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Miss me?

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Twilix01, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Yes, I'm back, haven't been around in a LONG time. Nice to be back I suppose.
  2. Miss you? How could I miss you when you won't get out of my damn room! Damn kids...
  3. Umm, am I supposed to know you? Well, anway, welcome (back?) To the mystic realm of ZEJ, I'm the resident Dragon Rider/Nobody, and I say again, Welcome.
  4. Hi there! Welcome back!
  5. LOL.

    Hello there, o'mighty Twilix, brother of the o'mighty Zantok, and welcome back to the crew!
  6. Hello there, I don't know you, you don't know me, so let me start off by saying I'm the resident idiot and new guy, nice to meet you.

    Anyways welcome back, I suppose! We're glad to see you again! ;)
  8. That's his brother? You let him on the forum? I'd throw a tantrum if my sister joined my forum. Any of them. And Tumblr. I'd kill her if she showed up on Tumblr.
  9. Twilix was with us even before ZEJ when we were just on a Smash Bros. fan site. In the past he hasn't participated a whole lot in RPs but I hope to be able to encourage him to take part in more this time.
  10. Oh. I see. /newb
  11. Twilix is fairly cool in comparison to the average annoyance, I dare say. :5 He and Zantok grew up as some real bro's up in dis club, yo. Dey got dat magik dat makez dem gud on da forumz 2gettur. /yo B)

    Likewise, turbotaxer, should he rear his face around these parts anytime in the future, is a very old friend of mine (I've known him since the first grade), and it looks like you and Mayari have a pretty great friendship happening, too! And Brawlinator and Fuzzydude are also brothers. XD Oh, I love these ties between ZEJ members~
  12. Mayari and I went to middle school together. I helped teach her how to play the violin. We split up in high school because of zoning and academies though.
  13. I feel like a loner, as I don't know anyone here offline :(
  14. Lord of Umbra (Excalibur) and myself, along with Caledfwlch, Laevateinn, Multiple-Weapon-Names (commonly known as Joyeuse) and Mjollnir~

    Umbra and I are the only ones on ZEJ, but I'm working on getting Umbra back and getting Laev here =<
  15. And then obviously I've got D41, Cid and Codex.
  16. @Dark, this may be a stupid question but whos CodeX? I remember you saying something about Dex Zabeth ninjaing his way back on here and changing his name, but is that what he changed it to?

    EDIT: Never mind, went ahead and checked the past archives to see.
  17. OH. And I know personally one of the moderators at Magnolia, ExtravagantEvil. He does debate with me.

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