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Secret Santa 2014!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Santa Claus, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]


    Ho Ho Ho! ... Ahem, sorry about that! It has become something of a habit of mine to laugh in quite the merry ol' fashion. Hello there, ZEJ! I didn't think someone like ME would really be needing an introduction... but I digress! They call me Santa Claus! You know, Kris Kringle? Jolly Ol' Saint Nick? The Big Red Guy? The Lovable Bowl Full of Jelly? All me! I am sure you've heard about me, but in case you haven't yet... well, a pleasure to meet you! Y'see ZEJ, around this time of the year, it gets to be a little... busy around the North Pole. The Missus says that I've been sneaking one too many cookie breaks and... well, I guess I have! I mean really, look at this belly! Ho Ho!

    Sorry, I'm sure you're none too interested in my personal life. Well, the elves and I have fallen a little bit behind schedule, and it's been none too easy to catch back up - what, with the checking the entire list over twice business. Let me tell ya! Not the cakewalk it looks like on TV!

    So let me get to the cookies 'n' milk of why I'm here talking to you guys. I've got it on good authority that you guys like to think of yourselves as a family (and I might have heard something about internet pie, as well...), and I thought to myself, "Hey, maybe I can encourage a little gift givin' this time of year!" Puttin' two and two together, I hatched a grand ol' plan for you guys and gals. I want to put you in charge of the gift giving for ZEJ this year! Spread a little holiday cheer and all that! C'mon, it'll be fun.

    "What do I need to do?"

    Since we have cracked open a thread here, how's about this: you post in here to let Father Christmas know that you are interested in participating in the event, and I add you to my list! In your post, you should let me know what you're interested in receiving this Christmas (gift-wise, such as a book or a video game, or a piece of art of a roleplay character, or whatever tickles your fancy!), and any general interests that you may have (hobbies, such as music or Pokemon). If you are okay with receiving your present by mail, then you should also make a note of that in your post! If so, I would ask that you send the Good Saint Nick your address by way of Personal Message, and I can pass it on to whoever draws your name.

    To make this gift swap accessible to everyone (and to take a burden off of this ol' man's shoulders), I would like to make a request that your presents stay within a $25 price limit, if you are choosing to buy a gift for your fellow member. That way, nobody feels left out when it comes to the festivities! Ho Ho Ho, indeed!

    We are going to need to work quickly, friends, in order to get everything nice and ready for the holiday season. So, I would like to request that you express your interest no later than Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at 11:59pm EST! That way, I can let you all know of your gifting assignments by Sunday. Won't that just be Holly-Jolly? After that, it is all up to you guys to deliver your gifts to one another!

    Now, keep in mind that you will be held accountable for this gift exchange! If I find out that anyone has signed up and hasn't sent a gift of some sort, then they will be getting a fat lump of coal! ... And I will probably smear that around in Reindeer dung as well. The North Pole has an abundance of the stuff sometimes, and hooo-eee. It gets a little smelly in the stables, let me tell you! Let's try and make sure that everyone has something to open, so please do your best to give a present if you are also hoping to receive one!


    The final deadline to send me your presents (or, if you plan to send them a present via mail, a picture of the gift) is going to be Monday, December 22nd, 2014. That should provide you with ample time to do some Christmas Reconnaissance, a bit of shopping or hands-on creativity, and getting it out there!

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season, ZEJ! Thanks so much for doing this for your jolly ol' pal in the North Pole. It really means a lot to me! Now, let's sign up for some gift-giving! Ho Ho Ho! Let the festivities begin!

    I honestly couldn't tell you what I want but I like animooz, vidya gaemz, other stuff. I really appreciate gag gifts so that's also an option. If all else fails I don't mind a rito point card because rito pls

    edit: I do like art of my characters. I also do accept physical mail  as well as e-mail.
  3. I would love to participate but I'm not capable of mailing anything. Does the gift have to be something that can be mailed physically?

    Edit: Nvm I'm a dunce who can't read. Yeah I'll participate.

