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[SCRAPPED] Eggman vs. The World

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Pooka, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Eggman vs. The World

    Dr. Eggman begins his day at Oil Desert Zone, near his set of dying ducks after the whole Sonic 4 story. Tired from his latest defeat against Sonic, he rests there. Until he remembers one of his favorite meals, and yells it.


    Suddenly, an unexpected enemy came to the zone when she heard him saying the word "Subway Sandwiches". Finding none of what he yelled, she steals his dying ducks, and starts claiming she's the most powerful virus on the map. Dr. Eggman finds that this girl, was Vicky the Babysitter, corrupted even more by Turbo's (from Turbo Time) personality.

    After he manages to send her flying off to Mad Gear Zone, Dr. Eggman finds out this was the beginning of a long fight to defend his map, from being robbed and destroyed by the likes of villains from other sides of the map, from other universes, and even characters that didn't exist before can hurt him...

    Suddenly, on the other side of the planet, there is a blocky portal suspended in the sky that sends out everybody to attack Eggman. Below it is a dark black castle, where the evil Diego Mustard, a Minecrafter, had unleashed everybody at Eggman. Will Eggman stop him?

    And how would the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik survive to fight for another day? Find out!
    I got this idea from a 5 word story with Lan, including the above situation. On my way back to school, I thought of making spin-offs of that idea with other characters, and one of them included Vicky (with her Turbo personality, which makes her act more of a virus) turning Mad Gear Zone to Metropolis Zone. The rules goes like this:

    -You can bring in as many characters as you wish, and any character you wish (such as fanon characters, your made up characters, etc)
    -You can play with a maximum total of three characters anytime you post.
    -The character must annoy Eggman or destroy one of his stuff in one way or another.
    -No characters are allowed to kill each other. Despite that, they can die and respawn, and could be sent back to their world, and they can be forgotten too.
    -If you bring in characters and claim that only you can use them, then nobody else can use them. For example, nobody other than me can use Eggman, Bowser, Vicky and Diego Mustard.

    Go ahead and join me!
  2. RE: Eggman vs. The World

    This sounds crazy... and I like it. :D This could prove to be hilarious. Count me in! There are plenty of characters I want to use, but I'll leave most of them open in case someone else wants to use them too. I'll see if I can get someone I know to participate as well, because this seems like something he would like.
  3. RE: Eggman vs. The World

    I'm in.

    Dibs on Lord English, though that may be overkill.
  4. RE: Eggman vs. The World

    ...Something about me infecting Vicky and making Robotnick's sandwiches taste like dying ducks from an evil Minecrafter? Interesting. I'm gonna go see if this took off at all.
  5. RE: Eggman vs. The World

    I'm in too. Can I be metal sonic or does that not work?
  6. RE: Eggman vs. The World

    Idea scrapped! Now it will be just Eggman + Metal Sonic vs. whoever OCs you want to join, unless you insist about the characters I involved, in which case, they're all yours (save for Eggman)...

    But anyways, thanks to Eebit for reminding me days ago!

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