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Say Hello To Your Kawaii New Loli!!

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by *ShiningStar*, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. $Hello everyone! I am *ShiningStar*!! And as you could tell by my profile bio (because people totally read those), I have come here from the nebula Aria in the Andromeda galaxy! I have taken on a human (moe loli girl)  form to please those I am bound to protect.

    As a Celestial Warrior, my job is to protect all of those who are innocent and pure while remaining uncorrupted myself! I am the energetic and kawaii loli of the forum! As an official member of Shadow's Loli Brigade, I will cuten up this forum with my *shiny* bubbliness!

    You may thank Dark for inviting me here! ;)
  2. ermagerd! Hey Star!

    Also, like on any good forum, you can change your user title. Here they even support BBCode, just look at Shadow's title. :p
  3. It's splendid to have you here, S2. We've already met in IRC, but formally, I am Masquerade. Everyone just calls me Masq for short. I'm a dark dragon-summoning zombie with profane role playing skills. I'm an easy guy to get along with, so I'm sure we won't have any problems. Hope to see you around a lot~
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome m'dears! *hugs*

    And thanks for the tip Dark! Let me test out the user title codes!
  5. OHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY SHININ'. I welcome you to this sugoi as ducks place.
  6. O HAI TYRAN!!! *hugs* 

    Thanks for the welcome!! =D
  7. Omg another star X)

    Ohai, Star (Really trying hard not to add the extra r.) I'm Starr. And what difference does it make to have another r in my name? A lot, apperantly. Although, my name has little to do with actual Starrs, or Beatles in that fact :x You seem like an epic loli :p Enjoy the forums~
  8. Hello there Starr!!

    Haha now there are two stars in the forum!! Thank you for thinking I am epic! It is my destiny to be! With all the nice people I met here, I'm sure I will like it!

    Also, to avoid any confusion between us, people just call me Shining or S2!
  9. [quote pid='15604' dateline='1351892705']As a Celestial Warrior, my job is to protect all of those who are innocent and pure while remaining uncorrupted myself!

    Oh sweetie, I can easily change that.
  10. Pfft! You can try!
  11. Try? Let's MEET up then :3
  12. *reads the post*

  13. Whoa Whoa Whoa, cool your yea.jpg Mob. Not so soon to bust out the pedo moves, she hasn't even gotten comfy here!

    Hello S2, I am crazEcaptain101, but just call me crazE like everyone else does because it's apparently so much of a hassle to type it all out. I am the resident insane person, where one day I may be the wisest person you know and another day the dumbest person on the forums! Please, do not feel scared to be here, we only murder people and defile people and their integrity!

    If you'd like a free monkey, you may visit me. If you'd like a free sandwich, please do not come to me with anything.
  14. Sweetie, I am an adult.
  15. Hey CrazE!! You seem like a very interesting and quirky member! Just like me!! Hopefully we can become friends on the forum! And I would also love a free monkey!

    *runs away* Shadow!!! Shadow!! HALP!!

    This is a code red situation!! Loli in danger!! HALP!!
  16. I have to say this is possibly the most amusing first reaction I've seen towards Mob so far.
  17. ^SEE? I knew I was going to add an extra R :||| Anyway, yeah. Best intro thread ever :p
  18. OHHH that is the single worst thing you can do, worse than Mob and just about as bad as calling for David. =P

    Anyways, I will protect you - I, the not-so-innocent-any-more-thanks-to-Flaem-plus-others, I who will not make "jokes", I who is not an adult yet - and lol Mob.
  19. Don't worry Star, I'm here to both welcome you to the forums, and protect you from the lolicons.
  20. *sniffles* I think...I think...he is trying to *whispers* slwol me!

    I guess you are just used to the extra R! And thanks for thinking this is the best intro thread!!

    But Shadow will protect me!! D= I am his loli! He would never let his innocent loli get slwoled!!

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