    So, for stuff. I love music, I mean just about any kind of music. Other than rap, most country, and modern pop. Anyone to talks to me on a regular basis knows I'm a gamer, so games are cool. Can't do first person at all, I mean like it actually disorients me.

    I've really been looking for some stuff to decorate my room with, posters, stuff like that. 

    Anyway, I'd be happy with anything I'm given, assuming it's not a live bomb or a jar of angry bees.
  4. Of course I'd be interested in participating in this!

    I guess, even though I don't really want anything, I should say that plenty of things would make me happy, from video games to character art to music to memoribilia and who knows what else.

    For that stuff, I'm not particularly picky.  I tend to enjoy RPG and simulation games, though I'll take nearly anything that isn't an FPS, really.  For character art, I only really have three characters in mind, though I can't link because I'm currently on my phone: Nositch Muraki, Tatsuo Yoshiro, or Prisma (Version 25).

    Music-wise, despite having access to Spotify, I still enjoy physical things -- CDs, even tapes and records (No really I actually love records).  And I'm not particularly picky here either.  Country, Folk, soft rock, classic rock and roll, jazz, bluegrass... Pretty much anything that isn't hard rock, metal, radio pop, or rap, and there's even some exceptions there. Spotify link

    And as for memoribilia, toys, or what have you, there's a lot of stuff I like.  I do very much enjoy building with legos or anything like that, and things that I'm a fan of include stuff like Star Wars, many anime (MAL), Dragon Quest, Pokemon, general fantasy... You know if you don't know what all I'm into, you can ask pretty much any of the regulars (Kuda (Keileon), Eebit, Shadow, etc.)...

    I'm mostly just saying this stuff so you know that almost no matter what I get, I will most likely be happy with it, so whoever gets me doesn't have to worry about that.  I'm more excited to get someone something than to get something myself.

    And if it wasn't clear, I'd be willing to have something mailed to me.
  5. Well I'm 13 and what is money but I'm in, I guess! (If you wanted some physical object and get stuck with me I'm sorry)
    I'd be down with... anything really. It's honestly the thought that counts! I'd prefer something that doesn't require shipping/mailing. I guess... maybe a peice of writing, a steam code, art...
    If you get me and decide to go with art/writing, I like these fandoms: Carmilla, MLP (preferably Fluttershy or Luna), and Sly Cooper (Penelope pls).
    (To santa-san: I can do a written thing instead of a bought gift. I guess.)
  6. Oh of cousre! I'm always up for a little christmas time cheer!

    My interests are wide and varied...XD Umm..I think I;ll have to ask for a three month subscription to XBox live. That'll keep me in business for a while yet!

    Or, better yet, commissions of my characters. That would be amazingly sweet!
  7. Alright, I am in!

    Interest wise... Quite frankly, I'm up for anything, and I'm cool with having things shipped to my house. I'm a lame ass white girl and I like shiny jewelry and infinity scarves, and the more words on said things the better (like... I have a t-shirt that is a design made out of the text of Alice in Wonderland. Follow your dreams.) I also really love books, and basically any book is pretty rad. I have a thing for fine art a la Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci (anything post-Warhol and in the contemporary thing I don't really like sorry) so posters of those would be pretty neat. CDs, DVDs... I love Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, Mother Mother, and Marina and the Diamonds. Fandom wise... Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Dangan Ronpa, Tsubasa, Attack on Titan, Disney (yooo I am Princess Jasmine) and if I'm missing anything (I watch A TON of TV shows), check out my Tumblr. Despite all that though, I really would be happy getting anything. 

    If you really are struggling, talk to Addlez/ @ShadoeMayari because we're pals. 

    Eebro you're awesome for doing this.
  8. Who can turn down an invitation from Santa? (Not me.)

    I really love to read, write, and craft.  I work a lot with children and women so I would be thrilled if you donated to your local women's shelter, young mother's shelter or food bank on my behalf.  If you need any other ideas I'm sure @Eebit could help you out.

