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[OOC | Day 1] The Streets of Brookdale

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Gist, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Right. This is where you all will post who your characters are. There can be as much or as little detail as you choose; the choice is yours. Roles of dead characters will be revealed here as well. Your full cast will be posted when the game begins on 02/17/17.

    Keep in mind that this thread is mainly for asking mechanical questions (e.g.: How do I cast my vote?), though twittering about the progress of the game is also fine. Revealing proof of your role is not okay.

    Any questions? Just shout.
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  2. The Cast


    Toro H. Curly - Semi-affluent young man, 19 years of age. Prefers not to be addressed by Mr. Curly, but rather, Don Curly, or Don Toro.
    Role: Unknown

    Frank Smith - An older gentleman, 42 years of age. Loves fish and the water they swim in, so perhaps one should think twice before sending him to sleep with the fishes...
    Role: Unknown

    Sophia Marino - This character is certainly a mystery... How will she react with the other denizens of Brookdale? Nobody knows...
    Role: Unknown

    Alexis Rosemont - A writer-in-training, 28 years of age. needed peace and quiet to make sure that the sound of her muse wasn't drowned out.
    Role: Unknown

    Thomas Fischer - A strapping young lad, 18 years of age. Eager to get into the stride of life outside of the village, but always finds himself blocked by one thing or another.
    Role: Unknown

    Gabby Price - A stout, stalwart woman, 32 years of age. Moved to the village with her late husband a few years past, but she chose to stay behind given the pleasant atmosphere.
    Role: Unknown

    Max Sharpe - A slender, pale fellow, 26 years of age. Studied finance at a school abroad before coming to Brookdale to count the books of the general store.
    Role: Unknown
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  3. I'll go with Toro H. Curly, a semi-affluent young man. By young man I mean like 19. He's a little extra, has big and chunky glasses, and is the opposite of a pescatarian— in that he eats meat, but nothing that counts as seafood. Oh, also he insists that he was practically raised by a very wealthy and charming shrimp named Mr. Curly. He respects Mr. Curly very much and insists that you don't call him Mr. Curly; You should probably use Don Toro or Don Curly.
  4. I have an abnormal amount of work to get done today all pretty suddenly, but I didn't want to give it until tonight to get to this given my wonderful propensity to always occasionally forget stuff like this after letting a whole day of it pass by. :p

    It's been a while since I've Mafia'd (I'm thinking about 5 years, now) but I'm pretty sure I still have a swing of the basics. If there's anything wrong with what I'm doing with my character sheet just let me know lol, although I don't anticipate it with the whole "as little or as much as you want" guidelines. I have further background in mind for my character but I'll keep it at this unless I see others jump in with further details (wanting to be congruent, and all!).

    Name: Frank Smith (After playing with ALL SORTS OF NAME IDEAS I inevitably just went for the most basic :5)
    Age: 42
    Hair: Blondish brown
    Eyes: Green
    Fun facts: Frank likes fish, and fish like the water, so Frank also likes to swim. Being an avid swimmer, he's pretty nicely built. He has a bit of scruff but has never considered growing it out into a full beard for some reason. Sometimes he makes audible gulps when he drinks water because he drinks too much all at once.
  5. No worries! The main premise of introducing some basic character details is to make the game easier for you all to play. It also allows for me to fill in missing slots if there is no more interest so that the game can still function. Don't sweat about making an intricate design unless you want to~ :)
  6. Busting out Sophia Marino. Info will come later.
  7. The cast has been updated. Roles will be revealed in that post as well as in-game.
    Per @Eebit 's request, a few things of note need to be said here:
    • Days will last a default of 48 hours, while Nights will last a default of 24 hours. I reserve the right to modify deadlines how I need to, but the deadline for each Day is set in stone once I put it in place. Nights can end early, though, if all Night Actions are performed not anymore
    • The only thing that matters is getting your vote cast in the form of [b]Vote: Person Here[/b] or [b]Vote: No Lynch[/b] by the end of the Day.
    • RP is not required. You can literally be meta as fuck if you wanted to.
    • Have fun.
    Any questions? Just ask.
    #7 Gist, Feb 18, 2017 at 12:49 AM
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2017
  8. Addendum to notes above, since I want participation from all participants, I'm gonna go ahead and abolish the strict deadlines to allow for more info-gathering. Apologies for the inconvenience; I will update when @Rose gets a chance to post.
  9. I apologize for my lack of posting. Busy couple of days with schoolwork and radio work. I think I'm going to shoot to post tonight before I get on my homework.
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  10. Even though the RP will trudge along at some points with personal business from everyone in mind, I still really appreciate our efforts to push forward and make this a thing. I'm looking forward to participating in and even finishing Streets of Brookdale with you all. It's been fun, so far. :)

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