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Spyglass of Atlantis | RP Thread

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. This was the island of Byelan. It had many cities bursting with a flood of great food, drink and culture. Although this was the homeland of a feline species, it had recently taken into an alliance with the neighboring island of Laiede, making much of it's architecture quite similar. The buildings were simple two-story white brick homes, build along the shoreline to give easier access to the many fine resources the sea brought.

    Along you walk to the docks to hear whispers of [color=11F2BE]"Atlantis"[/color] in the crowds of people, all seeming to be heading the same way.

    The air became thick with the smell of seawater as you neared the docks. Many fishermen and children could be seen carrying nets of small fish and crab as they scurried back to small market stalls banked along the shoreline.  

    The sun was high overlooking the cracked wooden docks. The water surrounding the island was pale, mirroring a bleached pink as the color of the sand below bled through it's depths. Byelan wasn't known for it's large ports. However today was an exception as the most talked about vessel threw it's anchor down, and it's crew set about tightening the ropes to the docks, securing the large mass in place.

    "The Vile Compass"

    The name was bold and bright, painted gold on the front of the hull. The ship was a great Galleon, comprised of darkly stained redwood planks. It's main sail towered over the rest, stretching 10ft wider than all the others. It was finely decorated, sporting a large golden compass in the center.​

    The sails were let down, giving off a rush of air. "Alright Captain, the ship is all secured." said one of the pirates. Moments later a Byelan man, easily standing 6ft tall, walked out to the main deck. He had pure black fur that came to a tuft on his chest, puffing out of his open shirt.

    His clothes were simple. A white shirt complemented by a pair of black pants, and solid buckled shoes. He wore a large Black hat; a purple feather to an unknown avian species was tied to the left side.

    "Good, good. I assume you still have that prisoner from General Domir?" The captain spoke in a smooth, deep tone. Wearing a look of wisdom and satisfaction. "Yes sir, I'll go check on her!" The small man, probably a first mate, walked hastily down into the ship's cabin, giving a quick salute as he went.

    The captain walked down the ship's walkway onto the docks. He made a slow turn, gazing upon the small group of people.

    A female Oquenise, and two Laiedéan humans. The captain took a long look at them, giving a slight distasteful look at the Oquenise woman, before extending his paw. "My name is Rilerius XII, and you must be the new recruits I've heard about! I'm happy to see you didn't get lost on your way here, Byelan can be a lot to take in at once!" He gave a hearty laugh before gesturing  behind him. "This, as you can see is my ship. She's my pride and joy, and has been the inspiration for many an adventure!" The man composed himself as he gave a educated smile. "Now, I assume you're eager to get aboard. Let me be the fist to welcome you aboard my ship; The Vile Compass!"
  2. RE: Spylass of Atlantis| RP Thread

    Etiai watched as the pirates -- soon to be her fellows -- secured the ship to its moorings at the dock. She overheard some of their ranks speak of some sort of prisoner to a Byelan man whom she had assumed was the captain of the Compass as he made his way down the gang plank. The man introduced himself as Rilerius the Twelfth and shook hands with the two Laiedeans before finally, albeit with a noticeable air of distaste, offering his hand to her for a handshake. "U-um... my name is Etiai. Pleasure to meet you, I s-suppose?" she mumbled shyly, quickly shaking hands with the Captain before retracting her hand timidly. She had to wonder why he seemed to hold such a distaste for her. She had assumed it was due to her race and heritage, which was not something she was exactly in agreement with, but her curiosity would soon turn to her daggers, and, more specifically, how much pain she could cause herself using them without screaming later on. For now, though, Etiai couldn't help but marvel at the grandeur that was the Vile Compass. She had never seen a ship as large as it in her life, so the Captain and his crew must have had the good fortune to have landed many successful raids on the merchant ships nearby. She almost gawked at it for a few seconds before stopping and looking at her feet timidly as one of the pirates noticed her. She waited for the others to make a move first; after all, she didn't want to start off on the wrong foot with Rilerius, as he may well have her killed if she did.
  3. RE: Spylass of Atlantis| RP Thread

    Jenna smiled as the Byelan man, who she presumed was the captain of the Vile Compass, came down to meet them. The man introduced himself as Rilerius XII and gave a hearty laugh, before showing off his ship, and welcoming the three to the crew. With a grin, Jenna stepped up to the man, and shook his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain Rilerius, my name is Jenna Lightwind, and I look forward to serving on your crew." Jenna said, before taking a step back. She couldn't wait to get aboard the ship, and start sailing. From what she heard, they would be looking for Atlantis, and Jenna was more then eager to go a long on this expedition for the lost city. The mere thought of all that gold nearly caused her to start drooling, if she hadn't caught herself.