    As for mail, yes please! Letters are the best. 
  9. I.... I think you mean to thank Santa....
  10. I am interested; only send me something via mail if you REALLY REALLY can't give it any other way, like clothing or a 3 foot poster or something.

    I'm sort of a massive nerd. Big into musical theater and really difficult platform games. (Mind you, I already own a lot of masocore games-- if you want to give me something like that over Steam, ask me if I have it first so you don't accidentally buy something I already have. That would suck for you!) As far as fandoms go, I really like Pokemon, Orphan Black, MSPA (Problem Sleuth in particular), Dinosaur Comics, and Joss Whedon stuff. (Except Avengers and etc, which are aight I guess but still meh.) Also huge into Magic the Gathering.

    If I get you, I apologize in advance-- I'm probably just going to draw you something, because I don't really spend money on the internet.
  11. During the holiday season, even Jonno rises from the dead to play. Who could resist an invitation from Santa himself to joyfully, merrily, effervescently descend upon the land of ZEJ and present wondrous tidings to a special ZEJian, and vice-versa? It's been a long time since we'd last met in person, Santa, my man, but I thank you for that toy goat you gave me back at the ice cream shop. It was very nice, even though I broke it a day after you gave it to me and I cried because I failed you.

    Anywho, me? I'm... really not hard to shop for. I'm only going to post a few preferences since it's fair, and Santa's going to involve me into the secret Santa-ing now that I've posted anyway. :p I really love to give. Looking forward to sharing with you all. 

    For starters, yeah, I'm cool with mail, as well as any e-gifts.

    I'm a fan of all sorts of music. Genres don't define it at all for me, and chances are I'll enjoy anything you shoot my way if it's music-oriented. I am especially partial towards folk, though, so if you come across any newish folk CDs or songs... I'd dig that, especially. Otherwise, you know, I'm a writer, reader (I love almost any interesting, thought-provoking book, whether it be fictional or non-fiction. Just don't do 50 Shades of Grey or anything of that ilk. Please don't. I'm serious.), Nintendo fan (I lyk dat virtual console exspecaly rite nao), Studio Ghibli fan, and an Austere, Rock, and Wally enthusiast. 

    Call me ridiculous but I love traditional, handwritten letters. If all you sent me was some sort of handwritten letter, I'd be totally fine with that, too.

    Reading Krista's post inspired me, too. If you donate to a charity of your choice (up to $25, as Santa specified), that'd just be really, really, cool, as well, and that would be a very nice Christmas gift indeed.
  12. I'm interested. I don't really have money to spend on a gift, unfortunately, so I'll probably just make something. Which will usually be a drawing, though there are a few things I won't draw (like MLP, NSFW, probably drugs) or just can't draw but will attempt (humans, anthros). I could draw you a tribal though! Tattoos, characters, whatever.

    As for things I want? Character art is preferred, I have a few characters in particular who I always like getting art for (here, here, and here [also here]). I like gaming if my shitty 2GB-RAM computer can run it (or if I have the system required, but 3DS games usually cost like $40 so lol no). Spore and Sims 3 are the two main things on my wishlist right now, though I'm not sure how well my computer would run them. (Seems Sims would be my best bet, looking at the requirements).

    Aside from that though... music (I like power metal/any rock, usually celtic), sci-fantasy genre books, Pokemon cards, the like. I'm not terribly hard to shop for.
  13. Yo I'm in.
    I'm pretty limited in my gift-givingness right now but I'll try my best. I can still send things I think!

    I'm down with receiving either e-gifts or somethin' in the mail tho.
    You're gonna have to send it out of country so idk shipping prices

    I won't be too picky about anything I receive. Everything is nice : D
    I think it'd be better to leave it up to the giver to decide what they'd want to give me. Have the person express themselves in my gift or something. I like personalized things.
    If you want something to go off on, and so it doesn't look like I'm just copping out of listing my interests, I like videogames. I don't have a particular favorite genre, but I like zombie games like L4D2 and Dead Island(although I have those two already x: )
    I also really like anime. Here's my list. I don't rate them often but I don't finish an anime unless I like it! And my list is pretty small because it's newer than my other one. My favorite anime right now is One Piece.
    I don't really know what else to say. I like a lot of other things though I think I'd appreciate it more if you just made something with me in mind.
  14. I guess I'll participate.

