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Label Me

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by whitesubtitlesoncanadianwinter, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. @Rose asked @Eebit if he could label the United States and (obviously) he can't.

    So now I'm curious as to how well the rest of us can do at labeling the provinces/states/territories of each other's countries.

    Countries accounted for are Canada, USA, Brazil, Peru, and India (if I've missed you add yourself in)

    I started by attempting to draw the U.S.A. freehand which well... you'll see:

    Next up is a better??? attempt:

    Considering I didn't get the capital of India right I'm going to stop when I'm ahead.
  2. You drew Fuck Eastern States over Virginia and I am hurt
    And Trevin lives in the cornfields.

    Once Eebit decided to undertake this challenge, I did as well with the Canadian provinces.
  3. You got 16 of those states right by the way. Better than my measly 2 provinces.
  4. Can I just say that New England isn't a state .-.
  5. I think New England or something along the lines of "New ___" was the term for the northern colonies, so yeah, while it's not really a state it is 'right' in a really really vague way or something. But seriously- I win right?
  6. I think "New England" is just a term for the first thirteen states to be colonized when people came from England.

    ... I don't think the state that got labelled as that was even one of those thirteen.
  7. New England is northern states that end around Maryland. The first 13 extend into Georgia, which is not New England. It's not an actual state.

    And Moon Moon, yes, you win.
  8. Wonderful- Now come with me everyone, we're going to Canada!
    And there'll be kindness, and rainbows, and syrup, and snow, and fluffy hair, and rainbow themed money, and the actresses of Carmilla- *continues*

    But since I don't have transport, Eebit should just take us on a field trip.
    (And Rose gets a point because, yes- That probably would be Atlantis if it was water.)
  9. Can I just say how betrayed I am by that?  And by Rhode Island which ISN'T A FUCKING ISLAND
  10. also New Orleans is a city
  11. At least I knew where it was geographically...???
  12. As an extra challenge, I dare anyone to try and label the country my family is from (Pakistan).

    I dare you.

    I'll just watch you all drop like flies
  13. ^Actually more difficult than labelling India
  14. [​IMG]

    Labeled what I had space for.
  15. Even I cant label it, let alone find where my family lives.
  16. [​IMG]


  17. @"The Kakuzato"; LOL yes well pretty much really.
  18. @Elegante

    You put Saskatchewan where Manitoba is, and labeled Saskatchewan "Maple Syrup." I legit laughed.

    Also Labrador is that random bit of land bordering eastern Quebec, but you got Newfoundland which is legitimately good for an American.

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