    She turned and watched as the other two, a fellow Laiedian, male and a bit older then she was, and a young female Oquenise. Jenna didn't really have anything against the race, but she really didn't care much for them either. She really just didn't care about race or age, or anything. Right now, all she cared about was getting aboard, and setting sail, going on adventures, finding gold, and drinking until she passed out. She had wanted to be a pirate for so long now, and now, she would finally get her wish.
  4. RE: Spylass of Atlantis| RP Thread

    "The bell has been raised from it's watery grave. Do you hear it's sepulchral tone?"

    The song drifted from the Oquenise woman's mouth lightly, quiet yet smooth. The lyrics held no personal meaning to her, yet the tune was pleasant and the song itself safe-- the vixen had, after all, learned it during her imprisonment aboard a sea-faring vessel, so no pirate was likely to find it reprehensible enough to justify hateful actions.

    Although, really, the Oquenise's actions were far more likely to instigate a beating than a hushed song ever would. Peering into a tall crate, the vixen named Vareci gazed hungrily at the bounty of apples inside. Not one of them was any sort of luscious or perfect anymore, but they were edible and juicy and by the generosity of Yuaron, Vareci would only take one and then be satisfied for the day... 'Thievery is never justified, but neither is slavery nor physical punishment... it is only one, in the end,' Vareci concluded after her internal debate. Swiping one of the delectable red fruits up with an uncleanly paw, the Oquenise absconded to a corner of the room, humming the song she had left off singing as she bit into and savored the apple.

    'Near two months I've been on this ship... and what have my ethics paid for the time? Thievery...' The word was bitter to her, yet the act was necessary. 

    A new hope had been kindled in the vixen though. Recently, the captain of The Vile Compass had approached her, with that typical disdainful look in his eye. Seeming reproachful of his own words, he had explained to Vareci that he would release her-- actually set her free-- if she would cooperate with the vessel's newest objective.

    'Peacefully I had allowed myself to be taken to the ship and made a prisoner... though it didn't become some routine adventure, like I had suspected. It's been practical torture, and I will regain freedom...' Ears perking up, she heard someone approaching. Roughly chewing the remaining apple in her mouth while she stuck the leftovers in an inconspicuous cranny nearby, Vareci deftly stood up and crossed nonchalantly to a crate, feigning productivity.

    Rather dubiously, she thought, 'And all that must be achieved by this poor crew is the finding of Atlantis.'
  5. Kristoph Palmer sat perched confidently on a rock formation just near the edge of the docks. It was certainly one of his favourite places to catch a moment's reprieve against the bustle of the island of Byelan, where he had taken up temporary residence after his ship had run aground. The memory was still painful to bear... the former captain of the Retaliation still mourned the loss of his prized ship quite deeply. A wound like no other... he thought, somberly, One with th' salts of th' seas poured directly inside of them. He winced at his own thought process. This had taken place many months ago, and today was not a day for mourning. It was the day that he was to set sail as a crewman aboard a new ship - the Vile Compass. He had caught many whispers in the dead of night, speaking the tale of the treasures that this infamous boat was to bring. The captain - a Byelan man known as Rilerius XII - Kristoph had met only a couple times, in passing.

    He stood up as he saw the ship coming in. She was a beautiful piece of work, and the gold lettering upon her hull glinted in the light. It was almost enough to bring tears to the salted former captain's eyes... but not quite. She remained a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, however, with her redwood planks and brilliant carving. A fact that he chose to bring up to a nearby bystander. "
    She's a beauty, eh?" He spoke with a lighthearted tone and a hearty laugh - a rumbling, powerful laugh from his belly that had almost become his signature in better times. Without waiting for the response of the man, he wandered off on his own, chuckling. His laugh died down as he walked over in a way that only a confident pirate could. After all, this had been the life of Kristoph Palmer for several decades. The barrel-chested man puffed himself up, taking his cap up from beside him, and placing it firmly on his head. The breeze of the day wafted the familiar scent of the sea to his nostrils, and he shut his violet eyes, taking in the magnificent scent as the brine sprayed up to greet his rugged, chiseled face. The water caught itself in his beard, beading upon the chestnut strands of hair that had been only barely kept as he worked his odd jobs along the port of the island. No, that life was certainly not for him. He belonged out at sea, living a life of adventure and only a mild bit of danger.