    What I want-- what I really want-- this Christmas, dear Secret Santa
    is coal.
    It could be a story written by yourself about coal, a drawing involving coal, a coal plushie, a creature/monster designed around the theme of coal which I can use for artistic purposes-- like possible use in my potential planet(s)-- and make a statistical profile around (I'd actually appreciate this more than you think one would/should), etc.

    Basically something do with coal. It can be in any form, but I want coal this Christmas because I've been a bad dog.

    (And I'm fine with receiving and shipping out the physical mail stuff)
  15. Posting on behalf of @"Skolli", who has been alternately busy and sick up until this point but just got back to me last night. Hopefully this isn't too late, Santa!

    I also checked in with her to make sure she was alright with (potentially) receiving something physical in the mail, and she said that was a-okay with her! If you're in need of gift ideas for @Skolli when the list comes out later, then feel free to shoot either myself or @"whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter" a PM and we can surely help you out!
  16. Sunday has passed and I still haven't gotten my Secret Santa yet! I want to know who I'm doing what for!
  17. Apparently we're waiting for Mon. the 22nd.
  18. I was invited to try this, despite being late.
    I'm going to be moving about this Christmas, so I'm not comfortable sending or receiving mail. I might in a pinch, but there's a chance I'll be out of the country during the time window.

    As for things I like, top priority goes to character art of other talent-based things relating to my dealings here. Past that steam games always work. I like RPGs in particular. If you want to try something odd, I'd also like some of the official Dungeon World PDFs of which there's a bundle going on right now.
  19. Ho Ho Ho! Sorry I'm late, ladies and gentlemen, I have been very preoccupied getting the Reindeer saddled up and trained for the big journey around the world this Christmas Eve! And... maybe sneaking a cookie here and there too... I really can't help myself when Mrs. Claus makes them just right! Ho Ho!

    By now, I have sent out all of the pairings. You can check your Personal Messages and you should have a PM with the person that you are gifting to within! Please keep in mind that I am going to need your gift / a picture of your gift (if it is a real-life gift that you intend to mail) so that I can showcase it in this thread on our merry day of gift-giving - currently planned for December 23. Also keep in mind that Monday, December 22, 2014 is the last day that you should have your gifts finished by!

    Specifically towards @"Gold Dullahan"; I did mean that presents are due on the 22nd, not that that is when I will be assigning you your pairings! Ho Ho, I guess Santa has to check his wording as well as his lists, sometimes.

    Sorry for the confusion earlier, folks! We should be back on track! Have yourselves a very merry winter/Christmas season! Happy Holidays! And best of luck to you all!

    P.S. If you are looking to send a Christmas gift through the mail, I have received some addresses. Send me a Personal Message if you would like to have the address of your recipient-to-be, and I will respond in kind with that address. If you have expressed that you would be interested in receiving a gift by mail, PLEASE send me your address as soon as possible!
  20. [ltr]And so it was that Jonno returned to ZEJ, opening his inbox to reveal a message addressed to him from none other than Santa Claus himself. "Who could the ol' Claus have assigned me for his secret gift-giving game of fun?" Jonno asked himself, standing on his head while jumping a gravitational rope being held on both ends by an anthropomorphic Christmas present. "Let us behold!" With that click, it was unveiled that (name and address withheld) was the one he would be exchanging gifts with. "Ah, (name and address withheld)! What a lovely person. To send them a gift will be a good time indeed." And so it was that Jonno, dressed in Victorian garb, jumped out of his window that night in Matrix fashion, prepared to obtain the gift of legend...[/ltr]

    [ltr]No idea what that ltr thing is from my copypasta session, but woo![/ltr]

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