroad. Whether he is perennially successful at this or not, he has not been daunted by a woman rejecting his advances, as he is cool-headed and takes rejection in decent enough stride. Typically, he will boast of his previous ventures, which is fairly justified, given that he has sailed many a successful trek along the high seas in his day. Whenever he is docked at a port, it is relatively normal to catch Kristoph with a fine lady at his side, though often he does not find himself satisfied by such endeavours.

    Appearance: Kristoph is a fairly young man, with a scraggly, largely-unkempt beard accumulated from spending many weeks at a time at sea. His skin colour is white, though he is richly-tanned due to his sailing exhibitions and spending such a lengthy period of time out at the sea. His choice in the manner of dress is wearing a red sailor’s vest - modified to take on the properties of a ballistic vest (see: Inventory) - over top of a clean, white undershirt that often finds itself not-so-clean after a manner of days or weeks at sea. Adorning his head is a captain’s hat, having been the captain of his own ship, the Retaliation. He continues to wear this out of respect for those he has left behind to traverse the seas upon the Vile Compass. The former captain is truly a burly, large figure; though his weight can be largely attributed to muscle mass from his years of piracy among the high seas, he is also beginning to develop a respectable beer gut from his ‘sampling’ of the local wares when docked at port.

    Kristoph has quite an angular face; rugged and quite grizzled from his earlier years out at sea, as though he himself has been churned by the waves and carved into what he has made himself to be today. As previously mentioned, he is characterized by his scruffy, chestnut-brown beard, with matching brown hair atop his head. His hair, however, is much more well-kept than his beard, and is trimmed down to a very short length. His eyes are a mysterious, mesmerizing violet colour, which also has a strange, seemingly misplaced splotch of red in the top corner of his right iris. He does not speak much of this, shrugging it off whenever one raises a question about it. Beneath his eyes are deeply-set lines of exhaustion, though he would never admit to being fatigued to anyone, regardless of how close they are to him. On the whole, Kristoph is quite rugged and ready to sail the seas, in spite of his ever-rising age.

    -- Inventory --

    <Ravager> - Kristoph’s trusty cutlass. This blade has become his main method of attack, and has gotten him out of many a sticky situation when he has been in need. The pirate captain relieved an enemy of this blade upon defeating him and silencing him once and for all. The cutlass earned its informal name from the crew of Kristoph’s Retaliation due to its weight and power, as well as the finesse and skill to which Kristoph uses the blade.

    <Cut-Down M1 Rifles> - Somewhere along his travels, Kristoph replaced his previous two flintlock pistols with easily-concealed, and easy-to-wield set of two Cut-Down M1 Garand Rifles. A modern day rifle shifted down to the size of a Pistol. The two both hold 8-10 rounds in their respective chambers, and are easy to reload, and much more powerful than most modern-day handguns. Kristoph also stores plenty of extra ammo inside of his vest for easy access, as well as a touch of deception for the unprepared, thinking that he would be out of firepower.

    <Ballistic Sailor’s Vest> - The aforementioned red sailor’s vest that Kristoph wears most prominently. The vest is layered so that bullets are less effective against it, allowing him a casual way to defend himself from being under fire that he does not expect. The interior of the vest is lined with extra rounds of ammo that Kristoph keeps at the ready to reload his two guns, and he keeps a belt strapped to his waist that holds his cutlass, Ravager, when not in use.

    -- Biography --

    Kristoph’s tale is one of the classic rags-to-riches type, in the proverbial sense. He was born to a duo of parents living in poverty, and by the age of eleven, he was already committing petty thefts in order to assist them and himself in surviving. The boy had a knack for pick-pocketing the locals, though it was no difficult feat due to his proximity to the local bars. Eventually, Kristoph grew hooked on the ‘thrill’ and the adrenaline rush that thievery gave him, and his heists became more and more elaborate, stealing from higher ranks and essentially becoming a Robin Hood of his own time, complete with the ‘Wanted’ status.

    By the age of nineteen, his crimes had earned him a high amount of attention for such a small town, and he was forced to leave. He found his ‘ticket’ out when he stowed away on board a ship that had been docked in town and conveniently was restocking on supplies. After this ship had returned to sea, Kristoph was found out by the crewmen, who were pirates. Luckily, his reputation preceded him, and he was allowed into their crew as the ‘whipping boy’ at the start. The captain of the crew liked his charisma and good-hearted nature, as well as his natural aptitude for piracy in general, and he was made a full-time crewman.

    For several years after this, Kristoph would sail the high seas with this crew - growing as close as brethren with many of the men. He worked hard to pull himself up the tasking ranks of piracy, becoming first mate to the captain of the ship - now known as the Retaliation - at that time. While docked in a port town one day, Kristoph and the captain came into contact with a witch in a tavern. The captain, in a drunken stupor, insulted this woman. She quickly responded by condemning the captain to a horrible death at sea, which she warned Kristoph that he would never be able to do anything about, no matter what he did with his actions.

    A week after this unfortunate prophecy was laid out, the captain of the Retaliation drowned while attempting to salvage an obscene amount of treasure which had fallen overboard into the water. Kristoph shortly took his place, after recounting the tale to the crew. The crew followed him partly out of loyalty, and partly out of fear… though they remained with him for as long as he sailed the seas, feeling the passion that he had to continue on the mentality that the former captain had taken, as well as his shine for the traditions, and his general skills with the people.

    On his sails with the crew of the Retaliation, the ship ran aground and was shredded against the rocks that had not been accounted for at sea. Kristoph and his crew worked odd jobs in order to attempt to fix the ship, as Kristoph knew he could never with a clear conscience simply abandon the ship. His efforts to keep up with menial tasks and everyday struggles were eventually in vain, as nothing, to him, could replace the magical charm and allure of the high seas. Being chained down to the land was not the life he wanted to lead. On the isle of Laiedé, Kristoph caught wind of a crew of pirates claiming that they were destined to find the riches of Atlantis, assembling a crew of the finest sailors to tackle such an ambitious task. Kristoph could not hold himself back - this was his shot! He knew that with the riches of Atlantis, he would have enough money to restore the Retaliation to its former glory, and conquer the high seas once again. He quickly struck up such a deal with the captain of the Vile Compass, and now serves the crew… with his own ulterior motives kept quietly to himself.

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