    The man contemplated stopping for a quick pint of the port's ale in a farewell, but he ultimately decided against it. The sea did not take kindly to those who kept her waiting; this he knew all too well. "
    Quite the dilemma, indeed," he mused, aloud. He pursed his lips slightly, before smoothing out his vest and stroking his beard. Though he knew Rilerius by face and by name, they had struck a deal. He would be seeking the treasure in order to repair his own boat, but in turn, Kristoph had to serve under the Byelan man. This mutual partnership would ultimately end perfectly as a delightful bargain for them both. Kristoph's services, he knew, were in high enough demand that he had to turn down several other offers for the vying of the legendary treasures of the mythical Atlantis. And whispers now followed him as he walked along the docks, turning down onto the pier at which the Vile Compass was docked. He greeted them pleasantly, turning to shake hands with the men who wished him well on his journey. Though he had not been a man of the land in Byelan for long, his presence had seemingly been noticed. "Thank ye, I shall do me very best." He gave a toothy grin - he and the crew of the Vile Compass would return as celebrities to this island - Kristoph was quite certain of that fact.

    He reached the end of the docks, prepared to meet the others. A Laidéan woman, beautiful enough to catch Kristoph's eye, and a woman who appeared to be Oquenise. He did not know what to make of her, immediately, since he had had relatively little interaction with members of her race... but he did not pay her much mind. Her lack of confidence was evident from the moment she took the hand of their captain for a shake; Rilerius the Twelfth stood proud upon his own ship. Kristoph spoke for the first time in weeks to the man, "
    Rilerius! A pleasure to meet you again." The tone he took was one as though he was greeting an old friend, and he ignored the handshake to go in for a grand hug. As he backed off, he tacked on a compliment to the friendly gesture, "And might I add whatta fantastic vessel she is," acknowledging the beautiful craft which he stood before. "Inspiration suitable for the journey we be facin', no?" Another signature toothy grin. The woman who had caught his eye before introduced herself as Jenna Lightwind, and she was certainly ravishing, though she had a deathly flair about her. Her bright red hair was fittingly matched to a high-end red vest. A cutlass was strapped to her waist which told Kristoph that she was for eyes only... though perhaps, given time, it would be fitting to get to know her. Peacock feathers were stuck in her hat, giving her a slight aristocratic air. He wasn't quite sure what to make of her, but he smiled and stretched out a hand, "A pleasure to meet you as well, Ms. Lightwind."

    The final addition to the crew of Rilerius, the Oquenise woman. He acknowledged her with a curt nod and nothing more, simply because her obvious amount of discomfort amused him. He did not want to rudely burst out laughing in her face, though he was not aware of the customs of the Oquenise like he was the Byelan people.
    "S'pose we'll be gettin' on with the journey, then? Let us aboard! Been dyin' to see this ship o' yers, cap'n." He placed heavy emphasis on the final word, as though it were some sort of quiet in-joke between the two. The word was odd, as he was no longer recognizing a peer in his group, but rather a superior to him. It was slightly off-putting, but Kristoph took it in good stride, happy to be returning to the sea after so much time spent on land.
  6. The Brig (CerberusLycan)

    The first mate came down, holding a small peice of paper and a quill, entering the room wearily - approaching you nervously. "Ok fox, Cap'n has got a job for you, says I better give you this paper and a quill, needs you to make some sort of a... um..." He trails off as much as his thought process did. He rubbed the back of his head, searching for the word he was looking for. "Well, I'm not sure, you might be able to go talk to him - long as you behave and don't do any funny business, but I've got to get the rooms prepared for them other sailors..." He awkwardly placed the quill and paper beside you. In his stupidity, he neglected to notice he hadn't gotten an inkwell, making it quite difficult to write anything at all.

