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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gold Dullahan, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. You are probably wondering what the fuck R.A.Z.P.P is.
    Well dear reader- R.A.Z.P.P stands for Random Anonymous ZEJ Pen Pals!

    Basically everyone participating makes an email (sense this is probably easier than sending actual mail) and comes up with a sort of pen-name. There's going to be someone that's basically a GM (not involved in the actual pen-palling) who we'll be sending both the fake email and the pen-name to through PM. Random decision making occurs and then everyone is sent a PM with their decided pen-pals email and pen-name. Probably post a public list of each users partner. (like: "User A: *User B's pen-name*" and so on)

    So basically RAZPP is like secret santa except your gift is the friendship version of a blind date?

    EDIT: Oooh we can even have an added challenge bit- who can guess their pen-pals identity first?
  2. This... Actually sounds really fun. Gmail gives free accounts and are pretty easy to make. Clever idea! I'm in!
  3. This sounds super cute.  I love penpals.
  4. As I mentioned in our exchange over PM, I'd be down with this idea! I think it could be a lot of fun. I'd also be down if we were exchanging actual letters as opposed to emails, but I know that some people are less able/okay with getting mail from internet strangers than others (addresses, and such). But hey, it could be fun either way! I just know I love getting physical mail.
  5. Im hoping to get like 2 more people- 1 to even out our group of 5 into 6 and one to be the not-participating person who randomly picks pairs. If anyone's up for that position by the way...
  6. I'm reminded of the Who Said That game I made on Acanthite
  7. (I'm assuming this is an expression of interest-)
    Alright, all we need now is that GM-ish person. Moon Moon is on the case.
  8. If need be, I can step back and do the organizational stuff. That's fine with me too!
  9. No eeboob, we love you, please stay as a penpal person! its cool. heck, if need be, I'll step back since I'm the planner! So we either need a GM or another person whose interested in pen-palling
  10. SO. I found someone (off-ZEJ) to be our GM-type person!
    We'll be using my PM inbox for this but I swear I won't peep. So start sending your fake email and your pen name to me and make sure the subject clearly shows its for this. (so that I dont accidentally read it myself)

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