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[muffled screaming in the distance]

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Edelweiss, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. What do you mean I have to make an introduction thread?  I don't know how to make an introduction thread!  I'm pants at being social!  Wha-- oh no they're here, eek!

    Please don't eat me!

    I mean... what?

    Name:  I'm Edelweiss.  The flower, not the tank.  You can ask for my name and I'll give it without much issue to sate curiosity, but I am extremely uncomfortable with familiarity and would much rather be referred to by Weiss, Edelweiss, or Edel.

    Age:  I'm 21.  I can legally drink in most of the known world, but still choose not to because I am a stick in the mud with an aversion to alcohol.  I can also drive, but I am terrified of driving.  I am also scared of my own shadow; if I get up on the wrong side of the bed, it's six more weeks of winter.*

    Sexuality/Gender Identity: I am what is known as Autochorissexual/Aegosexual; I can think porn is damn hot, I can get off on it, but I am not ever actually attracted to any of the parties involved.  I'm female, biologically speaking, but I don't really care about pronouns; call me a boy, call me a girl, call me a pineapple if that's what you're comfortable with -- just not in the Lightning IRC.  It really doesn't bother me.

    I'm... awkward.  That's really the only word needed to describe me.  That's it.  I'm awkward.  You can all go home now. 

    [Edelweiss drops the mic, turns as if she's about to walk off, then comes and picks it back up again.]

    No, but in all seriousness I'm extremely socially awkward, I have a hard time with my emotions when I get flustered or embarrassed, and I'm an embarrassment to myself when I walk down the sidewalk sometimes so please bear with me.  A lot of the time I use large amounts of sarcasm, or badly timed and conveyed humor, to cover up how out of place I feel and don't really think about what effect that will have on others until it's too late.  The same thing can happen when I get too excited.  There's really no winning with me, I think.

    Sometimes I ask questions about sensitive topics that may seem insensitive, but are really just me trying to understand something thoroughly enough for my brain to leave me alone about it.  I try my best, but sometimes I'm afraid asking why something is offensive when it's generally agreed to be offensive is... please don't get the wrong idea.

    I thrive on compliments and am guilty on multiple occasions of openly showing off and seeking compliments.  I try to take criticism graciously, though.

    If I ever lost my mind enough to want to subject myself to the horrors of childbirth, I would name the child Coriander because that name is rad as f.

    N-not sure what else I'd put here beyond I'm basically down with rping anything, but I sometimes have a horrendous attention span and  other times become thoroughly unable to write something I'm satisfied with, which means I don't post it.  Perfectionism sucks.

    So!  If I haven't managed to scare you off yet, hi!

    *I am not actually a groundhog, nor am I scared of my own shadow.  I am, however, scathingly sarcastic.
  2. Am I gonna be first, holy shit
    It's ok friendo, I am also awkward

    Name: Gold, Moon, Moony- Those are basically it!

    Age: 14 I'm 567809079 and counting :)

    Sexuality/Gender Identity: Female, lesbian.

    Ka-POW. Done. (that's how you welcome people right?)

    EDIT: ahaha- I was first! fite me Eebit!
  3. Hi @"Shadow", how are you.

    We've already met in IRC (I'm Dark, old name which everyone still knows me by here), but hi! We can never have enough Canadians.
  4. There is a variety of tank known as Edelweiss?  Weird....

    Anyway I'm whitesubtitles or Krista.  Neighbourhood mom, always happy to give advice or help where I can.  Nice to have you around!
  5. See? Nobody played Valkyria Chronicles

    So, welcome to ZEJ! Hi, we met in the IRC. But let me introduce myself since you're not Kerry. (Woops) I'm Muddy, resident puddle of mud.

    I guess that's good enough for an introduction. I'm bad at these.
  6. You already know who I am, Weiss, but welcome anyway :D

    Don't worry about offending anyone. We're fairly desensitized and have thick skin, so any offense we usually take involves actual personal attacks. ^^ You'll be fine.
  7. Hello, I'm Cods, resident shitpost overlord and global moderator. Nice to meet you!

    Everyone's done a good job of welcoming you, but hasn't really explained our site. Our roleplaying section is fairly straightforward; there's interest checks and the out of character section, which are both self-explanatory, then there's the freeform section. This is the traditional play-by-post roleplaying that most forums use. Then there's the statistical section, which uses a system similar to fire emblem or final fantasy tactics. I think it's a kickass system, but I'm also fairly new to it and probably not a good person to ask on the fine details of how it works.

    There's a Beginner's Guide to ZEJ somewhere but it is in the middle of being reworked. RIP

    Anyway besides roleplaying, we've got a skype chat and an IRC (which you seem familiar with already). There's also the forum game land and spam island, which seem to get more attention than the roleplaying section. [strike]Let's be real, shitposting is just more fun.[/strike]

    Just find someone with a colored user if you've got any more questions! Nice to have you here :)
  8. I didn't realize there was a competition...!

    Welcome to ZEJ, Edelweiss! We've also already met through the IRC, but in a slightly more formal setting/manner, I'll introduce myself as well. I'm Eebit, and I'm one of the administrative figures of ZEJ. I think you did just fine in introducing yourself.

    As Cody said above, we've got a "Beginner's Guide to ZEJ" that you can leaf through to get a general overview of the community, although it is dated and needs a tune-up sooner rather than later. In the mean time, if you have any questions, they can be directed to me or any other user with a coloured username. We're all around a fair bit, and it would definitely be our pleasure to help out as needed! If you just want to drum up some conversation, that's totally cool too. I love getting fan mail.

    If you're interested in getting to know the faces of the community a little better, or letting us get to know you a little better, we have the members-only ZEJ-o-AMA section; an informal section made for "ask me anything" Q&A threads. I like the little bits of trivia in this thread here -- Coriander would be a pretty radtastic name for an offspring!

    Once again, welcome! I hope to see you around lots in times to come.

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