    He began to leave, shuffling his feet, shifting around the corner, head down as he thought about countless other things. The silence continued for a good 2 minutes or so, before his shuffling could be heard nearing the room again. His hand wrapped around the door frame, and he pulled his head back in, staring at you. "Oh, and another thing there um... fox... I just had a question... as an outsider, what do you think of the human race?" He said quizzically, slowly making his way back into the room, sitting on a small crate.

    The Vile Compass (General)

    Rilerius smiled, patting Kristoph's back. "Quite grateful I could have you aboard, the tales I have heard... simply marvelous." He got a distant look in his eyes as he spoke, proud to have such a man aboard his ship. The Byelan looked to the other human, giving a quick nod to her. He looked the human up and down, wearing a look of pride. "I'm glad I have the honor to be with two Laidéans." He said with much generosity. "They're the reason I took to sailing you know, such heart, such craftsmanship!" He gestured to his ship with a paw, making a slow, purposeful walk towards it. "I made quite an effort to make sure this ship was crafted my Laidéan hands only - can't trust any other race..." He made a clear eye contact to the Oquenise woman, as if he were directing the sentence to her. "And of course Kristoph, I would be honored to show you my ship!"

    Rilierius walked with nobly with his hands behind his back, tail flicking left to right in excitement. The Ship's main deck was large and sturdy, having a long wide surface - enough for 25 men easily. It's crows-nest was designed perfectly, the basket topping it was brimmed with polished metal.

    The Byelan ascended the stairs to the helm, taking a deep breath of the seawater as it rushed up the side of the boat. He turned himself, taking a hold of the wheel, it's center had the same golden compass painted on it. "Quite a vessel I know, but I've had the displeasure of sailing it alone for six years. Glad to have such fine men and women aboard!" he let go of the wheel, letting his arm drop to his side, gripping onto a small brown tube he had on his side. "Now, I suppose I ought to tell you what started me on this... Atlantis business." He detached the tube from his pants and held it out. It was ancient and the deep brown leather was cracked, as it lined a crumbling wooden frame, seeming odd that it had held itself together at all. "This is the case for a legend - a spyglass. Not any spyglass mind you The Spyglass... from Atlantis! It is said to be able to see what men cannot." He pointed up. "The gods, and the heavens above. It is said to show the stairway to heaven, and the abyss - the ability to be absolved, without cause!" he remarked.

    He gave a sigh. However, it is said the compass was lost with the city... but I am not a defeatist, and you're going to go to that city with me - captain and crew, I do not believe that a crew serves it's captain - nay, a captain is nothing without his crew! I am honored to welcome you aboard our ship." He placed the spyglass case back onto his hip, and walked down the stairs returning his hands behind his back, as they often were. "And when we make it to the city, you will be rewarded. There will obviously be ample treasure and artifacts ripe for the picking, so I see it only fair that you take all you can carry before returning home..." He trailed off as he watched the Laidéan man he had sent off earlier return to him.

    "Sir, the prisoner is umm... fine, she secured the supplies as you had asked." The man said as he gave a quick nod. Rilerius nodded, and walked over to him in a mature, friendly fashion, placing a paw around his shoulder. "This is Uson, my first mate. He'll be with us during the journey, and has been eager to meet you all." Uson nodded, making his way over to the other members. He had a white striped shirt, wearing a red bandana over his shaved head. He had a thick red goatee, combed to a point. "Well, it's good to meet you all! I've heard much of your exploits Mr. Palmer, I hear you've been quite the umm... inspiration for Rilerius here!" He said, crossing his large arms as he laughed, seeming just as content as Rilerius with his new crew-mates.

    "Alright, Uson, why don't you show these fine people to their quarters. However, take it slow, the Oquenise one may have to draw a map as you go - it'll be meticulously detailed..." He gave a laugh at his own racist comment as Uson joined with him, though clearly the first-mate didn't understand the joke.

    Uson pivoted on one foot, facing the group. "Alright, I'll take yo below deck down to where you'll be sleeping. Just, mind the prisoner. She isn't dangerous - that that I've seen, but I wouldn't wanna provoke her, she umm... might be a little daft..." He walked to a door leading into the hold, underneath the helm, expecting you to follow him.
  7. "Same to you, Kristoph." Jenna said with a grin as she shook his hand, after he had extended it out to her. From the way he spoke to the captain, and his general demeanor, Jenna could tell this many had plenty of experience aboard a pirate ship. Though from the way he had been examining her before stepping up to her, told her that he was of the lecherous sort. But that didn't concern her at the present moment, as the captain had once again began talking. He began making a speech about how his fantastic ship (Which she had to admit was quite a beauty, in her opinion.) had been made by Laidean hands. He seemed to be a bit bigoted, but otherwise, seemed to be a friendly person.

