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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. HURT AND HEAL ~ ZEJ Staff

    Have you ever felt slighted or put off by the massive size of the ZEJ body? Have you ever been so upset with one of our staff members that you just want to SCREAM? Do you just like posting in a subforum that has no bearing on your overall post count?

    As everyone is surely well aware, we at ZEJ have had a long and positively illustrious history of having a disproportionately large body of staff. Poking a little bit of fun at that, I thought it'd be fun to revive an old ZEJ staple -- the much-maligned Hurt 'n' Heal game. This is your chance to take out your frustrations or express your appreciations of the various staffers we have had over the years!

    Although an oversaturation of this style of forum game has plagued us in the past, I feel like the activity in Forum Game Land has come to a grinding halt. Which is to the benefit of the rest of the forums, to be sure, but maybe it's time we spread the looooove on down to this corner of ZEJ!

    The rules are simple. Each staffer, past or present, is given a total of 15 starting "health". From there, you have an option to do one of the following options once per day. Each "day" is at least 24 hours after your last post (UPDATE March 15th) at MIDNIGHT (12:00a) EST.

    - Hurt one person x2
    - Hurt person A x1, Hurt person B x1
    - Heal one person x2
    - Heal person A x1, Heal person B x1
    - Hurt person A x1, Heal person B x1

    As an ADDENDUM -- no one staffer can go above 25 health. It's a fairly arbitrary number, but hey, it keeps the playing field relatively equal.

    FINAL UPDATE: May 13th, 2016 @ 3:05a EST

    The Staff Body: (Current Size: 1)
    Jonno - 10

    Land of the Banned:
    20th - Shadow (March 18th, 2016) >>
    19th - quackers are yummylicious (March 22nd, 2016) >>
    18th - Eebit (March 25th, 2016) >>
    17th - Creation of Pokerus (March 27th, 2016) >>
    16th - Masquerade (April 3rd, 2016) >>
    15th - The Brawlinator (April 4th, 2016) >>
    14th - Nebulon Ranger (April 5th, 2016) >>
    13th - Lord X-Giga-X (April 7th, 2016) >>
    12th - Glowbo (April 8th, 2016) >>
    11th - ShadoeMayari (April 13th, 2016) >>
    10th - Knightmare (April 18th, 2016) >>
    T-8th - blackoutEquinox (April 23rd, 2016) >>
    T-8th - CodasterTheDisaster (April 23rd, 2016) >>
    7th - Zantok (April 23rd, 2016) >>
    6th - Irouk Inverse (April 26th, 2016) >>
    5th - Keileon (April 28th, 2016) >>
    4th - The Kakuzato (April 29th, 2016) >>
    3rd - Rose (May 10th, 2016) >>
    2nd - Flamezone (May 13th, 2016) >>
    1st - Jonno! (10 Health Remaining)
  2. Heal Flamezone x1, Hurt The Brawlinator x1

    (Question, since someone else is bound to ask anyway - can staff participating in this game heal themselves? :5)
  3. Of course! Anything goes as far as I'm concerned when it comes to staff participation.

    Whether or not you'll look like a total narcissist is another thing entirely and totally not my problem :5
  4. Heal thyself x2

    what's that about looking like a narcissist Eebit?
  5. Hurt Zantok. Heal Rose.
  6. Look at Zantok, being all greedy and shit! >:L

    If the zombie apocalypse was upon us, I bet you would stash all the Twinkies in your bag and gtfo, leaving us all Twinkies-less. You monster.

    Hurt Zantok x1
    Heal Jonno x1
  7. All shall perish, beginning with one very specific individual.

    Hurt Shadow x2
  8. When a staff member dies, they're fired.
  9. Final Four go to a Hunger Games to see who becomes The Ultimate Administrator

    Updated, by the by.
  10. Nah, you can have the Twinkies. The Ho-Hos are all mine though.
  11. Hurt Eebit x1, Hurt Rose x1

    Because I love you both. </3
  12. Kuda is RAVENOUS

    +1 Keileon
    -1 quackers are yummylicious (who???? lol)
  13. I don't understand what this means
  14. Heal Eebit x2

    I gotchu babe B|
  15. Hurt Eebit x2

    oh no you don't
  16. Heal Eebit x1, Hurt Cody X1
  17. Hurt Giga x1, Hurt Masq x1
  18. Heal Masq x2

    Love you pops! <3
  19. I'm going to update the rules and say that as of this post, each "day" now is at midnight EST, so everyone "refreshes" at the same time. It's a lot less of a hassle to keep track of.

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