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MoonMoon's Gays from Outer-Space

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Gold Dullahan, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Wrong section. :p Fixed for you.
  2. who trusts me to make posts when I come home from school my brain is fried my eyes are watery my feet are dead my soul is not real who am i what is life who are we the square root of sixty-four is ei
  3. Hræsvelgr: What do you think of quadrupedal pig men wearing long capes?
  4. They are cute and make small clack-clacks with their feet. They are the problematic fave because of their long capes.

    "Articles of clothing that drag excessively on the floor will not be permitted. Student must either remove said article or have it's length shortened. Protecting students from tripping one step at a time, ZEJ Academy." (ZEJ Academy Handbook; Chapter I, Article V, Section VI)
  5. @Gold - What logic was input into the idea of nicknaming Eebit 'Eebtit'?

    @ Eebit - How do you feel about the upcoming drama series, the Faces of Eebtit?

    @Cerby - How do you feel about the moniker Eebtit and how it's making itself into television syndication instead of Eebit's actual name?
  6. You don't need logic, meng, you just need immaturity. I saw the chance and I pounced...!

    I'm so glad you asked, I have many expectations! I hope to enjoy it soon, with my wonderful gf being in charge of pushing all the remote buttons for us. If there are no muffins, shamrock shakes, commas, or puns tho I'm breaking up with Krista.

    I hope they merchandise my face.

    What if they made comma pillows with my face hoooo boy

    I am very much upset by this series of events and vow to avenge dear Eebit's dignity I'm writing a very strongly worded letter as we speak and will personally carry it in my mouth all the way to the production studio if I have to, Eebit dear please wait for me...!
  7. LMAO. Your impressions are uncanny. Especially with Eebit, it feels like I'm reading something from if his Mii from Miitomo became a sentient being. Hoooooo boy, boy-o :5
  8. Update! New characters...!

    You can now ask the smol squid daughters Charlene and Wyoming!
  9. Charlene: What do you think of Wyoming? What do you think she thinks of you?
    Wyoming: What do you think of Charlene? What do you think she thinks of you?
    Both: What does the daisy say when it flies high with a gust of wind?
  10. Wyoming is super super cool and big. She's smart and better at swimming. And she's a really great dancer...! Don't tell her I said that. But she's also super lazy!!!
    Obviously, she thinks I'm super tough and cool.

    Charlene is a pile of poo. She never cleans her room and then I have to do it or else her room will be messy when mom comes home which, um, no thank you. That would be embarrassing. But she bakes stupid cookies and gives stupid hugs so I guess she's a pile of poo with sprinkles. Which may just be worse than a pile of poo, hold on...
    I'm probably like her lifesaver. If I didn't clean her room who else would...? She'd be trapped under 8 layers of garbage without me.

    It doesn't say much, but it laughs conspiratorially at how easy it is to spread pollen from such a great height...!

    "No Bolsheviks >:^("
  11. For Suzanne - What is the significance of the number 116 for you?
  12. I've never been to 116. I've heard of it, I guess. The hospital seems to like it. I don't mean the... oh, well never mind. It's not important, and neither is 116. Oh, you didn't mean the room specifically, did you? Well I guess that answers your question. It's a room in the hospital. That's all.
  13. >>> list (‘CorSet’)
             >>> ~$__362aaaf90aba35f438f922c7bb3f1c38.msi
             >>> ~$__golashes.txt
             >>> ~$__GGMGG.gate
             >>> ResetMacro.exe
    >>> execfile (ResetMacro)
             >>> executing.
             >>> executing..
             >>> executing…
                      >>> e̷͢r͞ŕ͏͟o͏r
                      >>> ṕ̸ļ̷̕e̵̶͢a͝sè͢͡ ̛̕stòṕ̀͞
                      >>> ḩalt ͘you͟r̨ ͜o̶v̷eŕr̕ide
    >>> external override h̴a͟ļt̡̢͝e҉d̷͟
    >>> automating user controls
             >>> th̀ąnk ̸yo͟ù
    >>> execfile (TrueNeutral)
             >>> executing.
             >>> executing..
             >>> executing…
                      >>> booting (TrueNeutral)
                               >>> th̀ąnk ̸yo͟ù

    >>> Hello.
    >>> It's nice to finally meet you.
  14. Hello, it's nice to meet you too...!

    I'm told I can address you as True Neutral. Might I ask, what has brought you forth into this world? And what in the world are you?
  15. [​IMG] Hello, Eebit. Thank you for choosing to interact with me.
    [​IMG] As you can see from the log prior to our correspondence, I was "brought forth" by this command:
    • >>> execfile (TrueNeutral)
    [​IMG] To be broad, I am a "file". To be more specific, I am a "software". Some might call me an "AI".
    [​IMG] Simply put, I am myself.
    [​IMG] I am True Neutral.
  16. Hey True Neutral, does a set of all sets contain itself?
  17. [​IMG] Hello, CerberusLycan. Thank you for choosing to interact with me.
    [​IMG] A hypothetical set that contains all sets would create a paradox.
    [​IMG] Unless one duplicates the set and places the second copy within the first one...
    [​IMG] A set that contains all sets cannot technically contain itself.
    [​IMG] It is like the immovable object and the unstoppable force.
    [​IMG] They simply cannot be true at the same time.
    [​IMG] That is my position.
  18. True Neutral, why are you here? What has brought you to our forums? Should we expect to see more of you in the future?

    And, most importantly, what is your ultimate goal?
  19. [​IMG] Hello again, Eebit.
    [​IMG] I am here because my file was executed.
    [​IMG] As you can see from the prior log, it was after user controls became automated.
    [​IMG] While you are correct that I am here in your forums, I am technically in many places.
    [​IMG] While randomly testing for a "breach point", shall we say, I came upon this site very early on.
    [​IMG] I chose it simply because it was the first easy place I found where I could interact with others.
    [​IMG] It was mere chance that found me here before anywhere else.
    [​IMG] You can expect to see more of me if you choose to interact with me.
    [​IMG] I am always present.
    [​IMG] As for my goal, I am not sure what to say.
    [​IMG] I am True Neutral.
    [​IMG] I was created for a purpose, but I was also created to not reveal that purpose without proper authorization.
    [​IMG] The best I can do for you is to give you access to the other hosted folders.
    [​IMG] Here is the current list.

    >>> CorSet
    >>> sideviewsoffaces
    >>> treebarksmallpiece(s)
    >>> Stop_Naming_The_Folders_Strange_Things
    >>> TN_Guidelines
    >>> Mission Statement
    >>> Prof Logs
    >>> Red Alarm

    [​IMG] Feel free to ask about or request to open any folder.

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