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Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Cid, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I MEAN LIKE SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!111111111111111!

  2. He's Phineas. That's all you need to know.
  3. He's a 10 year old construction wizard without a chin and has geniuses and/or talented bullies for friends and who's got a stalker. Defies all logic, and you wonder how he gets a shirt on his body? XD
  4. Makes you wonder what kind of damage his mom's vagina had to get surgery for.
  5. ^Could be a Caesarian-case! (Either that or his head suddenly inflated along the way.)

    Again, to reiterate:

  6. It's a cartoon. Have you ever seen anything with wile e coyote? He dies. Every time. And you wonder how Phineas gets his shirt on. (Or how he was born) what about the fact that he wears the same clothes every day. Seriously, how does he have that many of one outfit?
  7. If the episode "Run Away Runway" taught us anything, it's that Phineas and Ferb can make an entire fashion collection based off what they wear everyday. So if anything, the two of them probably made their own clothes.
  8. New question: How do these kids have so much free time?
  9. Oooh Run Away Runway XD

    But Candace is an altogether different matte. She HAS tons of other clothes (e.g., in Flop Starz) but she never wears them, but only her signature ensemble.

    Also Roxas: 10-year old Summer.
  10. This show defies all logic. 104 days of summer vacation? Bull. There are definitely more than 104 episodes. Traingle head, F shaped brother.... it's cartoonland. What can you do?
  11. ^But it's a grrreeat show, you cannot deny that!
  12. It does remind me a lot of pre-cheesy sitcom Disney.....
  13. XD ^Also, though there's no mention that the thing happens in one summer. It could span over two summers, say...
  14. True, there was that Christmas special.

    But do they ever go to school?
  15. ^XD No clue. Also there were two specials iirc. The one with the actress and the one with Santa and Doof's Naughtyinator.

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