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MoonMoon's Gays from Outer-Space

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Gold Dullahan, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. I'd like to know what is in the folder labelled "Stop_Naming_The_Folders_Strange_Things", please.

    Also, as a side query, one of my comrades from The Great Beyond would like me to ask on his behalf, "Do you have a soul?"
  2. [​IMG] Hello, Eebit, I'll be opening up this folder for you now:
    >>> Stop_Naming_The_Folders_Strange_Things
    [​IMG] This folder has one (1) file.
    >>> Folder_Announcement.txt
    [​IMG] I will be nice and open it without asking you to enter in a second command to do so.
    [​IMG] I have come to understand there is a spoiler command on this site, which I will use for the convenience of those reading.
    I understand, of course, that this is a shared computer. But it's also shared for a purpose. A serious one.
    No more playing around with folder names— I'm looking at you Ada. I appreciate you trying to use "codes" but aside from CorSet, most of your silly names are fairly easy to understand. We won't be able to hide things from them just because we give them fun names.
    That's all,

    Ada: our secret could get found, we could get killed, blah blah. I love you Yong, you know that, but not every moment calls for a Debby-Downer. It'll be fine, honey, relax!!! I'm just trying to lighten the mood. let's try this:
    print "I am happy and like fun"

    Coding jokes, very funny. I'm not the project, put those skills to better use.
    I'm sorry if I seem abrasive, I love you too,
    [​IMG] As for a soul, what really does it mean to have one in the case of software?
    [​IMG] To answer the question, however, yes, I do have one.
    [​IMG] I will update the current folder list to mark what you've opened before.
    [​IMG] Here is the current list.

    >>> CorSet
    >>> sideviewsoffaces
    >>> treebarksmallpiece(s)
    >>> Stop_Naming_The_Folders_Strange_Things*
    >>> TN_Guidelines
    >>> Mission Statement
    >>> Prof Logs
    >>> Red Alarm

    [​IMG] Feel free to ask about or request to open any folder.

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