    Jenna smiled as she followed him on board with the other two, looking around and marveling at the excellent craftsmanship, now that she had a much better view while on deck. The captain then began explaining about the voyage they would be taking in a bit more detail, showing them the spyglass case, and what exactly the spyglass was spose to do. And then the captain mention the reward, which got the rest of Jenna's attention. All we can carry, huh...? Jenna smiled at the thought, which was followed by many thoughts of what she would do with that money.

    It was then that a Laidean man, who would be identified as Uson the captain's first mate, and reported to the captain about a prisoner. After the captain introduced him, the man greeted them and said something to Kristoph, identifying his last name as Palmer. Jenna realized that the man was the captain who she had heard had been stuck here since his ship was wrecked. She contemplated this revelation as she began to follow Uson, after the captain had told him to show them their new quarters, with an added racist comment, that he laughed at. This crew was certainly turning out to be an interesting one.
  8. Etiai stared at Rilerius as the group boarded the vessel. Draw him a map? As if she fit the stereotypes at all.
  9. Etiai stared at Rilerius as the group boarded the vessel. Draw him a map? As if she fit the stereotypes at all. Hell, if anything, she'd've been more apt to commit suicide by drawing a map in her own blood, then proceeding to fall to the floor and bleed to death. She glared in disgust at Rilerius for his snide remark, and proceeded to board the ship via the gangplank. What a racist jackass that Byelan was. As soon as she had boarded, she headed for the wall that seperated the main deck from the inner halls of the ship, and slouched against it in irritation. Draw him a map? How discriminatory and nasty can a man be? We're not all amazing cartographers. she thought, slightly enraged at the fact that the captain -- the very man she had to serve under, may well be an indiscriminately racist bastard. However, she wanted to forget her irritation, so she began doing what she had done since she was a little girl -- causing herself pain. It wasn't that she was depressive or anything like that, she merely wanted to study pain and its effects. She took out one of her daggers and slowly poshed the tip against the thumb of her free hand, a very visible wince of agony appearing and working its way across her vulpine face as she went. She had always wondered what the source of pain was. Sure, the dagger was an instrument of pain, but what reaction was triggered in the body to even cause the feeling?
  10. Her first reaction to the question was curiosity. It certainly wasn't commonplace for a Laidean to ask an Oquenise their opinion about human culture-- much less when the person who asked was officially ranked so much higher. It was obvious to Vareci that the man was seeking some type of affirmation. The vixen turned to the first mate, leaning a paw down to press on the parchment she had received. 'The scatter-brain forgot to bring an inkwell,' Vareci noted without derision. 'Anyways. How to step about this...?' Voicing what she really thought about humans, she knew, would not earn any favor nor help anyone in particular. The man clearly needed to hear a certain response, both for himself and his soul. To push him towards betterment...

    "Laideans are a controversial race, to be sure, sir," Vareci began, speaking with respect that only she could be able to identify as insincere. "Yours is a powerful people, and is naturally both revered and despised by different circles. Laideans are skilled, to be sure, and are worthy of greatness." Vareci paused for a second, glancing down at the pen and parchment. She resumed gazing sympathetically at the first mate when she continued speaking. "Of any beings in this world, they are most adept at working with fate, as well as controlling it. Is it fair, then, for my people to be targeted by such a gifted race?" Her voice kept steady, and held a generic tone. "The world would be a much better place, sir, if the Laideans became forthcoming with their graciousness and turned their hearts towards unity."

    It was clear that she finished her answer there. The speech was devoid of mistakes, in her mind. At the least, she was convinced she had put up such a display that the first mate wouldn't suspect deception. Vareci turned back to the crate, letting her eyes finally succumb to a glimmer of cynicism. 'Hmph. Laideans. They are a proud race, wrought with hubris and greed. It is true, though; the world would be more peaceful if they would stop being so thoughtless and turn instead to compassion.'

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