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If you had to get your penis tattooed like an animal, which animal would it be?

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Eebit, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. the real questions are the ones that beg answers

    [01:58:29] <Eebit> If you had to get your penis tattooed like an animal, which animal would you get it tattooed like?
    [01:58:35] <Shadow> LOL WHAT
    [01:58:36] <Cerberus> ...Crap ;-;
    [01:58:37] <Nate> ITT Dragon
    [01:58:39] <Keileon> LOL
  2. The four reasons I gave @Eebit as to why he should not do this:

    1) Working penises are cool
    2) It would look stupid
    3) You'll regret it
    4) Has weird connotations

    This was all after going, "nonononononononononono"
  3. So i decided to check thread ID #2001, b/c birth year, aaaaand...
  4. Moon Moon you are fucking young wow this makes me so uncomfortable
  5. Actually I was laughing when I saw it
    Yes, I know ;(
    How irresponsible of Eebit
  6. I saw this on the recent posts bar and I thought it was going to be about periods

  7. Ah goodness, don't I just have such creative thread ideas
  8. @"Kamantha"; how does one look aat "penis" and think "period"

    precisely how
  9. well technically, the title is too big for the recent posts thing. It was just "If you had to get your pe-"
  10. To answer the question, I'd tattoo my penis with a beta fish because it's beautiful and likes to fight
  11. Rose do you even have one
    Dear males, wouldn't that shit hurt like hell?
  12. Yes
  13. [​IMG]
    You would probably be too busy being unconscious to writhe in pain
  14. obviously the only animal suitable to be tattooed across my sex organ is a roaring polar bear

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