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How do you Solve a Problem like Emoticons?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Though I jokingly did just submit a Spam Island thread about this same concept, I would like to visit an issue (or non-issue) of ZEJ as of a while now - the emoticons.

    A couple years back now, I asked @Jonno if he wouldn't mind whipping up some emoticons for ZEJ. He graciously accepted the burden of the task, and made an entire batch of our little pixelized friends that you can now see as you go to make a post, just to the left of your posting window (or as you post your timestamped chatlogs, and they replace :3 and :5 , perhaps much to the chagrin of our users). They're a pretty snazzy bunch, but they are starting to feel a little bit... dated. After all, they were made about two years ago.

    After a little while, @Cid did offer to give us some replacement emoticons, and there was a bit of a debacle there (my continued apologies for blowing that issue up to more than it needed to be). But he did raise a pretty solid point; the emoticons should probably see a facelift in the near future.

    Now, structurally, I really like these little guys. While the shading may not be the best, they are all of a (relatively) uniform style, and aesthetically they fit nicely in rows of text. They don't stretch out a line to a large extent like the ugly MyBB default ones do, either. However, the main things that should be addressed are obviously:

    1. Clarity. The emoticons that we have right now are, for the most part, pretty good with the way they express themselves... but some of them lack a lot of readability, or just flat-out don't look right. This should probably be fixed for a potential emoticon overhaul - they are structurally good, but sometimes the details of the face are lost to the colour. Also, @"Nebulon Ranger" reeeeeally doesn't like how the XD emoticon looks. At all!

    2. Variety. Yeah, we have the absolute basics right now, as it stands, with what Jonno gave to us for use in the original set, but I think that we could stand to expand on what we have now. There are some common emoticons that we don't have, and even then, we could use some funnier-looking ones for the sake of diversity. Heck, maybe even the expressions of some well-known ZEJ members could grace our square-looking friends? Overall, we do need to expand our repertoire of expressive capabilities. Look at the iPhone, for instance. Emoticons on emoticons on emoticons.

    3. Style/Uniformity. When we're working on this new emoticon package, I think it is important to note that we should stick to a fundamental size limit/style. The square fellows are aesthetically very nice-looking. Should we keep them? Should we make them a little bigger? What should we do about colour? Should we bring them all in line with each other?

    All in all, this thread should probably be used to discuss what to do about our emoticons, and how we should best go about dealing with them in the future. If you have any suggestions for cool emoticons (images, text, whatever), or would like to step up to the plate for this rework, please give us a shout!
  2. emoticon discussion pls
  3. Dat title.


    I like current emoticons muchly thank you very much. :5 I just use = instead of : as my eyes out of habit, so they don't get expressed nearly as often.

    Re:chatlogging though—maybe make "Disable Smilies" the default, and have people switch Smilies on in order to have them expressed?

    I mean worst comes to worst, best just have people use their own smilies and/or .GIFs and nix smilies on her altogether.
  4. I usually do my smilies backwards so mine don't show up as often. Although, @ShadoeMayari made custom emoticons for Magnolia when we wanted custom emojis, or I just Googled and found one that worke (ex. [​IMG])
  5. So would you guys suggest nixing emoticons altogether? As much as I'd love a new custom set whipped up by the wonderful @"ShadoeMayari", I don't think it's quite fair to her to put all that work onto her plate. :p

    I do like the emoticons. I just think they could use a layer of polish (i.e. a makeover) to look nicer. Perhaps that'll be the subject of the next pixel challenge... make an emoticon. :5
  6. I turn off emoticons by default mainly because I don't like the way they're all squares. They're not even uniform, so it makes it rather unsightly to have them appear by accident. If they were all the same color, and perhaps more round, I wouldn't mind as much. I think mybb has some smiley packs you can install that isn't default, but I've only administrated an Invision board, so I wouldn't know, really.

    It'd be cool if they were like the traditional yellow IM smileys, but that's just me.
  7. @Eebit
    IDK if you still need this, and my pixel work is mediocre-
    But I made these.
    (Suggestion used- rounder, yellow)
  8. Those look really good, @"bass-and-the-siren8976"! I for one wouldn't object to the smilies you made replacing the ones we use on the board currently.
  9. holy moly i totally forgot that i was supposed to post in here

    I'm really liking the looks of those emoticons, actually! I feel like you really captured the charm of the emoticons that we have currently, and rolled with it. If you don't mind finishing the set (the heart, the blushing face, the normal smiling face) and making a few more to add to what we've already got, then that would be really wicked as well. Some more diversity would be stellar.

    What I'm happiest about is that you've managed to make our :5 and XD faces look less... ridiculous, to say the very least! The one emoticon that I would change up would be the :x emoticon, which we typically use to denote snide/sarcastic comments (as opposed to what I am assuming it currently stands at, being innocence).

    If you ever have some spare time on your hands, please continue this! I would love to see a big array of emoticons in this style. :>
  10. Edit of Emoticons

    I made some more, edited the heart, but I gotta say-
    making a sarcastic emoji poses itself to be quite the predicament.

  11. I think these are pretty rockin'. Does anyone else have any opinions? Should we replace our current set of emoticons with the ones that Bass has created here? Is there anyone out there who wants to take a crack at improving them further? I would like to hear opinions that aren't just my own!
  12. hi black-moon i lov u an thenk we should yoos yor emoticons

    They're a lot more concise/uniform than the old set, they show off the emotions depicted well, and they're cute.

    person who mad orgnial emoticons years ago
  13. Hi Jonny Joe- i lov u fer beeing a founder an i em glad thes is happaning.

    teh child hoo ded hur best
  14. If nobody has any further comments, qualms, or improvements to make on the emoticons at this time, how's about we get this show on the road, eh? @"Nebulon Ranger", do you think you could set these up and upload them to the server?
  15. I'd need them to be made into seperate images of equal dimensions (I'm assuming these are 16 by 16) first.
  16. The thumbnails look blurry, but clicking shows them as the normal non-blurry emoticons.

    Over here
  17. Man, Bass, you're awesome. Thanks so much for being so prompt with this stuff! :>
  18. It wasn't too difficult. The process was really just opening the file, zooming in, selecting and moving a face into the right hand corner, shortening the canvas to make a 1 pixel space on all four sides, save as a document, undo canvas change to show the other faces, select and move the next face onto the spot- rinse repeat, blah blah.

    Short Answer No biggie, I just had to open the original fire and edit it.

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