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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Jonno, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Is anyone here picking up Miitomo? Dear god, tell me someone other than myself is picking up Miitomo. I need friends so I can get more My Nintendo coins and it would be fun.

    Some meta shit up in here, anyway.

  2. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    I plan on getting Miitomo.

    I, uh, really want Warioware Touched.
  3. RE: Twittering / Random Musings

    @Muddy - Likewise, I'm in it for some game-related deal or another. Having played Touched! back in the day, I can say that it's really, really good. Probably my favorite WarioWare title, actually. So, downloading Miitomo will be well worth it. It's a pretty fun little app, too... I'll probably post more photos involving the glorious tomfoolery a bit later. @turbotaxer and I are having a blast with it.
  4. So I have gone ahead and downloaded Miitomo... still not quite getting the hang of it yet, but I do have some nice comments from my housemates to share:

  5. Okay Miitomo is pretty great.
    I literally exclaimed YES when I managed to get the sandwich shirt. Sandwich shirt is love, sandwich shirt is life.
  6. My mii just farted in its room.

    Also, we have nearly identical mii faces, Kaku!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. "Jonno" summed up in an image.


    And ah, @Eebit, the same might be able to be said about some on my current friends list, to a degree. For instance...


    Good to have such supportive pals. :5 

    Also, apparently the only way to add friends right now if you're not in the same room is to hook up your Miitomo account up to your FB or Twitter account. Stupid, to say the least, but non-intrusive since it never, ever posts anything on said FB or Twitter, anyway. I don't know if this inhibits anyone here from adding us if they don't have an account at either of those two places currently, but for those that do, feel free to do that some time Jacob, at your discretion, to add up your favorite Jonno, Nate, Turbo, Rose, etc. :5
  9. That's the Tom Fawkes Mii, isn't it?
  10. ^ LOL.

    So, Miitomo continues to impress. ZEJ members that I've been able to add on it so far include Nate, turbotaxer, Eebit, Krista, and Rose, and we have been having a blast and a half. Here's a picture for all of you shippers out there.


    And here's one that's more ZEJ-centric, and surprisingly less creepy.

  11. My phone's been dead and I've been doing my work so I didn't get the chance to get Miitomo, but once it charges up I'm definitely in.

    I've made a Supar Speciul Miitomo-Only facebook just to bother everyone. The name is my username, the picture is a pink whale from Steven Universe. If you want your daily dose of annoying...

    You know what to do :^)
  12. @"Gold Dullahan" your Mii is absolutely adorable
  13. @'Gold Dullahan' - Huzzah! Added.
  14. In unrelated news, Cody's name #confirmed as Cody, thank god, remember that existential crisis, phew, gone forever.

    In related news my Mii generated a random Miifoto of itself and I have to say... It was randomized but it's somehow me af????????

  15. @'Gold Dullahan' - U af

    Which is how I feel about this latest picture of myself:

  16. is that a bread hat

    omg must have
  17. ^^^ Yep. Won from one of the current Miitomo Drops. Part plant, part bread... I call him, Petey Pirbreadnah.


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